BtB 2011 - For a Handful of Red Sand

Level by BigFoot

Walkthrough by D&G Productions

Avoid the steam emitters and jump over the lava. Get the Revolver Ammo on the left and better save at the opening there. Jump the breakable ledges while also timing the popping up spikes (Spikes are easy to avoid, just run and jump out of the opening to the second tile (skipping the tile at the entrance), curve left with a running jump and jump to the third tile, then stand jump and grab the block with the switch) (savegame).

Once you are at the W wall use the timed switch there to get back to the spikes and then take a left and run jump grab into the opening there. Run through the tunnel and at the end face the lava and run jump to the ladder and climb up. Get the Uzi Ammo and Flares and walk to the other side, around the corners and shoot the nasty bee. Go up the stairs and go right (E) for a Small Medipack.

Broken Disk Part 1.

Go up the ramp and at the end jump up to open the trapdoor. Shoot the ninja girl and go to the glass table to pick up Broken Disk Part 1. Go further S, up another ramp and once in the hall go to the left (S) there is a door that opened.

Go down the stairs and through a tunnel and at the big plant take a right (W), down the stairs and you end up at a big pit. Run to the other side and spot a jump lever (E) next to that door. Go to the N side of the pit and use the ladder to climb down. Go W and in the next pit is a jump lever on the right hand wall (N) and a door opens. Go back, up the ladder and up the stairs (E) when you are back at the plant take a right into the tunnel (S), the door there is open now.

The Mine.

Go in and follow through, a raven will attack. Go to the right and jump to the other side (NW) there is a jump lever you can use. Jump back and the trapdoor near the bridge is gone, climb down the ladder. Jump the rocks to the small balcony SW, timing the spikes, use the floor lever and get the Medipack. Another trapdoor goes up; take two jumps back over the spikes and climb the ladder again, shift to the right at the trapdoor. Now jump S to the wall as behind the steam blower is a switch. This opens a door way up, so jump back to the ladder and climb up. Go right and the door you opened is SW. Climb in and follow through to a pit with flowing lava down below. Jump to the right (N).

For the Torch.

In the NE corner are Torches but for now just jump on top of that crate, turn and jump S on the top crate. Turn again and take a running jump to the other side on top of that roof. There is a crawlspace, so go in, follow through and you find a switch in an alcove on the right. Use it then go back, through the crawlspace and down to the floor. In the room W is a push able crate, you can now pull out. There are also some Flares near the steam blower. Move the crate to the lava pit and on the left (E) wall, under the switch.

Ignite the Torch.

Then climb the crate in the NE corner and get a Torch. Jump over the lava to the left and ignite the Torch in the alcove left.

Timed Jumps with Torch.

Take the Torch and jump onto the crate, drop it somewhere where you can easily pick it up again (hit the #1 key and Lara drops it). Save and use the timed switch (pick up the Torch), jump to the corner of the trapdoor SW, side flip left onto the next one, roll and then jump to the NE corner (or back flip) and a running jump to the other side (savegame).

A Bundle of Keys.

Ignite the woodpile W then go SE and jump over the flame emitter. There is another pile of wood (E) so use the Torch again. You can leave the Torch here. Go in S and to the right (a bee attacks) follow through a passage (W), turn around and hoist up. In the next room pick up a Medipack, on the table in the corner is Secret #1, a Secret Key. A bit further are a Shotgun and Flares. Get back out and down, behind the crates near the S wall get a Bundle of Keys and a Small Medipack. Go out jump over the flame emitter and go to the first pile of wood (NW) and behind there is another emitter, jump over, slide down a bit and around the corner is another one. Slide down and jump and through the passage and you are back on top of the roof.

The Broken Disk Part 2.

Jump over the lava pit and go out (E), down onto the walkway and go left over the small bridge to the door W. Use the Bundle of Keys and once inside, shoot the bee. To the right (NE corner) get a small medipack and Revolver Ammo. Go up the stairs and turn the wheel. Spikes retract. Back out through the other door to the lava pit and to the ladder S. Climb down and pick up the Broken Disk. Combine the two Broken Disks to get the Disk and climb up. Make your way to the E to leave, through the tunnel and at the plant go left (W), down the stairs, run around the pit and use the Disk S, next to the door.

Flood the Pool.

Use the wheel on that pump and the pool fills with water. In the corner is a Torch, take one with you and leave it somewhere near the pool so you can find it later. Jump in the water, swim W into the other pool and hoist up W. Go to the crate and in the NW corner you’ll find the Revolver. Go E and find a timed lever (hard to see) on the left near the door and that raises a block W. Run over and jump the blocks so you can get up the raised one and hoist up W or S (savegame).

