Levels by Gabriel Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth




After some lengthy explanatory dialogue and music soon joined by a female singing a folk-like tune, all of which for me took place on a featureless blank screen, begin in Lara's den.  Find and activate a jump switch in the alcove to the right of the television screen.  A gate opens elsewhere (one of five).  Pull the wall switch in the SE alcove to open a door leading outside.


Before leaving, however, you can explore more of Lara's house.  Exit S through the open doorway and find more wall switches in the hallway beyond.  Pull down the first one to your left to open a door to a lounge.  Pick up a green apple, which appears to be the equivalent of a small medipack.  Continue S through the archway to a breakfast room.  As you enter and turn left, Lara's attention is drawn to a painting in the corner.  Shoot it to reveal an alcove.  Pull up inside and pull down the wall switch to open another passage gate (two of five).


Hop down, pull up into the SE window and pick up the INGREDIENTS.  Go to the SW passage and pull down the wall switch to open another door leading outside for later.  Continue along the passage, pull up onto the ledge with the two blue sea horses and pick up a banana (the apparent equivalent of a large medipack).  Note the large wooden door and return through the breakfast room and lounge to the hallway.  Turn right and pull down the wall switch that opens the E door to the bathroom.  There are flares on the checkered floor.  Pull up into the left side of the E crawlspace and pick up the GOLDEN KEY.


Hop down into the shower stall, face S and pull up the trap door.  Dive down and swim N for the LASER SIGHT.  Return to the bathroom and exit to the hallway.  Run to the W end and pull down the wall switch to open the door behind you.  Go down the stairs, note the crowbar door in the W wall for later, and turn right to find a closed door.  There's nothing more to do here at the moment, so go back up to the den N where you started the level.  Turn right to exit the house through the open doorway.


Enjoy the beautiful outdoor area and turn left to run past the small fenced flower garden.  In the picnic area go to the far NW table and look for a STAFF among the orange flowers.  Run W up the stairs beside the house and note the outdoor pool to your right with a closed underwater door that needs to be opened.  Run along the rear of the house, all the way to the SE sitting area where you'll find the CROWBAR.  Hop over the fence to find revolver ammo in the lower picnic area. 


Continue E toward the idyllic pond that dominates the front yard of Lara's estate.  Jump into the water and locate an opening near the waterfall that leads to a closed door.  Note it for later and swim N toward the bridge.  Pull down the ceiling lever attached to the bridge to open another passage gate (three of five).  Wade out on the house side of the pond (near the picnic area where you found the Staff) and enter the house through the front door.  Go through the den, turn right in the hallway and go through the doorway you opened earlier.  Use the crowbar to create an opening in the W wall.


Go down the ramp to a wall switch, which when pulled down opens the door to a flooded basement.  Spike traps are activated as you enter.  Time a run past the first one and turn left.  Get past more spikes and loop around right past more spikes.  Push the crate E onto a trigger tile, reverse roll and go back W.  Turn right at the wall where a block has lowered and pick up the MOLD (which you can combine with the Ingredients to form the PIZZA).  Leave this area, pausing for more flares along the way, and return to the lounge that's adjacent to the breakfast room.


Locate a pushpiece located in the corner beneath a dark tan ceiling tile.  Look up and locate a similar ceiling tile in the opposite corner.  Push the piece underneath that tile to open the door near the two blue sea horses in the SW breakfast room passage.  Go there, up the stairs and turn left at the top.  Loop around and find the keyhole.  Use the Golden Key to open the large wooden door leading to the outside deck.  As you run around the deck, Lara looks toward the waterfall down below.  There's a pile of torches in the NE corner.  Don't pick up one now, but note it for later.


Exit to the hallway and turn right.  Pull down the E wall switch to open the door to your right.  Enter a small reading room where there appears to be nothing to do at the moment.  Exit to the hallway and enter the W doorway into a connecting hallway.  As Lara enters the W kitchen she looks to her right.  Pull down the wall switch to open the back door, then pull down the handle of the toaster to start a fire in the fireplace of the previous room.  Before leaving the kitchen, insert the Pizza in the oven to open the underwater door you saw earlier near the waterfall.


Return to the deck, pick up a TORCH and light it, using the fire in the fireplace in the adjacent reading room.  Go to the kitchen, exit the house through the open back door, and go around the house to your right.  When you reach the front, go across the bridge and turn right when you get to the other side.  Run all the way to the waterfall and light the wall sconce that Lara was looking at earlier.  A door opens back in the house, so leave the torch here and go back inside.


