Laras 2D Adventure


Level by Alex Chap


Walkthrough by manarch2



Level 1 – First Egyptians Impressions


Head on and jump over the gap for a Large Medipack. Jump over the next gaps and pick up a Small Medipack, let the boulders pass and slide down into the room, jump over the gap and head through the self-opening door. Kill a ninja below, jump to the ledge with the Small Medipack on the pedestal and pick it up. Head on, pick up Flares and climb the ladder. Hurry when running over the second set of spikes, climb the block and quickly run forward (there are spikes on the block too). After the door has opened head through, get in the water and pick up a Large Medipack. Climb on the ledge and head through the black curtain. Get through the crawlspace and pick up Shotgun Ammo which is Secret #1. Return, jump on the block and jump up the ledges above you. Climb into the next room and jump over the ledges to the other side, climb the ladder, backflip and pick up a Small Medipack.


Hop into the opening, slide down and climb the ladder. Now jump to the crevice, shimmy right until you can drop on a ledge with a Small Medipack, from here jump further. In the next part jump up the ledge in front of the door, use the floor lever, jump to the other side and pick up a Large Medipack. Enter the open door, use the floor lever on the bottom floor and watch the flyby. Jump up the first ledge, push the statue forwards and climb the other ledges (leaving the second statue untouched for now). Climb to the top, jump to the left ledge and jump over the second statue, push it onto the marked tile, then pull the third statue on the last marked tile and climb up again. Jump in the right opening and see all three doors having opened after the three statues are correctly placed. Pass them and slide down in the next room. Don't save in here or you might be stuck.


Sprint to the end, kill three scorpions, and be quicker than the spikes.The same goes for the next passage (except that now there are four scorpions to be shot) and the next passage (again there are four scorpions; also pick up the Crossbow Ammo for Secret #2 near the dark crawlspace). Wait for the door to open, pick up a Large Medipack and climb the ledge for Flares. Enter the door and pass the corridors and slopes, picking up the Shotgun along the way. As you enter a larger room avoid the demigod first, then drop down to the floor level (avoiding a boulder) and pick up 2x Shotgun Ammo. Climb the right ledges, dodge another boulder and get over the ledges until you can kill the demigod. Pick up the Ba Cartouche he leaves and then climb the upper right ledge. Jump to the far opening and place the Ba Cartouche to open the door. Note the password GLAMAD150 and head forward to finish this level.



Level 2 – The Arena of Crazy Gladiators


Head forwards, pick up Flares and climb the ladder to the right of the pillar above you. Climb the left ladder, use a floor lever at the end and jump back over the central platform and into the opening. Slide down the slope. In the next room pick up a Large Medipack and climb the ladder to use the next floor lever. Get down, pass the open doorway and kill a gladiator. Get the Crossbow Ammo and pass the next door. In the next part you have to run and jump quickly further because boulders will fall from the ceiling. Ignore the gladiator, because a boulder will kill him anyway, and finally slide down a slope, climb down the ladder and quickly jump to the other side to avoid a final boulder. Drop down to the lower stage, kill a lion and enter the left passage. Pick up a Large Medipack and kill two gladiators. Enter the right room, climb over the block and kill a gladiator who leaves a Key.


Climb on the block, onto the higher ledge and jump to the other side, shoot another gladiator and drop down. Place the Key and enter the next room. Pick up Flares and a Small Medipack (behind the block), then climb the blocks and ledges, jump onto the slope and backflip on the top stage. In the next part use the ladders and ledges to get higher and higher. On top climb on the left hand slope, the room changes and you can climb up a ladder. Jump the ledges and pick up Revolver Ammo for Secret #1 (3). Return, drop down and pick up the Key before entering the next doorway. Drop down and pick up the Crossbow, use the Key and kill a lion and a gladiator. Climb up the next step and pick up a Small Medipack. Kill a lion and a gladiator, enter the next door and follow the passage. Watch the flyby, head forwards and step on the trigger tile, then head to the left side of the ladder pillar, climb and backflip into the passage.


Kill a gladiator and take the Crossbow Ammo with you, then step on the second trigger tile and exit this passage again. Jump on the block ahead, kill a gladiator and take his Crossbow Ammo. Jump to and climb up the left ladder, enter the water passage and wade to the third trigger tile. Drop down again, jump to the ledge with the gladiator (kill him) and enter the passage, get through the crawlspace, step on the fourth trigger tile and pick up a Large Medipack. Now return and climb back up one stage higher (with another gladiator, who again leaves Crossbow Ammo), enter the passage and jump over the deadly gap. Use the floor lever, return and climb into the high right opening. Monkeyswing over the next deadly gap, drop down the ladder and step on the trigger tile to kill the two gladiators. Pass the tunnel and slide down into the next room. Kill a gladiator, climb the block and pick up a Large Medipack.


