Young Driver

Level by Treeble

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Pick up Jeep key lying on the floor on your right. Go around the pillar to find a jeep and enter it. Drive into the spiral corridor. At about 800 metres later, turn right and notice the steel path. Follow it to get out of this location. Drive up the ramp and SAVE (recommended). Take either left or right path around the pool, and get to the other side, watching out for not to touch the water. After both paths meet and split again, either follow the marked path (this is easier) or take the left route and turn right on the first junction (this way you're gonna appear in farther part of the marked path). Drive through the rest of marked tiles and appear in wider corridor. Turn left and, after proceeding through yet more wider place, drive on the snowy surface. Follow the ice (all other paths in the whole location are dead ends). Enter temperate climatic zone again, proceed through the longest straight corridor ever, turn left and get to the place when the road splits in two again. Doesn't matter which path you choose. Find the junction and turn either left or right, depending on which route you chose to get here. Drive to the snow to smash finish trigger.