Level by kaufi-lc


Walkthrough by Yoav



Follow the alley over to a place with a fountain, jump into the water and pull there a lever to raise a gate somewhere, then climb out. At the N end of the alley push a small double door, follow a short passage and climb the opened gate into the warehouse. Kill a bat and two gunmen, one of them will drop a small medipack, then back to the start of the warehouse and look for a hole in the ceiling. Climb one and a half wooden box, jump/grab a short ladder and climb into the room above. By turning on the valve you will open the far W gate, but now some flames begin to activate. Time those flames and reach the opened gate, notice for a closed door, then pull up the trapdoor and drop to the other warehouse part.


Go behind the wooden boxes to collect a large medipack, then pull the switch next to the box to activate a raising platform for later. Now climb the box and crawl through the space, drop down and reach the next hole, climb down a ladder, then save. Start sliding and get ready to jump forward over a breakable ledge, jump the next ledge and grab the safe block and climb up. Grab the chain and pull up at the top, backflip unto a small room. Collect uzi ammo S and the CROWBAR from the W box, then pull the jumpswitch to open a door further on. Make a monkeyswing all over the gap, then follow the passage, kill two rats coming from the opened door. Climb into the crawlspace, then drop back into an earlier place, locate the ladder and climb up. Reach the warehouse again, then climb the raised platform.


Open the door with your crowbar, enter the apartment and kill a gunman with a doberman dog. Collect the UZIS from the dead gunman and some flares from the table. Push the double doors to enter the next apartment and climb the table, grab the ceiling trapdoor, then pull into an alcove. Throw the switch to turn off the fireplace and go back to the apartment. Through the fireplace drop into another apartment, shoot the glass and exit, but don't jump to the ground. Instead, jump to the opposite E block ledge and from there toward the upper windows SE. Shoot and enter inside, reach the far E wall and pull the switch to lower a platform somewhere. Once again kill a gunman with a doberman dog, collect the uzi ammo, then reach the exit windows.


Secret option: Keep standing on the window's edge while facing NW. Jump and grab the sloped roof and shimmy around the corner, keep shimmying a little and make a backflip to land on a block. Grab the next sloped roof and shimmy left until you will be above the balcony. Drop and find a SECRET, collect a small medipack and uzi ammo.


Safety drop to the ground and go to the water canal, jump into the water and swim over the far SE orange wall, locate and pull an underwater lever W. Climb onto the dock and enter the opened door, kill the gunman then climb up the stairs and reach the W hallway. The far end is the place where you lowered the platform and now you can pull a jumpswitch to open a tall picture. Go E and climb the block for flares, then stand in front of the low chandelier W. Take a standing jump (without grabbing) onto the chandelier, then take a long jump into the opening. Shoot the exit window and jump to the awning, take a long jump over the next SW awning, turn to face N and jump to the red awning. Grab the roof edge, shimmy left and drop onto the next awning. Jump and grab the N crack, shimmy left and drop onto the awning, then take a long jump over the balcony. Pick up the GOLDEN KEY and safety jump into the water, swim W and climb out.


Reach the far W keyhole and use the key you have. Enter the building and follow the passage, you can jump over the right fence for uzi ammo. Jump back and enter the library, notice for two harps in each hole, then follow up the stairs. To your left there is a closed door you will open later. Continue right and follow the passage, jump over the fence, collect a small medipack and notice for a keyhole behind the potted tree. Jump back and enter a room with angle camera, simply step onto the four tiles to open the door. Enter the next room and climb the block to pull a lever. Get back to the library and pull/push each harp over the marked tile and a ROSE will appear between the bookcase.


Get back outside and jump into the water canal, swim S and climb the dock. Jump over the block, then into the high alcove and pull there a switch to open a door in the far N side, but don't swim over there yet. Instead, jump into the water, swim a little W and look for triangle hole, swim inside for a large medipack. Swim out, keep swimming W along the canal and look for a closed boathouse. Continue swimming and some gunman will shoot on you, climb the S ledge and kill him. Now jump again into the water and swim a little NW, locate an underwater lever and save. Pull the lever to open the timed door at the E dock, roll, swim faster, climb the ledge then run and jump forward to enter the house. Once inside, climb the ladder and follow a short passage, shoot the windows and save. Face NW and take an angled jump to grab the sloped roof, shimmy over a tall jumpswitch and grab it to open the boathouse. 


Get back again to the E dock and take a running jump over the NW block, take from the dead gunman uzi ammo. Continue and jump over the S block, turn around, jump/grab the upper wooden ledge N and from there jump over the balcony to collect the REVOLVER. Now jump into the water and swim to the boathouse.


