Free The King

Level by Maciej Malec

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start by standing in front of a receptacle and two vases on either side. Head over there and shoot those vases for two Cartouche pieces. Combine them and place the Ba Cartouche in the receptacles. A gate opens at the west wall. Go over there, kill the ninja and pass to the next room. Jump into the pool, dive and swim east into an underwater passage. Further exit the passage and swim forward for shotgun ammo. Roll and keep swimming north into the next passage, then turn to the right (the left side leads you to an air pocket) and pull out of the water. At the ice place pull a lever and little bit further on pick up a medipack. Now swim swim back to the pool you came from and pull out of the water. Kill a ninja and scorpion and go back to the beginning room.

Climb up the stairs and at the top go through the gate you opened. At the ice area kill the ninja. Head west over the ice hill and climb up for the shotgun. Slide down and go the ice nearby the wall and simply climb to the top. Then jump/grab the edge and climb onto the wall. In front of you is a closed gate. Ignore the north opening and just turn south, slide down the slope and pull the lever. The gate is open but you cannot go back over there because of the long slope. However, jump to the ground and head over the water.

Pick up shotgun ammo then jump into the water, dive and swim west into an underwater passage. Keep to north passage to reach the large exit. Pull out of the water and kill the scorpion, then climb up the stairs, run/jump over the gap and grab the next stairs. Pick up the medipack and keep climbing up the stairs to reach the gate you already opened.

Slide down the slope, a ninja is running in front of you, kill him and head north over the water. Pick up shotgun ammo then head south over the receptacle wall for more ammo. Turn east and the door opens for you. Enter a grave and let the scorpions crawl over you then kill them all. They should give you shotgun ammo and the Ba Cartouche. Shoot the vases on both sides of the grave for medipack and more shotgun ammo, then get out from there. Head to west opening and run down stairs, read the hint on the north wall, then at the end to your left place the cartouche in the receptacle to open the door.

Enter the room and kill a scorpion. Following the hint, walk carefully between the marked tile over the statue. Shoot vases in both sides of the room and get medipack, then back to the statue. Move it away from the opening and head forward. Ahead is a big place with pool and door at the top of the stairs. Cross the bridge and kill the ninja at the south-west and pick up shotgun ammo. Head to north-west and kill another ninja, then get more shotgun ammo. Now climb up the stairs, the door will open automatically.

Ahead is a big room with a deep bottom. Cross the bridge over the levers and kill the ninja, then turn around and kill another one on the bridge. Pull the two levers to open gates under the bridge. Head north and climb down the stairs to come under the bridge. The next bridge you see under your feet is a trap. Just jump up, grab the ceiling of the first bridge and a monkey swing leads you into the opening. Kill the scorpion, then pull the lever. Pick up medipack, shotgun ammo and the Eye Piece. Return to the place with a big pool and jump into the water, get a medipack and swim north-east into an alcove you just opened for another Eye Piece. Keep swimming south-west for shotgun ammo, then roll and swim east into an underwater passage. Get out of the water and climb the wall, pick up more shotgun ammo and drop back to earlier passage you entered.

Now make your way back to the earlier receptacle wall. Combine the pieces and place the Eye of Horus to open the wall. Enter a grave and watch the mummy slip out, step forward to end the level. (Hmm, where is the king!?!)