The newly opened door is upstairs, so go to the SW passage in the breakfast room, turn right at the blue sea horses and go up the stairs.  Turn left at the top and run all the way N to find the open door.  Enter the guest bedroom and find the REVOLVER on the SW platform.  There are no enemies about, so you apparently need to find something to shoot.  Combine the Revolver with the Laser Sight, so you'll be ready when the time comes. 


Go back downstairs, exit the house through the den and the front door, and turn left in front of the bridge.  Follow the walkway and go up the stairs to the pool.  Shoot that underwater door in the N wall, jump into the water and swim along the passage to an underwater lever.  When you pull it, a gate opens elsewhere in a passage (four of five).  Get out of the pool, run E down the stairs and cross the bridge to the other side.  Turn left, and just beyond the red flowers is a grouping of orange flowers with a nearby log.  Push the floor lever in the log to open another door inside the house.


The open door is upstairs, so follow the route through the SW passage in the breakfast room.  Go past the door you opened with the Golden Key and turn left into the W doorway.  In the next hallway turn right and enter the rec room.  There are flares in the NE window sill.  You can shoot the painting on the wall, but there's nothing behind it.  Vault into the adjacent NW window sill and pull down the wall switch to open a final passage gate (five of five).  In the other NW window sill is revolver ammo.


Return to the hallway and run to the other end.  Follow the passage to two wall switches.  Pull them both down.  The first one opens the door to another bathroom, the second one opens another back door leading outside.  Enter the bathroom and shatter the barrier with your pistols.  Step into the shower stall for more revolver ammo.  Exit the bathroom and the house and make your way to the pond.  Jump into the water and swim to the waterfall.  Swim down through the hole and past the open doorway.   Continue along the passage to the end, and wade out to the now-cleared passage.  Follow to a small pool room, jump to the central island and pick up the BLUE CRYSTAL.


There's nothing in the water, so return through the passage to the pond and swim to the N end.  Pull out left where there's an opening in the ivy-covered wall and follow the passage to a closed gate.  Combine the Staff and the Blue Crystal to form the CRYSTAL STAFF and insert it in the receptacle.  The gate opens, so enter a flower-encrusted maze.  I didn't conduct a thorough examination of this area to determine if there are any pickups here, but I did discover that if you go consistently left, or consistently right, you'll wind up at the same place, i.e., a phantom floor that carries you down a series of slopes and deposits you in front of a crawl space.  Crawl to the end and drop down to a lower passage.  Follow to the next level.




Having changed outfits, Lara is ready to embark on the second leg of her adventure.  Go to the doors that open in front of you and drop down into another series of slopes.  Reach the bottom and find yourself in a sand-filled passage.  Draw your pistols and prepare to shoot the first of a number of scorpions in this area.  Pull up left for a green apple.  Flip out the other side and deal with the greeting committee of two scorpions.  Note the nearby closed golden gate.  You're in a desert clearing, so explore its perimeter in a counterclockwise direction.  At the end of the NE alley is a banana.   Right there in the wall of the building is a high jump switch that opens the golden door you saw earlier.  As you go in front of this building you see you need a key. 


The next hut seems to have a green apple inside, but I found no way to get in.  However, you can pull back the skeleton near the NE corner to reveal the AMBER KEY.  Shoot two more scorpions near the front door.  Return to the previous building and insert the Amber Key to open the door at the end of the passage.  Enter with pistols drawn and kill the crocodile that ambles out from the side passage.  Continue into a small room with a series of closed golden doors and four wall switches. 


Counting from left to right, pull down #4, #2, #1, and then push #2 back up.  Don't ask me how, but it works.  The E passage is now clear, so enter the next room and pull down the wall switch.  You get an outside cut scene showing a pool of water.  Exit this area and continue your exploration of the desert clearing.  Note the closed door in the W wall.  In the nearby alcove to your left, pull back the skeleton to reveal some flares.  Continuing around the perimeter, note the strange-looking receptacle in the S niche.  A little further on is a pit with a ladder, now filled with water.  Go past it for now and find the open E golden doorway.  Enter, push the crate out of the way and push the disguised floor lever to open the W door on the other side of the clearing.


Go there and find a room with a statue on a slab, a closed golden door and a vine.  Vault up behind the statue and push it off the slab and onto the floor.  Continue pushing it into the nearby depression in the floor.  Climb the vine, facing S, and back flip near the top to land inside a passage.  At the other end of the passage is a second statue.  Push it down to the floor (you'll fall down with it), then into the other depression in the floor.  The golden door opens, so go inside, shoot a scorpion and pull down the wall switch to lower a block and reveal an artifact.


