Levels by Alex Chap


Authorized walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Level 1:  'STOLS 4 ALARMS


Begin in a colorful room with a checker board floor.  Run forward, loop around right and jump up NE for a large medipack.   Get back down to the lower floor and use the raised tile with a ? tile to access the first floating white platform.  Jump twice and the third tile rises so you can climb up still higher.  Pick up another large medipack and continue W, run/jump/grab the next floating white tile and stand jump to the next one.  Turn left and take a running jump S to the blue ledge.  Drop down into the SW area and find another large medipack


Climb the black block and use the floating white platform to access the blue ledge.  Drop down where you see two green scorpions.  They won't attack, so draw your pistols and approach them.  You won't target them until you're actually within their confined space.  A single shot will dispatch them, however.  Follow the floating arrow N and push the button on the wall to your left to open up the slopes to the next vast area.   


Don't go right and try to climb the floating white platforms beyond the funny-looking trees, you'll go nuts making the effort.  Instead, follow the arrow pointing W and kill a green scorpion along the way.  Continue forward and push a button in the N wall.  Run all the way E and find a raised black block.  Get up on it and jump to the large white platform.  Turn left and take a running jump and grab to the N ledge.  Pull up, go up right and pull up onto the white platform.  Jump S to the next platform for a ROCKET.


Return to the ledge and get down to the purple floor with orange squares.  Run back W, get up on the raised tile near the end and jump/grab the W floating platform.  Jump to the next platform and drop down into a scorpion-infested area.  Shoot all five scorpions in the immediate area, pick up the CROSSBOW (called the Atomisator here) and explosive crossbow arrows (or atom ammo). 


Follow the floating arrow S and shoot five more green scorpions trapped within their purple tiles.  In the next vast area avoid the lake-like blue area lest you die.  Climb the funny-looking black ledge (facing N) and walk E to the floating white platform.  The black ledge rises, so hop up onto the white platform, run forward and push the button.   Get back down and find that a black block has risen at the lake's edge.  Use it to access the floating white platforms and pick up the ROCKET along the way.  (The rockets serve as secrets in this game.)  On the other side of the lake hop down to the green and orange floor.  Run forward to the strange red and green design and you'll be transported to the next level.




This appears to be a rather nonlinear level.  Here's how I got through.  Angle up to your left, shoot a scorpion and pick up another ATOMISATOR and a quiver of atom bolts.  Follow the blue wall around the corner to your left, shoot another scorpion, continue and pull up onto a floating white platform around the next corner.  Hop into an upper area guarded by two more scorpions (and these do attack).   Pick up the large medipack and hop back down.  Don't continue, but go back the way you came.


Cross N to the other side of the entrance passage and follow the blue wall to an cyan ledge.  Hop up onto it and follow W, killing two scorpions along the way.  Hop up higher N and grab the large medipack.  Get back down and continue along the ledge until you reach the atom bolts.  Go back the way you came and look for a raised light green ledge near the N ledge.  Use it to access the floating white platform and hop over for more atom bolts.  Jump down S, shoot another scorpion and go to the S edge of the black floating ledge.  Climb up from the E or W side, and you'll pull up onto a ? tile and be transported to another black ledge.  (Or get back up via the raised green ledge.) Walk across to the other end and pick up the ROCKET.


Drop down, shoot the nearby quartet of scorpions and pick up the large medipack they were guarding.  From here, go W to the blue wall and push the button you'll find there.  (By the way, as you roam about you may see some white tiles with what looks like a Maltese cross in the center.  Well, don't step on them.)  Go back to the raised green ledge and follow the previous steps to get to the black ledge where you found the Rocket.  Save your game here (you'll die if you fall, even through the distance down doesn't appear to be great) and take a long running jump with grab to the floating white platform.  Pull up, jump to the next white platform and take a running jump with a left curve to grab the edge of the black ledge.  Pull up, walk to the other end and continue jumping along the white platforms in a clockwise direction until you reach the square black structure.  Pick up another ROCKET on the roof and drop down.


