The Last Adventure (Demo)


Level by Adam


Walkthrough by dmdibl (David Dibble)


This is mainly two levels built as if they are TR2 Venice. However, we begin with an introductory home level where the author chooses to lock out the ability to save the game. Bear with it, the home level only lasts for fifteen or so minutes, and then we are in Venice.


I had difficulty using the new pictorial save system in Venice. It only worked a fourth of the time, and often threatened to hang the game. I moved images 1-7 from the PIX folder (i.e. image1.bmp, image2.bmp etc.), then the original fast and reliable save system was restored.



Introductory Level – Lara's Home


No saves allowed. The flyby brings us to Lara's bedroom. Run out the bedroom door, and directly across the way is a shut door to the music room. Run over there, use the button, and enter to see that Lara has the same old piano. Go left into the library. Facing the dark fireplace, just to the right of it in a corner is a book lever, hard to see among the books. Use it and the door to the attic opens. Go out of these rooms and right, and into the opened door, up the attic stairs and make a U-turn to the right, find flares in the corner. Lara needs them. The S window has Secret #1, shield.


Light a flare, jump over the box, and in the near right corner is a small medipack. Get out of the attic and all the way downstairs to the ground floor. Go in the right hallway to find Lara has her gym set up. Climb the tall wood frame pillar. Might as well practice a monkey swing, and at the end drop down for Secret #2, shield. Drop to floor, continue N into the pool room. The back side of the diving board has a button to press. See a door open in the front entryway.


Go to the front door and right, into alcove for the timed lever. Lara throws the lever, dashes straight across as the timed door starts down. Probably she will run underneath it, but if not, run up against the door, do a roll to get under. Jump up into the alcoves on either side of the fireplace and press a button, see the door to the hedge maze open up. To get out of here press the button beside the door twice.


Go to the front door, press the button to open it, and go out to the right side gate. Here is the problem, Lara needs to have this gate open, and the button for that is on the other side. I know of no good way to get there. The kitchen door won't open. So that means  Lara has to make a complete circuit around the house to get to the other side of this gate. Lara finally gets there. Push the button to open the gate. Now Lara can go forward, past the horse statue, and enter the gate to the hedge maze. Keep going left, and fairly soon find Secret #3, shield, the last secret of the home level. As all secrets are shields I won't mention them again.


Turn around and go back to the hedge maze entrance. Now go right—remember this as it is the route Lara will take in the timed run. Soon Lara reaches a N stone wall. Follow this, jog around one short hedge sticking out from the wall, and then another. Ignore the first path to the left, continue along N wall. Take the second path to the left. Drop down into a hole, take the brick passageway, climb out and straight ahead is a wall lever.


This is a timed run, use the dash key where possible. Lara throws the wall lever, rolls, and runs, retracing the route she just took. Get out of the hole, mostly follow the N wall, take the twisty way back to the entrance. Run across the front of the house to that side gate that Lara opened. Once through it turn right, and dash down steps to the cellar. Get in before the door closes.


Inside, use the button on the right to open the next door. Go right and pick up the key at the end. It is called key, but it opens Lara's weapon closet.


Get out of here, pressing the button to re-open the door, get inside the house and up to Lara's bedroom, to the keyhole by the bed. Enter the weapon closet and pick up flares, 2x Uzi clips, small medipack and pistols. A camera shows that the gate to the estate opens. Run down the stairs, out of the house, and go through the main gate for the level end. Hallelujah! Now it is okay to save games.



Level 1 - Venice


Run forward cautiously, as soon Lara shoots a dog and a Venice gunman. Run out into a little courtyard, on the right find small medipack and shotgun shells. Take the new way, and come out on a dock reminiscent of TR2. Go into the doorway, a button right opens the overhead trapdoor. Go up a ladder, and over the archway to press a button. See camera shot of a door opening. This is a door that Lara ran past at the beginning, but to get there Lara needs to drop down and shoot a dog and a thug. Run back to a little courtyard, then the next alleyway to find the open door on the right.


