20 x 20 x 20 Challenge Mask of Enoemos


Level built by: AoDfan


Walkthrough by Nina Croft


Secrets: 1


FIRST TIER: Lara falls into a pool at the beginning of the level. Swim along the tunnel until you emerge into a really big pool. At the bottom of it you'll find the CROWBAR. Notice one UW lever on a pillar to the left from the entrance, but don't use it yet. Instead, climb out of the water on the lowest level and notice a UW lever attached to one supporting pillar. It means that your first main task here is to raise the level of water. So, enter the only passage here, notice a receptacle for a golden star to the left, and a hole in the wall nearby. Use this hole switch to raise a block elsewhere, then go left. Before you enter the next passage, shoot to break the vase in the corner, where you'll find some shotgun shells.


HOT OIL ROOM: As you enter, notice two sleeping skeletons and one gem at the bottom of the pool with hot oil. Jump diagonally to the nearest ledge, climb onto the ledge ahead and run jump to grab the corner ledge. Stand jump onto the ledge to the right, once again stand jump diagonally onto the block near the opposite wall, climb onto the upper ledge and stand jump twice until you get to the switch. Pull it to drain the hot oil from the pool below, but only temporarily. You have to be very fast in order to pick the GEM and climb onto one of the blocks before the pool fills with hot oil again. Return to the main pool, jump into water and use that UW lever you saw when you entered at the beginning. This will raise the water level. Again, do not use the second UW lever on the first tier, but instead, climb out of the water on the second tier first.


SECOND TIER: Enter the side room here and go left. Jump into the passage and go into the room with pillars. Pull/push the moveable pillar onto the marked tile on the other side of the room (possible only if you used that hole switch on the first tier). The door nearby will open and a wraith will start chasing Lara. Quickly open the second door with a lever and enter the room with pedestal. Do not take the gem as yet, but first use the button on the wall on the right. It will disable some spikes elsewhere and open the door in the far left corner. Enter there and crouch near the bird statue until the wraith disappears. Return to the chamber with pedestal, shoot to break a vase in the corner near the big button and take some flares hidden inside. Finally, take the second GEM. Two skeletons will rise from dead. You don't have the weapon to deal with them properly, so return to the main chamber, jump into the pool and use the lever on the first tier to raise the water level even more. Once again, do not use the UW lever on the second tier, but climb onto the third tier instead.


THIRD TIER: Enter the doorway here, go right and notice a closed door with two receptacles. Shoot to break the vase to the right of it, and pick up an LM hidden inside. Go to the other end of the corridor and enter the room where you will find the SHOTGUN. Once you pick it up, the torches in the room will go off and the skeletons will come to life. Be as quick as you can. Drop into the pit and pry the GOLDEN STAR from the wall with your crowbar. Climb back into the room and find a hole switch nearby (use a flare if it is too dark) to open a door nearby. Return to the corridor and enter the opened alcove to the left. If you disabled the spikes already, you may approach the pedestal and take the third GEM. Quickly return to the main pool, jump into water, swim down to the bottom and use the first UW lever to lower the water level to the first tier. Climb once again onto the first tier.


FIRST TIER (AGAIN): Enter the passage and go left. Use the golden star into the receptacle and enter a small room with a lit pedestal. A skeleton will jump at Lara, so lure it away, enter the small room again, use the JS above the entrance to extinguish the fire on the pedestal and take PHAROS PILLAR from the pedestal. Return to the main pool, use the first UW lever once again to bring the water level to the second tier, then use the UW lever on the first tier to bring the water level to the third tier and use the UW lever on the second tier to bring the water level to the fourth tier.


FOURTH TIER: Enter the passage here and first go left. Shoot to break a red vase and pick up some flares hidden inside. Find a crawlspace in the far left corner between two pillars and crawl in. At the fork crawl further ahead and go left at the corner. Stand up and go to the moveable pillar. Pull it back once and return to the crawlspace. Crawl to the fork, go right to the next fork. In the alcove to the left you'll find PHAROS KNOT. Another opening leads to a room where you'll find an LM, shotgun shells hidden in a vase and MECHANICAL SCARAB WITH KEY. Once you collect everything, return to the previous room. This time enter the doorway ahead (East) and select the scarab from the Inventory to place it on the marked tile in front of retracted spikes. When the scarab deactivates the spikes, go across, pick up the scarab and go to the right. Use the scarab once again to deactivate the next set of spikes. MAKE SURE TO PICK UP THE SCARAB AFTERWARDS, in order to prevent some bugs from appearing. Pick up the fourth GEM from the pedestal and return to the main hall with the pool.


SECRET: Now you can backtrack and use the Pharos Pillar and Pharos Knot in order to retrieve the secret, or you can go directly to the last tier, because you have all four gems so far. However, I highly recommend picking up the secret first as it includes precious ammo and medipacks that will help you beat the final enemy. So, jump into water and use the UW lever on the second tier (not the one on the third tier!) to lower the water level to the third tier. Climb onto the third tier and open the door to the right with two key items you have just obtained. You have to lure the skeletons a couple of times away from the secret room. In there you can obtain a SHOTGUN, three boxes of shells and two LMs, representing the SECRET. Return to the main pool, use the UW lever on the second tier to bring the water level to the fourth tier, and use the UW lever on the third tier to bring the water level to the fifth tier. Climb onto the fifth tier.


FIFTH TIER: Enter the passage here, climb the ladder and place four gems into their receptacles on four pillars. Each time you place a gem, you'll see a camera of the main chamber. Use Camera/Look button to cut back to Lara. Once you place all four gems, the fifth tier will also flood. Return back to the main pool and swim into the opening in the ceiling in the middle of the room. Climb out of the water into a passage above. The door at the end of the passage will open automatically.


HYDRAS: Pick up the shotgun as the weapon of choice to kill two nasty hydras protecting the last gem. The best strategy to beat them is to flip to the left or right in order to avoid their fiery spits and to shoot. They are vulnerable only when they have flames around their heads. A couple of shotgun hits is enough to kill one enemy. If you are low on medipacks or shotgun ammo, or if Lara catches fire, you can jump into the pool to the left and find additional LM and shells on the bottom of it. Once both hydras are dead, pick up the GEM they guarded and unlock the door to the right. Go up the ramp and pick up the MASK from the pedestal to end the level.