Level by Adriel


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Slide down into a fog-ridden valley and head S.  Take a running jump past the cleft into the SE corner for SECRET #1.  Pick up the JUICY APPLE as your reward and jump back out.  There are several high openings in this area, all of which appear to be presently inaccessible.  Go back N where you entered and find that you can pull up W in the NW corner (using only the up arrow and action keys).  Hop over the obstruction and follow the passage to a foggy area infested with spider webs. 


Move the stacked logs underneath the W wall switch, get up and pull it down to lower a block behind you.  Turn to face SE, take a running jump to the lowered block and pull up S onto the ledge.  Note the closed trap door in the ceiling next to the E wall.  Locate a small medipack in the SE corner, then run around the perimeter until you reach a crawl space at the NW corner.  You can shoot the bags here, but they contain nothing.  Enter the crawl space and find a timed wall switch.  Save your game, pull it down to move the trap door you saw earlier.  Hop back, turn left and run between the plants to the near wall.  Side flip right through the triangular opening.  You need to be situated just right to do this successfully, so you may want to practice a few times first.  If you can get through in one go without stumbling, I suggest that you immediately save again in a different slot to be on the safe side.  Once back on the ledge, turn right and jump over the gap to reach the timed opening.  Pull up inside.


The builder acknowledges the foregoing solution but says his intended way was for the player simply to turn right after pulling down the timed switch and go back around through the crawl space to jump across to the timed opening. I tried and made it that way after a couple of attempts.


Locate the jump switch between the stone pillars and activate it to open an upper gate near the start area.  Get back down to the ledge, drop down from the S edge to the lowered block and return to the valley where you started.  Find the nearest opening in the E wall, opposite the large boulder.  Stand just to the left of the vertex of the raised mound of dirt and pull up (using the up arrow and action keys).  Follow the passage to the far opening.  Save your game here, because this next part is tricky.  Take a standing jump W to grab the branch, and swing around to release.  If you do it straight, Lara will drop right through the wooden platform as if it weren't there.  What worked for me was to angle slightly left as I jumped to the limb, then I swerved to the right in midair.  When you finally land on a solid wooden surface, run forward through the open doorway. 


You're met with a fixed camera angle.  Hop down into the valley, where camera control is restored.  You're almost immediately beset by a pack of wolves, four of them to be exact.  Watch out for the darts as you do battle.  When all is quiet, make your way W toward a small lake, jumping over or crawling underneath the darts.  Note the closed trap door in one corner of the lake near the waterfall, then locate the triangular hole in the wall.  Swim inside and pull down the underwater lever to open the trap door.  Go there and fill your lungs with air before entering the open trap door.  Swim S past a fixed camera angle and loop around left.  Follow the passage to a wider area and continue to the S opening.  When you reach the opening look down and follow the lower passage E.  Loop around left and swim up for some air.  Go straight down from there and pick up the BLUE CIRCLES KEY.


Return to the lake through the open trap door and pull out N.  Loop around left and go up the steps toward the waterfall.  Take a running jump SE to land on the raised wooden platform.  Take a running jump from the E end and grab the ladder.  Climb up to the ledge, go to the N end and shoot the bird that's flying about.  Take a running jump N and grab the next ledge.  Pull up, turn right and pull up still higher.  Drop down E and locate the small medipackYou could explore the SE area now, but it's better saved for later. Take a long running jump E and grab the next ledge (watch out for the low ceiling).  Pull up and make your way along the ledge in a counterclockwise direction.  When you reach the NE corner, pull up onto the block and look E.  You can see something in the distance, so go there, pull up into the niche and stoop down to pick up 4 x uzi ammo.  Return to the previous block and pull up N from it into an opening in the wall.


Drop down into the hole for the UZIS, then pull out W and follow to a large medipack.  Step out N onto the ledge to trigger a flyby through the area below you, then hang from the N side of the ledge and make sure you're directly over the ledge with the medipack you saw in the flyby.  I'm not sure if this is the builder's intended way to proceed, but if you're at full health you can pull up, hop back and press the action key after Lara clears the edge to glide down onto the ledge with the large medipack.  This costs a considerable amount of health, which is probably why the medipack has been made immediately available.