First go left to get a small medipack and press a button on the end wall. Then go back to the doorway and go right. Shoot a thug and get his small medipack. In the broken room climb up on a block and stand jump to a W ledge. Take the S hole in the wall, and follow the passage E. Lara comes out over the original alleyway. Jump over it to a balcony, pick up a House Key. Get up on the ledge, carefully crawl out the side to drop and hang, shimmy left to pull up in an alcove, get shotgun shells.


Shimmy lower, drop down to the ground. Return to the little courtyard, straight ahead use the key in the keyhole. Start going up the stairs, near the corner turn and run back out with a thug chasing Lara, use pistols while back flipping away from him. Try again, go up a few more steps on the stairs to the next corner bend, and repeat the process of fleeing from a thug to gun him down in the open. Now go up to the top. On a crude table get a Port Key and flares.


Go out the broken window. Across the way, somewhat to left, see a high opening. Jump across the awnings and get into it. Follow inside, no thugs here, but light a flare to get shotgun and shotgun shells. Exit, go back the way Lara came to take the stairs down.


Using the Port Key is tricky. Lara needs to return to the dock and jump into the water and swim left. Just follow the wide canal through its twists and turns. At one point an overhead camera shows Lara approaching. Keep going. Not long after that the overhead camera turns and shows that Lara has a choice of turning into a left side canal, but keep going straight. At a corner Lara will be forced to go left, and still the overhead cameras  prevent her from swimming properly, the false view making her run into furrows and hills in the canals.


Finally a proper view is restored. Next swim left and right to pull out onto a dock, and look around. Not much to see but damp laundry and a door to the S. Swim under that door to find a boat inside. Get the flares from the bottom. Climb out on the ledge and press the button on the right: a gate goes up back near the starting dock. On the left use the Port Key, and the door opens to release the boat. Jump into the boat. There is now a gunman outside on the dock, so rather than driving a faster route in front of him, Lara may take less hits if she drives the boat outside to the right, then right at the next two corners to be back in the long straightaway. This time Lara wants to take the side canal on the right. Turn into it and soon the camera is restored. Take the next canal on the left. When Lara approaches a dock ahead on the left with an obvious keyhole stop the boat. Dive out of it (to exit boat press “Shift” + “Right” or “Left” Arrow Key).


There are pillars to the right. Look behind the second one for a slot that Lara can swim into to collect harpoons. Swim to the dock in front and go under to pick up revolver ammo. Get back into the boat. Take the forced right turn at the dock and drive a short ways to the next dock, jump out of the boat, get up on the dock.


Go N around the corner left to find bricks to climb upon. If a gunman is here, shoot it out with him. Climb up the bricks, get in the N opening. Lara can jump into a room, then hang from ledges to fall into a pool below. Climb out in the NW corner and use the wall lever. A door opens in a somewhat similar spot as in the original TR2 Venice (before a mine channel). Get on a high point in the opposite corner and jump to get out.


Go back to the boat. The E canal from this dock is blocked, so drive back the way Lara came and take the first left (E) channel. Keep making left turns, including when Lara comes out on a gunman, where that door opened. Turn left into the side canal to escape his fire. There is a low ledge here to shoot it out with the gunman. When he drops, climb up on a higher block, on the left side do a standing jump to an arch bridge. Go S and around a corner to find a wall lever. Throw the lever, the door opens, go in and pull up for small medipack, grenade ammo, and harpoons.


Go out and jump into the canal to swim to where the late gunman was. Kill the dog. Those familiar with TR2 will recognize the mine channel with the clock over it. Go in the open door, in the back corners of the room find Uzi clips and 2x shotgun shells. Throw the wall lever, a camera shows a door and a balcony.