You see a floating arrow pointing E, but beware of nearby unmarked death tiles.  Head NE toward the green and orange ramped area, get to the top and jump E to the floating white platform.  Jump E to the long ledge and follow it to a row of floating white platforms.  Use them to gain the black ledge, where you'll find the special tile that marks the exit trigger.




After a cutscene where Lara goes through a pantomime of sorts, find yourself underwater with an apparently unlimited supply of air.  Don't even think about trying to swim over the spikes in the N opening to your right.  Also avoid the nearby patch of seaweed (there are others in the area).  Swim straight W and veer left to approach what appears to be a sunken vessel.  Try to lure the wolf away so you can pick up the ROCKET it's guarding.  Swim behind the vessel and over a ? tile near the SW corner.  This turns off a strong current and enables you to swim to another ? tile near the N wall.  This in turn transports you to another area.  Swim up quickly to avoid the approaching wolf

Don't approach the nearby ? tile against the W wall, or you'll die.  Instead, swim N, then NW and follow the wall until you reach another ? tile.  When you swim over it you're taken near the one I told you to avoid just now.  Don't swim over it, however, but swim straight up to evade the wolf.  Swim N toward the previous ? tile, and just before you reach the spike-protected opening to your left, loop around left and locate another ? tile between the vane trees.  Swim over it to open up an area higher up in the W wall. 


Go there and swim past the small black pyramid to find another ROCKET.  Now you can play chicken with the roaming wolves if you wish and try to pick up the nearby quiver of atom ammo.  Then start swimming through that NW opening to trigger an array of spikes.  Don't try swimming over them, but go down to floor level and swim along the clear areas as you would navigate a maze.  On the other side, pick up another quiver of atom ammo before the wolf reaches you.  Swim N toward the igloo-like structure (a strong current keeps you from reaching it) and look up to find a lone floating platform.  On the top side of this platform is the exit trigger to the next level.


Level 4:  THIS? A DOME?


Lara begins in a room with a green floor, peppered with purple tiles.  Go W across the room if you wish and shoot a scorpion.  Then return and climb the black box next to the vane tree.  Pull up onto the floating green platform and immediately draw your pistols to shoot a scorpion.  Jump to the next green platform, shoot a scorpion, and continue to the third green platform.  For some reason, I found it easier to shimmy around the left corner before pulling up to kill the scorpion.  Push the button here (note the intentionally inappropriate wheel-turning animation) to raise the black block to your right.  Pull up onto it and take a running jump and grab W to the next green platform.


The floating arrow tells you to keep going W, but you can detour to your right for another ATOMISATOR, atom ammo and a large medipack.  Go back the other way and jump W into the opening in the ramp.  Slide down into a new area and shoot the nearby scorpion.   Go W and down the stairs (not along the ledge, which leads to your death).  Pull up left at the end for a ROCKET.  Return to the previous room.  The arrow points S, so enter the passage and kill another scorpion.  Jump onto the ? tile at the back (avoiding the Maltese cross tiles) and you'll be teleported to a higher area overlooking some dangerous green goo.  A circus ball falls into the goo in front of you.  The arrow points to an opening in the S wall, so tightrope your way over there (another circus ball falls when you're halfway across). 


When you reach the end you'll fall and slide down a steep slope while three circus balls chase you.  Get out of the way as soon as you reach the floor below.  Go to the middle of the W wall and push the button.  This raises blocks near the center of the room, which you can use to access the floating black platform.  Jump from there counterclockwise along the floating white tiles (taking a brief detour to a black ledge where you shoot a scorpion) until you reach the platform against the S wall where you find a ROCKET (another scorpion is on the previous tile).


Don't drop from here, or you'll die.  Go back the other way and continue platform hopping until you reach a button in the N wall.  Push it and return to the raised blocks to get down safely.  Exit through the SE passage and step on the familiar tile to be taken to the next level.




