Level by Drakan

Walkthrough by manarch2, with many thanks to the builder for the use of the builder's walkthrough

When finding all six secrets you can get a prize, so also read the appendices below carefully.

To the Roofs (1)

Watch the flyby and afterwards head out of the dark passage, going left. Go left around the corner and climb into the windowsill to your right, performing a run-jump into the N alcove. Use the floor lever to open the nearby door and enter the building. Open the first right door to find a Little Medikit and Shotgun Ammo on the table, then exit and head to the end of the passage Ė open the door and pull the lever to open a door outside. Get on the left hand raised tile and jump to grab the ceiling trapdoor, open it and climb up. Climb onto the right box and pick up the Red Key. Get down again, head outside and go to the door on the E wall you have opened with the lever inside. Enter, dive or jump over the pipes and pull out the box from the E wall. Input the key in the lock to open a nearby trapdoor, then push and pull the box to the tile left of the trapdoor, climb on it and jump up to the higher stage. Run upstairs, pick up the Large Medikit from the pedestal and return downstairs again.

The Fuse

Head back all the way to the lever that opened the door to this building; and use it again to close the door. Now climb up the left hand ceiling hatch again, and jump in the left alcove to get on a balcony. Climb the ledge ahead and shimmy left, around the corner, then climb up and backflip with a mid-air turn and grab the other ledge. Shimmy left until you can climb up to the top floor of the building again, where you found the medikit. Return downstairs, drop down and see the closing of the door revealed another passage. Head through and take the Fuse from the table. A block lowers behind you.

Pull the table out of the niche and all the way through the door, then in the far left dark niche. Climb on it, then up left hand and pick up the Secret Coin for SECRET #1. Get upstairs again, using the well known path, and drop down at the end (jump on the S slopes, then get down to save health) and head SW. Place the Fuse in the receptacle and the door opens.

Big Courtyard

Head E and kill the crow. See some trapdoors on the walls, then return and go W. Notice a NW closed door and head through the pedestals with the raptors. W is another closed door. Head on and go right, kill the scarab and get in the dark SE corner. Pull out the block, climb over it and find the Bleeding Heart where the block has been. Get out, climb the SW hills for a Little Medikit, and use the heart in the receptacle, in front of the building where you found it, to open the circle trapdoor. Drop down.


You are facing a lava river; look up right and find a breakable tile. Jump on it, run to the end and run-jump down on the next series of tiles, from there run over to the left tile, then run-jump further and from the last set of breakable tiles onto the left block. Run in the middle of the room, jump up the wall and hang from the crevice, shimmy left around the corner and climb up. A key obviously is needed so turn and jump on the monkeyswing, get to the other side and drop and grab the crawlspace, get in and climb out of it on the other side to find the Red Key. Get out again, use the crevice to get to the receptacle and insert the Red Key to open the right hand door. Jump over the river and then, in the new room, climb the right block to find a valve on the other side. Use it to let a block appear in the sewers; get back and then jump to the previous room again. Get in the SW corner and use the left hand jumpswitch to raise a nearby block; get on it and jump up, monkeyswing to the created block and run over the ledge to the alcove with the key, hold Action while doing this. Get the Key Sapphire and jump back on the block, monkeyswing to the exit and climb the ladder to get out of the sewers again.

Block Puzzle (1)

Head E and kill a female ninja. Notice a S yellow keyhole and two N yellow and blue keyholes, push the E switch to open the door. Enter the puzzle room. Your job is to pull away the block in the far left corner and use the switch to open the door in the passage ahead. So, first of all, turn around, use the switch to raise the block in front of the passage. Then, go to the N wall, pull out the block and push it into the SE corner, climb on it and use the lever to raise a block. Climb on it, push the block in and use the second lever again. Now, pull away the block from the switch and use it to finally open the door. All you have to do now is to re-use the first switch to lower the block that hides the passage with the now opened door. Head through the passage.

Mirror Room

Climb the block in the NE corner, then up to the highest stage and look in the mirror. When watching closely with the binoculars you can see an item on a red container, so get there and pick up the Yellow Key. Get out of the room again, through the passage and the block room, and kill two dogs outside. The N yellow keyhole doesnít fit so use the key S and the door nearby opens.

