BtB 2011 - Tower of Power

Level by SSJ6Wolf

Walkthrough by D&G Productions

Go straight, grab the Flares and use the valve. Go through the open door and get ready to battle a ninja. Go to the other side (W) up the small ramp and jump up to the block with the pipe NW (a fly by is triggered when you jump to the block).

Slide down N backwards and grab the edge, let go and grab to crawl in. At the next corner hang and shimmy right till you can drop on a ledge with a hang glider. Use it to get down to the ground floor. There is a raptor, so get rid of it. Go to the SE corner behind a plant. go in and get Secret #1, Shotgun ammo and a Medipack.

Back out, first go W and on the right in a hole get a Medipack. Then head to the Tower (N). Under the large staircase against the N wall is a Small Medipack. Go up the W side staircase and grab up N to the ledge to find Revolver ammo. Go down the stairs, to the W and left at the closed door.

The Crowbar.

Just left of that door left of the sloped block is a slanted wall, with an opening in it, jump over the top and grab the Crowbar there. Go S into the grassy area again, in the corner NW you can find Shotgun ammo.

Up the Tracks. 

Climb the low rock at the side (N wall) and take a running jump with grab to the pillar W. From there a running jump/grab to the one S. Grab up and hang left, hoist up, slide and jump and jump again one more jump curving a bit to the right so you grab the edge of the high block. From here you can now climb up to the rail tracks and enter the opening there.

The Mine Puzzle, Explosive Charge #1.

Dive into the water and go right, there is a small triangle S, swim through and pick up the Revolver ammo from the crate. Go to the SE corner into the hole with the blade there and use the underwater lever to raise a trapdoor.

Get out and push the crate on the N side to the end, onto the trapdoor. Go back to that underwater lever in the hole S and use it to lower the trapdoor and drop the crate one floor down in the pit. On the S side a bit down a door is open, swim in and get the Shotgun ammo and swim out and back onto dry land.

Push Puzzle.

Go to the crate S and pull it onto the water flow. The water level in the pit will drop. Climb on the crate S and monkey swing to a crawlspace E. At the end is a switch that will lower a block in the top of the cave. Get out (a bit tricky, hold the crouch button down) and fall into the water. Climb out at the tracks and go to the crate S.

Push it to the S so it will block the flowing water. The water level lowers again. Go one floor down and push the crate onto that small piece of railway floating on the water.

Go up the tracks to the top floor and push the S crate from the water to that hole in the ceiling over the tracks. Climb up and hoist up, pull the cage on the left once and get down as you drained the bottom of the pit now too (save here). Go all the way down the tracks to the bottom of the pit and push the crate onto the tile S (In my game Lara couldn’t move the crate so I went back to the save I made and got down to the bottom again, this time the crate moved).

Go into the door that opened and get Explosive Charge #1. Kill the raptor and make your way to the top, W onto the tracks and get out and down to the ground floor.

To the Roof.

Go N to the Tower Square and to the SE corner to that small house with the glass windows. Pull/push the table into the NE corner. There is a lever on the N wall, pull it to open a trapdoor above.

Climb the table and face W, jump up to grab the ladder climb up and shimmy to the right hand ladder then back flip onto the pipe. Jump to the ladder on the E wall and climb to the roof, back flip off. Go to the end of the roof (N) and use the swing pole to get on the other side. On the end of the roof is a Small Medipack.

Open The Tower.

Jump over to the Tower Tunnel W, go and open all the doors there and shoot a nasty bug. The hole in the floor leads to the place where the Charges are to be used later. The N doors are a shortcut back up to the Tower using the staircase.

The House, Explosive Charge #2.

For now jump back to the roof E. Open de trapdoor there and safety drop a long way down, better first check your health. Go up the stairs, jump over to the balcony and kill the girl and use the button at the end (better just go for the button and get the hell out, back to the stairs). Jump to the stairs and go down. The door N is open, a raptor will attack you. Save at the wheel and pull it at least 6 times, sprint out and up the stairs and hopefully into the still open door (in case the door is almost closed, run against it and hit “roll”).

On the pedestals NW is the Shotgun. Pull the chain to lower a chandelier in the room below and use the wheel as well to open the exit door so get out and down the stairs. A ninja is waiting. Go back into the room where you used the wheel and climb up on the right onto that chandelier. Jump onto the pillars S and get Explosive Charge #2.

Intermezzo: Some Secrets.

