Level by Mugs

Walkthrough by manarch2


Video walkthrough by JoeTheCrazyGamer available here.

You can already see the item of your destination behind the windows, but since you can't reach it yet, you'll have to find another way. Head S, then halfway downstairs and climb the block to the right. Stand-jump to grab the SW ledge, hoist up and enter the park garage through the broken iron bars. Pick up the Crowbar in front of a nearby car, then exit this garage again by climbing on the ledge. From the ledge you're standing on, jump to the sloped roof SE, grab the ledge and shimmy right around the corner. Climb into the passage and pick up the Secret, a small Xmas Tree, at the end. Head back out and safety-drop to the ground.

Your next destination is the "Café de Flore" in the NW of the outside area. Open the doors and behind the counter pick up the ATM Card. Head back out and then W. At the end head into the right street and spot the counter to the left; place the ATM card here and pick up the Cash afterwards. Now head to the middle of the S end of the area (you might want to say hello to the newspaper guy on the way), through the opening and left at the junction. Pass the ladder for now (in the wall to the right of the trash receptacle) and somewhere along the right head down a short stairway to a beggar. Give him the Cash and you'll be rewarded with the Gate Key. Head back up and to the E end of the street, then to the right. Place the Gate Key to open the door, but it's not necessary to get through yet since you need a bike to get on here.

Return to the ladder you spot earlier, jump up to pull it down and afterwards climb it up. Backflip onto the balcony, then make your way W, through a passage, then jump over the railing to the next balcony and from here to the far W building. Open the door with the Crowbar, head on and drop down into the gap. Shatter the window and enter the bike shop. Approaching the door opens it; mount any of the bikes and drive outside, take a left turn and follow the street to the far E. Drive through the door you opened with the key, follow through the courtyard and drive up the ramp at the end. After several slopes, you'll enter a room with a pool in the middle which would be deadly for you if you drove in with the bike, so climb off for now.

Head into the NW corner and drop into the hole to push a button, which will open the exit door. But since you still need the bike to get on, you first have to push/pull the trash containers in the pool in a row with the platform where you've left the bike. When this work is done, you can climb on the bike again and drive into the W passage, then up the ramp. Get off the bike (you wouldn't manage to get through the narrow space alive) and get on by foot. Drop into the right gap, then follow the passage and the stairs up to the rooftops. Run and climb to the far N side where you can open a floor hatch. Drop down into the shop, climb onto the E windowsill and finally pick up the Pocket Watch near the presents. A shelf in the SW corner lowers, head through the passage and approach the door leading back to the streets to conclude this level.