After a brief cut scene, draw that Atomisator as soon as camera control is restored.  You need to do battle in the arena with a raptor, and you need to keep away from the out-of-bounds border areas as you do your best to evade it.  Once you're victorious, you're taken to...


Level 6: 1996 - HORROR AND LAZINESS       


You're in a black and white environment.  Run forward and shoot four scorpions, then retrace your steps to the corner of the building and follow the directional arrow W.  Shoot two more scorpions, continue to the next arrow and turn left between the two buildings.  Kill two scorpions and push the button in the wall (normal animation this time). 


Continue S to a structure with a vane tree on top.  It's surrounded by ? tiles on three sides.  If you continue S, shoot a scorpion and step on the ? tile to the right of the structure, you're taken to another ? tile.  Step on that one and you're taken to a third, but don't step on that one lest you die.  Go around it, pick up the large medipack and note the white platform over the ? tile (which seems to serve no purpose).  Exit S between the structures, shooting another scorpion on the way.


At the corner, jump up onto the structure to your left.  Rid the roof of scorpions and find the large medipack.  There are two platform rows, one leading to the taller W building and the other leading S to an unknown destination.  Let's go W first.  Pull up onto the higher white platform, jump across to the longer black platform and get on the tightrope at the far end.  Once across, pick up the large medipack and vault up onto the roof.  Take a running jump and grab across to the next roof, pull up and shoot a scorpion.  Go behind the block and pick up a ROCKET


Jump back to the previous roof and use the tightrope to get back across to the black ledge.  Hop down to the first roof and get up on the first white platform in the row leading S.  Jump the next two and use the tightrope to get to the fourth one.  From there jump SE, then SW, and take a running jump and grab to the black E column.  Pull up for another ROCKET.  Jump back to the previous ledge and take a running jump W to the black ledge.  Walk forward to the exit tile.




After another brief cut scene, begin on top of a moving train.  Hop back a few times and drop down to the rear platform.  Turn around and jump to the green platform with a ROCKET.  Get back onto the top of the train, run forward, jump over the first car and hop left onto the white platform.  See the opening in the side of the train.  Jump there, grab the edge, release and grab the opening below, and pull up inside.  Hop down, kill the scorpion and pick up the large medipack.  Get back to the white platform and the top of the train.  Continue making your way W toward the front.


At the end of the second car you see another opening down below and a nearby white platform.  Take out the scorpion with a single atom bolt, if you wish, but don't try to get inside right now.  If you do, you die.  Instead, hop over onto the top of the third car and shoot the scorpion down below on the other side.  Hop to the white platform and use the tightrope to reach the next platform over the green goo.  Jump over to the next car, get down into the hole and watch a black block rise, making it easier to shoot a scorpion (not to mention getting back out).  Pick up a quiver of atom ammo and use the raised block to pull back out. 


Jump N to the ? tile and you're carried back to a previous white platform.  However, the opening down below is now safe, so the easiest way to get there is by dropping down to the long white ledge and jumping inside.   Pick up the large medipack inside and "turn" the wall button.  Go back, pull up onto the floating white platform and continue W along the top of the train.  You'll have to do the tightrope exercise over the green goo one more time.


When you reach the next car, continue past the hole and go to the far end.  Run off onto the crate with a yellow top and face SE.  You can see a green platform jutting out from the side of the train, so take a running jump to here.  From here, jump NE into the train and look around for a ROCKET.  Jump back to the green platform, pull up to the top of the train and get down at the W end.  Avoid what you now know to be deadly Maltese cross tiles.  Climb up onto the long yellow ledge and jump N to the white platform.  Hop over NW to the next platform, face S and take out the scorpion down below.  Take a standing jump with grab to land inside the opening and locate the exit tile.




