Tomb Raiders Retold

Level by 911

Walkthrough by manarch2

Getting Started

After the starting cutscene turn around and follow the passage. The jump to the ledge ahead might be too difficult so jump over the slopes to get on the platform with the door, turn around and run-jump to the safe ledge behind the last slope. Jump to the lever and use it, hop back, backflip with a midair turn and run onto the slope, jump to the door and dash in before it closes again. Directly afterwards you have to run in the right passage to avoid the lava. In the next room watch the cutscene, then head up the SW stairway and avoid the deadly doors. On top of the room go W and use both levers to open the door in their middle. You arrive at a crossing after each of the three passages you will gain one crystal, and its up to you which path to take first.

Left Path

Use the lever to open the door, then jump down in the shaft. Sprint down the passage as a boulder comes down, then jump over the gap to the safe next room. With the three levers you have to create a path over the floor, as you soon will not be able to stand there safely. Use only the left and right (E and W) levers, then head up the SW stairway and use the lever in a right niche. You can see a door opening in the previous room, but also spikes popping out of the floor. Either return to the start of the stairway and jump to the block from here (found that easier than the intended route) or run upstairs, avoid more doors and jump to the blocks from here. The blocks are pretty buggy as you can die even if you jump on them so better jump in their centre. Jump to the door and enter the room to pick up the Yellow Crystal. A door opens; run up the ramp, climb a block and avoid more doors to finally re-enter the main hall again.

Middle Path

Use the lever to open the door and follow the passage. Save before running down the ramp, as a pretty challenging boulder labyrinth awaits you. To get safely through, you have to sprint ahead, right and left at the three crossing always being quicker than the boulders. Eventually you can jump onto either left or right slope, shimmy through the room and climb up/backflip on the ledge at the end. Pick up the Violet Crystal and the door opens. Follow up the ramp, pick up Normal Grenade Ammo (there is no gun though in the whole level) and run along the right hand passage avoiding the doors and finally return to the main hall.

Right Path

Use the lever to open the door and drop down on a safe ledge, jump on the slightly raised tiles that are the only safe ones in this room and finally on the one in front of the door to open it. Pick up the Green Crystal and make your way back over the safe tiles, a block is up now so that you can climb back in the opening and return to the main hall.

The Fight

Place all three Crystals in this room and a door opens below, drop down and head on, climb the blocks and arrive at the scion room. Head to the other door that opens on approach and kill Lara to get the Scion. Run in the N passage to climb up the ladder, now jump over the pillars to the S passage, climb the blocks and use the walkways to get over to the other side. Run downstairs and the level ends.