The Golden Glove


Levels by SrDanielPonces and Xopax


Walkthrough by manarch2



Level 1 The Sewers


Drop down into the room and pick up a Small Medipack. Pull out the NE block and place it below the W lever, climb up and use the lever to open the trapdoor left of the block. Get down, notice a keyhole and slide down the slope to a save crystal. Head on, kill a rat and explore the back area for Revolver Ammo. Climb the block near the crystal, jump onto the bridge and on the next, then to the left part of the crevice. Shimmy right, climb up and use the lever to open the nearby door. Use another lever, follow the passage and avoid a teeth door. Pick up a Large Medipack and Shotgun Ammo in the next room, avoid another teeth door and climb the steps back into the first area. Drop back in the hole left of the block and enter the now open door with a save crystal. Climb in the next room and push/pull the lower blocks in a row so that you can move the upper block beneath the alcove.


Climb in, use the lever and jump into the opposite alcove. Use the next lever and drop into the lower room. At the W wall you can find two blocks, move both away to reveal a lever and a closed door. Use the lever to open one of the E doors. Now move either of the blocks below the hole E of the middle pillar, climb up and use the lever which opens the W door. Enter and pick up Shotgun Ammo and a Small Medipack for Secret #1. Now get in the open E door, avoid a teeth door and use the lever at the end to open another door, head back out, kill three rats and enter. Use the lever, head out, kill a crocodile and enter the last open door with a Key on an elevated tile and a save crystal. Head back out, place the Key NW and enter the corridor. Avoid another teeth door, drop in the lower room, head on and kill a rat.


Climb the ledge ahead, then the right block and run-jump in the opening. After another teeth door slide down into the water, the current takes you in another area. Climb out, take the Silver Key and the door opens, revealing a save crystal and a rat. Head on into the next room avoiding another door, pick up the Shotgun Ammo in the corner. Climb the only block in this room, be careful with the arrows and climb the upper block, from here jump to the exit and follow the passage, dive in the water and climb out at the end. Kill a crocodile, climb the ledge and use the lever. Apart of the nearby trapdoor, the door in the last room opens, so drop back down and enter the newly opened passage for a Small Medipack and Uzi Ammo, which is Secret #2. Back up to the lever, drop down in a well known room place the Silver Key to open the door and enter to finish this level.



Level 2 Beneath the Sewers


Drop into the pool, climb out first and take care of the crocodile. When it's finished off dive in again, take the Shotgun Ammo from the block and use the underwater lever. Climb out of the wet again, enter the open door and climb the blocks, then jump to the alcove with the lever. This one floods the previous rooms, first kill another crocodile, then dive in, swim back to the first hall and into the S ceiling hole (the N is where you came from). Turn around, climb the slope and run into the right alcove to avoid a boulder. Use the lever to raise a trapdoor, get back on the slope and run-jump onto said trapdoor. Enter the next room with a save crystal, take the Shotgun Ammo and Revolver Ammo with you and pull out the SE block. Climb on it, then on the walkway above. There are two levers opening two doors, you can take either part first.


Left Door: Enter the next room, kill two crocodiles and climb the left block, turn around and climb on the upper platform. Jump to the SW pillar, pick up Revolver Ammo and jump to the far SW pillar, then to the W one to pick up Uzi Ammo. Make your way over to the far NE alcove with the lever that stops the firs in the E chamber. Return there and pick up the Silver Key. Before leaving jump back to the NW pillar, stand at the NW corner, facing W, and stand-jump to the slope, then directly with a left curve on the upper pillar for Secret #3, the Shotgun. Drop down and head all the way back to the area with the save crystal.


Right Door: Enter the next room, jump over to the next ledge, to the S crevice and shimmy right until you can drop on another walkway. Make your way to the W structure, climb it to the top and jump into the ceiling hole. Kill a crocodile, use the lever in the corner alcove and enter the open door. Head through the passage, before the hole head right and around the corner for Secret #4, Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack, then drop into the hole. Pick up the hard to see Key from the block, then drop down to the lower floor and return to the area with the save crystal.


