TR Forge Advent Calendar 2011 Ė Messy Christmas

Level by Codo

Walkthrough by manarch2, with many thanks to Soul for his patient help

NOTE: The given directions are where the red needle points to.

A Torch

In the bedroom, donít open the SW door because the bathroom is deadly. In front of the bed, pull the tiger fur away to reveal the Roof Key, pick it up. Go around the bed and open the cabinet to get the Hello Kitty Back Massager, but it still hasnít got batteries. Leave the bedroom SE. Open the door to the main hall and head SW to open the door using the Roof Key. Head upstairs and find a strange box here, also Flares on the boxes and Torches W behind them. Pick up one of them and leave this place again, heading downstairs in the main hall. Throw the Torch on a point where you find it again, then run through the SW passage to the training parcours.

Training session

Go to the middle of the room and find a crawlspace, at the end turn around and climb up the ladder. You are on top of the central structure. Climb the left hand ladder and shimmy right round the corner, then backflip on the high ledge. From here run onto the NW bridge. Run leftwards to the end and find two Nut Grenades in a crawlspace.

***Drop down to the right blue block and jump N to the crawlspace. Get in to find Secret 1, a Mushroom Cookie. Get back up again to the high bridge.***

You either can use a little shortcut so that you donít have to use the jumplevers Ė jump from the ledge you backflipped onto directly on the blue box SE, or from the mentioned ledge, monkeyswing E to the wall and grab the jumpswitch, this raises a W platform. Get back up again, but not necessarily on the bridge, you also can jump from the central structure to the platform, and from here to the second jumplever N. This raises a block SE, go there and jump up to the blue block, thereon jump S to the button. Use it to open a door down left. Drop down and head through.

Weapon Chamber

Jump into the water and climb on the block with the fountain. Find the Weapon Chamber Key on it, then jump back into the pool and get back to the inside training course, open the E door using the key you found and enter the weapon chamber. Pick up Flares, the Bow and Bow Normal Ammo. Head back to the pool room.


Jump in the water again and open the E underwater door, arriving at a junction.

***Swim left at the junction and you arrive at a room with another Mushroom Cookie for Secret 2. Either swim back or E.***

Swim E, then N to the end and use the underwater lever to open the nearby door to a bigger pool room. You get attacked by a fish but no worries, it doesnít harm you. Swim to the E wall to find an underwater lever, use it.

***Now swim NW behind a larger plant and pick up Secret 3, the next Mushroom Cookie.***

Climb up the central ledge and head W to drop into the room you saw from the pool. Find Flares in the middle N and a Cellar Key SE. Head up the far SW stairway and notice a lighted pedestal on your way up. Run to the end of the stairway and the door opens itself. You are back in the lower part of the main hall.

Poor Winston

Find your Torch again or get it from the attic (see the first paragraph), then run down the stairs again and light it on the pedestal, then head back up. Go NW in the main hall with the Torch and into the dinner room, light the NW fireplace and throw the Torch on a place where you find it again later. Go through the left of the two N openings and head left, then right to find the Fire Extinguisher. Enter the kitchen now and go NE, open the door to the freezer with the button and find Winston, who seems to be rather inflexible today. Pull him out and push/pull it all the way to the fireplace. He starts thawing but he doesnít melt completely. Go back to the main hall.

Another Cellar

Staying on the lower level, open the NE door in this room using the Cellar Key. Head down the stairs and follow the passage until a T-junction, head right and go around the machine. Use the valve to activate the toilet flush in the bathroom next to the bedroom. Now go into the unexplored path of the junction, drop in the water and climb the block around the left corner, get up into the crawlspace and pick up Flares. Return all the way to the main hall the way you came or drop into the pool and get back through the pool with the fish and through the passage with the lighted pedestal.


Back in the main hall, head upstairs and enter Laras bedroom again. Run to the middle S wall and open the door to the piano room. Go right (SE) and open the double doors to a smaller room, you can push the button if you are a fan of the title music. Also find a Large Medikit in the corner between the couches. Exit this room again and now go up W to the library. Here is no book lever this time, but you can use the Fire Extinguisher to vanish the fire in the fireplace. Get into it and climb up the ladder. Follow the passage to get into the attic. Pick up an Energy Cell on some boxes in the SW corner, then push open the doors to the other part of the attic that was accessible after finding the Roof Key. Place the Energy Cell in the right box object.


Go SW and push open the door to the now safe bathroom. Spot a pushable SE and pull it out once, then pull it once N to reveal another block. Pull it out three times, then pull it once N to have access to a passage. Head through, pick up Flares and at the end climb up to the roof using the ladder.


***Jump up E and follow the roof to Secret 4, a Mushroom Cookie, then return.***

Go NW on the roofs, passing some strangely textured tiles. Spot a series of red platforms starting W of the roof and follow them jumping until the last one, pick up the Texture from it. A fancy wraith appears so be quick and jump back to the roof. The wraith vanishes when you return to the attic with the box you placed the Energy Cell on, it is actually a Ghostbuster machine. So climb back down the ladder, get back to the bathroom and then to the bedroom. Head out to the main hall again. Return all the way into the attic and when the wraith is extinguished into the library. There is a missing texture on the left of the fireplace, but since you have a Texture in your inventory, you can place it here.


