Levels by Alex Chap


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth





Lara begins in a closed cell.  The builder taunts her with a dare: Find a weapon here shouldn't be too difficult...


Take the large medipack from the bed and go around to the right to find flares in the NW corner.  Pull up into the crawl space there in the N wall and follow to the CROWBAR.  When you pick it up a cut scene shows a guard waiting for you near the bed.  Get back out of the crawl space, reverse roll and tiptoe past the guard.  His peripheral vision is poor, and if you don't get too close he won't detect you as you exit the cell W.


Oops, there's another guard dead ahead, but fortunately his back is turned.  Turn left and follow the E wall past what looks like a crowbar door but isn't (there are a lot of doors that never open in this level).  Go to the ladder in the S wall and start climbing.  At this point you're going to attract the attention of the guard at ground level and the guard on the first tier of ledges.  There's no way to avoid being shot at, but eventually the first tier guard will jump down to the floor so you can drop down onto the first tier ledge and run to the N wall where you'll be safe for the moment.  Hopefully the second tier guard will awaken at this point and float down to the floor as well.  Pick up the large medipack and push the floor switch to open the doors to the E and W cells.  Both of the W cells are empty, as well as the E cell on the right.  You'll find a lot of empty cells here, too.  However, the E cell on the left contains flares and shotgun ammo (called Moss-12 here, but I'll use the familiar names for all pickups).


Climb the N ladder to attract the attention of the guard on the second tier of ledges (if you didn't do so earlier).  I found he'd somehow simply disappeared on one occasion when I dropped down onto the second tier.  Go to the W wall and activate the jump switch there.  The W and E cell doors all swing open, so enter the W cell on the left for a small medipack.  The one on the right is empty.   Go back and enter the left E cell for uzi ammo on a slab.  The dark E cell on the right has a KEY on the floor near the bed.  Go to the ledges and climb the ladder on the right in the N wall.  A guard stationed on the other side of the third tier of ledges comes running.  If you wait patiently he'll eventually join his buddies down on the ground floor.


Drop down onto the third tier.  At last, a working crowbar door in the NE corner.  That's the good news.  The bad news is that it's empty.  Ditto for the ones in the SE and SW corners.  What's more, by now you will have attracted the fire of a guard stationed on the fourth tier of ledges.  In the NW cell you'll find some uzi ammo.   Return to the ledges and climb one of the ladders in the S and E walls to reach the fourth tier.  The guard here is much brighter than the other ones, as he doggedly fires at you while refusing to join the party down on the ground floor.  Quickly get to the SE corner and use your Key to open the cell door marked in word and picture as "PISTOLS."  Guess what you find inside on the plinth.


Before leaving this cell, enter the crawl space in the N wall.  No need to waste a flare, just crawl forward as far as you can and turn around to lower Lara into a dark room.  I didn't hear the tell-tale chimes, but this apparently registers as SECRET #1.  Pick up the pistol ammo and large medipack from a slab in front of some reference to "Nathan Drake, Explorer."  Then hop down and push the floor switch as the cute sign invites you to.  If anyone knows what it did, let me know.  Return through the crawl space to the cell.  Now that you're armed, go out and take care of that pesky guard (who drops pistol ammo for you).  There's a fifth tier of sorts, consisting of two small platforms, but I found nothing there. 


Go to the S wall and climb down the long ladder to the floor below.  There should be five guards amassed and waiting for you.  Let the carnage begin.  When all are dead, go around the room and pick up two small medipacks and a KEY.  Open the NW crowbar door for some uzi ammo.  Climb the long S ladder all the way to the top, pull up and use the Key to open the door there.  You get a flyby of the previous area, although for what purpose is not clear, since you've already done everything there. 


Anyway, head S through the open doorway and turn left to find four guards in the next room standing rigidly at attention.  If you stay in the passage and don't step into the room, you can kill all four without ever awaking them from their stupor.  Go inside and pick up the 2 x pistol ammo, large medipack and KEY that they left behind for you.  The four side doors are all nonresponsive to your crowbar.  Your key fits the lock in the E wall, but before using it climb up onto the block and crawl up S.  Follow to the other end of the dark passage and lower Lara into a well-lit room (or jump out with jump and up arrow keys).


Take the pistol ammo from the plinth, then vault up onto the slab for a large medipack, a small medipack and grenade gun ammo.  Return to the previous room and open the E door with your key.  Follow the passage around the corner to load the next level.




