20 x 20 x 20 Challenge Mini Adventures - India


Level built by: Tombraider95


Walkthrough by Nina Croft

Secrets: 1


NOTE: The author of the level also wrote a walkthrough for this level, and you will find it right below this one or as a TXT file in the level download folder. If you don't like so many spoilers in the walkthrough (mine being notorious for that), you are welcome to refer to the author's walkie.



TEMPLE ENTRANCE: When the level loads, first kill a tiger and then go to the right and into near right corner to find some flares. Climb onto the lower step in front of the closed double temple gate. Just keep running all the way to the big tree in the corner, as one boulder is falling from above onto these stairs. Pick up an LM to the left of the tree and quickly back flip or sprint forwards to avoid the second boulder falling from above. Do not try to walk through the spikes to the left. Kill another tiger, and a monkey as well if you like, although you don't have to kill monkeys in this level. Now, take a look around, and locate two snake heads. Obviously, your goal is to collect two stones that open that gate on the top of the stairs.


Jump diagonally on the corner block to the right of the gate (when facing it), jumping over the sloped block. From there, take a running jump to grab the small protruding branch of the big tree. Jump diagonally to the long branch on the left and kill a vulture flying above. Jump onto a small branch to the right of the tree trunk to take an SM and jump back to the long branch. Climb onto the rock along the wall and pull a switch to open the door above the spikes and to lower a trapdoor above the ladders. Pick up shotgun shells to the left of the switch. Climb down to the long branch, face the tree trunk and jump diagonally to land on a small branch to the left. From there run jump into the alcove with ladders (where you have already been). Climb up the ladders and press the button here to rearrange the trapdoors nearby. You can take quite a nice look around the area from here.


Drop to the ground and jump into another similar alcove to the left of the big staircase (also across the sloped block). One trapdoor dropped here. Jump to grab the edge of the sloped block to the right, climb up and jump with twist and Action to grab the higher slope behind. Traverse to the left and around the corner, and more to the left as long as it is possible. Pull up onto the slope and jump backwards to land on a tree branch behind. From there jump diagonally to the left onto the flat tree trunk near the wall and finally onto the wall ledge. The gate to the right is closed, so go left. At the corner, watch out of darts. Walk along the edge of the ledge with darts, and jump onto the raised trapdoor to the left. Climb onto the wall above, kill another vulture and drop to hang on the edge. Traverse to the left below the sloped roof until you can pull onto the block near the ropes.


Run jump to grab the first rope, slide to the end, face another rope squarely using Look button, swing and jump off to grab it. Slide to the end of the rope, swing and jump off to land on a trapdoor above the temple entrance. Turn left, save your game (you can easily miss this jump) and run jump to grab a JS that opens another gate at the temple entrance. You will subsequently slide back to the staircase.


LEFT-HAND LAKE SIDE: Climb into the opened doorway to the left. From the doorway shoot to kill two crocodiles swimming in the lake. Once they are dead, jump into water, find an SM in the near right corner and Uzi clips in the far left corner. Pull two UW levers, one in the alcove in the far right corner and one in the near left corner. This will raise a trapdoor nearby. Climb onto the rocks in the near right corner and from this shallow water you can stand jump diagonally to grab the edge of waterfalls. Traverse to the left towards the triangular opening and climb into in the very right corner. Turn to face the sloped green rock near the golden window, stand jump to land onto it facing downhill and bounce off to grab the corner ledge. Save your game before pressing the button, to avoid backtracking if you miss this timed run. Pressing the button will raise a trapdoor to the left only temporarily and you have to be very fast to beat this timed run.