Train Station

Get into the NW corner and find some Flares in a gap between the containers. Now go NE over the rails and find an alcove in the dark. Climb up. Run through the corridor, noticing a keylock to your right, and use the jumplever right of the pipes to open the far W door in this passage; get through the newly opened tunnel and find a Key Topaz to your right. Remember the receptacle in this room and head all the way out of the train station.

Getting Downstairs the Big Hall

Head to the N of the southern part of the big courtyard and use both the Key Topaz from the station and the Key Sapphire from the sewers to open the door between the keyholes. Enter and watch a cutscene, afterwards get into the SE corner and find some Shotgun Ammo on a pedestal. The one in the NE corner has some Revolver Ammo for you. Drop down the hole S, slide down and from the walkway jump N to the central platform. Jump to the N walkway and run around the left corners to find Explosive Crossbow Ammo at the corridorís end. Return and jump to the central platform. Run-jump now S to the lowered ledge, run into the passage and sprint through the hammer traps (tip: the crawlspace roll move is quite helpful here). Slide down two slopes to get to the lowest part of the hall.

Dragon Fight

Go two times right and into the passage; jump in the pool with the bubbles to find the Crossbow down there. Get back out and into the hall. The water is deadly, so watch out. Go W and jump to the walkway. Climb the grating and to the jumplever, drop over it and use it to open a door in the SE corner. Go there and find Explosive Crossbow Ammo and the Golden Key on a pedestal. When returning to the water hall a four-headed dragon will come alive (you can get back and see a door open to have a chance to get the Crossbow without being in danger now). Arm with the Crossbow and Explosive Ammo and kill the dragons (while their heads are lowered) with eight to twelve shots while avoiding his constant fire attacks (tip: use the crossbow passage to hide). After they are finished up jump to the square where the dragons appeared to pick up the Wheel.

Climb Session

Jump back on the lower ledge E and go W to insert the Golden Key. The door above you opens so head through and pick up a Large Medikit and Shotgun Ammo on the boxes, then use the E switch to raise two blocks in the water hall. Get out, climb the ladder as if you would want to reach the jumplever, then shimmy left and drop on the first raised block. From there jump S to the corner pillar, use the right hand wheel to change the direction of the fire, then drop on the second raised block behind you and run-jump to the horizontal pole. Swing and release Action to land on the SE corner pillar; use the jumpswitch to open the NE door on the floor level. Climb the ladder in this passage and you find yourself on the NE corner pillar, jump NW into the opening in the grates. Slide down SW in this room, jump up the next slope and turn left to jump on the block. Place the Wheel on its receptacle to open the N door, and remember the teleporter SW of the wheel receptacle you can use to get back to the upper floors.


Return there and jump in the pool at the end, follow the passage and turn right at the junction to enter a bigger room. Swim into the NE corner and climb out. Follow the walkway and you see the exit, but watch out. The water in the next room is deadly, so watch out while jumping to the first bridge. Jump to the next corner bridge, then to the following. Jump on the right hand pillar to get some Shotgun Ammo, then turn left and jump to the next bridge. Jump over a larger gap, climb up, run further and jump to the final bridge before entering a room with non-deadly water. Jump to the leftmost pillar and from there (use a flare) to the dark corner (watch out for deadly water again), climb up and use the switch to both raise a trapdoor in the big pool and release a wraith. Be quick and jump in the pool, swim to the NE, climb out and follow the bridges, pass a yet closed door and jump in the pool. Swim right, around the pillar, climb up and up the long ladder. At the top run to the opening, jump over the big spike trap in the gap (the wraith extinguishes here) and find a Little Medikit in the left corner.

Thereon use the timed lever to the right, this opens the door you have seen previously, so return all your way there, using the well-known path, and hurry. Use a switch inside to open an underwater door (you can see a snake swimming there); return and jump in the pool, avoiding the snake, swim out and at the junction head straight into the just opened room. Stay in the SW corner the entrance is located, and swim up to find an underwater ceiling lever. Use it to raise a N trapdoor, swim there and climb up, then get up the ladder and shimmy left. Drop on the ledge and head into the passage with the grating floor. Go left and into the far left niche to find a Large Medikit, then turn and go towards the opposite end to use the valve. This makes the fires below this room, but only temporarily, not permanently burning. Return, climb down the shaft and drop in the water, swimming W to find a passage here. Climb up and backflip into the alcove. Turn and wait till the fires are out, then run-jump to the next ledge, climb up shortly before the fires are out and quickly run-jump to the next ledge, behave as on the second one and run to the end to find a Bundle of Keys (a flyby shows the keyhole in the train station). Jump in the water, swim out SW and on the junction right.