You're back in a colorful urban setting, but it looks suspiciously like the black and white environment of Level 6.  It's not the same, however.  Begin by wandering about and ridding the area of numerous scorpions.  Locate a row of white platforms near the center of a group of purple structures.  Climb up onto the corner of a purple structure to access the first platform, then jump S to the next white platform and from there to a black ledge jutting out from a purple building.  Jump E to the next white platform and continue E to another black ledge.  Go to the S end, face SE and take a running jump into the green alcove for a ROCKET.


Get down and go NW toward a police station.  Follow the arrow W and turn left at the police station to enter the café.  Shoot some scorpions but avoid the orange square surrounding the ? tile, as it's a phantom floor that will drop you down to your death.  Go behind the SE slab for a large medipack and push the E wall button.


Exit to the street and turn left.  Note the inaccessible row of white platforms.  Turn left into the jail and pick up the atom ammo while noting the raptor behind bars (wonder what he did).  Shoot the scorpion on the slab if you wish and exit.  Run across to the circus building.  Shoot the wolf with a single atom arrow if you wish, then jump up to grab the W white platform.  Pull up (you feel a rumble as you do so) and use the tightrope on the left to get across the deadly water.   Two circus balls drop down to your right along the way.  When you reach the other side, walk to the N edge and take a running jump NW to the white platform.


Jump SW to the raised black block and hop down S to the jagged black ledge.  Follow to the other end and jump to the green and purple roof of the bank.  Pick up the atom ammo and jump E to the first white platform.  Continue past the circus building toward the police station.  Jump onto the roof, drop down through the hole in the roof and shoot a couple of scorpions.  Go to the NW corner, vault up onto the ledge for more atom ammo and another pair of PISTOLS.  Push the wall button to open the front door and exit the police station. 


Go to the W end of the street and enter the bank.  There doesn't appear to be anything to do in here except push the wall button.  Exit and see that the police station and café are now connected by elevated platforms.  You need to re-enter the circus building and use the tightrope and outside platforms again to get to the roof of the police station.  If you didn't explore thoroughly earlier, go the N end of the roof and look down for a ROCKET on the lower ledge.  Go to the S end of the roof and cross over to the roof of the café by using the black ledges.  Run forward and locate the familiar exit tile.




Run forward and pick up two large medipacks.  Note the sentry guns to your right.  You don't want to go that way, despite the conflicting message of the two arrows.  Follow the arrow pointing E... Oops, more sentry guns.  What's a poor girl to do?   If you think it's worth it, you can turn left and run W past the gauntlet of sentry guns, gulping medipacks along the way as needed, until you reach an open area with more sentry guns, a button that does nothing when pushed, and two more large medipacks and atom ammo.  You'll use up the medipacks getting past the sentry guns again.  Continue E past another gauntlet of sentry guns until you reach a large open area patrolled by a T-Rex.  I couldn't kill him, so I vaulted onto the raised green ledge, just out of range of the sentry gun fire, and pulled up onto the overhead white platform.  A circus ball will crash down each time, so quickly jump NW to the next platform, then NE to the next one and finally SE to the last one and hop E to the safe platform with the button.  Push it and you'll be transported away from here.


Things seem safe here, but when you exit this area you'll find more sentry guns.  Run NE and step on the ? tile.  Retreat SW and run the other way (NW) to find a much-needed large medipack.  Loop around the white enclosure to find two more large medipacks, then approach the wide-open N area that's free of sentry guns.  However, it's infested with flying scorpions.  Keep running around this area.  Apparently the large colored squares act as a trigger to open up an area in the W wall.  Go there, and if you don't see a ? tile on the purple and green checked floor, return to the previous room and run around over the colored tiles again.  When the ? tile appears, near the W end, run over it to be transported to a new area. 


Jump W to the floating white platform, and from there SW to the roof guarded by a couple of giant scorpions.  Eight or nine atom bolts will cause each one to explode, and there's also an ATOMISATOR pickup along with three quivers of atom ammo.  The cage is surrounded by deadly tiles.  However, if you run S a bit you can turn around to find that the deadly tiles are gone and a ROCKET has been revealed.  However, as you approach it, the level ends with a couple of brief cut scenes.