W are some Flares, in the SW corner on top of crates a Small Medipack and on the middle one some Uzi ammo. In the SE corner is a lever. Safety drop back to the floor and go through the now open door W. Follow through, through a small meadow into an opening where rails are, just around the corner there left is a jump lever, a block goes up at some crates.

Broken Disk Part 1.

Go straight (W ignore the opening left) and near the campfire is a NW a window you can shoot. Go through and stay downstairs, first pick up one piece of the Broken Disk from the table with the lamp, then there is a pushable crate (wooden one NE) that needs to go against the E wall (in case the block in the floor is still down, go back to that jump lever at the tracks) so you can use the lever there (On top of the highest crate is some Uzi ammo).

Broken Disk Part 2.

The lever opened a door up the stairs so go there; open the doors on the right. Shoot the ninja and go in. Climb the ladder on the left and once up go left passing a steam blower and at the end jump in the water. There is a snake and I couldn’t shoot him, so swim NE and get the second piece of the Broken Disk from the floor and quickly swim back and get out. Go back to the ladder, down and into the passage go right (E) and open the next doors.

Go Get the Torch.

Now we have to go back here when we left the Torch. So back out, down the stairs through the window to the left, pass the rails and back to the building (E). Jump in the pool (stay at this side) and climb out N and use the Disk next to the door.

You created a shortcut to the first pool, so get the torch. Head back through the shortcut to the opening W and through the meadows to ignite it at the fire in the end. Run through the broken window, up the stairs into the room way back E. Use it to the wooden pile behind the crates N. Go down the stairs (drop the Torch) and a door N opened up. Go to the NE corner and use the wheel on the engine, the trapdoor in the middle is open. Jump in and pull the underwater ceiling lever and pick up the Medipack at the end. Swim back and climb out. On top of the tables (SW) you’ll find Flares.

Go back out, go through the open window and to the rails now take the first to the right and jump to the other side and use the lever. Jump back and go back through the broken window and up the stairs. Up on the landing take a running jump over the balustrade and grab the chandelier. Jump up to get one floor up, and follow through. In the next room behind the crates SE is a switch to raise a block, get to the W wall and pull out a table, climb on top and use the switch. Push the table back (for later). Go back down to the chandelier, jump on the landing and down the stairs the next door in the N wall has opened. Go in and up the steps right, behind the crates is a lever. This opens a door downstairs, leading to Town Square. On the crates are some Torches, get one and go downstairs first to ignite it on the wooden pile outside the broken window (or just pick up the previous Torch you used).

Town Square.

Go back in and into the Square N, leave the Torch where you can find it again. Go right and use the lever next of the window (screenshot of the table inside), go NE pick up Revolver and Uzi Ammo next to a crate. A Small Medipack is in one of the pools NW and two dogs are also prowling this garden. Go to the far N wall and behind the bush in the middle is another lever (screenshot of the table inside and a block going up). In the SW are some Flares in the corner. Go back to the table and pull/push it outside. Climb on top and hoist up W (SW balcony).

Timed Jumps to open the Door.

Save before using this timed switch. Jump back with a right turn and run/jump over the balustrade down onto that block against the wall. Run off the block and jump onto the one a bit further and on the right (NE). Then jump to the trapdoor against the wall W, hop around the corner on another trapdoor and a running jump to another small balcony (savegame), use the floor lever. Safety drop down and another trapdoor came up at the E wall. Get to that and on the crate higher and now hang on the roof and take a long, long shimmy to the right, passing three corners. Drop down to the first balcony you see and use the lever to raise trapdoors at the roof above. Jump down over the balustrade and go back to the trapdoor to get to the roof again. Shimmy again to the right but this time hoist up at the trapdoor around the corner. Run jump to the other side and start jumping over the roof to the right. Your goal is that lever at the W roof.

Now jump NE onto that block on the roof and then to the far trapdoor NE, jump to the one E and NE to that brown block, grab the Small Medipack. Stand on the highest corner and jump up and grab the monkey climb.

Go forwards (W) and right, then left at the block, go around it and grab that jump lever. Use the kite to get down.

The Yellow Key for the Red Key.

Back to the building, get the Torch. Hop over that table to get inside and go left up the stairs, jump into the opening right (E). Inside the room is a pile of wood behind the table. Light it to raise a block in the floor and kill the ninja person. Around in the back pull the table away and get the Yellow Key. Leave the Torch and go back, up the stairs and down, to the left to the hall and up the stairs, up the chandelier and into the passage. Climb the crates S and use the Yellow Key. Drop down and move the table away from the W wall. Get the Red Key and leave.

The Wheel.

