Riddles of Horus

Level and Walkthru by Vladimir Tockic aka Tolle87

Go forward, then right around the pyramid. Climb the ladder and pull the switch at the top of the pyramid. Slide down and go left around the pyramid. When you climb the ladder and a few platforms, turn around and make a running jump onto the pillar. Jump from pillar to pillar and, at the last jump, you have to reach a jump switch to open the pyramid door. When you kill two enemies, go inside and pass the first room. In the next room, you will see a crawl space on the left, different coloured square on the right wall and space to climb in the upper left corner. Climb there and in the next room, the only thing you can do is to jump into the water. Go out and pull the switch on the wall. Climb on the raised block, jump to the rope and onto the platform with the lever. Pull it, climb on the next raising block and a few more ledges. You will find a movable block. Pull it once, then get back inside the room, jump forward on the platform, go around the room and jump back to the beginning of the room (don't try to grab the ledge or you will die).


Get down and enter the crawlspace. At the top, you will find the jump switch on the left wall. Pull it and immediately jump backwards to avoid the rock. You are on the other side of the block that you pulled previously and now you see why you did it. The rock is blocking the crawlspace, so you have to push the block two times and go around the room again to get back. Enter the newly opened space, go right, ignore the first switch and pull the second at the end of the corridor. You have just opened the trapdoor half way up. Get back to the first switch, pull it and immediately run to the left and jump over the trapdoor. When the rock falls, go back and enter the next room. In every corner of the room, you will find the lever and a trapdoor. In every room, you will find one key. In the upper left corner of the room, you will find a switch that raises the block which you can use later to climb on the roof and put keys in their places.


Bottom left corner trapdoor (from the square where you entered the room)


Remember the game called Sokoban? Here is something similar. You have to make your way through pushable blocks to the other side. I'll refer the blocks depending on their position (left, middle, right). First, push the block on the left side once, and the block on the right side once. Now you can push middle block from the left side, so it lays against the wall on the right. Next, push the middle block once. Now, pull the block on the left once, then push it from the other side, so it is now in the bottom left corner of the room. Now approach the last block on the left side and push it once inside the passage. Next, pull middle block once then push it from the other side all the way to the wall. Now you can go back to the block that is blocking the passage, pull it twice, enter the passage and pick up the key. In order to get out, push the block back in the passage, then pull the block in the middle twice so you can climb back up in the main room.


Upper left corner trapdoor


Pass the corridor, kill two crocodiles, climb on the two platforms in front of the big complex and take a look. There is a rolling ball that goes around in circles. You'll have to do everything VERY quickly. When the ball passes the platform in front of you, jump on it (you have to jump on the left edge if you want to succeed), then immediately turn left and jump straight up to grab the ledge, climb up and keep holding jump and grab buttons. Lara will jump across two slopes and grab the ledge at the top. Climb up and start running forward using the sprint button. If possible, tap the roll button just before Lara steps on the slide, so she slides backwards. If you don't do that, try to jump at the end of the slide and turn around in mid-air. You have to do it because at the last slide you have to jump and grab the ladder and "by default" Lara will be facing the wrong way (Before you face all this troubles, instead of jumping behind the rolling ball, you can actually go left and see where the ladder is). I repeat, you have to be very quick because the rolling ball will be right behind you all the time. When you grab the ladder, move around the corner and jump backwards at the end. You will land onto the platform. Jump straight up, climb up and get the key. Watch for the rolling ball on your way back and you should be fine.


Bottom right corner trapdoor


This is the easiest room if you know where to go. Avoid the traps through the corridor and kill three scorpions. You can see the key inside the cage. Ignore the pillars, you can't climb any of them. On the left side of the room, you have many platforms alongside the wall that you can climb onto. It's not just for decoration, you have to climb onto second-to-last platform, face the wall on the right and you can grab the ledge above. Shimmy around the corners until you're able to climb up into a crawlspace. Follow the way, jump onto the pillar and into the space in front of it. Turn around, jump straight up and you will find a switch. The cage is now lifted, pick up the key and get out (traps are not active anymore, but the spike-bag can still harm you).


Upper right corner trapdoor


Kill two dogs, enter the crawlspace you'll find on the left side and pull the switch. At the top, you can easily get the key. The only problem is how to get back down. Jump on the only platform that you see, pull the switch, immediately tap backwards a few times and grab the ledge of the platform if you don't wanna get burned. Shimmy all the way around the corners until you can climb up. At the end, you will find the jump switch on the left wall. The pool at the bottom is now filled with water. Grab the ledge where you came from, shimmy back around the walls and let yourself fall when you are above the pool.


