LB Advent Calendar 2011 - Crazy Town

Level by Masha

Walkthrough by manarch2

Pipe Puzzle

You start this level in a wide courtyard. Ahead of you is a frozen lake and even further, on the roofs, some trapdoors. In the far N, there is a passage to a bakery; to the S, there is a keyhole and a hidden block; to the E, there are three closed doors, one leading to a pharmacy, one to a pub (you can get inside it already); and to the W, there is another passage leading to two doors. Head into this W passage first and open the left hand one and look through the transparent floor to see some pipes. Your task is to pull the ropes over the respective pipes to change their direction and finally create a path from the door pipe to the machine at the end. Only four ropes must be pulled. After the path is finished use the valve wheel at the end to insert some steam into the pool outside if done correctly.

The Book Shop

The ice is now melted and you can jump into the water to pick up a Coin; watch out for more steam. Return to the passage with the two doors and this time open the right hand door to get into a book shop. Place the coin in a NE receptacle to open the left door, grab the Old Book (the door to the pharmacy opens) and examine it.

“To make a witches’ brew you need:
something light,
something holy,
something devilish.
Stir well and heat.
It will make you cool.”

Head back out to the courtyard.

The Bakery

Get into the N passage and open the only door to your right to enter the bakery. Go around the counter and pick up a Baguette. The woman says

“Yesterday it didn’t look like this.”

You also can shoot two presents in front of the window if you wish, but there is nothing inside. Go back into the passage that leads you to the courtyard. The following three tasks can be done without having done the others.

I. Wings of Some Butterflies

Go to the SE corner of the courtyard.

The Beamer

You can see one of the three differently textured blocks is brighter than the others, pull it out twice and find a button behind it. Pushing it opens a SE door in the courtyard. When entering you find a too high ceiling hatch, so push or pull the block that revealed the button inside this chamber and to the centre. The door closes behind you. Climb on the block and up to the second floor, which appears to be a bedroom. Shoot the present NW in this room to get a Key (a door behind the W window opens). Get into this W passage and shoot the window. Safety drop down and run to the middle of the S wall to input the key in the keyhole, this opens the door right of you. Enter the passage and you arrive at a small courtyard, to the W there is a passage that is very slippery – Lara slides back every time you try. Step on one of the central tiles to get transported to another area.

Little Village, Boulder Puzzle

You stand on a higher block in the middle of a village with four houses; there are more men doing their strange work here. There is a gap in the SW corner with a button that only can be pulled with a boulder. Your task is to lead the boulder down in this gap. There are five buttons to be pulled, it's intended you pull them in the right order. Let’s start now. You have access to the NE and SE passages inside the building, but you cannot do anything SE now so head NE, climb the ladder a bit and then backflip onto the alcove. Push the button (I). Now get back down and head out. Run to the E side of the village and find a snow ledge where you can stand on right of the middle between both NE and SE houses. You now have to turn and run-jump with a curve into the alcove with the opened door in the SE house. A door opens above you and you can see the fifth button which is currently not reachable. Jump up to the high right alcove you raise the trapdoor on the W building for a short time. Don’t stop running and run-jump to the trapdoor, grab it; when Lara starts to swing, release Action for a second and immediately press it again so Lara can climb up directly. Turn around and jump to the safe ledge behind you. Climb into the passage to push the button (II). Two ice platforms appear N of the house, exit the passage and jump up to the first, then to the second and then onto either N or E walkway. S you can find the boulder, but first go inside the NE building and push the button (III) in front of the closed window. A block raises to get to the fifth button. You have to climb all the way down again now, using the ice platforms and a jump to the middle blocks (to conserve health). Go NW behind the building now and climb a safe W ledge you can stand on, now jump W and finally NE into an alcove with another button (IV). Pull it to open the door high up, next to the boulder. The next task is to push the fifth button so climb back up to the E snow ledge and jump W into the left house, then push the button (V). A block in the middle of the village next to the beamer lowers, drop back down and push it to release the boulder. It will make its way into the SW hole and a trapdoor closes behind it. Also, a SW door near the trapdoor opens.

A Detour for a Secret

Now that the boulder is down, you can get another secret. Climb back all the way up to the top as mentioned in the last paragraph via the snow ledge, the timed trapdoor and the ice platforms and get to the place where the boulder formerly was. Jump up the slope and grab a Snowflake for Secret 1. To get down, simply retrace the way of the boulder and drop to where you pushed the last button.

Something Light

Run to the SW door on the rear side of the building and push the final button to activate the beamer again. There are some steps upwards but this is only the path of the boulder, don’t spend too much time wondering where to go there. Climb on the block in the middle of the village where the beamer is and pick up Wings of some Butterflies to get transported back to the first, bigger village. Go back N to the village.

II. Holy Herbs

Go NE into the small street.

A Detour for a Secret

Watch the workers do their strange work, then head into the right passage that more and more looks like the editor rooms. Shoot the big barrel on the purple tile to raise a block in front of the scaffolding, climb it and then up the scaffolding. Jump on the N roof over the slope, slide down a bit and go right around the corner to find Secret 2, a Snowflake.

