Land of the Zombies (Remastered Full Version)

Level by kevindatsun

Walkthrough by manarch2


After a short cutscene you start with Lara on a high ledge, with four zombies coming near. Go around the structure and find Shotgun Ammo and Flares. You can actually kill the zombies but it takes a long time. Afterwards, get on the SE tightrope and near the end you can press Jump to get to the other side. Avoid more zombies and climb the nearby box to find a Red Key. Place it E (or just jump over the left boxes) and avoid more zombies. Go S, shoot the fences and find 2x Shotgun Ammo in the next area with more zombies, then climb on a E block and monkeyswing to the far E rooftop. Get a Little Medikit and Shotgun Ammo, then head S to see a cutscene and pick up Shotgun Ammo. Shoot more fences and monkeyswing through the spike traps (you cannot escape from them, but they arenít that vulnerating anyway), grab Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medikit, run away W from the zombies and at the end of the ramp jump W to the final ledge. Slide down and climb the boxes left (you can explore the lower stage, but I donít think thereís anything to find). Pick up a Little Medikit and then kill two hawks, one of them rather seems to be a magpie as he leaves a Red Key for you. Get it and place it on the rear side of the SE pillar to open the S door. Get there and enter the passage to let the level change.

Road to Nowhere

Get on the bike and drive along the path, jump over three gaps, you can try avoiding the boulder but it doesnít harm you, drive further, jump over two more gaps and then drive over the narrow bridge. Jump over the ramp and climb out. Get up the blocks (see a cutscene in the meantime) and climb up SE to use the floor lever that opens the door. Get back on your bike and drive through the NE door, jump over three gaps and at the end use the E floor lever to open the building door. Get inside.


Inside the building, kill or avoid seven mummies and pick up the Shotgun and 5x Shotgun Ammo on the floor level, plus an additional Little Medikit from the top of the central boxes. Climb one of the ladders near the wall to get to the second stage. Find Shotgun Ammo N, then head S and find 2x Uzi Ammo, Shotgun Ammo and a Little Medikit. Get in the passage and jump over the lasers that then start to move into either left or right alcove. With this technique jump over the next lasers and find Shotgun Ammo in a left alcove on your way. At the end of the passage pick up Uzi Ammo, then go right around the corner and get in the next laser trap passage, after doing the same things again pick up Uzi Ammo and the Door Key at the end and return through the lasers. Use the Door Key NE to open the nearby door and find 2x Uzi Ammo and Shotgun Ammo in the next room. Push the NW button to open a door in the lower part of the main room and return all the way back through the lasers there, drop down and head into the next S room with nine more zombies. Pick up 7x Shotgun Ammo, 5x Uzi Ammo and three Large Medikits in this room, then push the button on the pillar right of the entrance to open the rightmost S door, the button inside opens the leftmost door, the button here opens the middle door to get out. Time the run under the moving lasers, enter the passage and then next laser trap session gets a little more difficult, but itís doable without much health loss. In the bigger hall at the end pick up the Uzis, 7x Shotgun Ammo and 2x Uzi Ammo, then get into the NW crawlspace, drop out at the end and find the Door Key left around the corner, behind some crates. Return to the last bigger hall and use the key NE to open a nearby door. Inside pick up 3x Uzi Ammo and use the button on the high right crate. Return and in the last hall a S door is now open. Climb up and down some crates and slide down to finish this level.

Battle of the Beast

Drop down and kill the Torso monster. If you need extra ammo, there is plenty in this room (4x Shotgun Ammo and 5x Uzi Ammo). Eventually after a long time the beast is dead and the S door opens. Head up the ramp and approach the helicopter to finish this levelset.