Level by: BigFoot


Video Walkthrough by JoeTheCrazyGamer can be found here


Walkthrough by: Nina Croft


IMPORTANT NOTE: As usual, my walkthrough is written so that it may help even the most inexperienced raiders out there. When I describe how to deal with some traps, I am always explaining the easiest possible way, although there are also other ways, well-known to all experienced raiders.


Secrets: 1



Lara starts the level under water. Swim out into a big pool and pull the UW lever just to the right near the entrance. This will open a trapdoor above. Before you swim up through this trapdoor, pick up FLARES from the bottom of the pool. In one corner on the upper level of the pool you'll find an SM. Since you cannot climb out of the water here, you'll have to swim through the triangular opening in SW corner. Just make sure to surface for air before you go through.


Swim into the tunnel cautiously, making a short pause before the spikes. Time your swimming across the spikes when they are retracted and keep swimming around the corner to the left, keeping as close as possible to the wall on the right. On the next fork you'll see a fan to the left, trying to suck Lara in. If you keep swimming forwards and keeping close to the right-hand wall, you'll be safe. Once you enter a bit wider UW passage, notice a blocked passage on the right. Then swim into the far left corner where you can surface and climb out of the water. Kill one rat in the small storage and flip the switch to the left from the opening to open the door behind Lara. Enter a huge room with the pool with boiling water. Save your game before you use the wall lever to the left.


Pull the wall lever to raise a trapdoor at the other side of the pool but only temporarily. You'll have to be pretty fast in order to get to the other side of the pool before this trapdoor drops again. So, here's how I did it: as soon as you pull the level, press Camera button to cut the camera flyby and save a couple of seconds. Pivot Lara a bit to the right and make a hop back. Start running, pivoting Lara a bit to the right and jump from the edge of the pool to land on the nearest crate. You should land on the farthest right corner of it. From there stand jump to land on the crate with swinging crate above. Turn to face the swinging crate and the raised trapdoor at the surface of the water. Do not wait too long; as soon as the swinging crate swings away to the right, run and jump onto the raised trapdoor. Quickly run across it and save once again before you attempt to get across the spikes to the left (savegame



Turn to face the spikes and make two steps back from them (Lara should stand approximately at the centre of the tile next to spikes). Watch the spike cycle. When they pop up, run towards them, and keep Jump button pressed. Lara will perform the run jump across the knife and land on the wooden crate where she's save. Note the monkey bars above, but don't use them as yet. Enter the storage to the right and pull the pulley to raise a block in the pool with boiling water. Return to the crate near the knife and jump up to grab the monkey bars above. Follow the bars until you can drop to grab the JS. This will open a door to the right, and Lara will land on the raised block below. Jump with Action towards the opened door.


Carefully time your run up the stairs to avoid the swinging sack with blades and falling into the boiling water below. When you enter the storage, pick up FLARES from the crate to the left and find a trapdoor in the NE corner (far left from the entrance). Open it and drop into the room below, kill a rat and pull a floor lever to open the door back on the staircase with the swinging sack. Climb up into the storage above. If you go up the stairs to the left, you'll see that the hallway is blocked by flames coming from the pipe to the right. So, return to the stairs where the swinging sack is. Run jump diagonally to grab the edge of the wooden crate in the SW corner when the sack moves to the right and pull up. In the alcove above you'll find a valve. Turn it to turn off the flames blocking the hallway. Drop down to the stairs, once again go pass the swinging sack with blades, enter the storage above, go to the right and up the stairs, and finally, through the corridor once blocked with flames.


In the storage you enter, first go left and find an SM on the crate in the corner. Pick it up, go right and jump diagonally over the knife to land in the alcove to the right. Once again, jump from the alcove diagonally to the right across the knife to clear it, climb onto the table to find DESERT EAGLE CLIPS and pull the switch on the wall to open a door below near the big pool with boiling water. Return via the knife and down the stairs with swinging sack to the doorway overlooking the big pool with boiling water. Stand jump to land on the raised platform and run jump from there to land in front of the opened door to the right (you can also run jump directly from the doorway towards this opened door, but it's a bit more difficult).


