TR 3 Remake Demo Ė The Jungle

Level by Sabatu

Walkthrough by manarch2

When you gain control over Lara head forwards and try to get the Small Medipack before the monkey catches it Ė Iíve never managed it Ė so kill the monkey if you didnít succeed in that. As a little extra challenge: Itís possible to use the sloped tree to get up to the roofs, but this is only for a nice view and not necessary. Follow the riverbank towards the waterfalls and look for a solid block from where you could (and will) jump over to the other side (not yet). Dive in the water to its right and spot an underwater lever. Now swim through the river which leads into the building. Swim under the bridge and head for air at the other side, turn and spot a narrow ledge where you can climb out. Turn right and climb up to the open doorway. Pull the lever which opens the door you saw at the start of the level, so drop down into the water, swim back to the start of the level and climb out of the water to the right of the solid block. Now head on that block and run-jump over the river, climb up and head through the open door.

Quickly run forwards as a boulder comes out of a side passage. Pick up the Flares and exit this room through the right passage. You might be able to shoot the tiger from the ledge; if you donít hit the two monkeys they wonít try to beat you and this time donít take away any items. Approach the next river, but donít climb up onto the blocks yet; instead look for an opening to the right and climb Ė first duck Ė to get in) and find an energy crystal (which restores your health bar) and Shotgun Ammo for Secret #1. Now climb up to the river and start jumping across the platforms to the very end, noticing a closed door and a waterfall for later. Jump into the opening at the end and meet another monkey; dive into the water and use the underwater lever in the alcove to open the door in the river cave. Swim back out and to the left of the near-even ramp you can get out of the water while not sliding back down. Stand-jump onto that ramp and climb up. Exit this room and jump over the platforms until you reach the now open door. Get in the corridor and crawl further into a new room. Climb the ledge at the end, then get onto the left hand platform, turn and run-jump with a curve into the passage with the lever. Pull it and the water sound vanishes. Drop down and return through the crawlspace, run back through the passage; et voilŗ, the river is vanished. Remember the waterfall you saw while jumping the platforms? Itís of course vanished too, and this is your next goal. Follow the empty riverbank to where it was and climb into the left opening.

Pick up Flares (and light one), then slide down into a dark room. Pick up Shotgun Ammo from the floor, then jump up the right slope to find Secret #2, Flares and a Small Medipack. Slide back down and search for a (more obvious) opening, climb up and exit this room. Drop into the new one and immediately climb the greenish block, then run-jump to the far walkway to find Shotgun Ammo. Return to the green block and this time run-jump to the darkish ledge, climb up and reach a large outdoor area. Dive into the water, swim to the far left end of the area (ignore the central structure for now) and reach another area. Climb out of the water and kill a tiger, then search for some blocks to the left of the water entrance and climb up. From here you can jump to the branches of the large tree. From where you came from, run on the right branch and at the end jump to the stone platform. From here jump to the platform you saw from high above, ignore the monkey and pull the lever to open a door where you killed the last tiger. Donít drop down yet though. Jump back to the platform where you came from and then to the large tree, run on the right branch and from here jump to the top of the building with the open door. Head left and jump over the gap, then up the slope to find a Small Medipack for Secret #3. Drop down and now climb into the open doorway. Enter the next courtyard and kill another tiger.

Slide down the slope behind the only possible exit and reach a forest area. Kill the next tiger and follow the left side of the forest. Eventually you can climb a ledge behind a tree to find Secret #4, Shotgun Ammo and a Small Medipack. Drop back down and head out of the forest, coming to a large lake. Dive into the water and follow the large structure clockwise; youíll soon spot a passage where you can use an underwater lever. This opens a door somewhere in this area. Back out, follow the central structure counter-clockwise. In the rough middle of one side, swim down to the floor and pick up the first Indra Key. Nearby, you can climb out on a narrow ledge sticking out of the central structure Ė from here itís easy to make the way up to the top of the structure with a few simple jumps. At the top youíre rewarded with Secret #5, Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack. From above you can also see a key on the platform to the left of the one where a tiger roams around. Back into the water, swim to the platform with the door high above some rocks (from the entrance of the room, itís in the middle of the left wall). Search for a platform where you can climb out. Jump onto the higher block above you, then run-jump to the walkway and enter the open door to use a lever; this opens another door but this is for later.

Return to the spot where you climbed out of the water now. This time, turn right from the door and stand-jump over the slope. From here run-jump to the safe ledge far right, run around the corner, jump up a slope and finally to the platform with the second Indra Key. Pick it up and dive into the water. Swim towards the shore where the tiger is and along the right side. At the end you can climb out, get up some blocks and finally kill the tiger. Climb some greenish blocks at the wall and eventually you can run-jump to the man-made platform where you can pick up the third and last Indra Key. From here jump to the tree branch, run on and jump to the right one where you can pick up Shotgun Ammo and a Little Medipack for Secret #6. Dive into the water and search for the door that opened when using the last lever. From the forest you came from, itís in the near left corner; looking from the central structure, itís right of the forest. Swim there and climb out at the end, entering a small courtyard where you can place all three Indra Keys. The door opens so slide down the slope and youíre thrown back to the main menu, meaning that youíve finished this level.