So, press the button, go Left and press Action to climb onto the higher block. Immediately run and jump to grab the ladders on the pillar in the opposite corner. Climb up. In order to save a couple of seconds, you don't have to pull up onto the sloped top of the pillar with ladder, but instead, climb the ladder upwards until Lara's hands are in the line with the edge of the pillar. Before pulling up onto the sloped top above, jump with twist and Action to grab the timed trapdoor. In order to save two additional seconds, when Lara grabs the edge of the trapdoor, release Action button and quickly press it again to make Lara lose and fasten her grip. In this way you can almost immediately climb onto the trapdoor without any waiting time before climbing up. As soon as you stand on the trapdoor, roll and run, cutting to the left. Jump, pivot Lara in mid-air if necessary to face another trapdoor squarely and press Action to grab it. This trapdoor does not drop, so you can relax now. Pull onto this trapdoor.


Roll and run jump onto the long green branch near the waterfall (against the wall on the right). From the middle of this branch jump upwards to grab the branch above. Traverse a bit to the left and climb onto the flat part of the branch. Kill the monkey if you want. Go left and jump diagonally in the corner near the waterfalls to find SHOTGUN and some shells. Climb onto the higher block to the left. Jump up to grab the monkey swing and swing to the next block. Drop onto the lower ledge and pick up QUAD BIKE KEY from the pedestal. Kill a vulture and jump onto the sloped roof between the temple entrance and lake side. Slide back to the ground near the big staircase losing a bit of health. Climb back to the first button (right hand side of the big stairs) and from there jump diagonally to grab the roof edge above the spikes. Traverse to the right, drop to grab the edge of the doorway and climb into the doorway.


RIGHT-HAND LAKE SIDE: The water of the lake is infested with piranhas. But nevertheless, you have to jump in and swim to the other side, towards the long, thin waterfall. Just to the left of the waterfall there is a block where you can climb out of the water. Feed Lara with medipacks if necessary. Jump over the slope towards the second lake (without piranhas) and kill one soldier carrying shotgun shells. Now you have to kill one big cobra lying near the tree at the edge of the second lake. There is one moveable block to the left and two more a bit away where the dead cobra lies. So, push/pull the nearest block so it stands against an alcove with another moveable block in the corner. Push/pull the other two blocks so that they are in line with the first block. Push/pull the block in the alcove across the three blocks all the way to the end and use it to climb onto a ledge above. Also, a keyhole will be revealed on the wall where the third block used to stand. From there run jump to the right onto the tree branch, but immediately hop back with Action to grab the edge of the branch and move away as one boulder rolls down. Climb onto the branch again.


Run jump to land on a flat block on the waterfalls and from there jump on the ledge near the wall with two raised trapdoors and two wall torches. Go to the other end of the ledge. Stand to the left of the wall torch and climb the sloped block. Back flip to land on the slope behind (facing downhills) and bounce off immediately with Action to grab the ladder. Climb a bit and back flip from the ladder onto the flat block behind. Go right, crawl under the darts and pick shotgun shells from the corner. Pull the wall lever to raise a block nearby. Run jump from the flat block to land on the branch where the boulder rolled down. There you can climb onto the raised block near the wall. Jump up to grab the edge of the wall to the left and traverse to the left until you can pull up onto a flat block where you'll find an SM. Cross the wooden bridge and time your run towards a TORCH when the flames in the burners subside. Quickly pick up one torch and return to the wooden bridge.


Cross the bridge and step off to the right to land on the high stone pillar below. From there drop onto the moveable blocks and finally to the ground. Go towards the small pond without piranhas and run jump diagonally to land on the gravel hill near the wall and lit wall torch. Use this wall torch to lit your torch and save your game before attempting to jump back to the meadow. Maybe you could notice a pedestal with Thistle stone inside the barred golden window, as well as couple of mines at the bottom of the lake. You will get both later. Now, climb back to the branch and jump once again to that ledge with two wall torches. Nothing will happen as yet when you lit these two torches. From the right-hand torch drop with the torch in your hand to the sand below. Jump back to the meadow and for now, drop the torch on the ground. You have to jump into an alcove behind the waterfall. Face the pond and closed gate with the pedestal and stand close to the wall on the left. Side step once or twice from the wall and do a running jump steering Lara to the left to land into the alcove (don't press Action, just keep Left and Up pressed during the jump). Pull the lever to raise a block below, jump into water and pick up mines from the bottom. Return to the torch, pick it up, run jump to land on the raised block and lit the wall torch there to raise the gate. In the alcove behind the gate you can collect UZIS and the first THISTLE STONE. Return to the keyhole on the other side of the pond.