Enter the small storage, go around the big crate to the right and climb the ladder in the corner. Inside this derelict apartment, enter the passage to the left and run jump across the pool with the boiling water. In the last moment press Action to grab the other edge of the pool and climb up. Incidentally, Lara won't get scolded by dipping her legs into the boiling water ;) Climb up, go to the right and open the double door leading to the courtyard.


If you explore the passage to the right, you'll see another double door to the left, but you cannot open it from this side. Therefore, from the entrance into this courtyard, go N, across the courtyard, draw your guns and approach the door that will open automatically. Quickly kill one dog and one shooter. If you climb the ladder to the left and enter the doorway above, you'll see that you first need to find the appropriate key, so enter the door on the ground level instead. As soon as you enter, find a button on the wall to the left, hidden by a plant. Press it to lower the block in the opening in the opposite corner and drop in.


You are now back to the big pool at the beginning of the level. First kill two rats. One trapdoor will raise in the pool, meaning that you can now climb out of the water if you accidentally fall in. On the crate near the entrance and to the right, you'll find UZI CLIPS. Jump onto the crate swimming in the pool and pick up the CROWBAR. You'll see that block in the UW tunnel lowering. Before you drop into water, notice one ladder on the E wall. There's no point in going there as yet, but make a mental note of it and drop into water. Once again, swim across the spikes as before and avoid being sucked by the big fan. This time enter the alcove to the right where the raised block lowered and climb out of the water on the sloped block. Immediately flip backwards to land on the flat block, run jump from there into the passage and climb the ladder into a closed courtyard between buildings.


Climb onto the crate to find UZI CLIPS. From there, climb onto the block made of bricks and run jump to grab the higher block on the opposite side of the courtyard. Before you start climbing the ladder there, save your game. Climb the ladder and when Lara is holding the ladder on the yellow wall, back flip with twist (Roll), steer her a bit to the right and land on the red awning facing uphills. Slide backwards and grab the edge of the awning. Shimmy to the left, all the way to the corner, but remain on this awning. From the corner, shimmy twice back to the right, to place Lara exactly in the middle of the square. Pull up, back flip with twist and press Action to grab the JS on the wall behind Lara. This will open a door on the ground lever. Run jump across the fence to grab the wooden crate below the ladder and drop to the ground losing just a bit of Lara's health. Enter the alcove where you opened the door and shoot the cable box. Approach the cables and use the Crowbar to get WIRES you need inside the double door you can see in the cut scene.


Return to the opening with water where you climbed up, and swim into the passage to the left. Now, keep hugging the wall on the left to avoid being sucked by the huge fan to the right. Once again, time your swim across the spikes like you did two times so far, and return to the big pool. Climb out of the water and then go up the ladder on the E wall. In the small courtyard above push the double door to open it, and use the wires you have just obtained on the grey electric box on the right. This will lower the block near Lara. Use the wall switch to open the door nearby and enter the next building.


As you enter, turn right and enter a passage leading to another room. You'll see a double door here, but you don't need to open it as yet. On the small table you'll find UZIS and UZI CLIPS. Stand on the table, facing the double doors and side step all the way to the left. From there, jump up to grab the lower edge of the gallery above. Pull up and kill a dog waiting for you. Go right all the way to the end of the gallery to find an LM near the window. Then enter the glass passage leading to another building. Open the double door there and kill two shooters. Pick up FLARES from the near left corner, and YELLOW KEY from the crate near the red curtain. Return to the previous building, drop to the ground and open the double door near the table.


You will be back at the first courtyard. Go right, then left around the corner and go across the courtyard. Climb the ladder in the NW corner and pull onto the slanted roof. Back flip from the roof to land on the balcony behind. Enter and use the key in the keyhole to open the door.


Inside the small room you'll find an SM on the wooden crate. Shoot to break the window directly opposite the entrance. Drop to the wooden ledge below, dive into the channel and find a UW lever in the SW corner (near left corner from where you jumped into water). Pull this lever to raise a block nearby but only temporarily. Quickly roll and swim along the channel all the way to the opposite end where you can climb onto a small ledge in the corner. You have no time to waste, so quickly roll, run and jump onto the raised block. Turn left, make a step towards the edge if necessary and stand jump to grab the JS on the wall (savegame). This will open a UW grate nearby. Swim through.