Climb the left ledge, kill a gladiator and step on the trigger tile. Jump over the next ledges killing two gladiators and take Crossbow Ammo and Poisonous Crossbow Ammo with you. Drop to the floor level, kill another gladiator in the gap and jump in. The door opens; kill a gladiator and two lions, follow the passage and kill two gladiators. Jump over the gap, kill two gladiators and head to the end on the trigger tile, pick up the Small Medipack, climb the ledge and jump over the left platforms to the end to find Secret #2 (4), Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, Uzi Ammo and Explosive Crossbow Ammo. Drop down, then into the gap on another trigger tile and then climb the ledges again, this time to the right, and enter the open door. Follow the passage, drop into the water at the end, pick up 3x Shotgun Ammo, 2x Uzi Ammo and Flares and follow the tunnel. Climb out at the end; the password is IceRocks357 and exit this level.



Level 3 – Rocky Mountains


Head forwards, get through the crawlspace and as soon as you can stand up climb into the higher parts for Wideshot Shotgun Ammo, a Small Medipack and Flares. Head back down, follow the crawlspace and pick up the Torch at the end. Light it and follow the passage to light two wall torches with it. Leave the Torch and climb the upper ledges, first into the left passage, in the icy room, jump over the spikes and pick up the first Key. Head back, jump on the ledge and before the monkeyswing jump up, pick up Uzi Ammo and run through the black curtain. Pick up Grenades for Secret #1 (5). Now use the monkeyswing, jump over the slope and drop into the gap, kill a bat and pick up the second Key. Return and place the first Key to open the door. Place the second Key, slide down, drop into the narrow pool and kill a snow leopard. Head on, pick up the Uzis and get through the crawlspace. Pick up Uzi Ammo, kill a snow leopard and prepare for another spike run where you shouldn't save.


Head forwards as quickly as possible, climbing ladders and jumping over gaps, killing two snow leopards and dodging two boulders (by running against the wall). At the end pick up Uzi Ammo and pass the open door. Get through the spike passages, drop in the narrow water and pick up a Small Medipack. Kill a snow leopard, climb the ladder and enter the right passage (the door opens itself). Kill another snow leopard and pick up the Key. Return, jump to the left platform, pick up Uzi Ammo and place the Key to open the lower door. Head through and another “spike run” awaits you, where you have to kill an eagle along the path. On two occasions you wouldn't drop on the next slope, so you have to turn in midair on the previous slope and drop on it sliding backwards. At the end pick up Uzi Ammo and jump in the next passage. Follow it until you reach a room where you can pick up a Torch.


Jump over the gap (a boulder falls in) and light the Torch, move on, light the wall torch and return. Jump up the ramp where a boulder has been removed, light another torch and wait for the next boulder to roll down, then jump up the ledge and kill the birdmonster. Take the Key with you, then light the three wall torches. The entrance door has opened again so head back there with the Torch, throw it into the passage and then jump in there too (tip: grab the upper ledge, drop and grab the lower ledge, then hoist up). Pick up the Torch and enter the last icy passage to light the next wall torch. Head back up to the three wall torches ledge, drop down right and pick up Uzi Ammo. Jump over the gap and enter the door opened with igniting the last wall torch to find Secret #2 (6), a Large Medipack and Revolver Ammo (you have to guess the right place to pick them up because the camera won't change). Climb up the ledge above the door, crawl through the passage (the door doesn't pose an obstacle) and use the Key to open the door. Enter the next room, the password is AquaTerror13. Head to the right end and the level changes.



Level 4 – The Abyss of Fear


Let the slopes carry you down into the water, pick up a Small Medipack and swim through the tunnel. Swim down, pick up Flares and follow the left passage to find the Sun Talisman. Return, swim up, pick up Shotgun Ammo and climb out of the water. Place the Sun Talisman in the hand receptacle to open the door, drop in the water and find Explosive Crossbow Ammo. Swim into the larger cave, then up and into the left passage. At the end you can find Crossbow Ammo and Revolver Ammo for Secret #1 (7). Return, follow the path and pick up Explosive Crossbow Ammo and swim through the self-opening door. Explore the lower part for Super Grenades and Explosive Crossbow Ammo. Swim up for air, climb out and shatter two skeletons, then pick up Flares and a Large Medipack. Down in the water find Explosive Crossbow Ammo in the upper passage.


