BtB 2014 - Fight for the Right ToÖ

Level by Thierry Stoorne

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

3 Secrets. Hard level at times.

Dropping into a pool, swim straight to the other end, climb out onto the waterfall and go right to that walkway, all the way to the other end, either jump over the snake of kill it. Look right over the pool and spot an alcove with a jump lever, jump over and open a barrier to the right of you. Jump back and go left onto the outcrop, jump to the other side and left into the opening.

Tricky Staircase.

Look left and spot a staircase, stand left and run jump up onto a marked tile left of it, stay close to the left wall as no less than 3 boulders come down. The trick to get through that gate on top is to jump from tile to tile without touching other ground. Only stand jumps are required, so first hop across to the N and left a bit, then a hop straight up to the next, diagonally across and straight up again. Hop onto the tile on the stairs and the lattice gate opens up. Donít get fooled, thereís another tile straight up and a bit left. Use that to jump to the gate. If the gate closes in the process, start at the bottom tile again.

The MP5 and Open a Gate.

Shoot a crate left and get the MP5 ammo, shoot the soldier a bit further and then run to the end and jump up right into the portal with the second soldier. Shoot the crate there and get the MP5. Hop back up into the portal. From standing in the SW corner; look up in the hole in the ceiling where the daylight comes in. Thereís a jump lever you have to jump to and operate to open the gate behind you. Stand in the corner close to it and aim straight for the lever, stand jump and grab it, go through the gate.

Knife Ball Galore.

As soon as you set foot in the next room, a Knife ball drops from the ceiling. There are many more. Run down from the block, try jump with a curve around the first and run from block to block with little curves and a running jump to the safe floor, you should just pass the balls before they open up. Use the pulley wheel to open the door to the Waterfall Room.

Waterfall Room.

From where you stand you can spot a pulley wheel on a pillar across and a bit left. Go left along the walkway over gaps and right to jump and grab the block with the spikes, shimmy around to get the Flares. Jump down to a corner block and get down to the water level, shoot the crocs from standing in shallow water. Go to the other end of the room, up on the ledge and climb the blocks to the right (lattice gate is for later). Turn around and jump to the corner block (NE). Turn left and jump the blocks to the pulley wheel. Jump down to the pool and get into the trapdoor you opened (E). Follow through to a yard with 3 Bells and gates.

3 Bell Yard: E gate, Green Orb Jump Puzzle.

Shoot all three bells to open a gate (E), go there and drop down, climb down a ladder and stand at the next edge, turn around and take a step forward. Now hop back and hit Ctrl as soon as you passed the edge so youíll end up on a narrow ledge below. Turn left and spot some ledges. Drop down to grab the ledge below.


Hang from the edge and shimmy right to hang from a slanted block (over a spike trap), hit the down arrow and Lara will back jump to that ledge. Turn around and stand left, hop forward to grab that flat ledge SE and shimmy left around the corner, jump straight up to grab the sloped ledge above and go right a bit. Now back jump onto a ledge behind you, hang from the edge, shimmy left and pull up. Run jump forward into the corner of the room to get the Green Orb.


Drop down through the hole in the floor and jump to grab to the N side. Turn left between the two pillars (gong) and turn around at the edge, hang and drop to grab the block below. Go left around the corner and stop.

Back jump to a sloped block and jump right when you bounce off. Immediately right again to the left side of the next spike slope and then slide far to just jump onto the lower tip of the last spike ledge, immediately jump left to land on the sloped block leading to the spike trap between the pillars. Run through the spikes (donít jump) off onto a slope below (you have to hİt thıs ledge) and jump to get to the ledge where you can place the Orb (click for video (3 MB)).

A bridge is rolled out, follow the bridge to the end and in the alcove to the right is a jump lever opening up gates in the top of the room. Go back to the Orb receptacle, face NW and spot a triangular opening with a Medipack. Run jump and grab the right hand corner of the opening and pull up in to get Secret #1, a Medipack. Hang out the other side and go to the right against the wall, jump up to the crooked ledge above. Walk forward a bit and look down S, thereís the Orb again. Hop with a sharp left curve to that slope behind the spike trap opposite the Orb ledge (you canít see it from there- screenshot below) and hop back to the Orb ledge.


The Jungle Sword.

