Level by Maciej Skrzypiec


Walktrash by DJ Full :)









Shatter the skull and jump the pads to get out. Each pad deactivates next set of spikes, when all 6 are gone, the ceiling above the ladder blows up and You can climb on the attic (optionally grab some Bone Glue and a pack of Flarrels from breakable crates). Here, find the lone skullpad and step on it to raise a barrel with another skull under it. The time is limited - rush to the skull and destroy it before the barrel falls to cover it again! Once destroyed, it remotely activates a set of barrels to blow. They block another corner of the room no more, so hop over them and, among another bunch of crates, find the third skull to shoot. The gate to the outside blows open. Jump over the opposite set of barrels and, maybe take Secret #1 lying under them: Explosiveproof Medikit. Now get out.




Now You can see them in their fully open 13x7-square space, because there was more space (that's possibly good - the place might have gotten even more weird ideas if it was allowed to be larger). Shatter 13 boxes scattered here and there, several of them trigger a subsequent flame, and when all 3 flames are lit, a camera starts to show You some hiding spikes on the rooftop, and a beamy charger nearby. The latter will recover Your life whenever needed. Climb the staircase and locate a climbable wooden pillar far ahead of You on the other side of the Northern gap. Pull up on that thing to unlock some spiky entrance behind You. Getting down there, it's possible to break a box for another Secret: Useless Shatter of Open Space that contains nothing itself, however some Flarrels lie below. Inside the spiky room unlocked, there's the 4th shatterable skull. This one triggers a series of funnels and deactivates another set of spikes opposite the previously hidden ones. Climb the ladder to the rooftop and jump both pads where the spikes once were, and a twin trapdoor opens to lead You into the dark.




Hop through the open trapdoors into the gloomy corridor. It's really dark, so if You ignored all those flare packs before, pick up one from the wooden step. Descend deeper, go and crawl further until You stand up and backflip on a triangular ledge. Another jump from here through the opening places You in the end of the passage, but not quite a dead one - there's a pole Lara will automatically pull when approached. A rumble signals the upcoming flood - be ready to roll and swim out, into a small pool with a misty skull above. Destroy the shatter to light some fire on the rooftop and, boosted by some sinks, flow out and upwards. Pull up on a dry part and finish the run with pulling up outside, after what both the entrance to and the exit from the cleared underground part will close.




Climb the rooftop. There's a fire and four candles to light, but You don't have any torch... except Lara. Now remember the charger? Set Lara on fire and sprint through two candle-containg squares to finish the dash on that recovery square. Another dash through the two remaining ones should do the rest. In case if You, for some reason, want to extinguish Lara in between, the side barrel tiles can do it - however when all four flames are lit, Lara will get extinguished as soon as the launched sequence ends - so now what that deflamer idea appears pretty useless even for the author himself :) After the Ufo Beam (or whatever it might be) above the trapdoors blow them open, jump into the created hole right into the Trashery.









There are three colored pads to activate. The first one is in the green corner. For the red one, climb left around the corner and up to the ledge right of the SW pillar and hop through the left gap on the next support beam where the trigger is. You might grab some Flarrels again, then return to the previous ledge and step in the dark alcove to light two electric arches. This enables the second part of the area riddle and launches a hint for it appears just in a room You're in at the moment. Look at the wall and remember the skull order - highest is first, middle is second and low is third. Before You descend back into the water, jump on the ledges opposite to the ones leading to the red tile, to find some Bone Glue and the third (blue) pad. Again at the bottom, proceed through the opening...




...and go either left or light. Left is faster: step on the squares neighboured with skulls on the walls, in the order from the hint gotten in the arch room (shatter some cases to unlock the path and grab another bunch of Flarrels in the meantime).  Then jump into three no-more-burning pits and the spikes pull the exit trapdoor open. Hop in.









To trigger the first hidden feature which doesn't count as a secret, at the end of the slope jump off, grab the ladder and climb to the top. Depending on Your reaction, Lara will either be thrown off the ladder and hit the floor, or emerge from the floor and go through the ladder. Seconds later, You will get an explanation sequence possible to quit by climbing and dropping a test ladder.