Something Holy

Enter the NW courtyard.
There is a passage with Torches at the end, but they are blocked by both a door and a blowing wind. Find a button in a corner niche NE. This opens a door in the passage located NE of the courtyard. Go there and left to enter a church. There are two lowered trapdoors on the sides, at the far end there are two angel statues. You can climb up to the crevice NE in this room, right of the entrance, shimmy right and push a button. This activates the trapdoors but they still raise and lower so that you could get on the first trapdoor, but not onto the second. So don’t climb up there yet and push at least one, better both angel statues under the trapdoors. After pushing the button they raise, but don’t lower, so run-jump to the first trapdoor, then to the second and to the W ledge. Pick up Holy Herbs (something holy) and drop down onto the floor. Get out or stay for another secret.

Another Secret

Carefully examine the altar. Probably you notice an item has appeared after picking up the herbs, so go behind the altar and pick up the Cross for Secret 3. Now you have done everything in the church, run outside again and back to the very first courtyard.

III. Beer

Go in the NE corner of the first courtyard.

Something Devilish

Open the door NE of the first courtyard to enter a pub.
Grab a Beer (something devilish) from the left hand table and some Flares in form of Candles from the right passage. Note some steps upstairs, they lead to a block puzzle but you can do this later. Exit this pub for now and head back to the first courtyard.

The Pharmacy

Now you can enter the middle E door to get into the pharmacy. The old woman looks a bit strange, doesn’t she? Well, just open the E door, and your biases are confirmed. Insert the three “ingredients” in the pot by standing in front of each of the three stools and pressing Action (the wings N, the herbs E and the beer S). Now use the SE bellows by facing NW in front of them and pressing Action to make fire. Go to the W side of the fire and stir the Baguette in the potion. A woman appears in the salesroom of the pharmacy so return there and grab the Wind Elixir from the counter. The woman says:

“At risks and side effects, don’t ask me!”

Now get out of the pharmacy W.

The Wind Passage, Torch

Head to the NE street and get to the NW courtyard again, to the passage that is blocked by the wind. Press Action in front of it to soak up the Wind Elixir, now you can get through the passage without being blown away. At the end is still the closed door, but you can jump up right to grab a jumpswitch. Use it to open the door, then grab a Torch and leave this passage. Return all the way to the very first courtyard. Go into the W passage again and then into the right hand book shop. Jump over the counter and light the Torch on the candle, then jump back and leave this shop and get back to the village.

The Weather Station

Go S through the big open doors and then W to the slippery path. Press Action in front of it to melt the ice, Lara now can run through the small pool. Don’t throw the Torch into it, as you still need it. Push the button at the end to open the right door. Enter the little chamber and open the trapdoor located to the left of the entrance. Drop in the hole with the Torch, stand next to the crawlspace facing the direction of the narrow tunnel, throw the Torch into it, then crawl to it, grab it and throw it further, eventually you get to the other side of the passage, climb out of this hole with the Torch. Shoot the window on the N wall of the chamber, thereon push a button inside to open a hidden bookcase door. Enter a mirror room. When carefully regarding the mirror you will spot a button, go to the tile with it and press Action. Another bookcase door opens far NW in this room, head through the passage (notice a green/blue editor room with a closed door and three trigger tiles to your right) and enter the next room. For another secret shoot the present E of the Christmas Tree to get a Snowflake as Secret 4. Approach the PC and press Action to hear the witch’s voice again:

“Me? I didn’t do that! Honestly!”

Light the four candles on either corner of the room with the Torch to lower a block in the previous room. Step on it to open a door in the editor room. A boulder comes out and rolls over the trigger tiles, this raises a trapdoor in the very first courtyard. Get out NE and drop in the hole, crawl back through the passage and climb out. Get in the water passage, close the door again using the button to get outside again.

Barrel Puzzle, Trapdoors

Run N through the passage to the first courtyard and now again enter the NE pub. Shoot the present at the top of the ledges in the rear part of the room, then jump up to the middle platform and from there to the top one, turn around and run-jump onto the second stage. There are several barrels hiding a W doorway. Pull the only barrel that is not facing a wall (in the middle of the room) into the NW corner. Climb it up and run S; pull the barrel once back, then drop down again and pull the barrel in front of the passage once. Climb over it and enter the passage, push the button and step on the first (safe) trapdoor, two trapdoors ahead (W) of you raise and lower. When the nearest one raises run-jump to it, then jump to the horizontal pole and swing until the second one raises, jump to it and finally to the W ledge or jump to the slope, grab the ledge and shimmy left until you can stand up.

The Disk

Grab the Disk from the pedestal – you have to place it back in the weather station. First of all, grab the edge again and shimmy left (S) until you can stand up again to get a Snowflake as Secret 5. Drop down to the courtyard and exit S into the smaller one, go into the W passage, push the button a third and last time to open the door and get to the weather station through the crawlspace. Go E and place the Disk N between some curtains. You get transported to a green and black room, head to the SE corner and open the door. Slide down the slope into a festively decorated room to see a final flyby.