Open the door and enter a cell area.  No enemies yet, so climb the N ladder and shift left to drop onto the ledge.  Open the door and follow the passage to another closed door where intriguing music starts playing.  Open the door and enter a large room filled with crates.  No less than five guards are firing at you, one at floor level straight ahead and the others from elevated positions.  Once things have quieted down, explore the room for a small medipack on the floor, pistol ammo on a crate, a small medipack, a large medipack and a KEY on the upper ledge.  


Open the S door with your key and shoot another comatose guard in the next room before entering.   Loop around to the right and activate the jump switch to open a door in a previous room, then pick up the revolver ammo dropped by the guard before leaving.  Return to the ledge and find that the W door is now open.  Enter the armory and pay attention to the brief flyby that lists the attributes of the available weapons.  You have to choose one of them to the exclusion of the others by pushing the corresponding floor switch.  You can push all of the levers if you like, opening the gate to the selected weapon and its ammo.  However, when you retrace your steps and drop back down into what I called a cell area earlier, you'll find that when you enter the first cell to claim your weapon (in my case, the REVOLVER -- which I found very helpful at the end of the game with all those sentry guns -- and a whopping 15 cases of ammo), the door behind you closes and one of the doors ahead of you opens, preventing a return for additional weaponry.


Nowhere to go but forward, so open the E door and head up the ramped passage, around the corner and up the stairs.  Open the next door and face 12 guards who are anything but comatose (the Dirty Dozen, anyone?).  There's a 13th guard stationed within a central structure, but he remains dormant until you start jumping up on crates looking for goodies.  Wander about and pick up shotgun ammo and a large medipack on the S crates, jump to the SW block for a KEY, then go to the E side of the central structure, jump up facing W, pull up for revolver ammoRegardless of what weapon you chose earlier, there's a reason to be revealed later for picking up all available ammo.  Run forward and hop down to where the 13th guard was.  Pick up the LASER SIGHT.  Get back down to the floor and open the W door with your key.  Start up the stairs to load the next level.




Continue up the stairs and follow the passage to a closed door.  Open it and turn right past the crates for revolver ammo.  Reverse roll and open the door in the S wall (passing a closed door requiring a key).  Enter a dark room stacked with crates.  Jump to the higher crates for flares, then hop up to the higher ledge.  There are a number of closed gates up here.  Go to the NE corner and open the door there.  Go inside for the uzi ammo on the plinth and the small medipack on the slab.  Push the wall switch to open one of the gates outside and release a choreographed quintet of guards. Somehow they had multiplied to eight by the time they arrived.  Kill them all (the stingy bastards leave nothing for you) and go to the central W cell from which they emerged.


Take the shotgun ammo from the plinth and activate the jump switch to release still more guards (I didn't bother to count them this time).  Wait for their arrival, blast them away and find that these bastards are likewise emptyhanded.  Go to the SE cell, take the grenade gun ammo from the plinth and activate the jump switch to release yet more guards.  Not surprisingly, they leave you nothing.  Pause for some flares on the nearby crate.  Go to the SW opening and enter for shotgun ammo on the plinth and flares on the slab.  Activate the jump switch to summon additional guards.  Go to the central E opening and enter for revolver ammo on the plinth.  Activate the jump switch to release a final contingent of guards from the NW cell.  Go there and take the KEY from the plinth and a large medipack from the slab.


You're through here, so hop down to the floor of the crate room, shoot a stray guard if he happens to show up, and exit N.  Use the key to open the W door and enter another crate room.  A familiar enigmatic tune starts playing, but no enemies appear for now.  Climb to the highest crate for some flares.  You can reach the upper ledge area, but none of the doors up there will respond to your crowbar.  Down at floor level you will find a closed door NW that requires a key. 


You will also find a number of pushblocks arranged side by side.  Pull the NE block back N, then move the SE block onto the gray tile.  A cut scene shows a closed door, so you know you're doing something right.  There are similar dark tiles in the SE and NE corners, so move two other pushblocks there.  Each time, you get a cut scene of a closed door (with the door opening upon placement of the third pushblock).  Exit this room E, turn left and find the open passage.  Go there for SECRET #2 and take the CROSSBOW, two quivers of arrows and a KEY from the plinth.


Return to the crate room to find that the key doesn't open the NW door.  Remember, however, that there are a couple of pushblocks in there that you haven't yet used, so move them away to reveal a W alcove and yet another pushblock.  Pull it back to provide access to an opening, then jump into the water.  Swim forward as the camera angle becomes fixed.  Pull out right or left onto a ledge and run W to a plinth for a KEY.   Return to the crate room and try your new key on the NW lock.  This time it works, so enter a large room and watch the flyby. 


