Lara’s Adventure Walkthrough



Level created by: Eelkemama

Walkthrough written by: Nina Croft







secrets: 1 Secret Plate

important items: two Coins, one Old Key



You begin the first level in the big pool inside a cave. Swim forward towards the closed gate, then into the UW passage to the right. Pick up an LM from the bottom and follow the tunnel to the end. There is a small triangular opening to the left. Swim into it and find an UW lever near the end of the tunnel. It opens that gate you saw in the big pool. Before you return there, swim up through the tunnel directly above the lever, go out of the water and retrieve the first SECRET PLATE. Finally, return to the first pool and swim through the open gate which is now to your right.


Follow the twisted UW tunnel to an opening where you can surface and climb up out of the water. In the small courtyard, climb onto the pillar in NW corner and use the button there to lower a block near the closed gate. Now you can pull the pillar standing to the right of the gate onto the tile where the raising block was. This will open the gate leading to the next cave.


From the entrance run jump diagonally to the right to land on the flat area near the pool. You cannot swim across the pool to the other side as the sides of the pool are too steep for Lara to climb out. Therefore approach the bushes in the corner of the cave and jump into the hole across the steep rocks, where you’ll find a lever. Pull it to raise a block in the pool. Swim to that block, climb up onto it and run jump to land on the other side of the pool.


In the foliage, take a look at the bushes in the NW corner. There is an alcove behind the bushes. Inside, you’ll find the first COIN. Once you retrieve it, enter the passage between to ornamented pillars.


When you approach the wooden bridge on the left, it will fall apart. Drop down to the pit with shallow pools. Between two pools, on the N side, there is a pushblock. Pull it away from the wall twice, go around and use the hole switch to make one pillar on one ledge to explode. Climb onto the push block, jump onto that ledge and run jump to land on the other side of the pit, near a closed door with two receptacles. You have one coin for this door, but you need to find the second as well.


Go to the right and enter another cave with burning well :) In the SW corner there is a passage hidden behind a bush. Inside you’ll find Revolver Bullets and a JS that opens the gate nearby. Use it, return to the cave with the flame and go through the gate. Pick up an LM from the entrance.


Wade through the shallow pool on the left and find a lever behind a pillar NE. This will lower the trapdoor in the pool. Swim through and follow the UW tunnel to an opening in the far right corner on the ceiling where you can climb out. Follow the tunnel towards the opening, but before you go through, find an OLD KEY on the ground behind two huge rocks. In the next room pick up an SM and use that key in the keyhole to the left of the entrance. This will lower the block nearby, where you’ll find a COIN. Return through the UW passage back to that door with two receptacles.


Use two coins to open the door. Go through and enter the next level.






secrets: 3 Secret Plates

important items: two Golden Plugs, two Masks, four Beetles, two Old Keys (only one necessary), one Coin, one Gold Key, one Cog, Revolver with Laser Sight, Ruby Cube, Crowbar, Torch


Follow the passage to a door that opens automatically. Pick up Revolver Bullets and slide to a big open area. There are several possible routes here, and this walkthrough describes only one possible. The goal here is to collect four beetles, two masks and cog (along with other keys and items), and you can do it in any way you want.


As soon as you slide down to the ground, enter the passage to the left, camouflaged with some bushes. There is an open trapdoor at the end, so drop through and slide down into an underground passage. Follow the passage and notice a closed gate a bit higher on Lara’s right. Enter a bit broader passage and push/pull the pushblock in the near left corner to stand below the high opening in the far left corner. Climb up and enter a kind of a maze. You will see a closed door on Lara’s right. To the right of this door (when facing it) there is a short passage leading to the first lever. Use it and you’ll get the camera of the door. The second lever is located in the NW corner of the room with the closed door. There is a JS at the end of the corridor, so use it to finally open the door. Behind it you will find the GOLDEN PLUG. You’ll hear that gate opening, so return there and go through, climb the ladder and emerge back to the big open area.