Don't jump to the nearby ladder E, or you'll find yourself stuck with nowhere to go.  Instead, hop down NE onto the ledge jutting out from the N wall.  Take a standing jump E to grab the slope, drop/grab the crack below, shimmy right and around the corner to drop down onto a ledge with the YELLOW CIRCLES KEY.  Stand near the skeleton of some poor guy who earlier tried and failed, and take a standing jump W to grab the top of a sloped pillar.  Pull up, slide down a short distance and jump off to grab the ladder ahead.  Pull up into the passage and go around to find two stashes of musket ammo.  Take a tricky curved running jump back to the ledge jutting out from the N wall.  Turn around and take a running jump to grab the S ledge where the medipack was.  Pull up and face the ladder that wouldn't have worked before.  Don't ask me how, but now it works, so jump to it and climb to the top.  Turn around and jump to grab the crack in the W ledge.  Shimmy right around the corner and pull up.  You're back where you started, so go through the passage to the ledge overlooking the larger valley.


Go around the ledge until you can jump across to the N side.  Hop over the narrow rock bridge and locate the stacked logs.  Push it two times onto the marked tile, and a door opens elsewhere.  Go around the stacked logs and continue W.  Shoot a bird and enter a small stone alley.  Hop over the gap and go to the W wall.  Around the corner to your left is 2 x uzi ammo.  The door you opened just now is on your right.  Enter and go through the passage to your left.  Jump over the spike trap in the next room and pull up onto the E ledge.  Push the floor lever to lift a nearby gate and get onto the safe portion of the S ledge.  Take a tricky curved running jump to grab the W opening.  Pull up and follow the passage, crawling under the blade trap, into the next room.


Get up onto the ledge on the edge with the bush and jump up into the SE alcove.  Turn to face SW and take a standing jump with grab over the fence to land in an alcove with SECRET #2.  Pick up the BAG OF RUNES, drop down and return to the room past the blade trap.  Get back up onto the ledge and jump N to the climbing surface.  Climb to the top, pull up and hop E for a small medipack.  Return to the higher ledge and jump to the level surface on the S side.  Take a running jump to grab the edge of the W alcove.  Pull up and activate the jump switch to raise a block down below.  Jump back where you came from and go around the raised block.  Use the hump to pull up onto the raised block.  Take a running jump E, roll in midair and jump off the slope to grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing across the room past the ceiling fixture to the W opening.


Enter the W passage, crawl to the far end and drop down into a trench flanked by two jump switches.  Activate them both to turn off the burners on the ledge and get over to the other side.  Go through the NE opening and enter an area guarded by swinging axes.  Get past them into the next room, but watch out for the boulder trap at the entrance.  Pull up SE, turn around and activate the jump switch.  Get back up and continue up S.  Step forward and push the rune emblem.  Get down and exit the boulder room past the swinging axes.  Turn right at the entrance to find that the rune gate you may have seen earlier is now open.


Enter, run along the passage with the wooden floor and pull up into the N opening.  Go to what looks at first like a closed gate.  It's actually some stacked logs, so push the stack as far as you can.  Go back for a small medipack in the revealed alcove, then pull out into an outdoor area.  Jump SW to trigger two boulders.  Be alert and agile as they roll randomly about.  When they've both come to rest, go to the hole in the floor that leads to a long slope riddled with spike pits.  You can easily get down by sliding backwards down the slope, grabbing the edge whenever you fall into a spike pit, pull up and back flip and repeat until you reach the bottom. 


Drop down at the E opening and look for 2 x uzi ammo and shotgun ammo in the next room.  Pull up E and find yourself overlooking a deep valley.  It looks daunting, but just take a running jump SE to a flat surface.  Turn to face NW and hop down onto another flat surface.  Hop back and slide down the sloped pillar.  Grab the edge, shimmy left around the corner and pull up into an opening.  Follow the passage until you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  Turn around, hop back to trigger a boulder and some action music, and jump to the safety of the connecting passage.  When the boulder has come to rest, jump over it and go to the end of the passage.