Back over the bridge and jump to the corner block, turn left and jump to grab the higher floor N again, go all the way around to the sloped blocks NW. Jump over the slope on the walkway to the floor behind it and turn left in the end. Walk against that sloped block there and stand left. Hop back, jump over the top and immediately jump again to grab the crack ahead (screen below).


Do Route1 from above again. Jump straight up to the one above, go left around the corner and drop to the lower one again. Right around the corner to hang on the slope as when you started here and back jump to the ledge above the Orb. Follow the route up as before to the upper ledges and go to a single ledge N and turn left to run jump and grab the ledge behind the open gate. Jump over to the pedestal and grab the Jungle Sword, a gate opens on the Bell Yard.

Getting Out.

Safety drop to the ledge below and face the sloped block S again (screenshot above). Hop onto the slope, immediately jump again to grab the crack ahead. Jump straight up to the one above and go left around the corner, pull up and back flip to a slope behind, jump again and grab the exit ledge, climb up to the Bell Yard.

3 Bell Yard: W gate, Color Puzzle.

Go straight into the gate ahead and take a right in the end at the keyhole. Shoot some bats and go down the steps, shoot a tiger and find the Lion Key near a skeleton at a gate. Back up and use the Key to open that barrier next to it.Inside only jump the 5 bluish tiles and touch nothing else so the wall torches light up. Jump back only using blue tiles and up to the floor (torches still burning). Make your way back down the steps in the other room to the gate where you got the Key.

River Courtyard.

Look up the 4 soldiers here and quickly go around to shoot them before they start launching grenades. Pick up 4x MP5 ammo dropped by the soldiers and go to the S side of the yard. Grab up to the roof and then to the ledge above, a flyby shows the route. There are Marked tiles on pillars all around the Gazebo in the middle. They will open gates in the passage N.

Barrier Puzzle, the MP5.

First jump to the far end and shoot the crate to get the MP5 ammo. Go back a bit and jump the pillars to the roof of the Gazebo. Around the roof are 4 pillars with the distinctive flower pattern, each opens a set of barriers in the N passage, they are Timed however.

First jump to the marked pillar N of the roof and then into the passage N, pick up the MP5 and the barriers will probably close behind you. Stand on the higher part of the floor E and grab up into the crawlspace, follow to the crossing and climb down to the right. Follow down to where you are back in the Courtyard. So thatís the MO here you can get out of each compartment through the bypasses.

Each compartment of the passage has its pickup. Second one is Bazooka ammo, third has a Medipack and in the last is the Bazooka. I went for them one by one, getting the hang of it in the process. You can look on this diagram to see which tile opens which barrier.


Start at #4 (S), hop onto the roof, jump to #3 (NE), landing a bit on the outside so you can immediately side flip onto the roof, run and jump in good faith over the edge to #2 (NW) and back flip onto the roof, now a running jump to #1 (N) and with a running jump through to the passage. Do this a couple of times and when you pick up the Bazooka, the last barrier opens and stays open. So the final run will be all the way through.

Skeleton Hunt, Open the Doors.

Run left or right, down the stairs and op the other side to come back to the same room, gather all the skeletons behind you and when you go up the last stairs to the first room, roll and shoot them with a super grenade, this way the explosion is contained in the passage and thatís safer for you.

Go into the passage to the face doors (N) and throw the floor lever left of the doors. Doors open at the bottom of the long stairs so get back down there and enter.

Hall with the Gold Statues and Levers.

In the back (S) are 4 blocks with levers, from left to right 1 through 4. Each combination opens a barrier in a place below the central pool and you can see which one by looking for the wall torches under the statues.

-1: Levers 1-2-4, dive into the central pool (not the one between the levers) of the room, swim through to a passage and go left to the open barrier, climb out and inside get past the moving blade and shoot the crate, pick up Flares and throw the lever with the Sword. A screen of a trapdoor in the water passage. Shoot the barrel left of the lever to get a Medipack. Get back to the 4 levers.

-2: Levers 1-2-3, dive into the central pool of the room, swim through to a passage and go left to the open barrier, climb out and inside run jump through the spike trap to operate lever #2.

-3: Levers 1-3-4, dive into the central pool of the room, swim through to a passage and go right to the open barrier, climb out and inside run jump through the spike trap to operate lever #3.