This is a place Lara should probably already have been, although earlier there was nothing to do there. Lara has to go all the way back to the starting dock. First get in the boat and bring it up to the stairs in front of the room that Lara was just in. Now go S, take this canal all the way to the end and make a right. Lara is back in the long straight canal with the overhead camera. Follow this canal, making a loop around to the right and then left (spot flares on the left, get them now or later), drive down a straight to the starting dock.


Stop by the dock and jump out onto it. As Lara did at the beginning, go in the doorway and climb the ladder, go out on the arch bridge. This time jump out the broken window onto a red awning. Jump from awning to awning up to the corner, then make a curved jump around the building. Get the shotgun ready. Jump from the bricks over the railing onto the balcony and take out the gunman who was inside the room. If Lara is outside she may still be taking hits. Look across the canal to the right to see the gunman who is firing, and shoot him with pistols.


Go into the room here and use the wall lever. A door opens. It looks like a dozen other doors around here. But you may remember that when Lara got the boat, she pushed a button to open a large gate near the starting dock. That points the way. Jump into the canal (right by the wooden ledge with flares, in case Lara hasn't already gotten them), swim back to the starting dock, and climb into the boat. Drive it to the E, left into a small passage, and right through the gate that opened.


Follow the canal, straight, right, straight and stop at the wood ledge. A gunman is overhead firing, but there is nothing Lara can do about it. At least when she is on the ledge she is directly under him, and more or less safe. But if she explores to either side he will be shooting at her. Go through the doorway into a flooded room, and see the illuminated key. In the SW corner swim for a small medipack.


Where to use the key? Remember that obvious keyhole on the dock, where Lara swam to collect harpoons, and then revolver ammo from under that dock. Lara should go back there and try the key. Turn the boat around and go back to the starting dock, follow the canal as it loops around, get in the straightaway where the overhead camera takes over, and make the first left turn. Go ahead in this N canal and make the first left turn. The dock should be in sight straight ahead. Jump out on it and use the key.


Follow along a passageway and come to a room with a lit fireplace. There is no way to turn off this fire, so Lara has to jump through it. The only way to do this seems to be to do a running jump at the right side of the fireplace opening, against the wall. Press “Alt” and “Ctrl” at the same time. Lara makes it through.


Jump up the right brick blocks, take the slide down into the waterhole, and Lara probably ends up in an underwater crack. Swim, pull out on land. The next wall lever is timed, briefly turning off the flaming ledges ahead. There is no way to break the screenshot, and while it is onscreen Lara can't move. The moment the camera ends, back flip/twist. Dive in the hole, swim left and forward to grab the first ledge and pull up. Stand jump to the second ledge. Next try to do a running jump, so that even if the flames on the third trap flare up, Lara should reach the far end safely.


Go up the brick passageway and a door opens. Start hopping back immediately, as this is a dangerous situation. There are too many gunmen and dogs, but if Lara backs up inside the brick passageway she may not be targeted, and yet she can still shoot the gunmen. After shooting at least two gunmen and a dog, come out and find grenade ammo on the floor.


Go up the stairs right (E) and jump over the railing. There is a key here, but as soon as Lara picks it up she is mobbed by at least three gunmen and two dogs. Now her shots aren't effective unless she comes up to the railing, and then the gunmen are hitting her with every one of their shots. So Lara takes the same refuge. That is she picks up the key, and immediately jumps over the railing and runs and leaps back into that brick passageway.


From here she drop all the enemies with almost no loss of health. (In my game Lara still had three small medipacks untouched.) Then search the area and pick up revolver ammo from the floor. Go through the NW door where all the enemies came from. Lara is back outside, at the jumble of bricks where she climbed up before. Go out to the water. The dock where Lara left the boat is S across the way.


Lara now has an important key, so it is time to blow up the boat. Swim S and get in the boat. Drive it back down this canal (N) and take the first right (E). Keep making left turns until Lara comes out at the N stairs where she battled the gunman. To the right is a mined channel and a set of double doors with a clock over them.