To The Roofs (2)

Climb out, youíre back in the lower room of the big hall, climb back up SW to the wheel receptacle and jump with a little curve to the teleporter that brings you back up to the higher stage. Jump to the S walkway and climb up. Get up the block and turn, then jump up to the upper part of the hall again. Get out to the courtyard again, kill a raptor and a crow. Go SE to the train station again, and head E, then climb back up left and run upstairs. Use the Bundle of Keys to your right and jump to the next balcony. From here jump to the windowsill and re-enter the big hall again through the open window. Jump to the right hand walkway and follow the platforms around the hall until you can push a button behind a pillar to let a rope appear right of you. Jump back to the a bit higher block (the second last one before the button ledge) and angle Lara so that she can run-jump to the central chandelier (might be a bit hard so angle Lara at the shortest possible spot, near straight looking from the wall). Climb up, turn right and run-jump to the rope, grab it and swing and jump to the NE corner. Use a button to open the NW door, drop down one ledge, jump back to the chandelier and the rope, then swing NW and jump onto the balcony.


Get out, on the yellowish bridge (you can explore the N alcoves a bit, there you can find a receptacle for a blue key) and jump W to the opposite balcony. There is a passage in front of you with a lever and a closed door. Remember the lever for later. Go right around the corner, then face the big room and jump SW to the platform. Jump over the next two to get some Shotgun Ammo and push a button to open a door behind the window. You can jump back over the platforms, around the corner and to the now open door to get a Little Medikit and see a yet closed door in the room. But you can do this later and jump on the NW slope, drop down and use the SE floor lever to open the door to the outside floor level and also the first closed door we saw when entering the courtyard.

Donít go there yet. Head around the big pavilion in the centre of the room and go to its N end. Shoot the glass here and enter the pavilion; find Shotgun Ammo on a tile and the Shotgun in the centre, under a rope (duck to get it). Now head outside through the door you just opened and into the left room. Jump on the block to find a Torch, take it and head back in the pavilion room, to the NW corner and run upstairs. Open the N door yourself and get into a corridor of a building. You can find receptacles for a key and a wheel you donít have yet in the other end, so just open the right hand doors to enter a room with a fireplace and some boxes. Take the Torch and light it at the fire. Leave it for a moment, climb on the boxes and find a Large Medikit.

Pull out the left box and find a switch behind. Note this for later as you canít do anything yet with it. Get back out, and jump over the railing ahead. Jump to the small gap in the roof, surrounded by slopes, then over the slopes (either stand-jump right or run-jump straight to the place you climbed up on the roofs. Get in the passage and see the open door left. If you havenít done already pick up the Little Medikit on the far left pedestal, then light the fireplace using the Torch to open the door. Get out and jump on the SE balcony to find the Sapphire Key. Jump back, kill a scarab and take the Torch with you out.

Throw the Torch down to the courtyard (for later) and use the lever in this passage. Itís a timed one, so quickly turn around and sprint back through the passage, then jump back over the slopes to the other side. Choose the way you like best. Jump further, then over the railing and head right. Jump on the raised trapdoor, then on the left hand balcony with flowers. Pick up the second Secret Coin for SECRET #2 here, then jump to the NW bridge near the start of the level, from there drop down to the floor and re-enter the courtyard. *

You can find the Torch near the two dinosaur statues.

Take the Torch and go S, then right in the building where you found the Bleeding Heart under a box. Light the fireplace near the opposite wall, a camera shows you a still not activated trapdoor. Head back all the way to the start of this level, around the right corner, left and jump in the far N alcove. Go in the first right room and light the second fireplace to raise the mentioned trapdoor. Return to the top of the roofs where you once lighted the torch. You could use the zip line directly, but you would miss out on the Revolver, so first enter the building and in the passage go right, push the button behind the boxes to raise a trapdoor near the first raised trapdoor, quickly run out, use the zip line and drop on the first trapdoor, grab the third Secret Coin for SECRET #3, then run-jump to the second trapdoor E, climb up and run-jump to the S pillar. Climb up right, jump through the tree (just have confidence) to land on another yellow bridge. Pick up Revolver Ammo and the Revolver itself. Drop down using the slope behind you. Climb back up to the roofs again, to the initial position of the zip line, then jump over the S slopes to the passage with the timed lever.