Take a running jump and grab the sticky ceiling.  Monkey swing along the green path until you reach the E end.  Release, grab the ledge and pull up.  Loop around left and jump NW over the gap onto a small ledge.  Jump into the N opening and pull up into the crawl space.  Crawl forward until you can stand up, then drop down into a lower room.  Kill a bird, then locate a wall switch in the SE alcove.  Pull it down to open double doors somewhere.  Walk to the W alcove for some flares, then climb down the ladder in the N wall.  At the bottom pick up the SILVER CIRCLES KEY next to the remains of another unsuccessful adventurer.


Walk out to the S slope as the camera angle changes, slide down and jump off onto the central pillar.  Turn left and take a tricky curved running jump E to the flat surface.  Take another tricky curved running jump SE around the pillar.  From there, take a running jump E with grab to land inside the niche, turn right and take a running jump into the S opening.  Enter the passage for SECRET #3.  Pick up the DRIED LEAVES and go back the other way for 4 x uzi ammo


Now you've got to retrace your steps, which I found to be considerably more difficult than getting here.  When you reach the ledge with the skeleton and the ladder, climb back up and back flip to the higher ledge.  Stand near the SE wall switch and take a running jump down to the ledge.  Climb over the block and take a running jump to grab the higher S block.  Pull up and go through the double doors you opened earlier.  Hop down into previously explored territory.  Go to the E side and jump back over the gap to the S side.  Your goal is that SW opening you may have bypassed earlier at my suggestion.  I found that the easiest and most reliable way to get there is by hanging from the edge and shimmying right around several corners until you can pull up S.


Run about to draw out and kill three birds in this cavernous area.  With that distraction gone, go to the E side and find two openings, one high up in the E wall and the other to your right in the S wall.  Pull up into the E opening and run forward to the wall.  Turn right, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing over the row of breaktiles.  Drop down on the other side and locate three receptacles.  Insert your Circles Keys and monkey swing back across (or simply run over the breaktiles).  Hop down to the cave floor, turn left and pull up into the S opening.  Run forward, pull up into another S opening and find the open E door.  Crawl under the blade traps and evade the swinging axe as you prepare to embark on the next leg of your adventure.


Shoot the two advancing wolves.  Head N and slide down into the trench.  Pick up 4 x uzi ammo in the corner and go W and around the corner into a double-layered room.  Hop down and pick up the BOW near the wooden fence.  Use the block to climb up onto the platform with the four flaming pedestals.  Shimmy your way to the E end and jump across the gap for some flares, a small medipack and 2 x uzi ammo.  Drop down from this ledge and locate a large medipack in the corner.  Climb onto the block and enter the E crawl space. 


Drop down into the next room and jump over the flaming barrier.  Go to the NE passage and time your way past the spikes.  Continue into a large outdoor area.  Go to the S side of the stone ledge and find 2 x shotgun ammo.  Locate the NE ice ladder and climb to the top.  Loop around right and use the tree limb to swing around and jump to the SE ledge.  Pull up into the alcove ahead for shotgun ammo.  Get back down to the previous ledge, look NW and see a platform going up and down. 


Take a running jump NW to land on an ice shelf near the platform.  Turn to face SW and spot an opening.  Take a running jump to land inside and pick up the large medipack.  Jump back to the ledge surrounding the platform device.  Go to the NW corner and take a running jump into the opening in the ice for SECRET #4 and a GOLDEN APPLE.  Jump back to the previous ledge and hop onto the moving platform when you're able.  Ride it up and hop off at the top.  Jump your way across the S gap and carefully jump to the raised block in the SW corner (as the available flat area is limited).  Pull up W and go to the other side of this ledge.  Take a running jump and grab the next ledge E.  Pull up, turn right and jump to grab the crack in the wall.  Shimmy right until you can pull up.  Do so, turn around and take a running jump and grab to the higher N ledge. 


Pull up, hop to a higher section of this ledge and take a running jump S to the ice ladder.  Climb up as the camera angle changes ominously.  When you pull up onto a bridge flanked by two waterfalls and start running forward, you feel a slight rumbling.  Pull up at the other end onto a ledge overlooking a scenic village port.  The tasks in this area don't need to be performed in any particular order.