You get teleported to a maze area. Watch out when you exit as there are some knifes. Go right and face a junction. When going ahead and right you will find a closed door.

***Go ahead and left to find a Mushroom Cookie at the end which is Secret 5, then return to the junction.***

Go left (itís the only left path now). There are basically two longer paths leading NW and SW (far left and right), some of the walls are knifed again. Also, a Christmas Tree attacks you, but luckily heís very slow. First go far right to find a Hypno Flake, then head far left to find a pushbutton; it opens the SE door for a short time so head there and enter the bluish room with many snowflakes. Place the Hypno Flake NW and the big W snowflake that hided a passage rolls away. Go into the next room. Save first, then try out the two ropes and see what happens. When you pull the non-deadly one simply duck to avoid the ďfliesĒ or simply run W through the open door and get teleported back in the mansion. Pick up Batteries from the left box and open the door yourself. Return to the main hall again.

Making a Meal

Run to the E exit door of the main hall and push the button to open it. Head outside and go in the NE corner of the courtyard to find a passage leading to a fenced area with two chicken in it. Use the Bow to kill them and thereon pick up the two Chickens, then leave this area to the courtyard again. Enter the manor again and in the main hall go NW again and into the kitchen. On the S wall there is an oven, place the Chickens in it Ė Winston will be fully thawed and you can pick up the Trophy Room Key from him (in front of the fireplace), then return to the main hall.

Trophy Room

Head SE and place the Trophy Room Key in the receptacle to open the nearby door to the trophy room. Enter it and Lara starts looking on a Large Medikit on the floor. When approaching it it will move in the passage between the book shelves, be careful when following it Ė as soon as you enter the corridor, the door behind you closes and a singing boulder will come down the ramp. Go on the tile right in front of the ramp and stand against the wall. Sidestep to the edge of the trapdoor that opens when the boulder starts rolling down, and sideflip in the last possible moment to get over the boulder.


Afterwards drop down into the trapdoor where the boulder fell in and slide down, then slide down a second slope and jump over the spikes in the last moment, slide further down and eventually jump over the spike trap the boulder is in and go in the left passage. There is a ladder up to a keyhole for a key you donít have yet, and a timed lever. Use it to raise a trapdoor in the pool room right of you, but be sure to watch the cutscene of Death.

"Don't mind me, I brought a book to read."

After using the lever jump down in the pool but time the jump over the spikes. The water slowly takes your health away so be quick, climb up the E trapdoor and run-jump S to the block. As an alternative (to not loose health) you also can use the spike platforms right of the entrance, then jump on the slopes (but beware of the fires) and follow them jumping to the trapdoor. Pull the second lever, itís not a timed one so you donít have to hurry anymore. Jump in the water and swim SE and climb up on the trapdoor in front of a slope. Jump to the left ladder, shimmy left around two corners and backflip on the block behind you. Jump up to the monkeyswing, then get to the jumplever on top of the SE pillar, when the fire is out quickly get there, use it and jump from the slope onto the rear block, but itís better to grab the edge first as there is another fire on it. When itís out climb up and jump to the NW walkway, turn and jump up to the lattice above the monkeyswing and time the run above the fires to the lever. Use it to open the door at the end of the NW walkway, get back there and into the chamber to find a Bunch of Keys and Bow Normal Ammo in the far right corner. Exit again, run down the walkway and jump to the block you backflipped onto, then to the ladder, shimmy right around a corner, climb up a bit and shimmy right around another corner, then to the end of the ladder, then get up again and shimmy left. Climb up and jump to grab the monkeyswing leading you back to the entrance, drop there when the spikes are out and quickly run into the safe passage. Climb up the right ledge and open the door using the Bunch of Keys.

Another Teleport

You are back in the room with the pool surrounding it, go up the left stairway into the main hall and head NE and downstairs into the other cellar. Follow the passage and go right in the junction, insert the Bunch of Keys here and follow the passage. Combine the Hello Kitty Back Massager with the Batteries and use it as a mechanical scarab to deactivate the spikes, then pick it up again and enter the teleporter. You are in another pool area with many platforms, there are altogether three candy flies to shoot. Follow the platforms and jump on altogether two poles with knife trap, simply climb up to avoid them. On your way to the far teleporter also pick up the Nut Grenade Launcher and a Little Medikit, then enter the teleporter to get on the outside balcony.