QUAD BIKE: First of all, clear the way and save your game. You have to move the one moveable block on top of the right-most block to one block to the left. Then push/pull the right-most moveable block aside, thus clearing the way for your short quad bike ride. Sit on the bike, ride out of the alcove then to the left, and in full gas go up the ramp to jump over the piranha infested lake and land on the rocks in the corner. You can now get off the bike, there's no place for driving any more :)


Jump on the rock to the left and climb down into the corner. There you will find Uzi clips and a button that raises a block below, making it easier for you to return to this area if you miss any of the subsequent jumps. Climb back up to the block above and kill one big cobra sleeping on the nearby rock. Take shotgun shells the viper protected and take a standing jump to land on the protruding branch of the tree nearby. Turn around to face the tree trunk and jump diagonally to the right onto the higher branch. Run jump from there to grab the rope. Swing and jump off onto the branch of the next tree. Kill one vulture and pick up a box of flares. Take a run jump back onto the block near the bike, and climb once again up the tree from where you can run jump to grab the rope. Turn to the left and spot an opening in the waterfall (the opening is not black, the opening is above this black area). Swing and jump with Action into this opening (or to grab its edge). While hanging on the edge of this opening, shimmy to the left all the way until you pull up into a green dark alcove in the corner, containing the SECRET: GRENADE LAUNCHER with two pairs of mines. Return the same way back to the opening and proceed further, killing one cobra along the way. As you already assumed, this passage brings you back to the first area, above the main temple entrance.


SECOND THISTLE STONE: If a soldier starts shooting on you, you will probably not be able to kill him now, as he is standing all the way down near the entrance to the temple. Just try to ignore him and keep moving, so that he cannot hit Lara any time he wants. At the end of the passage you'll find a moveable block. Pull this block backwards towards the dead snake as far as it goes. Drop down onto the branch to the right and pick up some Uzi clips. Climb back into the passage above, to the right of the moveable block. Push the moveable block once again towards the protruding stone and the tree. Go to the other side of the passage and find another moveable block. Pull it backwards all the way it can go, drop down to the branch again and jump back into the passage to the right of the second moveable block. Go to the other end of the passage and push the third block off the ledge. Drop down onto this block and run jump to grab the alcove with a pedestal. Climb up and pick up the second THISTLE STONE from the pedestal. Drop down to the long branch, kill that bad guy through the leaves and drop to the ground. Pick up shotgun shells from the dead soldier.


TEMPLE: Place two thistle stones into their receptacles to lit wall torches and open the temple door. In the following flyby you will see some interesting things about the interior of the temple, including Infada stone on the pedestal under the water and some goodies protected by two sleeping Shivas. Nice! Select shotgun or Uzis in the Inventory and enter the temple. As soon as you enter, the first Shiva wakes up and attacks. Keep moving and jumping backwards and forwards, flipping to the left and right, and shooting. However, when Shiva close his swords in front of it, stop shooting as it becomes invulnerable. In order to "persuade" it to open its swords again, holster your weapon for a moment. Just don't let it corner Lara and keep moving, it looks much more dangerous as it actually is. Once it is dead, take RIGHT EYE from it along with some goodies nearby: two boxes of shotgun shells, pair of mines and an LM. Place the right eye into the snake receptacle in the far left corner (it is the right snake eye if you are facing the entrance). This will wake up the second Shiva, so kill it as well and take the LEFT EYE from it. Place the crystal into its receptacle in the corner to lower a trapdoor above the ladder directly behind Lara.