Follow the passage into a big flooded room. You'll see a low UW tunnel in one corner of the pool, but don't go in as yet. Surface and climb out of the water. Enter the passage and go right at the fork to find FLARES. Return to the fork and go right, until you find a pushable table with a mirror. Push this table twice and use the wall lever on the left to open a UW gate in the channel below. Now, pull this table twice back, to where it initially was. Return to the big flooded room and jump into water. Swim through a small UW passage in NW corner. Keep swimming forward at the intersection and climb out of the water at the end of the passage. You are now near that table, only on the other side of it. Pull it once backwards into the passage where Lara is. Return to the opening with water, swim through the passage and back into the flooded room. Climb out of the water and enter the passage with pushable table. This time you can enter the room that was initially blocked by this table.


Enter and go right, climb into the passage and flip the wall switch to the left to open the window on the right. Walk to the edge of the window and jump diagonally to the left (no Action!) to land on the slanted roof. From there, run jump to land on the small balcony NW. Use the floor lever here to open a big double gate at the end of the channel E. Jump into water, swim E and go through the big open gate.


Enter the building and draw the weapons. Head N and kill two dogs and a shooter along the way. Notice an elemental puzzle receptacle within the wooden construction in the middle of this big room. Exit through the doorway N and you'll find yourself outside, near another Venetian channel. Hop into water and swim to the right, and around the corner. Climb into one window on the right, to pick up DESERT EAGLE CLIPS and DESERT EAGLE PISTOL. You'll see a door opening elsewhere. Jump into water again and swim back and to the left around the corner. Climb onto the ledge on the right and enter the wooden passage. The passage leads you to a big storage with Vespa, through the door you've just opened.


Climb onto the crates in the near left corner from the entrance and pull the lever there to open a big gate leading back to the channel. Now sit on the Vespa and ride it through the passage through which you entered, but instead of going out to the channel, go right through the open gate. Drive along the left side (light grey crate) and jump off, steering to the right so that Lara can land with the Vespa on the crates in front of a chute too steep for Lara to walk onto (N wall). Ride the bike up this chute and through the open gate. Leave it in the pit and climb up the block to enter another storage to the right.


On a small table you'll find the BLUE KEY and UZI CLIPS. Shoot a guard and pick up an SM and UZI CLIPS from the crate near the dead enemy. Use the JS in the SW corner to raise a ledge back in the big storage. Leave through the passage in the SE corner, turn right at the fork and return to the big storage. Climb into the corner with the switch and stand jump to grab the higher crate to the left. Climb onto the raised trapdoor and use the monkey swing to get to a small metal ledge near the big gate, timing two burners along the way. In a small alcove above the gate you'll find a floor lever that opens a gate on the other side of the channel (you can see it through the window). Return to the storage and safety drop on the grates and leave through the open gate.


Swim across the channel and use the wall lever behind the door you have just opened. This will drop the trapdoor above the ladder nearby. Climb up and onto the gallery in the house you visited earlier. You'll find another lever here. Use it and see in a cut-scene some blocks at the bottom of the channel that obviously have to be raised. This is only the first switch, so head for the second. Return to the channel, swim along towards that window where you found the Desert Eagle pistol. This time climb onto the wooden ledge on the left and push the double door open. Enter and use the key in the keyhole there.


In another derelict apartment you'll find an SM and DESERT EAGLE CLIPS in the crawlspace NE. Go up the stairs and to the fork. Go left, and pick up BUNDLE OF KEYS near the chair (go around the chair and face it, then press Action to pick the keys). Return to the fork, go left and push the door open. Now save your game (to avoid backtracking) before attempting the next jump. Walk to the edge of the opening in the railing, facing diagonally to the right (towards the red awning) and hugging the wall to the right. You have to perform a run jump with twist onto the red awning, so that you land on the awning facing downhills. Immediately bounce off to grab the JS on the wall (maybe you need to steer Lara to left/right during the first jump to make her land exactly at the middle of the awning, or during the second jump, if she did not land at the middle of the awning). This will open a door below the red awning.


Climb out of the water into this doorway and pull the chain to open the door above. Return to that room where you found the Bundle of Keys and jumped onto the red awning. This time run jump to land into the opened doorway to the left. Find another wall lever on the gallery and use it to finally raise those blocks in the channel you saw earlier. Return to the entrance and drop into water.


