20x20x20 Challenge Cambodia

Level by Thor2010

Walkthrough by manarch2

Run down the corridor, climb the green ladder at the end. You arrive in a bigger yard, climb the right hand blocks and drop down in the gap behind. Use the reach-in switch, climb up the greenery and drop in the previous courtyard. The opposite door is open, enter the room and flick the switch. Turn, drop into the hole in the courtyard and head through the passage. Kill a crocodile and get in the right passage. In the next room climb the blocks and use the next reach-in switch to flood the last room. Jump in the pool, swim back to the last bigger chamber and swim up. Climb out of the water, through an open door and reach a larger chamber. Get near the Shiva statue and it awakes, kill it and run upstairs. Only use the SE (near right) lever all others inflame Lara. The N door opens, head through and pick up the Golden Skull from the pedestal to finish this level.