Climb the ladder up to the dropped trapdoor and back flip onto the ledge behind. Stand jump over the steep block into the barred window. The easiest way to solve the next trap (burner with breakable tiles) is the following: face the nearest breakable tile and walk to the edge of the window. Stand jump to grab the breakable tile. Do not pull up but traverse to the right, around the corner, and further to the right until you hang on the last breakable tile. There you can climb up and approach the switch with no danger of getting fire. Pull the switch and run jump to land on the flat block between two steep block below the window to the left. From there run jump diagonally with steering Lara a bit to the left, in order to grab the edge of the third windowsill. Pull up and pull the lever here to open the trapdoor on the floor of the temple. Slide down backwards and safety drop to the floor. Go to the opening and jump into water. Swim down and pick up INFADA STONE from the pedestal. The water level will rise significantly, so swim upwards and climb out of the water onto a trapdoor near the second switch.


Stay on the left or the right side of this trapdoor, as the darts are flying across the middle. Jump up to grab the monkey swing above and traverse to the adjacent corner of the room. Monkeyswing to the right, then again to the right, staying close to the left or right edge to avoid darts, and traverse all the way to the wall. Stand against the wall in the middle, ignore the darts and drop to grab the JS below. Pulling it will open the gate at the bottom of the pool, near the pedestal where you found the artifact. Swim down to the underwater chamber and through the open gate into the river, to end the level.



Walkthrough by Tombraider95

Secrets: 1/1

Note = I hope to have kept the style of TR3 through atmosphere and gameplay.

Opening Area

This opening area requires two Thistle items to open the doors to the temple. You will collect these through the level. Just like in TR3 you can either choose to kill the monkeys or leave them alone. Turn around and collect the Flares by the wall before proceeding over the steps. Shoot the tiger and watch out for the falling boulder that drops. Run over to the spikes and collect the Large Medipack and back flip immediately to avoid being hit by a second boulder. Round by the tree you will spawn another tiger, so shoot it before it gets in your way.

Jump up to the ledge by the spikes and jump to the tree branch. Jump to the second branch and shoot the vulture above before collecting the Small Medipack on the third branch. Collect the Shotgun Shells in the alcove and throw the switch to open the door above the spikes, and allow access to reach a button.

Rope Swings

Jump back to the first branch and jump to the ladder to reach the button. Push the button to lower a trapdoor back in the starting area. Go back to where the trapdoor had dropped and use the slopes to reach the branch on the tree. Follow the walkway avoiding the darts and jump to another trapdoor. From here climb up the ledge and shoot a second vulture before jumping to the hanging ivy. Use the two ivy ropes to reach the trapdoor at the top of the temple. Once you land turn left and run and jump to pull the switch to open a second door in the starting area.

The Quadbike Key

Go through the opened door and jump to the raised floor in the water. From here shoot the two crocodiles and collect the Small Medipack and Uzi Clips in the water. Pull the two underwater switches to raise a trapdoor higher in the room. Use the waterfall and the slopes to reach the button on the wall. This button is timed and will raise a second trapdoor higher in the room. Pull it and immediately turn left and run and jump to the ladder. Pull up on the slope and do a twist flip to reach the trapdoor. Quickly pull up, roll and run and jump to the first trapdoor where you're safe. From here run and jump to the branch and climb the tree. There will be a monkey waiting for you at the top. Jump over to the alcove and collect the Shotgun and Shotgun Shells. Use the monkey bars to cross over the waterfall and collect the Quadbike Key from the pedestal. A vulture will spawn at this point so shoot it before returning to the starting area.

Lake Area

You can now either jump over the spikes to the open door or climb back up to the button and jump over the wall. Using the second method will lose you some health. Beware this lake is filled with piranhas that will decrease your health immediately. Jump into the water and swim to the opposite side as quickly as possible although you will lose some health.

Note: If you visit this lake area first, you're still able to return to retrieve the Quadbike Key.

Block Puzzle

Once on the other side jump over the mud hill and shoot the guard who approaches. Collect the Shotgun Shells he drops and watch out for the snake hidden in the grass. You now need to move the blocks to the make the upper floor accessible. To do this move the block closest to the pillar opposite to the block in the alcove. Then move the block closest to the snake next to the block you have just moved. Next move the last block closest to the tree. By doing this you will have revealed the keyhole for the Quadbike Key, however do not use it yet as you should collect the first Thistle first. Lastly move the block in the alcove on top of the second block you moved.