Place the keys where they belong and go through the door. Climb onto the platform in front of you and push the button to raise the elevator. Push the next button, wait for the next platform and jump on it. Go around the corner, push one more button, stand on the platform and climb up the ledge in the corner. Move all the way to the right and make a running jump to the other side. Follow the way, do a safety drop and when you reach the dead-end, look diagonally to the left. You will see the platform that you have to jump onto. This is an extremely hard jump, you have to jump from the dead corner of your platform onto the right corner of the goal platform without grabbing the ledge (Actually, it is also possible to do a curved jump and grab the ledge, but it's even harder). Climb the ladder, then climb to the left. Jump straight up to grab a pole, climb up and jump backwards onto the platform. Jump and grab the next ladder, go around the corner and climb all the way up into the next room. Here, you have to move 5 blocks out of your way. Pull the first block once, go around from the left side and push it in the corner. Pull it once more from the right side, so it's now in the middle of the right side of the room. The next two blocks you have to place near the first, on the right side of the room. I am sure you won't have any problems doing that so there's no need for instructions. Now you have last two blocks to move out of your way. Pull the next one until you can go around it through the passage and push it all the way to the square where you entered this room. Pull the remaining block until you can go around it and continue your way. In the next room, climb onto the big cube in the middle and you've found the Amulet of Horus.


When you take it, the floor underneath you will open. After two slopes, you have to jump at the last moment over the edge. Get out of the water and kill three bats. On the right platform you'll find a small medipack. On the left platform, you will find a button to open the door and one horror scene. Go through the door and pass the long corridor (long enough to get away from that annoying sound).


The next room is actually a puzzle. Go into upper left corner, climb onto the ledge and push the button to raise the block. Stand on it and grab the next ledge. Push the button to raise another block. Get back to the first button and push it again to lower the block on the left side. Now place the movable block onto it. Raise the block again (with movable block on it), pull the movable block once, then push it from the other side on the second raised block. Push the button to lower it, place the movable block on the different colored tile and you'll hear the door opening. Raise the block on the right side again, stand on it and climb up to get into the next room. Turn right and you'll find yourself in front of one huge room. If you want to get the secret, jump on the platform in front of you and you'll see that on the other side of it you can climb down the ladder all the way to the bottom. Turn around and go to the pillar that is closest to the upper right corner of the room. Explore it and you'll see that you can climb into a small space to get SECRET#1.Go back, climb the ladder and turn to the right. Do a running jump to the platform and push the button. Now jump onto the raised block. Next, you have to do a running jump without a grabbing, keep holding jump button so Lara will immediately jump from the next pillar (which has a slope) and then hold the grab button, so Lara will grab the ledge instead of landing onto the pillar and getting burned. Shimmy around the pillar and land on the next platform. Behind you, you will see that you can jump on the next platform and climb the ladder, but there is a trapdoor which is closed for now. Instead of jumping there, turn to the right side and you will see that you can monkey-swing behind the flames. Let yourself fall at the end, slide and jump at the last moment to grab the ledge. Climb up and make a running jump to grab the next ledge, shimmy around the pillar, jump across the gap and you'll find a button that will open the trapdoor. Keep climbing up and, at the top, do a running jump to the place where you entered this room. Make your way back to the trapdoor and slide down the ramp in the next room. You'll find yourself at the top level of one huge room. Now, if you go left, you will find a way to the bottom, but it's actually a way back to the upper level. If you go right, you will find one closed door and a path to the middle level, but there's nothing you can do there for now. Instead of that, look down to the big construction in the middle. You'll see a hole in the middle, but you will die if you jump there. You have to jump slightly to the left of that hole, so Lara will slide a little and then you have to jump to the platform with the lever. Pull it and you will see that the blocks on the middle level are raised. Enter the only passage you'll find and you will be on the top level again. Go to the other side, follow the path and you'll get to the raised blocks. Climb on them and look at the construction in the middle. You have to jump on the only part of it that you can reach and turn slightly to the left in mid-air, so you can slide backwards and grab the ledge. Shimmy all the way to the right, climb up and jump backwards. When you land, turn right and jump between the walls on the left. Pull the lever and you will see that the wall on the middle level is lowered. Jump down to the bottom level and through the passage to the top. The place where you wanna go next is exactly below you. Walk to the edge, so that the tallest part of the construction is exactly in front of you, turn around and jump backwards. You will land on the construction, slide a little and jump to grab the ledge. Climb up, turn right and jump between the walls to pull the next lever. Now the door on the top is opened. Jump to the bottom again and through the passage to the top. Keep walking, turn left through the door and pull the lever. You have opened the door at the bottom. Get down and climb the ladder, jump backwards at the top and pull the lever. The dungeons are now filled with water and the camera will show you that you have to go back. You know what to do, jump in the water and start swimming. In the huge room, you can get some air. When you get to the fake Lara again, you can swim above her and get SECRET#2.Keep swimming and soon you'll be able to get out. Go inside the tunnel, follow the long stairs and you will find yourself in the room where you got the amulet again. Go around the cube and you'll see that the door is now opened. Jump on the slope and you're done.