After you found both keys head back all the way through the boulder corridor to the starting area, dive into the water. Return to the lever that flooded the room, pull it back up and the area drains again. Drop down, head back on the walkway and place the two Keys to open the door. Enter and drop down on the slope. At its bottom turn left and use the lever to open a door two steps above you. Enter and pick up a Small Medipack for Secret #5. Drop back down and exit this area to a room with a save crystal. Slide down the slope, swim further and watch the cutscene. Afterwards search the middle hole in the underwater structure for Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Swim to the SW corner of the pond and climb out to use a lever. This opens the far N door, enter and follow the passage. Climb into another area. Shoot the rat to the right and climb into the left passage.


Follow to a door puzzle. The trigger tile at the end of the right passage opens the exit door, but the one at the start closes it, so you have to find another way go left and all doors open on approach, pass the exit door and head to the last door, which was at the right end of the tunnel from the start. Head through, step on the tile and head back to enter the just opened door. Here is also a save crystal. Climb the block to the left use the lever at the far end of the passage to open another door in the larger area you visited earlier and return to climb into the left passage. Follow the tunnel until you drop down in a lower room. Kill a crocodile, pick up Revolver Ammo in the NW corner and exit SE, to an already visited room. Return to the larger area, cross over to the S side and enter the next area. Climb the blocks and kill a crocodile. Drop into a SW hole, follow the passage and shoot the crocodile.


Use the lever at the end to open a door in the pool in the previous room. Return there, swim into the passage and use the lever at the end to open the last remaining door in the previous room. Enter, dive in the water and follow the passage to a large hall. Climb out to the left, head along the walkway and pick up a Large Medipack along the way. Drop down to the steps at the end, search for a W hole which has Secret #6 for you, in form of Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack. Climb out, drop down the last steps and follow the hallway. Kill two crocodiles, climb up the left steps and use a lever on top. Head back down and enter the S door, dive in the water and use the underwater lever to open the door. The current takes you further; climb out, head right and pull the block out of the way to reveal a lever. Use it to deactivate the fire further up for a short time, climb the S steps and onto the now safe block, from here grab the left crevice.


Shimmy right above the spikes. Climb up, jump over the spikes and to the walkway below, then drop down to a save crystal and a lever. Use it to not only start an earthquake but also open the exit door. Head out SW, kill a crocodile in the next room and climb the blocks in the middle. Follow the passage avoiding falling debris all along the way, then some boulders. Here's how I did it: Step further carefully on the left wall, wait for the first debris to fall, then jump over it until you can see the hard to see boulder rolling down, step on the right side then and head up further left as it passed. The door opens on approach, you're back at the large hall. Climb on the central walkway, head W and enter the last doors in this level before you get into the next one.



Level 3 The Zhank Temple


NOTE: If you play this level from the main menu, you can actually save in here, but not if you come from the previous level. There are very few save crystals, so I think the first option is the better choice.


Approach the gates so that they open, dive in the water and find a hole in the ceiling, climb out there and use the lever to open the doors back in the pool. Head back and through, climb out at the end and use the lever to open the next gates, you've arrived on top of a large hall. Kill three bats and dive down into the water. Climb out W, use the lever and get up the steps. Make your way across the various platforms to the top stage again, head N and jump over the gaps as the door has opened with that last lever. Follow the passage, get over the breakable tiles and kill two lions at the end. Notice a slightly brighter block, this one is pushable, so move it once to the N. This reveals a passage, so enter and use the lever, you can hear a door open.


Now move the block N to where you can see a crevice (you have to jump to it at an angle, moving the block directly underneath won't work) and use it to shimmy to the just opened door above the fire pit. Enter, climb the blocks and use the lever in the left alcove. Follow the passage to another lever, use it and pick up the Shotgun. Go into the left passage, use the next lever ignore the breakable tile and use the last lever at the end to open the door in the passage which once was blocked by the pushable. Return to the place where you found the Shotgun, slide down and drop into the water and climb out W, use the lever to reopen the doors and get in. Use the E shortcut to get to said passage, enter and drop into the room with the swords.