Return to the desert clearing and the water-filled pit.  Jump in, swim past two statues and into the crawl space on your right (that you couldn't have accessed before).  Swim past the lowered block and pick up the GOLDEN AMULET.  Return to the desert clearing and insert the Golden Amulet in that S receptacle you noted earlier.  The block to your right lowers, allowing you to access the passage below.  Jump into the water hole and swim along the passage to the other end.  Pull out and head S to another water hole.  Jump in and swim until you can pull out into a small cavern.  Use the SW block to pull up N into a crawl space.  Crawl forward, pull out and go through the W opening into an outdoor area.


Approach the young woman standing on a small hill and have a conversation with her about some water-stealing monster that's wreaking havoc in the community.  Go down into the nearby valley and find the RUBI KEY in the N alcove.  There's an invisible barrier preventing you from proceeding much further W, so go back past the young woman and find the closed SW door.  Use the Rubi Key there to open the door and proceed into another outdoor area to meet up with a tinman.  The purple "pool" is deadly, so get across W by jumping from block to block (no grab).  You can skip the second block going over, but not coming back.


Near the white unicorn is a floor lever.  Push it to lower a trap door in the corner to your right.  Go there, drop down into the hole and pull the crate N.  Go around to the other side to find another trap door.  Jump up to grab and pull it down.  A jump switch is revealed, so activate it get back to the floor lever you pushed earlier, reverse roll and run N past the large red mushrooms.  Pick up the EMERALD KEY near the wall on the right side.  Use the blocks to get back across the purple "pool" and go through the NE doorway to the first clearing.  Find the receptacle in the W wall near the valley and insert the Emerald Key to open the trap door behind you.  


Drop down into the hole and crawl W until you can stand up, then run forward and crawl some more.  At the end of the passage is a closed trap door.  Pull it down and pull out S.  Follow the underground passage to an open area where you'll find a jump switch.  Activate it to lower the wall to your left.  Enter to find another lowered wall SW, behind which is the jump switch you activated earlier to open the W door here.  Follow the passage to an outdoor area where you're met by a tinman.  After dealing with him, continue through the valley to a closed door that opens upon your approach.


Enter an area where two women are admiring a white picket fence.  I had turned off the annoying looping music long before, so if the women say anything to Lara I missed it.  Jump over the picket fence to find a floor lever in the garden (and note the closed trap door near the S end).  Push it to open the left W door to a small den.  Go there, enter and pull up the floor trap door.  Drop down and follow the passage around the corner where the camera angle changes.  Sure enough, as you continue down the ramp you're chased by a boulder, so quickly round the next corner to your left as the boulder rumbles by.  Don't run too far, however, as there's a ledge with a sheer drop ahead of you. 


Activate the SW jump switch to release a rope.  Use the rope to swing across the chasm to the N side (grab and pull up if necessary).  Follow the dark passage to another area with an annoying fixed camera.  Hit the look key to restore camera control and push the statue on the right onto the rising block.  Go up the ramp and push the floor lever to raise the block.  Push the statue onto the marked tile.  Go back up the ramp and pull the switch in the W wall to lower the rising block next to the other statue.  Push the statue onto the lowered block, go back up and push the W wall switch back up, and push the floor lever back to its original position.  Push the second statue onto the marked tile. 


Pull the first statue onto the tile with the purple design.  Push the floor lever a third time to raise the second statue.  Pull it onto the companion tile with the purple design.  A block lowers behind you, so reverse roll and find a pile of TORCHES.  Pull down the wall switch one more time to lower the nearby trap door, pick up a torch and hop up into the garden you visited earlier.  Jump over the fence and leave the torch where you can find it again.  Go the far NE corner and find a wall switch near a potted tree.  Pull it down to open the right W door. 


Go there and enter the W room where you'll find red and blue shotgun ammo.  There's also a fireplace, but the fire is not lit.  However, there's a SHOTGUN in it.  Move the huge vase to reveal a wall switch.  Pull it down to light the fire in the fireplace.  Move the vase back, exit this room and enter the N room.  There's red shotgun ammo here.  Go get your torch and light it in the fireplace.  Go outside, run N and turn left just in front of the well.  Light the wall sconce to open the door at the top of the ramp.