Follow the left-hand wall and notice two receptacles near a big gate as well as a keyhole to the right. Further on, in NW corner, there are two receptacles for golden plugs, so remember this place and keep searching for the second plug. Climb on the rocks with two pillars near the cage with two wolves and push away one pillar to find the CROWBAR hidden beneath (you can shoot the wolves from here). Drop to the ground, head N and find a pillar inside the N wall (hidden behind a big rock). You can blast this pillar with your guns. Enter the passage behind.


Go right at the fork and to the back side of the building. Use the lever on one pillar here to open a gate nearby. Now take a look at the ceiling. Some tiles up there are marked differently. You have to avoid the floor tiles marked with plain textures in the ceiling, or the gate you just opened will close. The easiest way is to head from the lever directly to the pedestal with LASER SIGHT. Once you have it, simply side flip to the left, go through the gate and pick up the REVOLVER. Return outside.


In the NE corner there is a passage leading to a room with two closed trapdoors. Climb onto the nearest corner of the central rock formation (this tile is marked) to open one trapdoor in the middle of the door and drop through. Find a pushable pillar in the NE corner and pull it away from the corner. Beneath it you will find the RUBY CUBE you can use in the receptacle on the E wall to open the other trapdoor. Use the crowbar to take the first SCARAB and climb up through the open trapdoor. Return outside.


Keep following the outer wall and notice a shield hanging high behind the pillar near the E. You will need to use Revolver with Laser sight and to shoot at this shield in order to open the door nearby. But first you can find the second GOLDEN PLUG in the grass near the NE corner (near the pillar with receptacle for the coin).


Shoot the shield behind the pillar to open the door and go through. As soon as you enter the room with the pool, watch the flyby and then dive into the water. In the NW corner of the pool you’ll find the SECRET PLATE. Return to the entrance and climb onto the block there. Now you need to jump around the room in order to get that scarab you saw in the flyby.


From the lowest box run jump diagonally to the left to land on the ledge behind the pillar. You’ll notice a block rising near the entrance. Run jump to the next ledge, go around the corner and take another SCARAB using your crowbar. Notice a closed gate high above in the NW corner. There is a JS on the pillar opposite the scarab, so use it to open that gate, take your Revolver and quickly aim and shoot the shield behind the door before the door closes. This will lower the block on the central supporting pillar. Run jump to land onto it and from there run jump to land into the entrance. Return outside.


Go to the NW corner, use two plugs to open the gate to the left and enter the room with a pit. Go left and find an OLD KEY which is almost invisible against the grey floor (use a flare or binoculars to locate it). Drop down into the pit, notice a door to the right with the keyhole, then climb up the ladder and enter the room with three sequence switches. There are six gates to the right (and six combinations in which you can press these three switches). There are also five gates to the left.


You can open these six gates in any order you want, provided that you start with the first combination in the list below (if you don’t, you might activate a notorious bug that also occurs in the original TR4 game, when the buttons won’t reset. In this custom it happens very rarely, but still, just in case, use the left-middle-right combination first).


LEFT – MIDDLE – RIGHT combination opens the second door from the right. Enter this room and run jump to land on the slanted pillar to the left. Bounce off and land on the second pillar. While jumping off this pillar, make a roll in mid-air and land on the third pillar facing downhills. Bounce off and steer Lara to the left in mid-air to make her land on the fourth slope facing uphills. Grab the edge and shimmy to the right around three corners and all the way to the flat ledge where you can climb up. Drop in the pit on the other side and find another SECRET PLATE in the far left corner. Climb up the ladder in the far right corner to reach the lever that opens one of those five gates opposite the buttons. Run jump onto the flat ledge, drop in the first pit, climb up the ladder beneath the entrance and return to the room with three buttons.


LEFT – RIGHT – MIDDLE combination opens the first door from the right. Follow the short passage there to a lever that opens another gate back near the buttons. Return to three buttons.