The First Thistle

Now use the blocks to reach the second level. Run and jump to the tree branch but move left immediately as a boulder will drop. Jump over to the other side and use the slopes in the corner to reach the ladder above. Once you have grabbed the ladder, move up once and then back flip to the ledge. Pull the switch and collect the Shotgun Shells being aware of the darts. Proceed back to where the boulder fell and climb up the raised block. Shimmy round to the bridge and collect the Small Medipack. Cross the bridge and collect the Torch item, but be careful of the flames. Drop back down to the ledge below and down to the ground floor. Hop over the pond to light the Torch on one of the lit torches. Jump back and throw the Torch onto the floor where you can pick it back up again. Then jump to the ledge behind the waterfall and pull the lever. Collect the Torch and use the raised block to light the second torch. Jump back and use the blocks to reach the upper level. From here light the last two torches open up the doors. Jump down and collect the Grenades in the water and go through the door. Inside collect the Uzis and the first Thistle.

Quadbike Jump

Now use the Quadbike Key to open the gates and hop onto the quadbike. If you have arranged the blocks correctly, you should have a clear path up to the ramp and over the river. Once across leave the quadbike and jump down into the pit with the button. Make sure you push this button as it will let you gain access back to this area if you happen to fall into the water. If you don't push the button and fall back down, you will have to reload a save game. The button will raise a block to the side of you allowing you to jump back over. Collect the Uzi Clips here and jump up to the snake. Collect the Shotgun Shells and jump back to where you left you quadbike. From here jump to the branch and shoot the vulture and collect the Flares in the corner. Climb the tree opposite to reach the Ivy rope and swing up to the ledge under the waterfall.

Secret 1/1: Whilst hanging from the waterfall ledge shimmy to the left until you reach an alcove in the darker corner for the levels only Secret. Here you will find the Grenade Launcher with some Ammo. Shimmy back to the right underneath the waterfall.

Another Block Puzzle / Second Thistle

Run along the passage and kill the
snake in front and drop to the branch to the right and collect the Uzi Ammo.
A guard will appear behind you so take care of him. The tile marked on the floor indicates the position the push blocks need to be, to be able to jump around them. Pull the first push block onto this tile and take a running jump around it. It may take a couple of tries. Once round push the same block again as far as it will go making room for the second block. Do the same to the next block placing it on the same tile and jumping round. Once round continue to the third block and push it off the edge allowing access to the second Thistle. Collect it and drop back down to the first area as there will be a guard waiting for you. Collect the Shotgun Shells he drops and go over to the slot holes opposite the entrance of the temple. Place the Thistles here.

Shiva Fight

Proceed into the temple with your best gun equipped because as soon as you enter one of the statues will come to life. Jump around the room avoiding his attacks whilst shooting him. To save ammo don't shoot him whilst his swords are covering as it makes your bullets useless. Soon he will drop leaving behind one of his gem eyes, the Right Eye. Collect this and the four pickups at the side of the room as you will need them for the next fight. Place the Right Eye into the right hand side slot facing the double doors. Once placed the second statue will come alive so take care of him just like before making the most of all your bullets. Once he is dead too collect the Left Eye and place it in the slot to open the trapdoor.

Infada Stone

Climb up and back flip to the ledge behind. Use the ledge by the window to reach the collapsing tiles to reach the lever. Time it correct to not set on fire. Pull the lever here and jump to the flat ledge to the right. From here jump to the last window to pull the second switch. This will open a trapdoor at the bottom of the room. Use the slope to drop down and swim down into the passage. As soon as you swim inside the room the door will close. Collect the Infada Stone to reopen the door and for you to exit. Swim back out and you will notice the room has now flooded. Swim to the surface and use the monkey bars to reach the jump switch avoiding the darts. The switch will open the doors back where you collected the stone. Swim back through and into the new passage to end the level.