Swim back and climb once again into the big storage. Use running jumps to get to the last high crate near the N wall. Run jump on the crate in the corner to the right and enter the passage. Use the keys in the keyhole to open the door nearby.


Climb the crates in the passage to the left of the keyhole. Pick up FLARES and UZI CLIPS and go through the open door. Kill two rats and use the switch on the wall to raise some blocks in the big storage. Return back to the passage, go through the gate that also opened meanwhile and kill two shooters in a small courtyard. Pick up an LM from the crate to the left and find another Vespa near the window in the back corner.


At the far end of the courtyard park the Vespa near the switch, heading in the direction from which you came. Pull the switch once to watch the flyby of a door opening back in the building with elemental puzzle, but you'll also see it closes. When the flyby is finished, save your game. Now pull the switch again to open that big door you saw in the flyby again. Run to the Vespa, sit on it, drive as smoothly and quickly as you can back to the building with the element puzzle, and all the way through the passage leading to S, where you have to make a U-turn in order to drive through the door before it closes. It is not easy, though (savegame).


Leave the bike there and continue on foot. Near the crates to the left you can find FLARES and climb over the crates into the next room. Look behind the plant to the right (near the corner) to find a button on the wall. Use it to open one passage hidden behind a painting. Climb on the lower crate and from there to the crate above. You can run jump directly onto a small balcony or you can first climb onto the chandelier and from there jump on the balcony. Run jump from the other side of the balcony to land on the high crate opposite the opened painting. From there, run jump to grab the pole (chain where the chandelier used to hang), turn Lara's back towards the passage behind the painting, and back flip to land in the opening. Find a pushable harp in the corner and push/pull it into the window alcove to lower a block elsewhere (through the window you can see the room with goodies).


Return to the previous room, go over the crates back to the timed door, leave and go right, into the water. Swim through the first opening on the right and back into the room where you were earlier. Enter the passage with pushable table and back into that room where you used the switch to open the window. This time the door opposite the switch is open, but for now, do not go in. Instead, go again to the edge of the window on the right and jump diagonally to the left onto the small roof ledge.


Jump up to grab the edge of the roof above and shimmy to the right until you can drop on the bridge the long glass passage between the two buildings forms. Shoot to break the window pane on the left hand wall (when facing the clock). It is almost impossible to jump into this window from the bridge, so instead, grab the edge of the right-hand roof, shimmy to the left to the middle of it (above the lamp), pull up, bounce off and twist in mid-air to land into the window where you lowered the block earlier.


In the small room which you could see when you moved the harp you'll find FLARES, LM, UZI CLIPS and SMALL WATERSKIN behind the box in SE corner (giving you a camera hint where to fill this waterskin with water). Return to the channel and jump into water. Swim to the right and around the corner to the left. You can stand in shallow water at the spot you have just seen in the camera hint. Select Small Waterskin from the Inventory and fill it with water. Now you have to return all the way to the elemental puzzle. So, swim back to the other end of the channel, enter the big building there, and follow the second passage to the left to get back to the elemental puzzle. Use the full waterskin from the Inventory here to lower the block above on the gallery. Exit the house N and climb up the ladder to the lowered block where you'll find ROSE JEWEL. Watch the camera flyby. NOTE: There is a glitch in the game enabling you to get the Rose Jewel without the need to find and use the waterskin. If you want to try it, then drive the Vespa through the elemental puzzle receptacle to lower the block where the Rose Jewel is. However, this will not help you a lot (only spare one shimmying sequence to the room where you found the waterskin), but you can try it if you want.


Now you have to return all the way to that Flooded building where you pushed the table around. Therefore, return to the ground level of the building with elemental puzzle, go S and turn right. Jump into the channel on this side and swim forward and through the UW passage to the right. Climb out of the water and enter that passage with pushable table. This time the door opposite the switch on the wall is opened, so go through and kill two dogs. Enter the next room.


First go left and jump onto the lower level. On the crate in the NE corner you'll find DESERT EAGLE CLIPS and SM. Safety drop onto the lowest level and go through the passage on the S wall (this passage you saw in that flyby when you picked up the Rose Jewel). Kill two dogs along the way and finally, and an enemy in white suit. He'll drop Gregorio (or Samio) CODE CARD. Enter the room at the bottom of the stairs and use this card in the reader to open the gate nearby. Inside the space behind the grate you'll find an LM and FLARES. Use the Rose Jewel in the receptacle here and lower the block outside. Go through the opening behind the block and pick up MAUSOLEUM KEY from the higher block.