Jump E to the yellow balcony of the big building, then N to the next bridge and from here NE into a little passage. Use the Sapphire Key to open the door, then jump two times E over the platforms and pick up the Topaz Key (see a camera hint where to place it). Back W over the platforms, over the yellow bridges, jump to the W roof again and use the well-known slope roof to get into the passage of the N building again. Use the Topaz Key N and enter the tunnel.


Climb the ladder on its end and slide down a little bit, climb the right box, go around the right corner and use the lever to open the door SW in this room. Get into a big warehouse, to the NE corner, and climb up a block with a pipe. Find the lever and use it to open a trapdoor in the high W room. You could jump down through the trapdoor now, using the SW doorway.

Take a detour before jumping down; climb the little W alcove with the pipe near the doorway and crawl under the pipe. Turn NW and jump to the crack in the wall, shimmy left around few corners and climb up into a crawlspace. Behind it you can find the Crowbar. Get back in the crawlspace, shimmy right around the corners and as far as you can, drop and grab the pipe ledge, climb up and crawl under the pipes. Now return through the door youíve opened and pull the lever again on the red boxes to close it. Now use the Crowbar to open the second door leading to the warehouse, and head to the place where the first door closed. You now have access to the fourth Secret Coin to gain SECRET #4.
Now go to the SW corner and aim Lara near the ledge so she can make a nice little dive (press End for a graceful somersault) and dive through the passage, climb out and take the W exit.

Block Puzzle (2)

You find yourself in a big area where you have to pull a block to a certain tile in the part where you enter. Look to the left Ė there is an open trapdoor with a deadly water pool and a yellow-black textured tile. In the left passage you can find a closed door, to the right some fires on the floor. Climb over the S block and reach another part of this area. To the left you can find the pushable near a window, ahead you can see a closed door and to the right there are more of these fires, a gap with an inactive raising block and a raised block in a right alcove. Jump over the fires and find an underwater passage. Jump in the water and swim to the passageís end to find an underwater ceiling lever high up right. This opens the last closed door you have seen, near the pushable. Swim back out, see another inactive raising block in the pool and climb out.

Get into the SW passage and activate the jumpswitch to lower the raising block between the fires. Get there and pull the lever to deactivate the fires and raise the two blocks near them, but only for a limited time, so perform the following tasks in several steps (it doesnít matter if the block gets lowered with the raising blocks, as you can pull the lever again and all is fine). Pull out the block and push it in the line with the fires and the blocks, use the lever, pull it three times, pull the lever again, pull the block three more times, pull the lever a third time and push it to the corner. Push and pull it now all the way to the N corner, see more fires and raising blocks, then get back to the lever and pull it once more, return to the block and pull it twice, return to the lever and pull it, then pull the block to the end of the passage, until the block is between the yellow/black tile and the deadly water. Nothing more to do here yet, so head to the SE corner and go through the door you opened with the underwater lever.

Slope Jumps

Climb up the red block and get into a room with a carousel in the middle, itís quite a health loss when touching so be careful and dive over to the right of the left hand block Ė push it into the wall to reveal a lever. Activating it lets a block appear in the opposite corner, get back to the start of this room, then jump carefully to the red block and get to the created block. Jump up and monkeyswing over the carusel and get into the opening. Drop. You reach a tunnel with deadly water below and some slopes. Run jump (run with a curve to not get hurt by the carousel) to the slopeís edge, climb up and perform several slope jumps. When you can see an opening left of you, jump to the next slope, but then donít jump up onto the slope, but grab the edge and shimmy left. Climb up and curve jump left to the crevice in the wall, shimmy left until you can climb up and find the Red Key. Turn and jump left down to the flat ledge, activate the switch to raise a block left of you. Climb on it and monkeyswing to the alcove you have seen previously. Get up and jump back to the carusel room, grab the monkeyswing and return all the way back to the block puzzle room. Go into the far W passage, climb up into the right crawlspace, drop out after crawling a bit and use the Red Key in the receptacle to raise the trapdoor near the block. Return to the puzzle room and jump E over the fires, then push the block from the trapdoor to the marked tile. The door opens behind the block, pull it back and climb behind it and reach the new room.