In order to take out the mines Lara has to gun the boat, drive it at the mines, then jump out at the last moment so she won't be hurt when the boat explodes on the mines. There isn't any trick to this except some practice to get the timing right.


When successful there is a screenshot of the clock, screen shaking and explosion, and Lara survives. A passage is clear through the mines. Now Lara needs to get another boat. See the black explosive cord on the bottom of the canal. Follow it back W and S to an intersection where the cord makes a turn to the E. Here the laundry line has fallen, but importantly the wood ramp that is to the right is now broken up. Lara can get out of the water on it, and climb up to the windowed archway above.


Climb up, and a thug comes out of a room to the left to beat on Lara, so shoot him. Go into the room, climb up on the raised middle, and from the high point jump to pull up in the ceiling hole. Here find a Port Key.


Drop down, go out of the room and turn left and go up to windows. See a gunman outside running around. It helps for Lara to sidestep over to the broken window on the left, but don't advance outside, simply shoot the gunman from here. When he falls go outside to collect a small medipack.


Take a running swan dive to the balcony and collect Secret #4, shield. As if Lara doesn't need powerful weapons, ammo, or more medipacks, yet all she gets is a meaningless shield. Anyway, this is one of two secrets in this level.


Jump over the side into the canal, and swim N. Take the first left, head down to the dock where Lara was before. At the dock go right, and then make the only left ahead. Swim down a narrow channel, come out in a wider area that looks like a dead end. Swim under the wooden door to find a new boat.


Get on the wooden ledge. Press the button to the left (we will find what it did), use the key in the keyhole right, which opens the door. Get in the boat to retrace Lara's swimming route, that is out the channel, right, left, right where she picked up the secret, then turn right into the long straightaway as if to go back to the starting dock. But get ready to stop.


Drive the boat to the end of the straightaway, with the overhead camera behind. At the end wall turn the boat around. In the camera view, Lara should be over near the left wall. Come slowly forward. In the camera view, look over at the right wall and notice where the textures change dramatically. That is about the point where Lara needs to align the front of the boat.


Jump out of the boat. Swim around the close corner and Lara will get a normal camera view. Now turn around to double check where Lara positioned the boat. Look up right to a high red awning in the corner. In front of that awning there should be about three textured columns—check the bricks in the water—with the boat at the end in the water. That is because when Lara makes a running jump from the awning she will travel about three squares, so that is where the boat should be. Lara is going to be jumping into the boat. If the boat is a little close, no matter, as Lara can jump before the edge of the awning. If the boat is a little bit far, then Lara can jump from the edge of the awning and use Ctrl to extend her distance. But the boat has to be in range for some sort of running jump.


Now swim as if to return to the starting docks. Make the loop right, but this time at end of the loop swim into the NW corner. There is an opening in the water there. If Lara is being shot at, hurry. Swim along and up into a bigger tunnel, go left, and stand on the bottom wood ledge at the end. Climb the ladder to get off on the left. (The button in the boat shed opened a trapdoor, so this is the first time that this area has been accessible to Lara.) Continue along a dimly lit passage, and come out on a balcony with Secret #5, gold shield ahead to the right. This is the second of two secrets in this level.


Lara can edge out and shoot a gunman on the distant balcony. She doesn't need to target him. Just face him directly with guns drawn, and when Lara fires bullets will strike him. Shoot until he drops. If Lara stands between the potted trees, she can look N to a lower balcony that has flares. The jump is fairly easy because that lower balcony extends out, but it does take minor health loss. Your choice (I ended the game with an excess of flares). Lara can just jump into the canal. Swim back to the starting dock.


Lara needs to travel along the awning route as before, so get up the ladder and jump to the awning, get over the railing onto the same balcony. Lara lands on a balcony and this time she continues forward with a jump over the N rail to a brick block. Turn right, Lara should see the red awning and the front part of the boat down below. Turn all the way around and see a dark doorway. Stand jump into it.