Drop down to the chandelier and jump to the balcony and head down the stairs. Go out the broken window and through the meadows to the pools. Go into the shortcut (NE) and in there you can use the Red Key. Pick up the Wheel and leave (a door opened).

The Red Fuse. 

Go to the left (E) out the opening there and up the stairs, left again (N) and through the tunnel, up the stairs to the big hall and straight into that opened door (N). More steps to climb and take the first opening to the right. Again go right and left inside that room with crates is a crowbar lever, go right and around some crates to open a trapdoor. Drop in and crawl through and pick up the Red Fuse.

The Crowbar.

Crawl back at the end hoist up, get out of this room to the passage and take a left, down the stairs and to the main hall go to the first to the left (E) down the ramp through a small room and into the open trapdoor. Go down then to the W into a passage and on the right jump over the knife. Inside the room push/pull the table into the NW corner. Jump on the table and insert the Fuse in the alcove up there. In the NE corner on the crate you can find Revolver Ammo and behind them (SE) a Medipack.

Down to the ground and go out jumping over that knife and take a right. Use the button; go back to the knife and carefully pick up the Crowbar. (You can use the button again so the knife won’t be in your way while picking up the Crowbar)

Go E and to the left, up the ramps and out of the trapdoor, go right into the main hall, take a right again (N) and a right into the crate room. Use the Crowbar on the lever left (stand behind it) to open the near by door to the Botanic Gardens. 

The Botanic Gardens.

Go out and to the right and enter a new area. Dogs are guarding this place. Go to the SW and use the Bundle of Keys on the lock on a pillar, this opens a door on the N side. Go into that passage and into the hole in front of the crate, crawl into the crawlspace and use the switch to raise a block we need a bit later*. Get back out and now go to the far SE corner, there is a floor lever, this raises that block so you can get to the crate from that passage NW.

Pull out the crate and push/pull it all the way through the gazebo to the S and to do so you can shoot out a window (*here you have to make use of the raised block next to the gazebo). Pull the floor lever SE again to lower the block in the N passage and get back in there to use the switch in the crawlspace once more, another block goes up where the crate is. Go back to the crate and push it under the switch on the S wall. Climb the crate, use the lever and a door will open up.

Upstairs, a Revolver.

Back to the corridor E and look up, there is a ladder there (face W), climb to the top and there is the door you just opened. Go left and a ninja can attack. She’ll leave a Revolver for you. At the E wall near the steam blower you can grab the Uzi ammo

Timed Block.

In the S side is a staircase, go up the stairs and use the Crowbar on the door, go back down and on top of the crates you can find Revolver ammo and a Medipack W and Uzi Ammo E. Now go to a button behind the crates E, push it, run up the stairs S and throw the lever inside before the block goes down again (a door opened on ground floor). Jump down into the hole behind you, crawl through and get Secret #2, 2 x Shotgun ammo, a 2nd Secret Key and a Medipack. Get out, down the stairs and NE to the passage in the E and back down the ladder to the previous garden area. Head W into the new area.

The Train Station.

Two ravens attack, we go for some pick up first. Notice the Torches on a crate in the middle on the tracks, go all the way to the NE corner, near the flame emitter at the E wall is a Small Medipack. Going around the loc to the W side and following the track you’ll find a Medipack near a bush.

Use the Torch.

Go over the crates S and on the crates opposite the Torches is a door (W wall). Use your Bundle of Keys there. In this small room is a switch on the wall. Go out and go right (S) and on the right a door has opened. We can’t do anything with that wheel here yet, so go N to the crates that run over the tracks and climb the highest one. Jump over to the train N and use the lever. Go down the steps and find a table on the left you now can push out onto the platform. Under the stairs are Flares and Revolver ammo. Push the table to the next car (N).

Now go the Torches, take one, go back to the Botanic Garden E and ignite it in the NE corner. There are 4 wooden piles you need to ignite back at the train. One is on the tracks behind a crate at the start, one in the room W, one on top of the train near that floor lever on the last car and a last one all the way N under the locomotive. To get there is go N and at the last wagon go left (or right) on the tiled underground and underneath the loc to the front. After this task a block will go up near the crates at the start.

Push the Crates.

Leave the torch and go to the back (in front of the W room), there is quite a lot of pulling and pushing to do. Your goal is to get the crate on the SW platform over to the other side of the tracks to the wall near the glass E, there is a switch there you cannot reach yet on the pillar left. Use the movable crate on the track and the solid one to create a path across the track (but first you have to move the crate on the track all the way S so you can move the crate on the platform to the edge).

For a Timed Run.