Kill a lion, use the lever and enter the next passage which has another lion in it. At the end drop into the pool and dive down in the deep, follow the passage and climb out, use the lever in the room with the save crystal. Return through the pools and climb out, enter the open door and follow the passage to a save crystal, pass those swinging blades. Use the lever at the end to open the door to a room with deadly floor, jump to all marked safe tiles and then enter the open door. Pull the lever to open a door in the first hall, kill a lion, climb the block and get through the passage to the self-opening door. Drop down in the blade passage, get back through them. Return all the way to the main hall through the pool area, the sword room and the left blocks (a slope carries you down in the water), climb on the top stage again and jump to the open door E. Follow the passage, the door opens.


Enter the next room and shoot Larson, the door opens so head through. Kill a crocodile in the next room (which also has a save crystal), use the lever in the NW corner and a SE door opens. Head through for Secret #7, pick up a Small Medipack and Uzi Ammo. Head out, climb into the N passage and arrive in a fire pillar room. The first is deactivated (for a short time) after stepping at the entrance tile, jump there, the next fire is out for a short time, so be quick in your movements. After some jumps enter the passage and use a lever. Return, jump into the pool and climb out near the entrance. Head back in the previous hall, climb up the near E blocks and follow the tunnel. Drop down on the slope, head on to see another cutscene and afterwards slide down the next slope. Climb up various blocks until you reach a green passage. When you get through it, the level changes.



Level 4 Into the Jungle


Follow the passage and slide down into the valley at the end. Kill an attacking raptor, search the rocks near the slope for a Large Medipack. Head further W, climb the blocks for a save crystal, and search the NW corner for a lever. This opens a door up the rocks S of the crystal, so get in, follow the passage with the pool in the middle use the underwater lever in it , pick up the Revolver at the end and pull out the block out twice. Climb it (noticing there's a door in the passage where it was placed), up to the walkway and now push the block to the far end, picking up a Small Medipack along the way. Jump to the E alcove, pick up Uzi Ammo and use the lever. Now jump to the NW ledge and pick up Revolver Ammo and Shotgun Ammo for Secret #8. Drop down and head into the passage behind the block. Pick up the Skull Key in the hole, then return all the way back to the outside area.


Climb the SW blocks, grab the crevice and shimmy right until you can drop down again. Use the Skull Key to open the nearby door. Enter, kill a raptor and move out the NE block so you can climb on it and from here to the upper walkway. Jump to the NE and SE corner for a Small Medipack and a lever, the latter opens the W door. Enter, pick up the Uzi Ammo after dropping down and dive in the pool. Search the rooms for a Gem and Shotgun Ammo, then climb out again and make your way back to the bottom of the outside area. There might be other ways down, but since you can't save I'd recommend you to use the crevice again, it's the safest way. Enter the passage behind the N waterfall, pick up a Large Medipack, place the Gem and enter the valley with all those dead raptors. This has its reasons when you progress further a T-Rex appears, kill him with a single shot with the Shotgun, best in his belly when he attacks.


Search the area for a Small Medipack and Shotgun Ammo. Near the end of the valley search for some blocks to climb in the W, get up to the bridge and a save crystal. From the start of the SW bridge jump to the W ledges, jump further, then over a slope, you eventually reach an opening. Climb in and find a Large Medipack and Shotgun Ammo for Secret #9. Return to the bridge, this time run to its end, into another cave area with a glimpse on some raptors. Follow the path around the right corner, use the N lever and return to the previous room, climb the ledge near the entrance and through the just opened trapdoor. Head right at the crossing, pass two traps and enter the right room to find the first Key. Return to the crossing, get in the open door ahead and use the lever to open the next door. Take the second Key with you, return to the crossing, but watch out for a new blade trap. Place the two Keys in the E passage to open the door.


Drop down into the room and kill five raptors. In the N part of the area, look for a block SW, pull it away and pick up a Gem in the revealed passage; return outside. At the E wall is another pushable, move it W three times, then pull out the block in the wall twice and enter the passage behind it. Use the lever and inside the chamber pick up a Gem and the Shotgun. Push the NE block in as far as you can and enter the right passage for Secret #10, a Small Medipack and Revolver Ammo. Head back out, in the S part of the raptor room, and climb the upper W block. From here jump to the N ledge, climb up and pull the block away to reveal the last Gem. Now jump back in the passage where you came from and return all the way to the valley with the bridge, make your way down and enter the far N passage. Place all three Gems in their receptacles to open the door. Follow the passage and you've reached the end of this game.