Tomb Raider Salvation (Part 1) - Prologue WALKTHROUGH



Level built by: Gabriel Croft

Walkthrough by: Nina Croft


A French walkthrough by SlyRaider (pdf format) can be found here.




COURTYARD: You are starting the level with three flares only, no guns or medipacks. In the introductory flyby you see the front yard of the Croft Manor. The main accent in this flyby is put on a yellow keyhole at the big double gate. As you can already guess, finding this key is your ultimate goal.


When facing the Manor, go right towards the pool with a horse statue. Drop into the water and find a very narrow UW passage. Squeeze in, use the Look button to get Lara's perspective back, and swim into the UW passage. Pull the ceiling UW lever to open a gate nearby. Go to the surface and climb out. Keep going towards the right, notice a blue keyhole at the entrance to the maze and go through the gate you have just opened (in the corner between the maze and the Manor). Follow the passage around the maze until you emerge on the Assault Course.


You don't have to jump across the wooden crates if you don't want, it is not necessary. However, make sure to climb onto the first climbable crate you will see as you follow the Assault Course. Once up, jump onto the crate next to the tall wooden pillar. Side flip to the right onto the next crate, then stand jump onto the next, and side flip to land on the wooden crate on the left. Notice the button on the tall wooden pillar here and remember it. Before you press it, there is something you have to do first.


Drop to the ground and keep going towards the end of the Course. Drop into the pool at the corner and swim through a short UW passage. Pull the UW lever here to open the door to the freezer in the kitchen. Climb out of the water on the other side of the pool and go back towards the Assault Course. Along the way, notice a closed door near the corner of the Manor. Make a mental note of it. Return to that button on the tall wooden pillar and press it to open the timed door you have just seen. Roll, run off to the ground, run around the corner and quickly enter the kitchen before the door closes.


KITCHEN AND FREEZER: When you enter, you will see two closed doors opposite the entrance and a cooker to the right. Make a mental note of the cooker. For now, go into the freezer and notice a closed floor trapdoor inside. Climb onto the shelf with hanging meat (crawl) and find a button on the right-hand wall. Press it to open the trapdoor. Crawl back into the freezer and save the game. Drop into the tunnel below, and be quick, as Lara will quickly freeze if you aren't careful. Find the pushblock to the right just near the trapdoor and pull it once. You have to return to the freezer to avoid freezing before you continue. Drop again into the tunnel, follow the passage around and pick up the LABYRINTH KEY from the floor. Haste back to return to the freezer before Lara freezes to death. Leave the kitchen and go back to the Assault Course. Go right, back to the Course, and all the way around back to the Labyrinth entrance.


LABYRINTH: Unlock the entrance door and enter. The labyrinth is not large. Keep going and exploring, until you find an opening in the floor. Drop down, follow the passage and climb up into a small garden. Pick up the FRONT DOOR KEY, return to the labyrinth and make your way back to the entrance and front yard of the Manor. Unlock the main Manor door with the key you have just found.


GYM: You can choose to go upstairs first (into the Bedroom), but to save some time and avoid backtracking, better go into the Gym first. It is located downstairs, straight ahead from the entrance. The left-hand passage leads to the Dining Room, the right-hand passage leads to the Gym. Once there, climb onto the short pillar straight ahead. Turn right, jump up to grab the Monkey Swing, and traverse to the next pillar where you can drop and use the wall lever to raise some block to the right.


Drop to the floor, climb onto the raised blocks, and once on the higher, crawl into the opening in the wall and to the left. Use the wall lever here to raise another block in the Gym. Drop to the floor, climb onto the lower blue block and run jump to grab the edge of the higher raised block. Jump up and monkey swing forwards, then to the left around the corner, and all the way until you hang against the wall with the opening. Drop to grab the lower edge of the opening, crawl in and use the third lever to raise yet another block in the Gym. Remember this lever, as you'll have to use it again. Drop to the floor of the Gym.