Hang from the edge, shimmy right past the obstruction and ignore the ladder for the moment.  Pull up, turn around and take a running jump to the pillar.  From there take a standing jump SE into the landing, turn left and pull up E onto the block (after picking up the arrows on either side of the block), and use the ladder to access the roof of this structure.  Locate the SNAKE HEAD in the NW corner and get back down.


Go to the S edge, turn around and hop back.  As soon as you clear the edge, hit the action key to glide onto the lower ledge at the cost of a small amount of health.  For a less stressful way of getting here, see the description of the timed run two paragraphs below this one.  Line up with the jumpswitch you can now see behind you, hop back and grab to activate it.  Now that you're in the water, look straight ahead to see a closed door.  Look up for the ceiling lever and pull it down to open that door.  Swim inside for SECRET #5 and pick up the SACRIFICIAL DAGGER.  Flip turn and swim out, looping around to climb out NE at the ladder.  Locate the explosive arrows in the nearby alcove, then climb to the top and return to that upper SE ledge.  Go to the S edge and repeat the same gliding descent you negotiated a bit earlier.  On the lower ledge run forward and find an open door in the NE corner.  Pull up inside the alcove for SECRET #6 and pick up the MONSTROUS HEART.  Combine it with the Sacrificial Dagger to form the MONSTROUS HEART SACRIFICE (for later).


Jump into the water, climb out NE at the ladder and climb back up to the top.  Return to the upper SE ledge, but this time take a running jump from the S edge to the next ledge, and from there a running jump to the ledge in the SE corner.  Turn right and jump down to a large landing with a large stone door flanked by two statues and two large lanterns.  Take a close look at the statutes.  The guy on the right is holding something that the guy on the left doesn't have.  Roam around the W side of the landing for three pickups of arrows, then go to the W wall to find arrows in the SW alcove.   Continue N from there and find a closed double gate.  You can use the raised snow pile to pull up into the opening to the right of the gate for more arrows hidden in the weeds.  The opening to the left of the gate has a receptacle where you can place the Monstrous Heart Sacrifice.  The double gate opens, so get down and pick up the SHOTGUN, 2 x shotgun ammo and a small medipack.   


Jump into the water, swim across to the NE corner and pull out at the ladder.  In the wall to the left of the ladder is a button with what looks like a fishbone design.  Pressing it turns off the flames on the pillars behind you for a brief amount of time. Save your game, press the button and reverse roll.  Take a running jump to the first pillar.  Without stopping, continue with a running jump SE to the lower ledge.  As you land, swerve right and take a running jump to the second pillar.  Take a standing jump to third pillar and without stopping continue with a running jump to grab the edge of the last pillar. Pull up, quickly step forward and pick up the SILVER YELLOW KEY, then hop back into the water before the flames return or to douse the flames that are now consuming you, whichever the case may be (it'll be close).  


Swim to the N wall and find a hidden trench containing the MUSKET and 4 x musket ammo.  Exit and swim up to the NW corner, where you can pull out and find a companion ladder that leads to nowhere important.  Turn to face W and jump to the opening.  Pull up into the passage and step carefully here, as there are a number of spike-trapped tiles.  From the entrance, take a running jump over the first lighter-colored tile to trigger the first trap.  Drop down and go to the adjacent tile S.  The tiles to your right and left are both spike-trapped.  The two S ramps both have boulder traps as well, so trigger the boulders and run back down to safety. 


Go up either ramp and find a receptacle for your Silver Yellow Key.  When you use it, a block is lowered in the SW corner to reveal a passage.  Slide down to a ledge that overlooks a partially-flooded room with a spiked ceiling.  Hop down into the water, but don't pick up that key near the submerged skeletons.  Instead, go to the ramp, pull up onto it and back flip into a niche with a key receptacle.  Take a running jump W, just to the left of the ramp, and grab the crawl space in the dark wall.  Pull up inside for the SILVER BLUE KEY.  Get out, use the ramp to return to the niche, and insert the key to lower a block here and elsewhere. 


Exit the boulder/spike room and jump into the water.  Find the lowered block in the S wall, swim inside and pick up the SWORD (which serves as a crowbar).  Exit this room and swim to the SW corner, where you'll find an opening that leads to a long tunnel.  At the end of the tunnel are rooms right and left where you can pull out.  The N room is guarded by a turbaned sahib.  On the S ledge is a LION HEAD, also two crowbar devices and a central pedestal with a bowl.  Insert the sword in both devices (facing S) and go over to the N ledge where gates have opened.  Grab a generous 5 x shotgun ammo on the right side and insert the Snake Head in the receptacle on the left side.


