Burrow of Yonaguni

Levels by Forger

Walkthrough by manarch2

Level 1 Ė Coastal Japan

The Blue Key

At the start you are standing in a hub room with three passages leading away from it. First of all turn right, head through the caves and kill a tiger. To the right, you can find a lever (1) hidden on the wall, it opens the first of three underwater doors to be able to (legally) finish this level. Follow the path and pick up a Blue Key. Ignore the sea at the end of the valley for now and return to the start. Head through the far left passage, drop down the ladder under the greenery at the end and dive into the water in the next room. Pick up Shotgun Ammo, swim further and pick up 2x Shotgun Ammo, then through the exit passage. Follow the right path at the crossing, eventually meeting two barracudas. Quickly swim up, keep in the water to lure then up too, climb out and shoot them from safety. Jump up to that crevice in the wall, shimmy right as far as possible and climb up.

The Golden Key

Use the Blue Key to unlock the door, kill three spiders and pick up a Golden Key. Turn and head towards the red fence, go right and spot a ladder behind the pillar. Climb up, backflip and run over the breakable tile, but donít let Lara fall down with it. Climb down the ladder instead and backflip over the spike trap. Use the lever (2) in this room to open up another underwater door, pick up a Small Medipack and carefully walk through the spikes and climb back up the ladder. Drop down and head to the pool at the very end (you couldíve climbed out here using the left path at the underwater crossing carefully avoiding a fire, but youíd missed the barracuda-crevice room). Swim to the bottom and follow the passage back to the crossing, swim right and climb up, run up the ramp, climb the ladder and return to the starting room. Now enter the only still to be explored passage with the ladder. Climb to the top. You could finish this level by jumping onto the rocks in the far right, but Iíd suggest you to finish this level regularly and open the door with the Golden Key and kill a tiger instead.

A Detour for (not only) the Last Lever

There is a button up a ramp to the right of the entrance opening a door for a short time, but it does not serve a real purpose because you have to reach it from the other side, so donít use this one and instead jump up the rocks in the far right corner looking from the entrance. Hoist up the ledge and then dive into the water; at the end climb out right. From the highest point of the right ramp you can jump and reach the high ledge. Jump over the platforms counter-clockwise, then jump up to another crevice and shimmy far left, climb up, use the lever (3) to open the third underwater door and reach another junction. Go right, jump over the gap and climb down two ladders to find the jade dragon for Secret #1. Climb back up both ladders, jump back over the gap and kill a spider. Go left now; jump on the left part of the slope so that you can reach the Large Medipack and slide down further, jump over a spike hole and get down.

Treasure Room and Sea

Kill two spiders and open the door leading back to an already visited room with the button; if it doesnít open directly use the button again. When you found the jade dragon, a tiger will attack so kill him. Before exiting climb the block near the entrance and jump up the blocks to the highest one where you can hoist up into a treasure chamber where you can find a Large Medipack, Flares and the gold dragon for Secret #2. Drop back down, exit this room and head back all the way down the ladder to the hub room at the start. Retrace your steps outside, this time follow the valley to the sea and dive into the water. Follow the riverbanks to the right of where you came from (swim directly to the left of them); eventually Lara will be transported in and out of the water. Try to navigate her to the right and she will land on the shore. Now dive into the far right pool where you can find the jade dragon for Secret #3 in the middle. Make your way back to the entrance to this outside area, spot the opening under the dragon statue and swim past the three opened underwater doors to finish this first level.

Level 2 Ė Underwater Ruins

Some Platforming

Swim forwards and follow to the very end of this passage; in the far left corner you can find a hole with the jade dragon inside which is Secret #1 (4). Climb out of the water and kill five spiders. Spot a ladder in the middle of one of the walls, climb up and at the end of the walkway pick up a Large Medipack, causing a single spider to attack from behind. Shoot it and climb back down the ladder. Head to the wall where several platforms stick out. Jump up and climb onto the first (lowest) one, then make your way up with several jumps. As soon as you jump to the first platform which sticks out of the other wall turn and run-jump to a ledge where you can pick up the Uzis and the important Red-Blue Key. Jump back to the previous ledge, then have fun doing the next platforming tasks yourself, there are no special tricks required. Youíll eventually reach the ledge where you can use the Red-Blue Key to open the door.

Some Swimming

Pick up the Harpoongun and climb down the ladder at the end of the tunnel. On the higher side blocks youíll find a Small Medipack and 2x Harpoons, so donít miss them. At the end, donít try to land on the ledge (only costs health) but directly jump down into the water. Follow the tunnel, avoiding or shooting another barracuda with your newly found gun, then climb out of the water and pick up 2x Harpoons. Jump over the pool and find another 4x Harpoons, now light a flare and dive into the water. Donít swim too far in the large room, but just swim along the right wall and youíll soon find an underwater lever which opens the exit trapdoor. Now swim along the large area, avoiding or killing two sharks, and eventually youíll reach the opened trapdoor, but first get some air in the shaft above. Now swim down and come to a crossing with three new paths to explore.

Right path: Find the Rusty Key and Harpoons in a side alcove of the large vertical shaft, then get air high in the shaft and swim back. A frogman appeared so kill him.

Middle path: Climb out at the end and pick up 4x Uzi Ammo, 3x Harpoons and the gold dragon for Secret #2 (5), then drop back in the water, shoot another frogman and return.

Left path: Swim to the very end of the passage ignoring the left passage, pick up Automatic Pistol Ammo, 2x Uzi Ammo, Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack. Swim back quickly as you probably run out of air, then into the right passage and up the shaft. Climb out of the water.

Some More Platforming for the Finale

Climb up several blocks, killing a spider on the way, and exit this room through the only passage. Kill two giant spiders and a barracuda in the pool. Head to the end of this room and spot another dragon in the spike trap. Drop left onto the only safe square in the pit, then walk through the spikes and pick up the jade dragon for Secret #3 (6). Climb out, kill four spiders, now jump over the spike trap and climb the block in the next room. Jump diagonally up the blocks (you donít need to use Action), when it seems to not go any further turn and jump on the platform above the last block and then further. Behind one platform you can find a short passage with a Small Medipack and Flares. Jump up the last platform, then run-jump to the larger hall and follow it. Ignore the passage to the right (but kill a spider) for now, as besides two spiders to shoot you can find the Automatic Pistols and a Small Medipack in the passage ahead. Now return and enter the larger passage previously ignored, kill a soldier. Head through either left or right passage and kill up till two spiders (running through either passage triggers one). Place the Rusty Key in the keyhole and enter the next room. Kill the spider (the monk wonít help you here) and grab the Prayer Wheel from the block in front of the door which is the end of this two-parter.