Training Parcours

Jump down and use the Nut Grenade Launcher and shoot a grenade on the broken ice Ė you might need to run over it Ė to break it completely. Jump in the health-consuming water and follow the passage to use the underwater lever that raises a trapdoor later for the parcours, then swim back up and climb out, heading S. In a left alcove in the parcours structure you can find more Nut Grenades, then head far S and step on the trigger tile that opens the door at the end of the parcours. You probably know the rules Ė donít step on the floor and absolve the parcours, then the door will stay open. Jumping over the first few platforms is easy, but then you have to jump over the enhancing icy ledge to get to the ladder, climb up and follow the next platforms. Run-jump into the next passage, monkeyswing and drop on the slope, then jump to the ledge, climb up and up the pillar, jump to the next pillar and use the raised platform to jump to the next alcove. Jump into the water hole and quickly swim to the door and climb up. Crawl in the passage to get the Pistols. If this doesnít work as there seems to be an invisible wall, try it with the crawlspace roll, i.e. duck and then press Roll to enter the passage. Finally get out again and find the Chase your Dreams item from the pedestal, a door in the courtyard in front of the manor opens. Open the door S in this area with the Bunch of Keys to exit this area again to the courtyard in front of the manor.

The Unicorn

Enter the SE passage where the door that just opened is located. You arrive at a junction, to the right is a passage leading to a dead end (yet), so head left and climb over the block. Spot the unicorn E.

***First explore the racetrack a bit, to get to know it a bit but also to get the last secret. Go W and follow the S path to a pool area, jump in (there is health-consuming water again) and find a SW passage, swim through quickly and at the end find Secret 6, the sixth and last Mushroom Cookie. Swim back and climb out N, then return to the path leading you to the unicorn.***

Head in the chamber with the unicorn. To the left of it, there are two closed doors, indicated by the not lighted pedestals. You need to light both pedestals in order to open both doors. The right pedestal can be lighted by breaking all stars on the racetrack, the left one by stepping on the trigger near the exit of the unicorn chamber. Unless you are a total professional and find a drastic shortcut, you need to do at least two runs. To get on the unicorn, climb the side right of it and use the Chase your Dreams to climb on it.

Break the Stars

Gallop outside and run over the lowered tiles which mark the trigger for the second door. Donít try to beat the run now, as you first need to open the first door. Follow the racetrack always trying to not fall into the water or even touch it. After some metres and galloping over a rainbow fairy you need to run through the first star, then circle around the ledge as you also need to destroy the second star. Proceed now around the lake, making a few jumps, then you get into the cellar part of the racetrack. There are two paths, one is the ramp leading upstairs, the right one however contains another star, so follow it and turn when you broke it, rush back and jump over the ramp, gallop up the left ramp and you can see the room you get into when you have opened both doors. Drop down in the cellar again after the passage, break another star, try to kill another rainbow fairy and see the right pedestal is lighted now. Head up the ramp, break a last star and before the closed doors you can turn right and get back to the start of the race.

Timed Run

You now need to get through the track in a limited time, but no worries, itís not timed and there is a big shortcut. Gallop on the trigger tile, when the camera is back at Lara and her unicorn proceed to the small junction and take the left path, but turn at the end and jump onto the ramp leading to the cellar through the opening. Turn and jump down into the cellar, follow the passage and at the next junction be sure to take the right path, then rush further and you will have enough time left when heading through the timed door.

Christmas Tree Star

Break the big star inside the building by rushing through, down the ramp is the exit. A dragon and two rainbow fairies appear(one more if you didnít kill the one in the cellar, which is likely to happen). Donít try killing the dragon but get off the unicorn, grab the Little Medikit from the block and find the Christmas Tree star behind some left ledges. Re-climb the unicorn and exit NW, jump over the ramp and see you are back at the start. Head out of the garden left to get into the manor courtyard again.

Magic Square

Head right through the narrow passage and eventually you are back at the start of the training parcours. Kill one or two rainbow fairies in the meantime. On the W wall near the start there is another star to break so gallop through to find yourself in a new area with another slow Christmas Tree. Get off the unicorn and find a Little Medikit in the SW corner and Nut Grenades in the SE corner and in front of the middle W wall. You can ďkillĒ the tree now with the Nut Grenade Launcher if you want. Now have a look at the mushrooms in the central of the room. They all have a different number of white dots on them, from 1 to 9. If you know what a magic square is, you probably know what to do. You have to calculate the numbers and in all vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines the sum must be equal. In this case, the sum must be 15 in each line, as the sum of the first n numbers is n(n+1)/2, in this case 9*10/2=45, and as each line must have the same sum, the sum of one (and thus all other lines) is 45/3=15. Luckily, there are only three pushable mushrooms, and you only need to push them on the tiles so that a row of your choice equals 15. After youíre finished, the N door opens. Enter the passage.

Santaís Sleigh

There are two ropes to open the door behind the trap passage, enter both left and right room and pull the ropes when the blade is in the corner, thus far enough away to not hurt Lara. When the door is open head through the knife passage and have a meeting with drunken Santa. Pick up the Gift from left of the sleigh, then kill two mushrooms and a candy fly. The latter leaves a Little Medikit. Exit this area through the knife passage again.

Preparing for Christmas

Climb the unicorn again, leave this area too and gallop back through the SE passage, then all the way back into the manor. Head NW and through the passage to enter the dinner room. Go to the rear windows and place the Christmas Tree Star on the tree facing W and the Gift on the present staple, facing S. Watch a final cutsceneÖ merry Christmas.