MIDDLE – RIGHT – LEFT combination opens the third gate from the right, and the lever there opens one of those five gates back near the buttons.


RIGHT – MIDDLE – LEFT combination opens the third gate from the left. Enter the passage with a pit, shoot the shield on the other side of the pit with your Revolver to raise the block in the pit and use it to climb on the other side. Throw the lever here to open another gate back near the buttons and return there once again.


RIGHT – LEFT – MIDDLE combination opens the first gate from the left. Enter and watch the flyby followed by a bit overdramatic music. The ladder texture on the floor indicates the slide. Step on it, slide to the ledge to the left and simply flip to the left to land directly in front of the switch. Use it to open the last gate back near the buttons. Use another passage to return back there.


There is also the sixth combination of these buttons: MIDDLE – LEFT – RIGHT combination opens the second gate from the left, but if you use the lever there you will be brought back to the room with the pit, from where you can return outside or, if you haven’t picked up the scarab yet, you will have to return there once again. So, my recommendation is to avoid this combination or at least not to enter through this gate before you have obtained the Scarab first.


Once you opened all five gates near the buttons, enter the passage and pry the SCARAB from the wall.  In order to return outside, you will need the Old Key or to use the incorrect combination of three buttons and then the lever behind the second gate from the left. In case you forgot to pick it up before dropping into the pit when you entered and used the incorrect combination already (thus rendering that lever useless), don’t worry. There is another OLD KEY in the passage with the Scarab (use your Binoculars or a flame to locate it against the grey floor). Once you have this key (any of them), you can drop into the pit again).


In the pit, go left and unlock the door there with the Old Key. Inside you’ll find one button in the left corner which raises one block back in the pit. At the end of the passage you will find an SM lying in the corner near the candles. In the passage to the right there is a well concealed pushblock you need to pull back towards the candles. In the passage behind the block you will find the Revolver Bullets and a lever. Use it to lower a block back near the entrance. Return there, enter and use the second button to raise another block back in the pit. Using these two blocks in the pit you can return outside from the pit.


Once back outside, go diagonally to the right and around the pillar near the cage with wolves. Find a button hidden behind some ivy to raise a block next to the pillar. Climb onto the pillar and shoot the vase there to find the COIN hidden inside. Go to the NE corner of the courtyard and use the coin in the receptacle to open the gate to the right. Inside the fence you will find a lever that opens a gate elsewhere.


Now return (yet again) to the NW corner and enter the passage to the left of two receptacles for plugs. The gate ahead will open automatically. Jump into the pool below and use the UW lever to drop the bridge above the pool. Find an UW door to the right, open it and follow the short tunnel to an opening where you can climb up. Go to the gate that will open automatically. Drop near the entrance and go across the wooden bridge. Jump into the open doorway and go up the stairs and through the gate you opened earlier. Follow the passage to the pedestal where you will find the GOLD KEY and an LM along the way. On your way back look up just around the corner and locate a high CS. Inside you will find a MASK. Return outside and back to the cage with wolves. Use the key you retrieved in the keyhole you saw when you entered.


Enter and pick up the MASK from the pedestal. Climb onto the pillar in the far right corner and obtain the fourth SCARAB. Return outside and turn left. Enter the opening to the left of the entrance (when facing it). Ignore the cage with three frozen natives. Once you enter, go right around the pillars and use the JS here to open a double gate at the end of the passage. Turn right at the cage and follow the passage to the end. Enter through the opened gate on the left.


In the middle (green-lit) alcove you will find a COG. Behind the statue to the right of the green-lit alcove there is a JS. Use it to lower the block (the gates at the entrance closed in the meantime). Enter the square corridor, go left and all the way to another side. You’ll see an entrance and a burning torch on the wall to the left of the entrance. Use the ivy to the right of the entrance and jump off backwards to land in an alcove where you’ll find another SECRET PLATE. Drop to the ground, go towards the burning torch and around the corner. On one pedestal (of three) you will find a TORCH. Ignite it on the burning torch, enter the passage there, go around the pillar and ignite the wall torch there to open the door in the SW corner of the square corridor. Throw the torch in the shallow pool to avoid possible torch bugs and go through the door you’ve just opened. Use the ladder to return to the cage and go outside.