Using that switch will open the next door (W). Inside on the glass table is the Uzi. Go further and to the left (S). At the chain go left and use the jump lever there. To the W, behind the chain and knife is a Timed door, but that is for later.

For now get back out and into the other room (W side). Pull the timed wheel at least 6 times, roll and run out to the right into the other door, pass the chain, jump the knife, and go right through the door (savegame). There is a Medipack on top of the crate and then use the floor lever to raise a trapdoor near the second car.

Move the Table, the Red Key.

Go around the corner the door there is open, go to the left side of the train and push the table on the train so you can reach the switch there. Jump into the locomotive and climb up the block and jump S to the new block; turn around and pull up to the roof. Jump down and take a jump to the small balconies W wall. Jump to the N end, from the fore last ledge a running jump SE to the top of the loc (savegame).

Safety drop in front of the train and use the jump lever. Go back into the locomotive and to the table that is now free to be moved. Get the Red Key that is under it and push the table S and make your way to the top of the locomotive again and over the small balconies to the N to use the key on the N wall.

The Fuse, a Yellow Key.

Get to the ground floor and NE you can use the wheel there. The flames above you are gone, so jump the crate and pick up Fuse and make your way to the platform on the E and get on top of other crates there. Pick up the Yellow Key (camera shot) and jump down.

The Observatory, the Ancient Codex.

Go back through the door E and straight through the Botanic Garden into the brown passage get on the ladder up there; go through the open door and left. To the glass door (W) and use the Yellow Key there. Go in and up to the Observatory, get the Ancient Codex (book) NW and kill some ninja girls (Have a look through the Telescope). A third ninja girl is carrying a Yellow Key.

More Secret Keys.

Use it in the SE corner of the Observatory (in the flowerbed). Get the Second Wheel (finally). So out we go and to the balcony and through the door E, down the ladder and head to the E. Down the stairs and in the main hall the wheels go at the door to the right (W)

Inside use both Secret Keys S, go in and use the binoculars, you can see in the floor that there is an opening on the right (W wall white tile second from the end) Pick up the First Secret Key.

Then go to the end in a small room, pick up the Flares and find behind the plant SW is a lever. Go in the door and shoot a raptor. Follow through and end up in a mirror room. Look in the mirror where the safe floor is and Revolver ammo is to be found SW at the mirror. And from the second tomb you can get a Second Secret Key. Looking in the mirror there is an opening behind the second tomb in the corner.

Fiery Jumps.

Use both keys and when you enter two wraiths fly up. Slide and jump to the end, go left (S) and slide again but stop at the part with the raised tile. Climb up left, use the lever there and continue sliding. You come back where you started the sliding but the door at the end is open now. Run in and go left up the stairs and jump in the water.

Timed Jumps for the Unknown Artefact.

In the NE corner is a Medipack, and SW is a Timed underwater lever. Roll, swim E from under the ledge, turn and climb up and start jumping all the ledges (time the spikes), till you are way up on a safe ledge at the E wall (savegame). Go in and at the end back flip on a slope, jump and grab to hoist up on some stairs. Get the Unknown Artefact and kill the raptors.

Shifting Pillars.

Go down again out of this passage and jump to the NW using the chandelier. You'll come to a lava lake with shifting pillars. Of course you have to jump all the way around to get on the other side. Start by standing close to the edge, turn left and side jump onto the first pillar as it just appears, run jump to where the next will appear and save when you land on it. Now stand jumps to the next pillars and save every time. If you do this right you will end up standing back on the last pillar so you can do a left curved run jump into the opening (savegame).

The Golden Key.

To the right is a closed door; straight ahead are more sliding floors. In the NW corner behind the tomb is a Small Medipack. When you get around the corner there is a slope, jump up and grab the monkey swing and swing to the end. Drop and grab and hoist up. Turn around and hoist up on top of the chandeliers, go S and climb up; use the lever there.

Go back over the chandeliers, down to the floor and slide back to the tombs. The door SE is open. Slide down and safe and jump the breakable ledges (savegame). At the end use the kite, go into the passage and through the see through opening. Kill the Raptor and pick up its Heart. Combine it with the Unknown Artifact and get the Unknown Energy and put them on the receptacle. A dragon appears. Kill it and pick up the Golden Key where the dragon was.

Making the Escape.

Jump up to the W, then go into the opening NE and run over a see-through bridge to the end to that electric light. You will get transported back to the tombs. Use the underwater lever in the SW corner then climb out. Stand on the block and use the lever on the wall. Go into the opening N and you get back to the two pools E.

Go through the shortcut NE and up the stairs to the main hall, left through the door you opened with the wheel and there is the receptacle for the fuse. Go through the door N and follow through to the beam, get back to Earth.