Return to the Courtyard

Go to the SW corner, climb the block and jump backwards on the slope, grab the ledge and shimmy right until you can stand up. Turn NE and jump to the pillar, then jump SE to the slope, but with a mid-air curve so Lara can jump and grab the ledge. Climb up this one and also the right pillar. Turn SW and jump to the slopes, shimmy left until you can stand up and kill a scarab. Take the Wheel from the pedestal, a flyby shows you the location where to place it. The left door opens, slide down the slopes.

After dropping from the first ledge slide down the second and grab the ledge. Shimmy left and around the corner. Climb in the crawlspace for the fifth Secret Coin and SECRET #5. Drop out of the crawlspace. After slidintg down to the end go through the passage and you are back in the big courtyard. Sprint out of the passage as you have less place to dodge the female ninjaís swords. Kill her with a harder weapon and climb back up to the roofs, using the NW stairway in the pavilion room. Get into the left hand building and run to the far end of the corridor to place the Wheel. The door beside you opens, head through the long tube and you arrive at a dark area. Follow the transparent walkway and the circle door opens itself when approaching it. Pull the chain at the end and you slide down.

Floating Islands

You get transported to a surreal place. E of you is a chain you cannot pull because of the flame emitter. The path over the S islands also leads to a dead end yet, so jump to the W island, then to the N one, followed by the jump to the far NW one. Turn SW and jump to the horizontal pole, swing and jump to the next island to get a Bleeding Heart. Return using the pole, now jump E to the ledge, kill a crow and jump to the SE island to use the Bleeding Heart (position between the receptacle and the tree). Return all the way to the starting island, on your way you have to kill another crow and a scarab.

Now take the S island route, jump to the far S island and kill the scarab waiting W from here, as Lara could fall off the W trapdoor you now have to jump to and climb up. Jump into the building, run to the W end and hang from the ledge, drop and grab the vines, then climb up to use the lever in the alcove. This turns off the fires from the ledge with the chain. Now climb down the vines, drop on the slope, backflip on the next and from here jump onto the first breakable tile. Be quick and run-jump to the next tile NE, further, then jump and grab the next tile and shimmy left a bit. Climb up and run-jump to the teleporter ledge, climb up and you get beamed to the top of the building. Jump to the trapdoor again and from there to the SE ledge. Jump back over the islands to the starting point, then to the chain ledge. Activate it to raise a block near the trapdoor at the building. Return there using the S islands and jump W to the trapdoor a last time, climb the block and jump up to the building. Grab the Mechanical Key and a teleporter appears W. Jump there and you will get teleported back in the town, this time into the train station.


Use the floor lever to open the door and raise a block in the NE, when running through the door you arrive back at a well-known place. You can place the Fuse if you have found it (see the paragraph after having found 2 secrets therefore). Now climb the raising block, then up right onto the train. Turn left and jump down on the front of the train; here you can use the Mechanical Key.

Jump into the S passage and run to the end, then jump to the train again and claim the sixth and last Secret Coin for SECRET #6. Get back. **

Return to the area in the station you got teleported to, and enter the train. Use the wheel to set the train so that the train can depart and leave everything behind Ö



* After having found 2 secrets:

Return to the big hall (floor level) and approach the wall with the telescope. Place two Secrets here to open the door in the passage, enter and see a yet closed room with a book inside. Go to the opposite side, climb up the lower left block and run-jump to the far E balcony, use the lever behind the left plant to open the NE door. Jump into the pool and dive down, use the underwater lever on the E side of the central blocks to drain the room. Climb up to the central blocks and run-jump to the N, climb up and push the block twice to reveal a crawlspace that is too small for Lara. Get back, jump down and pull the box right of the lever you just used once N and twice W, climb on it and use the blue button to refill the pool with water. Now swim into the N passage, through the crawlspace and find a Fuse at the end. Swim back out, climb out, head all the way back through the big hall and return outside, go into the train station, climb the E alcove and run through the passage to the far W, through the tunnel, and place the Fuse to open a door somewhere in the train station.

** After having found 6 secrets:

Return to the big hall (floor level) and get back in the room with the yet inaccessible book. Place the last four Secret coins in the receptacles around the book room (two W, two E). The W door opens, go get the Steampunk Story from the pedestal.