BtB 2014 - Eyes of the Tiger.

Level by Ader

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

2 Secrets, things related to secrets are in dark blue.

Turn left, run into the jungle and straight through a pool to get some Flares there, turn back and run straight again and just left of a single tree near the gorge are Mushrooms.

The Jungle Sword.

Slide down into the gorge next to the broken bridge and go to the left (W) and where the vegetation opens up a bit is a cave entrance to the right. Follow in and shoot some bats, turn left at the spike pedestal (as a hint you should lower spikes to get a Secret). Run to the right and to the end of that trench, as boulders fall behind you, near the skeleton are Mushrooms. Go back a bit and right into the next cave and shoot the tigers. Under a skeleton you have to pull away is the Jungle Sword.

The Quad.

Go back to the boulders and keep going right to get back to the gorge. Turn right and go up into the corner there to jump up W into a small cave. Shoot the snake in front of the crowbar door and open the door, go in and get the MP5 from under a skeleton, then get on the Quad.

The Camp Site, the First Serpent Gem.

Go out to the gorge and right to a pool below, keep going along the sloped side of the rocks and come to an opening in the right hand wall. Ride in and through that old wall to break it. Leave the Quad there along the left wall and go up to a lever on the right hand wall.

Pull to raise a Timed block outside and get there quick, turn right before the block and jump with a twist onto the sloped ground behind it, jump again and grab the top of the block. Climb up, turn left a bit and jump (or grab up) onto the rock ledge above.

Detour for the Pool Secret: Go along this rock ledge to the N and when you cannot go further a run jump from the edge near the water to a brown sandy ledge ahead. Then jump up a bit left and go on to find Secret #1, MP5 ammo. Go back carefully and jump from the sandy ledge onto the sloped ledge, grab the edge and shimmy back to where you came from.

Now go into the jungle and keep following the right hand slopes (or you might fall into a boulder pit, you can climb out of at the other end-E) and finally you’ll enter the campsite, there are three soldiers, so take care. Two of them drop Flares and a Medipack; the third one has nothing. In the rock overhang N are crates, shoot them for Flares and find a First Serpent Gem on another crate.

To the Ruined Village.

Return to the place where you came up with the raising block and drop down. Get the Quad and go out, sharp left and back over the rocky slopes to the gorge. Turn right into the gorge when you cleared the pool area and look for a steep slope, left near the other end (E) and go up with the Quad. Turn left onto the terrace and then go right up the next slope. Keep left and carefully go down into the open corner of the building. Leave the Quad there and go to the other end of the room.

Ladder Basement.

Go down the ladder into the basement and look left, that’s where a Secret is located (later). To the right is a crack in the wall, grab that and shimmy around to the end. Jump back with a twist and grab a ladder, go right around to the other side and up to a monkey climb. Turn around and go to the wall, drop and grab the crack.

Left is to the Secret later, for now go right and around the corner, a back jump with twist and grab the ladder. Go right around and back flip into the alcove with the pulley wheel. Use it to open a trapdoor where we go now. Back to the ladder and left around one corner, up to the monkey climb, turn and go to the next ladder. Drop and grab and go down a bit to back flip into the alcove with the open trapdoor.

Over the Wall, the Second Serpent Gem.

Up into the house and shoot some bats, there’s a lever protected by spikes. Go to the doors and they will open up, into the street and left to the crossing with the bush. Go right (N) to the end and just past that small tree, look up left for a crack in the broken wall grab up and jump up to grab the top. Shimmy left almost to the end and back jump with a twist to grab a lower part of the wall behind you. Hang left (or right) and pull up, slide as far as possible and jump with a hard left curve to probably land on the slopes of a spike pit, keep jumping and don’t slide to get to one of the flat corners. Go get Second Serpent Gem from the ledge.

Disable the Spikes.

Look for a push block in the N wall. Push it once, go through the doors S and right around the house to push the block into the corner of the alley, climb over and pull/push it as far as it will go to the jump lever on the wall of the house. You still have to perform a tricky jump to operate the lever and disable the Spikes in the whole area (stand back at the other wall on the corner close to the lever and just stand jump straight at it).

The nearby spikes disable as a clue, go back to the house with the spiked lever (S, right around the corner and then left). No need to use the lever yet as it is Timed and we need the Quad again.

Get the Quad back.

Climb back down the ladder to the basement and jump to the ladder on the pillar.

Detour for the Basement Secret: go up to the monkey climb and turn right. Go straight (N) to get to the ladder and left around the corner. Back flip with twist and grab the crack, follow all the way left around and back jump into the opening where the spikes are disabled now, get Secret #2, a Medipack just over the ledge.