Look on the crates in the pool for flares and a small medipackI don't believe the next tasks have to be done in any particular order.  Here's how I did them.  Pull out, go to the E wall and pull the pushblock aside to reveal a passage.  Go down the stairs and open the door at the end.  When you step into the next room everything takes on a pinkish tint.  I'm not sure if there's any significance to this or not.  Anyway, grab the grenade gun ammo from the slab and push the floor switch for a cut scene of the previous room.  Return there and kill a guard.  Run to the NW corner and pull the pushblock aside to reveal another opening.  Open the door and step inside.  No color tints this time.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and move the pushblock onto the adjacent tile with the grate in the floor.  The S gate opens, so push the floor switch in the alcove and now the room takes on a green tint. 


Return to the large room and open the SW door.  Pick up the uzi ammo and move the pushblock onto the grate in the corner.  Reverse roll and push the floor switch in the opened alcove to induce a cyan tint.  Return to the large room and open the NE door.  Same drill as before, take revolver ammo, move pushblock onto grate and push floor switch to induce a yellow tint.  In the large room the N door is now open.  There's nothing in there at the moment, however, so go to what looks like a high diving board on the E side of the room and climb the ladder to the top.  Jump to the central floating platform that has magically appeared and from there to the W side.  Push the floor lever for a cut scene of the open N door.  Return to the ladder and climb down. 


Enter the N doorway to find that the door at the far end is now open.  Go inside a dark crate room and pick up the flares at your feet.  Run down the central aisle to alert two guards.  I found nothing in this room, so run to the far N wall and climb the ladder there.  Drop off left and run counterclockwise along the ledge.  Halfway down the S ledge look down left to see something on a crate.  Hop down there and pick up a KEY.  If you wish to explore the ledges you'll find a small medipack near the N end, but I didn't find anything else.  Get back onto the ledge and run to the NE corner.  Use the key to open the door and go inside to load the next level. 




Run forward and slide down into the next room.  Climb up onto the blocks for a small medipack and shotgun ammo, uzi ammo, grenade gun ammo and revolver ammo (something for everyone).  Open the SE door and the next one straight ahead.  In the next room follow the passage until you trigger a cut scene of the six guards ahead of you.  Unfortunately, after all that work killing them, they leave nothing for you.  Open the first door in the W wall for some flares.  The middle W door leads to a computer room with a crawl space in the N wall, which connects to an otherwise empty room with another closed door that doesn't respond to the crowbar.


Return to the main room. The first door on your right responds to the crowbar (all three in the E wall do, for that matter, but all lead to the same place), so open it and shoot the guard just inside.  This one drops a large medipack.  In the room beyond is another guard to your left.  Don't even think about getting into the N crawl space, which is guarded by a sentry gun.  Open the NE door with your crowbar, enter the cell and pick up a KEY in the flooded NE corner.


Return to the main room W and use the key to open the N door.  Go across the room to open the next N door, and the one ahead.  Draw weapons as you enter the next room and approach the NE passage where two guards await.  Open the door at the end of the passage and turn right.  You'll trigger a remote camera angle showing an approaching guard to your right in the intersecting passage.  When you kill him the E gate opens. 

Enter the passage and open the door at the end for SECRET #3.  Enter the room and face a screen shot of  Take from the plinths 3 x uzi ammo, 3 x shotgun ammo, grenade gun ammo (just one, sorry) and 3 x revolver ammo (again, something for everyone).  Return to the previous passage, turn right and open the crowbar door in the N wall.  Enter and look down the ramp to see some apparently dead guards as well a couple of live ones. 


Combine your revolver (if you have it, otherwise the crossbow) with the laser sight, slide down the ramp and jump off at the last instant to grab the ledge.  Pull up and run all the way to the N wall.  Hop down onto a crate and see that you're in position to destroy a sentry gun located right next to you.  There's a second sentry gun facing out from the W wall, so you'll have to get back up onto the ledge and drop off from an opening on the W side to take it out.  Shoot the two guards, one of which drops a KEY.  You can pull back the three corpses, none of which covers anything.


Climb one of the S ladders to get back above the ramp.  Return to the passage, where four guards await.  The door at the end of the NW passage is now open, and the guard there drops a large medipack.  In the next room you trigger a cut scene of a dead soldier in the previous hallway.  Pick up the shotgun ammo, uzi ammo, revolver ammo and grenade gun ammo.  I returned to the dead soldier, but Lara refused to grab his head.  Go back to where you were and use the key to open the N door.