The Yang Piece.

-4: Levers 2-3-4, dive into the central pool of the room, swim through to a passage and go right to the open barrier, climb out and get through the blade, shoot all barrels to get some Uzi ammo and the Yang Piece. Use the last lever #4 and the trapdoor opens up.

Stone Monkey Warriors, the Yin Piece.

Swim out and right, up through the open trapdoor and find 10 Stone Monkey Warriors. Shoot the third one right and try not to hit the first one left. When heís dead he will leave the Yin Piece. The first left Warrior leaves nothing so better try and leave him untouched. The rest are empty shells.

Go up into the alcove in the back and use the Yin-Yang Puzzle there to open the trapdoor close by.

The Green Orb.

Grab up at the trapdoor, shimmy right around the corner and pull up, back flip and keep jumping till you can grab the ledge at the Orb. Pick up the Green Orb and a lattice gate in the Waterfall Room opens up. Go to the face doors and open them with the Sword lever.

The Way Back to Use the Orb.

Go left or right down the stairs, back to the Hall with the Gold Statues and now dive into the tunnel between the levers, a block lowered here, grab Secret #2, the Bow.

Swim through the tunnel and pick up Bazooka ammo at a skeleton and go up to the gazebo. Leave S and go back to the Yard with the 3 Bells. Hop into the water in the middle and swim back to the Waterfall Room.

Get out NE and climb the blocks again to the open gate E and go in, climb down to the receptacle for the Orb, shoot some bats and place the Orb to see a third gate open up on the 3 Bell Yard. Go straight to the E and shoot another bat to go back to the 3 Bell Yard through the new shortcut.

3 Bell Yard: N gate, Waterworks.

Drop down into the flooded tunnels of the waterworks, wait for 2 crocs and shoot them, follow left around corners into a small compartment and find the Wooden Cog on the floor. Go back and straight to a large Hall (E). So thatís where all that water wentÖ

On the floor near the entrance is a skeleton, pull it away from the Wooden Hub. Combine that with the Cog and get a Wooden Cog Switch.

Go straight through (E) and up a small ladder left, use the wheel to open the barrier and go up to where you can use the Wooden Cog Switch to open a barrier in a passage above. Turn right and climb up, turn around and hop over the hole, follow the passage over another hole to the end where that barrier opened.

Next part you have to find out what works best for you. There are 3 soldiers and some explosive crates in the far left corner. I shot those crates with the MP5 and pulled Lara back out of the way as the whole place explodes, the soldiers were gone.

Jump over to the left or right ledge and donít go past the red signs. Youíll have to run jump over the sloped blocks to grab the ledge in front of the open gate. Get on the block and face the gate, jump to grab the plants and climb up. Go around to a passage in the back (E) and follow through to a last window right. In front is a sloped block and behind it is a lava pit. Hop over the top of the block and jump to grab the monkey climb ceiling, go over to drop at the other end. Turn around and jump back into that windowsill in the middle and shoot the barrel to get Secret #3, MP5 ammo. Jump out right to follow the passage.

Lava Room with Switching Ledges.

I used the windows on the right and the correct ledges to get a window with a chain. Pull the chain and turn around to see an open gate in the opposite wall. Jump to the ledge when it appears and grab up, Go down for Secret #4, a Medipack. Jump back and get up in the window with the chain, proceed to the next window and spot a block with a lever in the corner, the ledge one square from the lever will be there in both of the switching ledges, so jump there and face the lever.

Jump to the lever to land as soon as the ledge is there and use the lever, then side flip right to get into the open lattice door. Youíll come to another lava pit with spikes this time. Use the window on the right to do this in two stages and get across and follow to a room with a lattice gate.

Flooded Basements, the Magnum and Wooden Cog Switch.

Climb down the ladder (right of the entrance) a bit and back flip to the ledge. Go to the barrels and shoot them, get Uzi ammo and throw that lever with the Sword. Get back into the pool as doors opened in there (N), swim into the next place and left, then right/left to the next section and on the bottom is Magnum ammo. Swim further and right (or left) to a steel fence, climb it and back flip with a roll to the ledge.