Jump into the water and swim to the S room.  It's also guarded by a turbaned sahib.  Use the sword in the two crowbar devices and go to the S ledge.  Pick up 4 x shotgun ammo on the left side and insert the Lion Head in the receptacle on the right side.  Back into the water, and swim to the intersection.  Look up to see that a ceiling trap door has opened at the W wall.  Pull out into a new area.


Run around to trigger some action music, and three Vikings and a Valkyrie come running.  When order has been restored, pick up the GOLDEN CROSS dropped by the valkyrie.  There's a receptacle for it in the E wall.  Pull up into the opened doorway and hop down onto the uneven floor.  Wait for the slow-footed knight to trudge out toward you, then run around him into the S opening and to the far S wall.  Around the left corner is a box with nothing in it.  Go to the other corner and stand by the wooden structure.  Wait for the knight to come to you and take a swing, shattering the structure.  Go inside and pick up the AXE HANDLE.  Run past the knight and pull up into the high NW opening. 


Turn around and jump into a higher room.  Kill a Viking and pull up into the W window.  Open the shutters and drop down onto the landing outside.  Pull up left, facing a large suspended boulder and look across to the next building to see a hanging ball SW.  Fire an explosive arrow in that direction to shatter it. 


Hop across W to the next building and open the door.  Enter and shoot the Viking inside.  Get up onto the block and pull down the trap door.  Pull up into a higher room, note the pile of torches and open the NW shutters.  You'll slide down to where another Viking is waiting.  Kill him and get back up so you can get a TORCH.  Slide back down and leave your torch where you can find it again.  Go to the next building W and open the door to an apparently empty room.  Exit this building, go N and angle left to access the next area.  When you reach the sign to the blacksmith's shop, kill another Viking.  The door doesn't work, so climb in through the window and engage a Valkyrie inside.  Pick up the AXE BLADE and combine it with the Axe Handle to form the AXE


Go up the stairs to access another area E.  Hop down to find a roaring fire to your left.  You know what you have to do, so retrieve your torch and light it here.  Hop back up to the icy roof, slide down S and return SE to where you saw that large suspended boulder earlier.  Stand close to the rope to ignite it, and watch the boulder fall to crash a hole in the ice.  Follow it down and swim to an underwater opening in the N wall.  Enter and pick up the CELTIC KNOT.


Get out of the water and return to the knight's hut.  Get back upstairs and use the sword to open the N shutters.  Kill the Viking who storms out and go to the back wall.  Use the ladder to back flip onto the roof.  Go S and pick up the HOLY GRAIL for SECRET #7 (resting on the block that you lowered when you shot the hanging ball earlier).  Slide backwards down the SW side of the roof for a quick way down, drop onto the landing and hop across W.  Make your way S and turn right at the blacksmith's shop.  Find the receptacle in one of the pillars and insert the Axe to open the door to your left.  Go there and insert the Celtic Knot.


Exit and loop around right to enter the NE alley.  You can open the door to your left if you wish and kill a Valkyrie, but proceed then to the end of the alley and enter the opened alcove to your right for the ORNAMENT.  Picking it up will attract a couple of ahmets such as the one you saw in a cut scene much earlier.  You can't target them, but they can put a major hurt on you and they'll follow you wherever you go.  There are two more ahmets patrolling the area down at floor level. However, they're nearly as sluggish as the knight, so just keep ahead of them while you make your way back to the courtyard where you first accessed the knight's hut.


Jump into the water trench and swim all the way back E to the water area you previously explored thoroughly.  Pull out at the NE ladder, climb to the top and make your way back over to the S landing.  Remember that statue that was lacking something?  Place the Ornament in the hands of the statue on the left to open the circular door.  Use the SE ice block inside to jump to the N climbing surface.  Climb up to where another ahmet awaits.  You can take temporary refuge in the hexagonal S alcove, but at some point you need to climb up onto the central ledge so you can jump S toward the spinning artifact and end the level.