Light a flare. Use the key Lara has in the keyhole. Go inside and find a timed wall lever. Lara throws the lever. Endure the screenshot (it will never go away) and wait for it to pass.


Lara runs and makes a right jump from the doorway to land on the brick block outside. She turns right and runs down onto the red awning, and makes a running jump to land in the boat. (If she lands in the water she can't make the timed run.) Take the boat forward, just as the camera view changes, and makes a left turn into the side canal.


At this point Lara hits “Ctrl” + “Dash” Key to gun the boat for a long straight, keeping to the left side of the canal. When the stairs at the end rush into sight, let up on the Dash Key for the turn. Make the right into the mine channel, gun the boat to pass through the double doors before they shut, and hit “Alt” to stop before running into the wall. Lara loses a lot of health if she bashes the boat into walls.


Drive the boat over a waterfall, then jump out. Swim down into an opening W. Take twisty passages and use an underwater lever at the end. Swim back to where the boat is for a breath of air. Then go back into the same passage a little ways, go up where a trapdoor opened, to use a second underwater lever.


Come out, and get back in the boat. The water level has risen, so it is now possible to drive the boat into the E tunnel. Take the boat to an area with pillars. Go to a NE corner ledge for shotgun shells. Now back up the boat, turn it to face a red wooden ramp in the middle S. Don't gun the boat or it will snag near the front of the ramp. Take the boat up the ramp using only “Ctrl”. Brake at the water at top.


Jump out of the boat. Swim W to use an underwater lever, which opens exit doors.  Swim back and right. Go up the stairs and through the open door.



Level 2 - The Lost Library


Lara starts this level at full health. If you have been nursing Lara with a sliver of health, this is like getting a large medipack. You may have noticed that the Venice level contained no large medipacks, not one.


Go around the corner past a closed door, and right.  Ahead at a broken window shoot a dog. Go out the broken window into a larger area and right, into the SE corner where there is a broken window in the ceiling. Jump up to grab it, pull up, go get Secret #6, and get down.


Shoot windows to the N and go through, start to go right. A dog attacks, back up. A dog and two gunmen attack, keep backing up, back through the broken windows, and Lara can kill them without taking much damage.


Now Lara can advance, and make it into a room with a jumble of wood in the middle of it. In the NE there are passages overhead, and passages on the ground floor. From that corner run due E, see two potted trees at the end of the corridor. The tree on the left has a push button behind it, so use it. From here go N, and left around the corner to an area with books and paintings (Lara can climb the bookcases, but it won't do any good). In the next small room, we see that Lara needs two keys. That is the objective.


Go back. Lara will pass a corridor on the left, but for now the doors in upper rooms are closed. Return to the jumble wood area. In the N part here, put Lara with her back to a slope (left edge), back flip to it, and jump with left curve to grab an upper ledge, pull up. Close by on the S is a crack in a pillar. Stand jump to grab that crack, and shimmy around to the right. Pull up and use a wall lever. A door opens in the upper rooms mentioned several sentences ago.


Drop down and return to once again set Lara up with her back to that slope, back flip, jump left and grab, get up on the upper ledges. Jump over to the opening E. Pull back the block on Lara's right. Jump out to the ledges, turn around, and now jump to the right of that push block into the opening. In the next passage pass chopping mechanical swords, and use a wall lever. See a trapdoor fall. This is back in the area where Lara got the secret, so there are now two ways for her to go. Leave here and drop to the ground.


Again go down the E passageway, make a right, continue up stairs. In the red room the door on the right is open. Go in and push the block in the fireplace inward several times. Jump up right for Secret #7.


Go back through the fireplace and shoot a window right. Take it outside, jump over until Lara can turn left and shoot a window. Now look down into the canal, spot a wooden platform with a key on it. That is a trap—if Lara jumps down, then there is no way for her to get back up. Instead make a jump to the window Lara just shot, then jump forward on top of a table where there is a key. Pick up the key, the big doors bursts open, and two thugs and a dog attack Lara. Jump around shooting them.