Drop in the hole and slide down to a new subterranean area.    A tinman walks right through the fence toward you.  Pull up into the high W opening.  The water in the next room looks deadly, but it isn't.  Swim down for 2 x flares and pull out of the water.  The blue stuff on the ceiling is sticky, so use it to monkey swing over to the W wall.  Release, grab the edge of the opening and pull up into the crawl space.  Light a flare and crawl along the dark passage until you reach the PLATE.  Flip out into the water and wade out.


Get back to the area where you met the tinman.  Hop over the fence and get on the left side of the roof.  Activate the NW jump switch to lower a section of wall SE, go around to the right side of the roof and pick up the green apple.  Note the nearby stick figure.  Go to the lowered SE wall and face another raised wall.  Time several jumps over the flame blowers and go around the perimeter to the other side of the raised wall, which lowers as you round the corner.  Pull back the skeleton and pick up the TEAPOT.  Combine it with the Plate to form the TEA SET, then take it back and offer it to the stick figure.  It is graciously accepted, and the front door of the house opens.


Enter the living room and pull down the wall switches in the NE and SE alcoves.  The N door to the bedroom opens.  Pull down the ceiling trap door next to the bed and pull up E into the passage.  Follow to an opening.  Pull out into a cavern, and Lara looks ahead and to her left.  Go there and find a high opening in the ceiling.  Climb the ivy in the E wall at the SE corner and pull out into an outdoor area.  


Go behind the hut, locate and activate the jump switch to lower a block in the small pond out front.  Go there and swim to an underwater lever at either end of the short passage.  Pull them both to reveal an underwater ceiling lever.  Pull it down, flip turn to find the GUARDIAN CRYSTAL and exit the water.  Place the Guardian Crystal in the stone wall near the S side of the house, pick up the nearby banana and drop down through the opened trap door.  Follow the underground passage to a ramp that leads you to a level jump.




Lara has stripped down again, so go to the NE window alcove where she's looking and pick up the LETTER from Richard Croft.   Read it for some valuable information regarding the location of five switches you need to locate and pull.


Exit this room and enter the bedroom at the N end of the hall.  The first switch is in the left window in the E wall.  Apparently this bedroom is "my sweet daughter's place."  You get a screen shot of a closed door.


Exit this room and go to the second floor deck, through the door you opened earlier with the Golden Key.  You can "see the waterfall close from above," and you can also see the second switch in the column.  Pull it for a similar cut scene.


Now, what's "a machine that loves the water"?  As you roam about the house, you'll find a number of switches that simply don't work, and at least one that does work but doesn't seem to do anything (no cut scene).   Return to the previous hallway and turn left to go through the W doorway.  In the next hallway turn left and follow the passage all the way to the upstairs bathroom.  In the shower stall is the third wall switch ("a small place to get us clean"). 


A machine that loves the water just might be the paddle wheel outside.  Go there (the quickest way is out the nearby back door and around the house), and sure enough, the fourth switch is on the column supporting the paddle wheel.


Jump into the water and swim to the N end of the stream.  Wade out at the picnic area and locate the fifth switch in the N wall near the water.  The resulting cut scene shows the door opening.  To locate it, enter the house through the front door, enter the hall and turn right, go down the steps toward the flooded basement and on the way turn right into the alcove.  Pull back the piece (nice close-up view), get around it and shoot the paintings.  Enter the W crawl space and follow to a room with more paintings.  Shoot them to reveal a W passage. 


Follow to a ladder and climb down to a partially flooded room.  Wade S past the first block and climb up onto the second block.  Take a running jump SW and pull up into the alcove where you'll find a wall switch.  Pulling it lowers a block in the W wall.  Jump back to the low block, hop N to the next block and turn left.  Jump to grab the sloped pillar, pull up and jump off the other side to grab a crack in the wall.  Shimmy left and around the corner to the far end.  Release, jump and land on the lowered block.  Turn around and jump SE to the floor lever.  Push it to remove the dam at the N end of the stream at Lara's House in the Mountains.  You're then taken to the final level.




After a brief conversation with the young lass, go to the valley to find that it's now filled with water.  Jump in, swim across to the darker stone wall and pull out.  Follow the path to a hole and drop down.  Crawl to the end of the passage, pull out to your right and slide down to a battle area.  Engage a buxom baddy with a long white tail.  There's a banana in the SW corner and a green apple in the NE corner.  To kill your enemy, you need to shoot her in the....well, you know.  When she finally drops, she leaves the TOPAZ KEY.  Insert it in the N receptacle to open the nearby door.  Go on through and slide down.  There's a spoken ending with some music, experienced with a black screen as at the beginning, before the level ends.