Now follow the lower one, swim up and find a Small Medipack and Uzi Ammo. In the lower passage is a skeleton; don't mind it. Follow the middle passage, at the end avoid a skeleton and pick up Uzi Ammo, then swim back, up and through the passage. Quickly pass three boulders (which don't pose much of a danger either, because the steam will carry you further) and climb out at the end, jump up the right ledges and pass the open door. Drop down, climb the ladder above the entrance and use the floor lever to fill the previous room with water. Swim through the open passage and prepare for quite a challenge: Another spike run, but this time with the camera upside down! When you climb out of the water, you might want to pick up a Large Medipack (which is Secret #2 (8), so it could be of greater interest as it firstly appears). After the timed run the door opens, head through the crawlspace, climb up the left ledge and pick up the Revolver.


Drop down and enter the open doorway; you have to use the crawlspace roll (press Sprint) to get out there. Pick up the Flares and climb the ladder, to the right is a Horseman's Gem, a door to the left opens, head there and pick up the Grenadegun. Shatter two skeletons, drop down and shatter another two skeletons. Head through the open door to the right. Follow the underwater passage, a crocodile starts chasing you (don't save during the whole sequence), pick up a Small Medipack along the way, then swim up and left to find another Horseman's Gem. The door down right in the cave opens, swim through, avoid another crocodile and climb out at the end. When the door opens you can save again. Place the two Horseman's Gems and note the password HotRush2001, then head on to finish this level.



Level 5 – Lava Temple


After the drop head on, run up the steps and jump down when the left spikes are just returning into the floor. Watch the flyby, jump over the ledges and kill a tribesman who leaves Poisonous Crossbow Ammo. Get on, climb the ladder at the end and kill another tribesman. He also leaves Poisonous Crossbow Ammo. Climb into the upper crawlspace, follow it and drop down at the end, jump over the gap to activate the spikes, then drop in and pick up Grenades to the left, you can get out safely now. Head to the right, climb the block and then to the upper ledges. Kill two tribesmen and use the floor lever, drop down again and follow the right passage through the opened passage to a slope. Slide down and dash to the end of the walkway, being chased by boulders, and jump over the gap. Shoot the tribesman, head on over the ledges and pick up a Large Medipack. Time for some straightforward platforming for a while.


At the end of the passage, save before jumping on the block, because you'll encounter another one of the “spike runs”, only this time with both spikes and lava. There are three tribesmen on the way I'd recommend you to kill because they can be quite enerving. At the end head through the open door, pick up Flares and pass another door. Light a flare and head through the dark passage, pick up Uzi Ammo at the end and climb up the ledge above for Revolver Ammo. Get into the upper left passage, follow it and climb up at the end. Get a Small Medipack to the left, then climb the right of the two ladders, get on the left platform and push the floor lever. Drop down one stage, head into the right passage, thereon to its end and use the floor lever behind the self-opening door. Return all the way to the start again where you can use another floor lever now, then climb back up and head left to the end to use the next floor lever.


Now climb up the ledge and the ladder to the top stage and enter the right door, here you will get Explosive Crossbow Ammo and Shotgun Ammo for Secret #1 (9). Drop down one stage, head right all the way and climb into the upper right passage where you can find the exit. Get down the steps and the ramp. Pull the lower block once, then go around it and push it all the way into the left passage to lower a block on the upper ledge. Ignore this for now and head to the right part of the room. Push/pull the greenish block all the way left to raise a block overhead, pull the block right again (the upper block can't be moved over the lower one) now climb on the upper ledge from the left side of the pushable and move it to the penultimate tile to the right. Get on the far right ledge and enter the just opened doorway. Pick up a Small Medipack on your way through the passages and crawlspaces.


Save, drop into the water and pass through another of those timed sequences, encountering one tribesman along the way. Try to swim straight in the steam because you might be stuck at one point otherwise. At the end drop down onto the walkway and kill four tribesmen, take the Large Medipack in the middle with you and follow the right passage. Climb the ladder at the end, pick up Shotgun Ammo and Revolver Ammo and progress further. Slide down the slope, jump at the end to not land in the lava. It's time to take out the heavier weapons again, as you need to kill a Shiva statue. After the fight don't exit yet but jump to the ledge at the back of the room for Secret #2 (10), Super Grenades. Now jump back, to the ledge with the door which will open itself. Get through the crawlspace, note the password 7thcolour and get to the end of the passage (duck there) to finish this and start the next level.



Level 6 – Creative World


Lara drops deep into the water, follow the passage, climb out and head on until a flyby kicks in. Enter the right chamber and push all five buttons, then return to the last room, climb the left part of the wall and shimmy all the way right and drop on the balcony. Head on right, climb the ledge and jump over the upper ledges to get further, slide down and follow the passage. You now have to solve a quiz about Tomb Raider. Choosing a wrong passage will be lethal. The safe passages are: up/down. Follow the passage to the next puzzle. From the entrance you can jump to some upper ledges, but you won't get far, you have to rearrange them with the levers below. Use the second, the fourth and the fifth lever from the left, then jump to the upper ledges, get to the far right end and onto the trigger tile which opens the door down right.