When you pick this key, two air elementals will start chasing Lara. Return to the multi-level room and run into the NW corner where you can jump in water and wait for the wraiths to commit suicide. Along the way you have seen a door opening elsewhere.


Climb up the ladder at the E wall all the way to the topmost level. Go around the perimeter and enter a room that opened (SW corner). A bit further turn left and enter the second room. Go through the opening straight ahead and drop onto the small courtyard below. Now when you have the Mausoleum Key, you can return to that big house with inner square. So once in this courtyard, go forward and turn left around the corner. Go through the double door you've opened after you picked up the Uzis. In the house enter the passage to the right, and again right (E) through the double door back in the big room with central pillar.


If you haven't done it before, now it's the time to find the Laser Sight. To the left from the entrance, there are two double doors, but the first door cannot be opened. Therefore, push the second double door on the left open and kill a rat in the small storage. When the swinging crate swings away to the left, run to the right to avoid it. Inside the storage you will find LASER SIGHT in the far left corner, LM and DESERT EAGLE CLIPS (two separate pick-ups) between the crates and UZI CLIPS on the crate in the far right corner. Return past the swinging crate back to the square, go to the other side and open the big door using Mausoleum Key in the golden keyhole.


Enter the first room, then enter the second one to the right. Go through, noticing an opening on the left. Enter the passage behind the grate and pick up DESERT EAGLE CLIPS (hint for you to use it). Combine the Desert Eagle with the Laser Sight and use it to shoot the bell above in the ceiling, and open the door at the end of the grated passage thereby. Enter the last chamber of the Mausoleum. Use the wall lever there to open a big door leading to another channel. Run jump from the top of the slope and across the fence of the balcony to the right. Pick up one torch from the grass and jump back to the ramp.


You will have to backtrack a long way in order to ignite and then use this torch. When you return to the Mausoleum, take a look to the left and remember a wall torch you have to ignite, near another closed door. So, leave the Mausoleum, and once back on the square, go left and through the opened double door. Keep going straight ahead until you drops in the room with the big pool where you started. Ignite the torch on the wall torch on the left, and then go to the other side of the room, where the block is lowered, and throw the torch onto this lowered block. Now you have to raise this block again. It also mean that you'll have to backtrack a bit ;)


So, climb the ladder to the courtyard above, then enter the big house, but don't go through that door leading back to the square and mausoleum. Instead, go through the passage to the right and return to the first big courtyard through the double door near the table. Once you're through the door, go right, then again right around the corner, and enter that small room with the button behind the plant. Press the button to raise the block with the torch that is just behind Lara. Pick it up, go back outside, across the courtyard and left, through the other double door. Go through the house back to the square and into the mausoleum. Ignite the wall torch near the channel to lower a block in the channel outside. NOTE: If you want to play it in a harder way, you can return to this button through that UW passage in the pool, across spikes and across the big pool with boiling water.


Leave the torch, go outside and swim through the lowered block into a flooded tomb to find MASK PIECE 1. On your way back into the Mausoleum, you'll see another badass in white suit. Kill him and return through the grated passage to the main Mausoleum chamber. Turn right and enter the small side chamber where the block lowered. Slide into the room where a boss-like enemy awaits you. I recommend Desert Eagle if you have enough ammo. The dead enemy will leave MASK PIECE 2. Combine two mask pieces in the Inventory to obtain DEMON MASK. Use the mask on the small receptacle near the grave to raise the red curtain behind Lara. Inside the hidden chamber you'll find the SWORD OF SAINT MICHEL. Also, in the flyby you'll see a door opening outside on the square.


However, do not head back to the square as yet. Instead, return to where you dropped the torch and pick it up. Go back to the chamber where you found the sword and ignite two wall torches behind gratings to the left and right. Two side doors will open. It does not matter if you go right or left here, as both doorways lead to the same place: to a tomb on which you can take the glowing MONSTROUS HEART representing the only SECRET in this level. Now you can go back all the way through the mausoleum to reach the square. Once there, go right through the doorway you saw opening and up the ramp to end the level.




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