Leave these rooms and go downstairs, back to the broken window area where Lara started, under the first secret in this level. If necessary shoot the window on the right S. Get into that room, under where the trapdoor fell down, and pull up. Pull up left to use a wall lever. The opposite door is short timed, so Lara can see a thug outside but she doesn't have time to shoot. Use the wall lever, roll, run jump out, and get ready to fight the thug. In my game he started running in circles, so Lara shot him with pistols.


There is an open door here (I think because of that push button behind the potted tree) and inside Lara can see a secret. She runs in to get it but the floor collapses. It is possible for Lara to jump over the collapsing floor before it falls away, although it doesn't make much difference. She picks up Secret #8?, a shield that is labeled in inventory as a Gold Star, but the secret count doesn't increase. This must be one of the six secrets in this level.


Return to the room, and go W to a ladder, climb up past the right opening and up higher go in left. The camera prevents Lara from seeing anything, nonetheless drop down for Secret #9.


Get back on the ledge and jump out with “Ctrl” pressed, to reach the lower opening. Go out on a small high area facing an awning and a section of water. Take a running jump into the water, toward the NE corner, and pick up revolver ammo and small medipack. Swim to the other end of the water to climb out on a ladder back to where Lara was. This time take a jump to the red awning, hang, and shimmy right. At the end pull up, and back flip to the balcony. Turn and take a running jump to the window, grab if necessary.


Go left and before going up the stairs notice what looks like weird texturing to the right, like it might be a door. Now go up the stairs and shoot a thug. Climb on top of the bookcases, find a wall lever and pull it. Hear the sound of a door opening. This is almost directly below, as part of the bookcase has opened up, and Lara can get a key. No label, just key. Now Lara has two keys, which was the original objective.


Go down the stairs and left—okay, this was a door. Ahead is a slope, go down backwards, hang, and drop into the room with the jumbled wood. Lara runs to the NE corner and takes the E corridor. Go down it, left, left, through the next room (pausing to shoot a thug) to the place with the two keyholes. Use the two keys for a camera shot of a trapdoor falling down.


Run back out of these rooms. See the first potted tree ahead in the corridor. The next alcove, without tree, is where the trapdoor fell. Jump and pull up. Prepare to go down a slide with plinth blades. I couldn't find a good way to do this. The blades start when Lara begins to slide, so the timing is always the same for the second plinth blade, and it seems Lara has to accept some health loss. Swim and find an underwater lever, which opens a trapdoor so Lara can surface. Pull up and wade forward. Shoot a thug on a table, then climb on the table and pick up flares.


Two blades at the exit of this room look impossible, but Lara can crawl under the first blade, and the second leaves a gap in its arc swing, so Lara squeezes through against the left wall. Climb the farther E bookcase. At the highest point pick up grenade ammo and harpoons, although the needed weapons don't seem to exist. From one step down, jump over to the top of the W bookcase. Get up into an opening and go forward, a door (painting) opens, and Lara can jump out to the top of a chandelier.


Most will remember this room from the three-chandelier puzzle in the hideout of TR2. Two gunmen and three dogs come out, shoot them with the shotgun to shorten the gun attack. Take a running jump to the N window sill, to pull a wall lever. See a trapdoor open in the fireplace chimney, so Lara can later drop down it.


Shoot a window. Go outside and hop up N (the fireplace chimney is to the right, for later). Lara jumps to a balcony around the corner. Go to the other end of the balcony, do a short-takeoff jump to a red awning and step over to get Secret #10. Retrace the route back, taking a running jump back to the fireplace ledge, and get inside the broken window. Jump to the middle chandelier.