Once again, climb onto the block where you started, jump to grab the pole and jump forwards from the pole to land onto the tall blue block you have just raised. From this block, jump to grab the JS which will lower a block in the corner of the Gym. Go there and find a pushable statue in the alcove. You have to push it onto the marked grey tile near the entrance, but the raised blue block is in your way. Therefore, return to that third wall lever and use it again to lower this block. Now you can pull the statue out of the alcove and push it onto the marked tile. Once you do this, the door on the other side of the Gym will open. Go there and drop into the pool. Use the UW lever to open a door upstairs. Leave the Gym and go up the stairs which are now on your left.


LIBRARY: When you climb up the stairs, go right around the fence and through the door you have just opened. Go into the library, to the right from the central shelf and find an SM on the carpet. Go around the central shelf and enter the Study. Go to the other side, around the sofa, and climb into the window. Pick up the MOLD from the window and return to the Library and down the stairs.


DINING ROOM: This time, enter the left-hand passage downstairs leading to the Dining room. If you use the wall lever to the left in a short passage, you'll open the door to the Kitchen. Do not go there yet, but enter the Dining room with tables. Notice one painting on the wall to the right. Make a mental note of it. You need pistols to break it. For now, climb into the window ahead and pick up the CAKE. Now you can open the door between two dining tables using the wall lever and enter the Kitchen again. Combine the Cake with the Mold in the Inventory to get the CAKE TO BAKE and use it in front of the cooker. For some reason, this action will open the door upstairs, leading to the Attic.


BEDROOM: Leave the kitchen and Dining room and go upstairs. Before you go to the Attic, first go to the Bedroom. So, go up the stairs which are on your right when you exit the Dining room. On top of the stairs, go to the right and enter the Bedroom. You will see two closed doors in the corner near the bed. For now, climb into the right-hand window and use a JS to open the door to the Bathroom. Go into the corner of the bedroom and enter the Bathroom. Use a button in the window here to open the door of the closet.


Return to the Bedroom and enter the closet you have just opened. Pick up FLARES, LM, BINOCULARS and DUAL GUNS from the closet and notice a closed door here. Now when you have the guns, return to the Bathroom and shoot to break the glass door of the shower booth. Pick up SECRET #1: FLARES from the shower, return to the Bedroom and to the staircase. Don't go down, but go straight ahead towards the opposite corner, and through the door you have opened when you baked the cake. Go up the stairs to the left and enter the Attic.


ATTIC: All crates here are pushable, but you don't have to move them all. There are two pushblocks which look different than the other. The first such block is on the right when you enter. Push it into the corner and find the SECRET #2: LM. Find the second such block on the left and pull it back towards the entrance until you reveal the window. Shoot to break it. Drop onto the balcony below and pick up the red CLOSET KEY. Drop over the fence down into the courtyard. Go to the Kitchen and enter the Dining room. Shoot to break the painting you saw earlier, jump inside the alcove and find the SECRET #3: SM. Return to the kitchen and go out to the courtyard.


FINALE: Once out, go left, to the end of the courtyard. You will see a closed Combat Training door. Find a lever shaped as a wooden log and use it to open the door. Enter through this door, pick up an SM to the left, and enter the arena to the right. Kill the enemy here and pick up his PLUG. Exit through the passage in the far left corner from the entrance, follow the passage and go left near the labyrinth wall. Use the wall lever to open the gate and return to the front door to the Manor.


Enter the Manor, go up the right-hand staircase and to the right. Go past the Library door, and use the Plug into the device to open the door to the big Bathroom. Inside the bathroom. climb into the window and use the JS to open the door you saw earlier in the closet. Go out, around the perimeter, enter the Bedroom again and go into the closet. Use the red Closet key in the keyhole here to make a dangling rope appear in the main hall of the Manor.


Once you exit the Bedroom, run jump to land onto the first chandelier. Run jump to land onto the second chandelier and from here, run jump to grab the rope. Swing and jump off the rope to land into the alcove directly above the entrance to the Manor. Finally, pick up the yellow MANOR GATES KEY and drop down to the floor. Exit the Manor, go straight ahead towards the gate and unlock it with the newly obtained key. When you go through the gate, the level will finish, showing you the statistics.




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