Level by 911


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



The builder has not provided a compass, so I'll indicate directions as best as I can.


Begin standing in front of an isolated building situated on an apparent island, with gloomy skies and spooky background sounds.  Run around to the back of the building, shoot the wooden barriers near the corner next to a tree and enter the building via the crawlspace.  I ran around the periphery of the island, finding nothing, and didn't bother to search the grassy interior.  


Enter a room with a fixed camera angle.   Run forward or hit the look key to restore camera control.  The bright objects on the floor cannot be picked up.  There are four closed doors, two on your right and two on your left.  Open the first door on your left (as you enter) and pick up a DIARY for some important information about the death of 100,000 patients (big sanatorium, few doctors).  Grab the revolver ammo and flares.  The lockers in the wall can be opened, but there's nothing inside either one if you take both pickups off the floor first.  However, if you pick up just the revolver ammo and then open the left locker, the flares to your right are transferred to your inventory, and when you then open the right locker you're rewarded with an extra pack of flares.


Return to the previous room and  go across to open the next door.  Enter and pick up a large medipack in the far right corner, and more flares in the far left corner.  Nothing else in here, so go out and open the door near the trash bin.  More flares and revolver ammo on the floor.  When I repeated the trick of picking up only the revolver ammo and then opening the left locker, two packs of flares were transferred to my inventory.  When I opened the right locker, I got two more packs of flares.  The locker on the other side of the room gives you two additional packs of flares -- the ones you may have seen on the floor when you entered having disappeared -- giving you a total of 111 so far), so you should have plenty of available light as you continue through the level.


Go out and open the final door.  It's dark in there, but you needn't use one of those flares.  In the near corner to your right are still more flares, which you can easily find in the dark.  There's nothing else in this room, so go out and jump up onto that trash bin in the corner.  Pull up through an opening and run along the corridor.  At the intersection take a left and drop down through the opening.  Follow the corridor to a basement room where a tree is growing.   There are closed wooden doors to your right, and if you approach them you'll be told that you can't open them yet.   So open the door near the tree and note a receptacle for a key card.  Further into the room open the door to a morgue.  Run past the blanketed bodies on the beds and pick up the LASER SIGHT


Return to the room with the tree and pull the crate away from the far wall to expose a door.  Open it and enter the next room.  There are two closed doors in the facing wall.  Open the one on the left and enter for a small medipack.  Go out and open the door on the right to find your way blocked by a crate.  Push it once, enter and push the adjacent block once in the same direction.  Look to your right and pick up the revolver ammo.  Go aound the second crate and find some more revolver ammo in the far corner.  Now go back and push the second crate against the far wall.   There's a third crate, to your right as you enter the room.  Move this crate to the other corner, next to the second crate.  This gets it out of your way.  Turn left (with the room entrance on your left) and pull back the first crate, then a fourth crate right next to it.  This clears a space for you to go around and find a lone crate against the other wall.  Push it in either direction along the wall to reveal the REVOLVER


Exit this room, run across to the wooden barrier and shoot it.  Open the door and drop carefully down the floor opening onto a block in the lower room.  The floor below is deadly, and some of the raised platforms are phantoms.  Jump the raised platforms along the wall to your right to the opposite corner and pick up the SECOND FLOOR SECURITY PASS.   Return the same way and climb back out.  In the previous room, exit to the room with the tree and into the side room where you saw the receptacle earlier.  Insert the security pass to open the door to your right.  Go inside and up the stairs to a room with many closed doors and a card receptacle.


Don't open any of the doors in the facing wall unless you want to be chased by a mad wheelchair.  Instead, turn to your right upon entering the upper room and open the first door you come to.  The sand-colored floor in the next room is deadly, and there are two flame blowers that become active when you enter.  However, the ceiling is sticky, so jump up and grab it.  Monkey swing in a snakelike fashion to the other side of the room, avoiding the flame blowers as you go.  Drop down at the end and open the door.  Walk carefully straight in, avoiding the flaming portions of the floor, and pick up the THIRD FLOOR SECURITY PASS.  Monkey swing back across the deadly floor, exit this room and turn right.  Open the next door and enter what appears to be an emergency room.  You hear this mournful cry as you enter, but the beds are all empty.  Run to the far end of the room as your screen shakes, and pick up the revolver ammo


Return to the hall and use your security pass to lift the gate next to you.  A voice asks if you can do what you just did.  Go up the stairs to the third floor and try to ignore the bedlam of patient babblings behind closed doors.   The first door on your right leads to a blocked-off room.  The second door to your right contains a maniac armed with a knife.  A couple of shots from your revolver will blow him away, after which you can pick up the pistol ammo and the revolver ammo.  Go back to the hall and shoot the wooden barrier.  Open the door and step into the next room.  The only safe portions of the floor are those with the dark splotches, so carefully make your way with standing jumps until you reach a wall locker.  Sadly, it's empty, but you can see something on the floor at the nearby corner.  When you bravely jump there you find to your relief that it's safe.  Pick up the security card (called LOAD in your inventory) and jump back along the splotches until you reach the doorway. 


The last room with the toy chest is empty, so use the security card to lift the nearby gate.  Use your pistols to shoot the fuse box, then pull down the revealed switch.  Reverse roll, run to the other end of the hall and go down the stairs to the second floor.  Continue down the stairs to the first floor.  In the room with the tree a gate has lifted in the far corner.  Go down the stairs there and pick up the crossbow arrows (?) near the entrance to a maze.  Without a compass it's going to be tough to tell you how to navigate it, but let's get the hard part out of the way first.  Go straight ahead, toward the bright objects on the floor, and when you pass them and reach the side passage to your left you'll arouse a demigod.  After you've taken him out, you can explore to your leisure, without having to worry about hazards or additional enemies, and find two small medipacks, a large medipack and three stashes of pistol ammo.  When you reach a slight ramp leading to an opening, that's the exit.  Once you drop down into the next room, you can't go back, but you don't need additional goodies at this point anyway.


In this lower room are four lion heads mounted on the walls.  Combine your laser sight with the revolver and shoot the gems in their mouths.  When the last one shatters the wooden doors open.  Enter the next room and take the BREAST PLATE from the raised tile.  A gate opens in the corner.  When you enter the short passage the level ends.