Use two masks in the receptacles by the gate to open it. Inside, place three scarabs on the wooden pillars. The receptacle for the fourth scarab is too high, so push the wooden box at the bottom of that pillar so that you can climb on it and place the scarab. The door in the far left corner will open. Go through and place the cog on the mechanism on the opposite side. Go through the door in the corner to finish the level.






secrets: one Secret Plate

important items: three Ruby Cubes


The door ahead opens automatically. And no, there is no way to turn the music off ;) Drop into a room with three receptacles to the right. So, our goal here is to find three ruby cubes.


First climb into the CS on the left just near the entrance. Follow the passage to a door and open it with the lever. Enter the mirror room. A gate near the mirror will open, revealing the first gem inside. If you make a wrong step here, the gate will close. So, look at the mirror and follow/jump onto the correct (grey) tiles until you are near the gate. Jump in with Action and pick up RUBY CUBE. Return back to the main hall.


Use the JS to the left of three receptacles to lower the block and enter the passage behind it. The block will close the entrance behind Lara. Climb into the alcove to the left and use the timed lever to raise some blocks farther in the passage. Sprint/run through the passage and across the raised blocks within 10 seconds, to emerge in a room with red pillars and another RUBY CUBE. As you cannot return the way you came, you have to climb into the opening in the SW corner of this room. However, this opening is too high. Therefore, use one red pushable block at the base of the pillar and push it into the pit in the floor. Push/pull the second red block across the first and into the SW corner. Use it to climb into the opening and return to the main hall.


Enter the passage in the SW corner and reach the room with a ladder. Crouch and shoot to break the wooden cover on the CS to the right of the ladder. Drop down and stand on the marked tile to lower a block nearby. Return to the ladder and go up to the higher level. Pick up an LM and climb into the alcove straight ahead, where you will find the SECRET PLATE. Drop down and use the button on the wall to lower the dangling rope from the ceiling. Swing into the alcove with the JS and use it to lower the block back on the other side. Run jump or use the rope to get there and pick up another RUBY CUBE. Return to the main hall.


Use three ruby cubes into receptacles to lower a block on the other side. Press the button there to use the wooden log which will break a panel in the wall. Jump into this newly made opening and follow the passage to a shaft, picking up flares along the way.


Although the ledge high above seems too high, there is some wind here in this shaft that will help Lara reach it. Just stand beneath it and jump up. Lara will grab the edge and pull onto it. Use the lever here to open the door on the opposite side, and run jump with Action to land therein. Follow the passage to the open area, watch the helicopter landing, run towards it and be transported home.



Level four: BACK HOME

secrets: none

important items: Torch, Glasses, Carrot, Carrotnose



Go to the opposite side of the courtyard and use the lever to open the gate to the inner courtyard. Go through, notice a lever to the left (you cannot use it as yet) and go to the right. Near the right-hand wall you will find GLASSES and CARROTNOSE. Go to the left-hand wall, find a CARROT in the grass and approach the snowman. Place the Carrotnose on it. Then approach the middle snowman. Combine the Carrot and Glasses in your inventory and use it on the middle snowman. A block beneath the lever will raise. Use the lever and get a camera view of the grass nearby. There you will find the TORCH.


Once you pick up the torch, ignite it on the burner near the big door. Ignite two burners nearby to open the manor door. Get in and follow the hallway to the living room with a fireplace. Throw the torch somewhere and shoot to break the vase with the flowers in the corner opposite the big red heart. This will open the door back near the entrance. Go there to meet some nice people waiting for Lara and to finish the level. The Christmas party can finally start!




In Hamburg, 17 December 2013.