Go back to the house of glass SE and use the lever on the N wall to close that roof trapdoor, but this will also open the door to the secret. To get the next Secret, there are more ways to get there. Going the intended way you’ll have to travel far.

Go to the far N of the Tower and up the long staircase, jump into the tunnel and go out the S tunnel, jump over to the edge of the floor. Go to the train and pull up to the roof of the car (SE) where it all started, down the hole E and open the crowbar door to get Secret #2, Shotgun ammo and Revolver ammo. Back through the door and get a Small Medipack SW, climb back up to the roof.

Go to the NW corner of the station, up to the block with the pipe and slide down backwards again. Drop grab and follow the same route as before, shimmy a bit (ignore the glider) get back into the crawlspace (use the sprint key to roll and speed things up) all the way to the end and then take a left (N). Drop out to the E side and grab the edge of the sloped block. Pull up and wait a fraction of a second before you do a back flip with roll to grab the edge of the awning. Shoot the windows, grab the Shotgun ammo from the right hand window and go through the open door E. Secret #3 is yours, a Small Medipack and Revolver ammo. Go back and drop down from the awning.

Fastest route to the Secret: Up the tower, out E to the roof and jump against the pole of the swingpoles to land down onto the block and then to the awning.

Fastest route for the train pickup: Up the tower, out S to the edge of the floor of the station. Back is up the block with the pipe, down to the long crawlspace and use the glider again to get down safely.

Back to business.

The Store House, Explosive Charge #3.

Go up the N staircase to get to the Top of the Tower. Take the W tunnel and run jump to the roof there. On the S side of the roof you will find a Small Medipack. First fill up your health, open the crowbar door, you’ll drop down far. Shoot the raven.

Go to the S wall and stand on the crate there, use the monkey climb to get to the pillar NE. Let go and grab into the opening to get Explosive Charge #3. A block lowers NE.

Crate Puzzle.

Drop down, now move the table (W wall) in between the iron cages NE where the block was before. Your goal is to get the iron cage way up in the corner NW so you can climb up. Push one cage to the E so the other one can stand beside it on the same N ledge. Take the table and push it back where it was and up to the wall (NW corner). Now push the wooden crate on top of the table and the two irons ones next to it. Jump to the higher crates and push the iron cage until it is on top of the wooden crate in the corner. Climb up to the floor above and get the Shotgun ammo S behind the crates.

Timed Run. 

Go over the crates to the E and find the timed lever on the right (will raise a platform down in the S side of the store house). Flip it and jump onto the crates NW, face N and hop back from the crates to land on the ones below, roll and jump to the S, get onto the crates S and roll and jump onto the platform, turn left (W) and jump up to floor above (savegame). Go NE and use the button there to open a trapdoor on ground floor. This also alerts a raven. Safety drop down and go into the round trapdoor in the floor.

Running the Gauntlet.

Slide down and jump to the other side, use the conveyer belt and avoid the thumpers, jump over the “sideways” belt onto the block in the end (I ran over the belt to get through the first one, then stop running a bit, then run again to pass the second and third one too (savegame). Save the game again, your goal is to get to a button halfway up this lava stream and on the right (S wall)

Down NW is a switch that makes the conveyer belts turn the other way, so jump down there and shoot the raven, but don’t use the switch yet!

Stand near the top of the stairs, face S and run jump with a left curve onto the S side belt, you will be slowly taken up to a pit with the button to open the door on top of the central belt (tap the forward key when Lara gets stuck on top).

Then side flip onto the middle belt that will bring you back down. Face N and jump with a right hand curve onto the short N conveyer belt, do a running jump with a right curve to jump over the gap and that will give you Secret #4, the Revolver in the other pit (Another way is to forward jump onto the short belt facing N, then to side jump to the right to land on the next belt). Go back down the middle one and now use the switch and jump the middle conveyor and you are back at the square (savegame).

The Tower, placing the Explosive Charges.

Go to the huge staircases N and up to the top to jump into the tunnel. Now drop down in the hole in the floor and place the 3 explosives. Lara will get out of the way fast.

The Dragon’s Lair, the City Power.

But this also means you have to go back to the stairs N, to the top, jump into the tunnel to the Tower and lower yourself down through the hole again. Jump up N and down, SW is some Shotgun ammo you get jumping there (no Ctrl). Jump back and now use the monkey swing to get to the Small Medipack there. Face E and safety drop from there to the ground floor.

Kill the dragon and jump to where he was to retrieve the City Power (With Dragon Heart) and jump back, place it in its receptacle near that pillar and the level ends.