Slide down the ramp into the room below, where a sign indicates that it's mighty cold outside.  One of the pushblocks hides a closed door that you can't open, so open the W door instead.  There's nothing in the next room, so run across to the W alcove to trigger a flyby and load the next level.


Level 5:  TEST AREA


Pick up the large medipack behind you, run across the room and open the E door.  Step forward and find that the previously closed N door is now open.  Continue forward and open two more doors, take the KEY from the plinth and find yourself confronted with a multitude of choices.  Four keyholes and only one key.  Which one to use?  Facing the keyholes and working right to left, #1 is the uzi door, #2 is the shotgun door, #3 is the revolver door and #4 is the grenade gun door.  So, if you wish to diversify your weaponry, now is your opportunity to do so.  However, one choice is all you get, so check your ammo inventory before making your selection.  Pick up your selected WEAPON and associated ammo and climb the long ladder at the end.


You'll need to access a crawl space in the next room (sometimes by moving one or two pushblocks), which in all four cases leads to a room guarded by various numbers of mercenaries.  The mercenaries aren't carrying anything, so open the exit door and head up or down the stairs to a crowbar door.  Open the W door in the next room, climb up the long ladder and drop off left or right.  Only the W door responds to your crowbar, but save your game and ready your favorite weapon before using it.  


You can do nothing to prevent dropping down onto a long slope.  Draw your weapon while sliding and jump over the first spike field.  Kill the mercenaries that are stationed on two ledges on the way down, if you wish, then jump over a second spike field before engaging a mob of five mercenaries.  One of them drops a small medipack.  Enter the NW opening and climb the long ladder to an upper room. 


Slide down the N ramp and engage a mercenary.  You can climb up W to find a closed gate (which never opens), but I found nothing to do up there.  There are more enemies N.  When you vault up onto the first row of ledges, a cut scene shows a gate lifting to release a dog.  Actually, there are two of them, along with two mercenaries.  Same thing for the next section N.  If you try to enter any of the passages from which the dogs came, a gate slams shut in your face.  None of what appear to be crowbar doors in this area act as such.  Beyond the third row of blocks are three mercenaries and two dogs.  In the last area you'll find two mercenaries.  Finally, a lone mercenary guards the N exit door.  He also drops a KEY.


Open the door to release a mercenary, enter and use your key to open the door on your right.  Enter to load the final level.




Pick up the large medipack and mount the snowmobile.  Don't try to explore the trench ahead, as there's nothing there but deadly tiles at the bottom.  Drive the snowmobile at full speed E to clear the gap, and run over the mercenary on the other side.  There's a platform ahead with two mercenaries and a sentry gun, so dismount and maneuver yourself into position to take them out from a distance with your combined revolver (if you had the foresight to select it earlier) and lasersight.  Same with the next platform ahead.  Turn left and drive down the slope, killing a dog and a mercenary by running over them. 


Drive N, but not straight ahead lest you drop to your death.  Instead, drive down at an angle to your left to minimize damage.  Run over the mercenary at the bottom and continue driving N up the ramp.  When you reach the top, dismount to deal with the sentry gun and mercenary platform and also kill the dog.  Get back on the snowmobile, turn right and drive down the slope to eliminate five dogs and a mercenary.  Continue E up the slope and stop to deal with a gauntlet of mercenaries and sentry guns.  Drive through the E opening and dismount in the snow cave. 


Make your way S to the opening, and you should be able to take out the two sentry guns from here, as well as the four mercenaries, without ever drawing their fire.  Be careful, however, not to drop into the trench that's shrouded in darkness, or you'll die.  Return to the snowmobile and drive it over the trench and up the central ramp.  Jump the gap and drive quickly past another sentry gun and mercenary gauntlet without attempting to shoot anything.  Amazingly, when you reach the S wall the enemies suddenly vanish.  Dismount and move the two pushblocks, one at a time, onto the dark tile against the E wall to enable the last secret.  Climb up the S ladder.


As you pull up and approach the crest of the hill, you see a sign ahead with the password (3357) for opening the bonus zip file.  Slide forward and drop into the water below.  You can pull out E, but to progress further it appears you need a key to open what appears to be a closed door at the end of the nearby passage.  However, just stand at the "door" and jump up to grab a crawl space.  Pull inside for SECRET #4 (thanks, manarch2) and follow to a water-filled duct where you'll find a large medipack at the end.  Return to the pool, pull out S, run forward and end the level.