Quickly jump up S and take out any resistance, grab fallen MP5 ammo and go look for the other soldier that will also drop MP5 ammo. On the walkway in the middle of this room is the Wooden Hub. Now go back to the N side and find ledges with cracks so you can shimmy into an alcove with a skeleton. Youíll find the Magnum, the Wooden Cog and a Medipack. Dive back into the water, get back to the room with the ladder (S) and climb the ladder a bit, back flip to the ledge where the barrels were, combine the two pieces to place the Wooden Cog Switch (NE) and the lattice gate opens up on the upper floor. Climb back up. Get through the gate W and follow through, over another lava pit (use the window in the middle) to the Temple Area.

The Temple.

From the entrance drop down into the water, swim left (N) through the arch, and find a fence in the back; go left and climb the fence. Transfer to the monkey climb and go to the jump lever left of you (W), a trapdoor opens up.

To the Trapdoor, open the Barrier.

Swim back through the arch, climb the nearby slanted block (under the entrance), back flip and turn to jump up to that pulley wheel (#1) in the alcove S, screen of a barrier. Shimmy left along the edge and pull up in the next window. Jump down to the grassy block in the water and then up into the next alcove with a pulley wheel S (#2), the barrier goes down.

From this alcove a curved jump to the floor NE and go left around the edge of the pool to the opening on the N floor from where you can jump onto the top of that arch in the pool. Face the entrance W and look down right to spot the open barrier. Slide down and jump to grab the crack, go right and through the open barrier.

Dark Flooded Room, the Serpent Gem.

Swim through the tunnel and all the way up in the flooded room, to the ladder N and up to the monkey climb. Go to the jump lever (#1) and get a screen of a Serpent Gem. Climb out at the W side ladder, go up and to the jump lever (#2) for that barrier and it lowers. Climb out of the pool, go to the E side and run jump to grab the spike block in the pool. DO NOT pull up, but hit ďAlt and upĒ to jump up and grab the monkey climb above, turn around and go to an opening in the wall, follow up to the Serpent Gem.

Using the Gem.

The barrier in front opens, so go through. Grab up to the grate in front and climb up and left over spike traps. At the last go up some more and then climb right around corners to go over the last spikes and drop onto a slope.

Hang into the pit and use the cracks (look for them) to get down and right to shimmy into the passage, at the end a jump to grab the jump lever over the water and swim through to go through a hole in the floor and out that open barrier E. Find your way through S ending up at the fence, go up left or right and back flip into an opening. Look left or right (N) and jump grab up to the floor above, jump the ledges to the far N end and shoot a crate to get MP5 ammo. Go back S and jump up onto a roof to get back to the pool and go left, then right and get to that Buddha statue at the pool to use the Serpent Gem. A trapdoor opens under this floor, so hop down and go swim down in that trapdoor and follow through some tunnels to an open area with soldiers.

Battle for the Quad.

Swim W and right and wade up next to the waterfall to climb up N and go look for those soldiers, first one to the right (N) has a Yang Piece, turn back and the next has MP5 ammo. Up on a wooden walkway N is another one (MP5 ammo), to the left you can see the Quad (NW). More soldiers when you go right along that walkway and jump down to the right in the other side of the place, the one below drops the Yin Piece. The one on the wooden walkway overlooking the river has the Ancient Shaft Key. You need some tactics to survive this Battle and save often.

Out with the Quad.

Go to the NE structure where you can use that Ancient Key to open the lattice door to the right of you. Thatís where you have to get into with the Quad in a bit. Now get down to the NW corner, use the Yin Yang Symbol to open the barrier and get the Quad out.

Go straight and right around the wall to a ramp where you can jump over the river, go left and up a ramp to jump to the wooden walkway. Follow left around, jump over the river once more and take a left into the first structure (wooden path). To the end and right, then at the end left and stop. Back up as far as possible and run over the ramp into the lattice door you opened with the Key. Inside with speed left around onto a slope in the far left corner and go up to jump over a pit and through to the old wall (stay clear of side walls or you won’t have enough speed)

A Khmer Key.

A bit further youíll have to abandon the Quad. Go back to where you jumped the lava and stand right. Jump and grab the slope where the old wall was, pull up over and jump right into an opening, slide and jump to get the Khmer Key. Stand behind the pedestal facing NW and jump up over the slope into the passage and follow back. Go up N and use the Key to the left at the barriers.

When you get to the SUV, the adventure ends.

G&D, August 16-2014.