Locate a diagonal grate and grab the one above it. Monkey swing through the opening between those two and roll through spikes to spawn a skull. Quit the place by run/crawl move (stand right at the tile edge next to the spikes but facing the triangular opening, press run and duck in the end) or back through the monkey swing. In the opposite corner of the place, there are three ladders on a wall. Climb the rightmost one to the height of 7 clicks and perform a midair roll with drawing weapons to shoot the skull behind You. This unfolds a bone monkey swing on the ceiling high above You, and hides spikes which would otherwise make the swing painful. Find the wooden platform corner and, to get on it, backflip from the nearby ladder.




Now to trigger the second non-secret bonus: swing the monkey to where the spikes once were and fall on the illegal slope. Author will show his mercy and teleport You back to the platform, for You to be un-stuck. If Lara tries the slope again, the author will lose patience and kill Lara.




With the easter eggs witnessed or not, swing the monkey bars anyway. Pass over the ex-spiky slope and drop on the ledge behind it. From the nearby one, pick up a medikit and jump on the top of the grate close by (the same one grabbed not so long ago). Proceed into the glass house and, after optionally breaking two boxes for Secret #3;  Object Flicker Removal,  shatter the skull for a sparkle hint. Increasing number of sparks above the responding flame shows the order to pass the just-unlocked skullpads. Descend to the very bottom of the place and run over the pads as the hint says. A trapdoor raises in the platform corner: climb up and hop into the opening, to jump into the pink shaft with another fragile skull, which - as soon as shattered - will drop You into the control zone of the final chapter.









Push the barrel to light another one. When the ceiling burns, do the monkey swing into the hole above You.  Jump over a deadly pit. There's a black skull far away, but when approached, spikes cover it and You can't shoot it. Crawl through the remaining accessible corridor part, drop at the end and shoot a distant skull through the lookout window. The red deadly pit is survivable now - go to it (either via upper or lower passage), stand on the trigger in there and watch the skull move towards the spikes. Now it's enough to jump out of the pit into the upper passage and run on the spikes trigger to remotely shatter the skull. The triple gate locks the final location no more, but if You want the 4th Secret: Now Accessible, go through the spikes (now You can) for Flarrels and 2 x Bone Glue first.




Left the duct, dash below the triple gate and down through the dark corridor. One more turn and You're facing the Barrel of Doom - fortunately asleep. Grab a medikit from the right of the entrance and Flarrels from the left. Also on the left, there is a trigger tile on a platform right next to the wall. Standing on it lights a flame.




Hop on the middle flame, then on the first one. Then You need to jump directly to the last burner and this has to be done in tricky way, curving the run-up, landing or both left, and ending with a grab . Pull up to the duck position and crawl behind the flame emitter. Jump on the platform ahead of You, where some spikes have just hidden. Climb the ladder in the corner and press Action to squash the skull with Lara's bare hands.




The Barrel wakes up! Time the monstrous spikes and dash through the now torched location entrance corridor, to the newly accessible balcony. Grab the spiky ceiling and swing on the top of the barrel. The skull tries to fight... one shot and it's vanished - but not quite! Several more miniskulls appear - destroy them all (be quick about it, as the fog is rolling in and soon You won't be able to see to shoot, and You'll burn up)  and watch the final flyby sequence as the Barrel is destroyed and Lara watches it as well, from the bottom of the room. Approach the shown ladder...




...and the second form of the Barrel appears. Caution: it breeds fire! Avoid the charges by jumping left/right. The enemy should be dead after 3-4 dozen seconds.




In the corner, a lockup is unrevealed, with BinOculars stashed in. Pick them up (You might use them to read about Barrel sight) and quit this little storage. A rope is shown to let You out. Climb the barrel to the rope, but before You start swinging, maybe visit the other side of the Barrel for Secret #5: Just To Make Them Five. If You have all secrets, You'll get a congratulation line. Now get back to the Barrel top, swing the rope into the lookout window and proceed through the corridor towards the sunlight...