Level by Sabatu


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Choose "Temple of Sobek" when starting the game.  After a long flyby, turn to your right and go to the NE alcove for some shotgun ammo.  If you explore the S end of this upper area, you won't find anything but you'll attract the attention of two black panthers.  Locate a small block near the NW corner.  Get up onto it and take a running jump with grab to the alcove to your right in the W wall.  Grab the large medipack and jump back to the block.  Now jump to the alcove on the left for some uzi ammo


Get down to the lowest area and locate a closed gate requiring a key.  There's a dark opening up and to the left of the gate that you can reach with a standing jump.  Go there, pick up the TORCH and hop back out.  Go up the sandy slope and start looking for a place to light your torch.  Go into the dark SW patio area to alert four huge rats and a bat.  Don't throw your torch on the sand behind you, as it tends to sink and become difficult to locate. 


After you've cleared the area, vault up onto the block and open the doors in the N wall.  Take your torch with you and proceed carefully along the passage.  Jump over two spear pits and beware of the rolling boulder that's triggered in the next room.  It stops rolling after a while, so go past it and light your torch.  Jump back over the spear pits and locate a brazier on a stand in the NW corner of the patio area.  Light it to open the nearby door.  Leave your torch behind and climb down the ladder.  Jump into the water, swim across and pull out NE. 


Run through the short passage into the next area and elude two mummies.  Loop around to your right and find an alcove with a plinth.  There's a KEY of some kind on it, although it doesn't show up in your inventory.  Go back through the passage, jump into the water and pull out on the other side, climb the ladder and return to the front of the temple.  Behold, that key that didn't show up in your inventory somehow opens the gate. 


Go inside to find an attractive complex.  A crocodile has gotten loose, so dispose of him.  In the NE alcove before you reach the pool, there's a ladder you can use to access the upper ledges.  Take a running jump and grab over to the W side and locate the pushpiece in the SW corner.  Activate the jumpswitch on the NW column to raise a block below.  Jump back over to the E side (or you can use the raised tiles and the monkey bars, although you don't really need to) and note the ornate tile next to the SE column.  You can see where we're going with this.  You need to raise two other blocks to form a bridge, so you can get that pushpiece over here.


There's another jumpswitch on that SE column, which raises the middle block.  One more to go.  No more to be found up here, so safety drop to the floor and check the columns surrounding the pool.  Ah, there's the third jump switch behind the NE column.  Now that all three blocks have been raised, climb back up the ladder and move that pushpiece along the bridge to the E side.  Place it on that ornate tile to open a gate in the pool below.  Before jumping into the murky water, however, shoot the crocodile that's waiting for you.


Swim through the N opening and follow the passage to a hole in the ceiling.  Pull out and shoot two rats.  Pick up the small medipack and pull down the wall switch in the N alcove.  Jump back into the water and swim through the N doorway you just opened.  Pause for the flares and continue into a pool where you can pull out into a cave.  Two crocodiles come up to greet you.  Grab the nearby flares on the raised block. 


Head E, splash across the water to the SE corner and jump up the sandy slope to find a hole for SECRET #1.  Pick up the revolver ammo and crossbow arrows and jump back out.  You'll find some uzi ammo on the sand near the NE corner.  The gate leading into the central structure is closed.  However, if you stand on the W edge of the raised tile in front of the gate, facing W, you can jump up to grab a ladder.  Climb up to the upper ledge and kill a couple of bats.  Not far away is the SHOTGUN.  Jump into the NE alcove and pull down the wall switch there. 


Jump back to the ledge and go to the S edge.  Take a running jump to the S slope, grab and shimmy to the right corner of the tile protected by a flame blower.  Pull up where the flames won't hurt you.  That gadget in the wall is apparently the flame source, as nothing happens if you stand in front of it and push the action key.  Side flip right over the obstruction, shimmy to the right corner of the second flame tile and pull up.  Jump W over the flame blower when it subsides, then take a running jump W to the ledge.  Pull up and take one final running jump W into the large alcove.  Pull down the wall switch there and safety drop to the sand.