Drive the boat all over the canal and locate a wooden ramp with a closed door and remember it. Reach the N door you already opened and enter the tunnel. Stay close to the block and press shift+right arrow to jump off the boat and onto the block and save. Pull the switch to open a timed door at the wooden ramp, then take the best driving you can do to get over there. Once after jump off the boat and climb the W ledge. Jump/grab the NE ladder to the top and backflip onto the red awning, shoot the windows and enter. By pressing the switch you will open two doors, one is a shortcut down in the water (you will use later to reach the boat again). Go through the second door you opened, kill two bats and a doberman dog, then exit through the broken window.


Jump over the red awning, then grab the edge of the roof and shimmy, pull up onto a flat roof. Reach a deep courtyard with a center gazebo but don't drop down. Instead, grab the W sloped roof and shimmy until you see a tall jumpswitch and pull it down. Exit the courtyard and take the left opened door, a red curtain will raise up. Carefully pass the swinging spiked balls, collect revolver ammo at the NE corner, then shoot some gunman and get his medipack. Continue N and take a left or right, follow up the stairs and then pull into the upper passage, watch the moving blade and reach the gazebo roof. Collect the BUNDLE OF KEYS from the table, kill a doberman dog and then collect some uzi ammo at the N ledge. Return back and exit to the balcony, shoot the gunman and take the LASERSIGHT. Follow the balcony and get an angled camera showing you a tall bell. Combine revolver with lasersight and shoot the bell to lower a block S (in front of you). Simply run and jump over the fence into this alcove and pull there a switch to open double doors (I guess you know where).


Secret option: Well, don't go over there yet! Jump into the water and swim over the N tunnel, at the end you can climb onto the block for flares. Swim back and take the shortcut back to the place where you left the boat. Leave the boat and reach the upper room as you did before. Exit from the broken window and jump to the red awning, again grab the roof but this time shimmy right over the chimney, make a backflip/rolling, grab the sloped roof and shimmy left. Once again make backflip/rolling to grab the first roof and shimmy around the corner, then drop onto a red awning for a SECRET, collect a small medipack with grenade gun ammo. Safely jump back to the balcony, head E and take a running jump over the fence to land on the block. Collect a small medipack, then jump the next block S for uzi ammo.


Jump back to the water and swim over the E dock, pull out and take a running jump back to the NW block. From here take a long jump W to land on the block, climb the box and jump over the balcony, shoot a doberman dog, then cllimb the box for shotgun ammo. Jump back E to the box you came from and turn to face over a tall window. Pull into it and shoot the glass, then use the bundle of keys you have to open the door. Once inside look for a high crawlspace, pull inside and crawl over a hole, drop inside and pick up a ROSE, then get back outside.


Secret option: Make your way all over to the first building you opened with the golden key. Go upstairs, locate the keyhole behind the potted tree and use with bundle of keys to open a door at the top S stairs. Go over there, watch the moving blade and swinging boxes, then look for a small medipack. Move to the next room, again watch the swinging boxes and find a SECRET Rose, then collect uzi ammo and get back outside.


Swim S and pull out at the place with the double doors you already opened. Enter a large courtyard in the front of the building, then place each rose in its receptacle to open the main door. Ahead is a pool with a center block and two holes. First dive into the NE hole and swim the tunnel L, L, until the exit hole and find yourself in a warehouse with shallow water. Climb the S boxes, then turn facing W, run and jump over the jumpswitch to open a tall gate. Head N and climb the boxes, turn around and jump to the S boxes with two swinging boxes. Reach the far W boxes to collect a small medipack, then get back and reach the far N boxes. Jump over the E boxes and enter the opened gate. Pull the switch to open another gate somewhere at the tunnel.


Get back to the hole and dive, swim the tunnel R, R, then straight and up the tunnel to find the opening gate. Pull the underwater lever to turn off a big fan and swim back to the exit hole. Now you can safely dive into the other tunnel and reach an underwater lever. Pull it to raise the center block higher and swim outside. Reach the top of the block and take a running jump to grab the ledge around you. Follow the N stairs out to the balcony and enjoy the view. Head W, follow the passage, pass a little bridge and reach a deep room with a center column. Locate the ladder and climb down about halfway, make a backflip over the fence to collect a small medipack. Jump the next fence for uzi ammo, then jump safely to the floor. Shoot the doberman dog, then push the W double doors and kill there a gunman.


Take the SECURITY KEY CARD and climb the column to the top, backflip and get back to the balcony. Follow down the stairs and reach the far S door. Use the card to open this door, enter and drop down to switch screen and start shooting two doberman dogs and five gunmen. When you finish them, get ready for the final battle with the big boss. When you finally win, this will be THE END.