Level by Levyhgb


Walkthrough written by Selene




I wasn't able to find any secrets and judging by the reviews it might seem that there are none to find. I couldn't find the uzis either. If anyone has spotted a pickup that I've missed, please let me know and I'll have it added to the walkthrough.


Pickups: Small medipacks, automatic ammo, uzi ammo, Key to the Guardhouse, large medipacks, flares, rifle ammo, automatic pistols


Enemies: Thugs (with clubs and guns), Dobermans, rats


Lara begins her adventure in Venice by sliding down a slope. Immediately draw guns and dispatch of the thug that comes charging down the alley as well as his Doberman companion. In my case the latter got stuck in the double doors ahead, so getting rid of it should be no problem.


That done turn left by the pavilion and climb up onto the right side of the tall block, turn left and hop across the slope. Pull the switch to open the double doors below. Two gun-wielding thugs come running out of the next room and one of them is quick to fire at Lara.


Immediately turn right, hop backwards and safety-drop to the ground. Make your way to the double doors, guns drawn, and get rid of the unwanted company. One of them drops a small medipack.


In the first room you will find a door on each side, with a keyhole next to the one on the right. Go through to the next room and prepare to take care of a thug, a Doberman and two rats. Go to the right corner and pull out the ornate block twice. Head around the block to the right and pull it with you four times.


Return to the corner where you found the block and flip the uncovered switch to raise two cages nearby. Make your way up to the tallest cage and immediately retreat to the floor in order to rid yourself of the two gun-toting thugs. Pick up the goodies left behind: a small medipack, automatic ammo and uzi ammo.


Climb back up onto the topmost cage, from here you can safely kill the thug running around up on the rafters. That done climb up there and pull the switch in the alcove. An alcove is revealed behind the painting in the same room, so make your way back down to the ground and move the ornate block so that Lara can climb up into the alcove.


Pick up the Key to the Guardhouse and return to the ground. Return to the first room and use the key to open the door. Carefully make your way past the three rows of statues and their hacking blades, but be swift about it: there are two thugs (one with a gun, one with a club) and a Doberman waiting in the next room.


One of them drops a large medipack and you can also grab another large medipack and flares from the white blocks in the room + rifle ammo from the floor behind one of the blocks.


Take a closer look at the fireplace over by the right wall. You will notice that two blocks are darker than the rest, these are moveable. One of the blocks is too high up for Lara to reach at this point, so let's start with the one left of the fire. Pull it out once and now you need to move it so that it covers the gap between the white block and the brick wall (directly underneath the second moveable block).


When you've done so climb onto the block and pull out the second moveable block once. You will now be able to reach the edge of the slope on top of the fireplace. Grab said edge and shimmy left all the way to the end. Pull up and backflip onto the ledge behind.


First we're going for a few pickups. Runjump to the chandelier and from there do a second running jump to the platform by the wall opposite of the fireplace. From there do another running jump with a last-minute grab to the ledge with the inactive blade. Shimmy left as far as possible and pull up. Grab the large medipack and align Lara with the edge.


What you need is for her to hop back and do a running jump to grab the next ledge. With good timing this should be fairly easy to do without being hit by the now activated blade. Immediately pull up onto the next ledge and jump forwards to avoid the second blade. Pick up the rifle ammo, automatic ammo and the automatic pistols.


Jump back to the slope (making sure that Lara lands facing upwards) and shimmy left to the end. Once more pull up and backflip to the ledge from before. This time turn around and walk to the end of the ledge slanting upwards. Jump straight up, grab the rafter and pull up. Use the pistols to shatter the windows to the left.


Hop over there and take out the thug with the club. He can't move over to where you stand so it should be fairly simple. Jump over to where he fell and pull the switch, opening a door somewhere.


The easiest way to get back down to the ground is as follows: jump back to the rafter by the windows and walk up to the wall. Turn Lara to face the windows, hop backwards and let her slide down to the ground.


In the far left corner (left of the spike trap across the room) there is a water hole. Dive in and swim to the end, here's the door you just opened. Pull the lever, opening a trapdoor back up by the rafters. Swim back out and return to the rafter with the switch the same way as before.


At the far end you'll find the open trapdoor. Pull up and find a switch at the end, this one opens the second door out in the hall near the start of the level. A thug with a club appears on the rafter below, with some luck you can take him out from up here.


Drop to the rafter and climb back down to the floor. Time three careful runs past the statues with the blades. Draw guns and go through the open door ahead. First you're met by a Doberman. Next there's two thugs with clubs and finally a third thug with a gun decides to join the party. Luckily you'll also come across rifle ammo, uzi ammo and two sets of automatic ammo.


Go around to the left and ahead you'll find an alcove with lots of ornate blocks. Only one of them can be moved though and that's the one illuminated by the light. Move it out of the way to uncover a switch. Doing so puts out a fire in front of a door in a so far unexplored location.


Return outside and go back towards the main entrance. Go around to the other side of the room to find a slope. Stand facing the bottom part of the slope, pull up onto it and backflip to the wooden floor. Turn around, go to the end and pull the switch, opening the door you saw before.


Go around to the other side of the wooden floor and in the far corner you'll see another ornate block that can be moved (this one is recognized by being slightly darker than the rest). Behind the block you'll see the recently opened door. Run through it and towards the end of the hallway to end the level.