The entrance to the E central structure is now open, so go there. Just inside the entrance, look left and note the high crawl space.  Get inside for SECRET #2 and pick up the uzi ammo and shotgun ammo.  Get back down and time your way past two moving spiked columns.  Head NE and get past two more spiked columns.  Shoot four rats scurrying helplessly on the ramp where they can't get to you, and jump from the middle of the ledge over the gap to trigger two boulders, one on either side.  Sidestep left and go up a little further to trigger two more boulders.  No more boulders, so run the rest of the way up the ramp and come to a ledge overlooking a large pool.  Two crocodiles are swimming down below, and the best way to get rid of them is to jump into the water and pull out quickly S so you can target them more easily.


Note two keyholes on the columns.  Activate the jumpswitch on the SW column.  Jump up W to a higher ledge and shoot four rats.  Follow to the opened NW gate and go to a small room with a pushpiece that resembles a wall safe.  Move it onto the marked tile to open a gate.  Note the high closed W gate.  Enter the NW opening and go around to a wall switch.  If you duck immediately after pulling it, you just may avoid the converging blades.  Go back to the previous room and take the SW opening.  Jump to the W slope and shimmy left to the W ledge.  Run to the far end and pull down the wall switch.  Get back the same way, this time using the E slope, and when you reach the end take a rolling back flip with a right curve to land safely on the ledge.


Exit this area and return to the pool room.  Slide down into the water and pull the underwater lever in the S alcove.  Note for later four blue-tinted tiles on the floor, each bearing a design that resembles a fish hook.  Pull out of the water and jump up onto the E ledge.  A black panther comes bounding toward you.  Enter the N crawl space and time a run over the spear field.  Continue to another pool area guarded by two black panthers.  Pull up SW and turn left to pull up to a higher ledge.  Shoot two rats and pick up a small medipack and flares.  There are three pushpieces in the S alcove.  Place them on the marked tiles (cut scene after each proper placement, but apparently it doesn't matter which piece goes where) to open a gate down below. 


Get back down and find the open gate in the E wall.  First, however, jump into the pool and find a sheltered area at the N end for SECRET #3.  However, Lara refused to pick up the large medipack or the shotgun ammo and had to leave them behind.  Pull out of the water and enter the E gateway.  Step forward into the next room and immediately hop back as boulders are triggered.  Proceed forward cautiously, as there are more boulders to be triggered.  After the second wave you can simply run forward and avoid the final boulder coming down from your right.


In the next room on the raised plinth is one of the two KEYS you'll need.  A cut scene reveals that two black panthers are waiting for you on your return trip.  When you arrive, however, there are three black panthers as well as two crocodiles.  It will take you a while to dispense with all of them.  Go back through the passage with the spear field and crawl back to the main pool room.  Use your key in the left receptacle as you face N.  Jump up to the W ledge and return through the NW gateway to the room with the square pushpiece.  The high W gate is now open, so pull up and take the second KEY from the plinth (you may have to stand at a slight angle to prevent Lara from freezing in place).


Return to the pool room and use the key in the other receptacle.  Nothing apparently happens, but that's why we have walkthroughs.  Get on the handy block and take a slightly angled standing jump to grab the ledge over the keyholes.  Pull up and face N, looking out over the pool.  Remember those fish hook tiles I mentioned earlier?   Well, invisible ledges have magically appeared over them in the water, giving you a pathway across to the other side (since what look like monkey bars overhead don't work as such).


Stand in front of the nearest such tile (underneath the right "monkey bar" strip) and take a standing jump forward.  You'll land knee-deep in the water on the first invisible tile.  From there take a running jump NW to the next tile, a running jump N to the next one, and finally a standing jump N to the last one.  Jump up to the N ledge and follow to what at first looks like, but isn't, a familiar area.  First, turn left and find the alcove containing a TORCH (after passing two unlighted braziers).  Bring it with you to the SE passage and find the handy flame.  Go around the room and find a total of five braziers to light.  The N gate opens, so run inside to end the level.


There are apparently no additional secrets (thanks to manarch2 for pointing out the second one) , although I found ammo for weapons that were never in my arsenal.