From here take a running jump/grab to the highest chandelier, pull up. Next pull up to the higher wood ledge, shoot two rats. Go S, around a corner, and pull up on top a brick beam. At the end put Lara against the right wall, facing her out at an angle right (to get space for Lara's head during the jump), and take a running jump to grab the top of the wooden beam. Shimmy right and pull up. Make a running jump W to ledges, and shoot a rat. Go around right (N) to jump up on bricks, from here look up to spot the wall lever on the wood beam.


Jump up to grab that beam, shimmy right, pull up in front of the wall lever, and use it. Get back down reversing the way Lara came up, get on the W ledges. Go all the way S. Now look down E to a lower wall lever. Back Lara up, do a sprint off the edge of the ledge to land in front of the wall lever. Throw it. Turn around and see that the painting across the way (N) is now open, and you may discern a key inside. The chandelier in front of it is now low, as the height of the chandeliers has been reversed. Do a running jump to the chandelier in front of the painting.


Do a running jump/grab to the opening in front and pick up a key. Turn around and jump back to the low chandelier. Do a running jump/grab to the middle chandelier. From here again jump to the N window sill. Go out of the window and this time to the right, hang in the fireplace chimney and drop into the water. Swim toward the stairs. Lara struggles to get out of the water with a gunman firing at her. Once Lara has gotten part way out of the water and can draw her guns, shoot the gunman quickly (he did open a door, giving access to a secret). Also shoot  several rats that are trying to be pests.


Don't jump in that open door, but to the ledge N of it. Run up and get flares. (At this point the one thing Lara doesn't need is flares.) Jump into the water E. Swim down SE, don't go into the first crawlspace, but follow the brief stairs N, jog to the right, loop around left. Here is a crawlspace left that Lara swims into, then turn 45 degrees left and swim over to get Secret #11. This should be the final secret, but because one of them didn't register, the statistics will only show a count of ten.


Swim back out. Pull up in the doorway the gunman was using in order to get out. Go left and use the key by the big doors. Go inside, get out pistols and start firing. Lara will hit something in the group ahead, either two gunmen or a dog. When they fall go forward. At the bookcases look left, the second opening has a button to press. In the middle of the W wall there is revolver ammo (it is pretty clear now that Lara is never going to see the revolver).


Run through a dark corridor and come to a better lit room with a closed door. There are buttons in alcoves to right and left to open those doors. Start to go into the next room, dramatic music plays. Look around, but Lara will have to go into the room to see that two gunmen are waiting outside the windows. Because of the structures in the small outside courtyard where they are standing, it is very hard to target them without Lara taking a number of hits. This battle cost a lot of health.


With the gunmen gone, go outside and take the courtyard opening NW, only to find that there is another gunman waiting up on a high balcony. He can shoot Lara, but she can't easily return fire. At this point I thought I had lost the game. Lara's health was too low. But by jumping forward firing, and then back flipping out of range Lara with able to bring down the balcony gunman, ending with her health at 15 percent, no medipacks, and nothing but pistols.


With the gunman dead, Lara dives into the water and swims E. Finally she gets to pick up that key on the wooden platform that she saw so long ago. After swimming back, Lara can pull out in the W, then loop around through an opened door. Go back toward that little courtyard, but on the way shoot out windows on the right. Go S in this small building, loop around to climb a bookcase. At the top see the keyhole ahead, use the key. There is a lot of shaking and the sound of an explosion.


Go down, out the windows, and left. Now see to the right the hole in the building, but don't take too long. There is a gunman behind Lara, so that if she stands there admiring the view she is going to die. Take a running jump to the right underwater pillar in front of the building hole. Jump up into the hole, and inside. Get to ledges W, and climb up. At the upper level go through the doorway E, and and walk straight forward to jump up on a pillar. Lara picks up a small medipack. My god, and here I've been criticizing this adventure for not having enough medipacks; my face is certainly red.


Go back W and jump up higher. Turn S and stand jump up to the roof level. Jump E to get grenade ammo. Jump back W, go forward, hop up into the opening right, then take the slide downward into darkness. The level ends.



1 December 2011