Notice a yet impossible to reach button to the right. Drop down, head into the door and climb up the ledge, turn around and jump to the ledge with the button. Push it and drop down again, make your way back in the room you just visited and push the floor lever to open the door. Before entering it climb the ledges again, this time to the top, and enter the right passage opened with the button. Here you will find Secret #1 (11), a Large Medipack.  You can also get the middle Large Medipack, but none of the others. Return, drop down and head into the open doorway. In the next quiz you have to take the middle passage, crawl beneath the fire and at the end you'll arrive in an underwater room. Follow the tunnel picking up Flares along the way. Climb out, in the quiz jump up in the middle water basin, jump over the water gap and follow the passage, jump up into the water at the end and climb out.


After some metres you are treated to a quiz/spike run combination. Drop down left and left along the way. At the end swim through the open door, climb out at the end. Follow the passage, jump over the deadly fluid, climb the ladder, then make your way over the left ledges to the floor lever. Use it, climb the ladder and make your way up the ladders, ledges and slopes. Eventually you seem to be stuck; run into the dark passage behind you and along the way here you can find a Large Medipack for Secret #2 (12), it's pure luck to find it. Get on, at the end climb a ladder and jump into the water basin overhead. Climb out at the end and follow the passage. In the next quiz part use the upper passage. At the end pick up Grenades, Revolver Ammo, 3x Uzi Ammo, 2x Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack. Head to the end of the passage to finish this level. No password this time.



Level 7 – Symphonia – Battle of Elements (Allegro)


After the initial flyby follow the passage through the water, pick up a Large Medipack and climb the block. Kill a ninja and maybe also a gladiator (who might also die in the spikes) and pick up Uzi Ammo and Explosive Crossbow Ammo from them. Head on, through the crawlspace, and jump over the ledge for Revolver Ammo. Drop into the water, swim right, climb out and head on until you can kill a crocodile, further a ninja (pick up Uzi Ammo). Climb up, kill a ninja and watch a gladiator die. One ledge higher kill another ninja and slide into the water pool. Get out at the end, kill a ninja and drop into the next pool, get out, drop on the slopes, jump over the spike pit and kill another ninja. Drop in the hole, shoot the ninja and use the floor lever in the left passage. Climb over the slope, enter the open door and kill another ninja. Head on, kill a crocodile and a ninja.


When you slide down to the left, jump and grab a ledge at the end of the ramp and hoist up into a dark room. Light a flare and notice a camera shows Lara from high above. Head into the lower left corner (in the camera view) and the screen shows a 13, which is the non-registering thirteenth secret. Return to the exit (the door opens) and drop down the last slopes, jumping over the spikes at the end. Climb the upper ledge, then the top ledge where you can shoot another ninja and use a floor lever to open a door behind the pool down below, so return there, wade through the narrow water, enter and get down the slopes jumping over the spikes. At the end watch a flyby which shows a gladiator and a ninja (the latter being killed by spikes). Head on, climb the ledge above the entrance of this next room and use a floor lever. Drop down, get further and kill a tribesman. Climb the ladder, kill another tribesman (he leaves Poisonous Crossbow Ammo) and push the floor lever. Drop onto the block and get through the open door. A tribesman is killed by spikes, you only have to shoot a ninja and a gladiator. Take a Small Medipack, Grenades and Poisonous Crossbow Ammo with you. Head on, watch a cutscene of a demigod and three tribesmen who are killed by spikes. Climb the ladder and another “spike run” starts, you'll encounter a gladiator on the way.


At the end make your way down the slopes, encounter another two gladiators you don't have to kill, then jump to the ladder and climb up and it's time for some straightforward platforming again. Climb a ladder at the end and pick up Flares, turn around and make your way up the platforms. Pick up Super Grenades on top and follow the passage. When you are hit by rays, head quickly forward and you can see the demigod being killed in spikes. Kill a birdmonster and three ninjas. Head forwards, climb over the block and the door opens itself. Enter the icy surroundings, a ninja is killed by spikes, so kill only the two eagles. Climb the block, jump over the spikes and slide down the ramp. Grab the Large Medipack from the pedestal with the Scion and the door opens. Head through, jump over the ledges and kill an eagle, a tribesman, a ninja, a gladiator and a crocodile. Slide down and jump to grab the ladder, hoist up and head to the door texture (presumably leading to Lara's mansion) to conclude this levelset.