Back to the crack and to the far side again to back jump to the ladder, up to the monkey climb and all the way to the other wall, turn right and at the end of the monkey climb left to grab the crack below, follow to the right to the ladder where you came down first time you came here. Up to the house where the Quad is and take it outside, right around into the alley next to the house, ignore the open gold gate and go right around to Main Street.

Use the Gems, Race for the Face Doors.

To the left are doors behind the Lion Statues, use the two Gems to open those doors and look inside after you shot the tiger. In the floor is the trench where the boulders fell before and on the opposite side are the face doors. Take the Quad back to the crossing and to the right into the house with the “spike” lever. Park it near the lever so you can get on it quickly and race to the Face doors, jumping over the trench.

The Temple, Free Nung, the guide.

No need for that bike anymore so leave it there and go into the courtyard, when you get to the middle a cut scene shows the Guide, she’s in the room N. Go in there and get some MP5 ammo.

Nung will leave the room and heads for a double gate in the courtyard, go there and inside Nung will disappear through a low crack. Go back to the courtyard where more gates open to the left. Go in there and dodge the incoming boulder. Nung will wait in front of a barrier we have to open for her by using two levers.

First Lever for the Barriers.

Go to the opposite side of that courtyard and from a small mound with grass grab up to the walkway above, go right to the end and pull that statue at least once. Shimmy along the edge to the end of the walkway. Run jump to the pole and swing, jump with a left curve when you think the spike block will be to the right. Either grab the walkway or land on it and run forward. Follow to the next corner and just run to the wall, follow the wall and hang from the end of that walkway. Shimmy right around the corner and pull up, grab the ladder, get to the monkey climb and go over to the opposite side of the courtyard. Drop and use the First Lever.

Second Lever for the Barriers.

Drop to the ground, go out to the previous courtyard and jump over the boulder to the first courtyard where the S gates opened before and Nung went through the crack. From the corner where the crack is (NW) you can jump and grab a pole over the pit. Swing to get to the ladder, go up a bit and left around one corner, back flip with twist to grab another ladder and go as far down as possible (hanging by Lara’s hands, this way you don’t have to wait for the burner). Go right around to the opposite side. Hang in the middle and feet at the bottom of the ladder and back flip with twist to grab a jump lever (shuts down a second burner we have to pass).

Slide a bit and back flip to a block, turn left and jump the flat parts of the pit to get to the N side where you can grab back up to the floor from one of the corners. Go use the same route to get to the first ladder, left around TWO corners this time and use the monkey climb to get to the next ladder, left around one corner to the monkey climb and through the gap where the burner used to be. Drop to the crack at the end and right around to get to the floor.

Spike Levers, Timed Run.

In the Pool Room go right around the corner and find one of the barriers you have to open. Turn around and go to a pillar with a torch, it has a crack. Hang from the crack and jump up to the top, only move when the spikes are down and shimmy to the side to get to the walkway next to the spike trap to pull up. Notice the lever in the trap. Go use the monkey climb to get to the walkway at the other end of the hall and notice the wall lever left and a floor lever in the spikes. Go right, through the spikes and jump to a ledge S with another wall lever.

Save and pull, roll and jump back, through the spikes to the lever N and use it, roll and run jump a bit left to quickly get to the floor lever, the spikes might be up, but are harmless. Quickly get down to the ground and go back to the walkway in the other end of the room where you can now use the Sword on the lever there. Nung will come in and ignite the torch, a gate opens nearby (SW), get in and grab the MP5 ammo. Nung found another crack to disappear into.

The Offering.

Go out and straight to the opposite side of the Hall, into the open gate and down to a pit. Just drop down, follow through to get the Offering.

Getting Out, Naga Push Puzzle.

Climb back up to the pit, grab a crack on the right and jump up, then back jump and get back to the Pool Room. Out to the right and slide down onto a flat part in the pit with the burners. Jump the flat parts to the other side and jump up to a corner to get out. Go out to the first courtyard and into the opening Nung the Guide came from before (N).

-Go through N and come to a room with Naga statues, use the lever right of the dark statue N and a block lowers, move the first statue onto the block and use the lever again to get it up.

-Now go to the nearby ledge on the floor to grab up to the walkway above and move the statue as far as possible to the open trapdoor.

-Drop down and go to the Timed lever left of the dark statue and use it after you saved, the trapdoor in the walkway goes up so you can quickly run there and grab up to the walkway, shimmy right of the statue and push the statue over the trapdoor to the end. This will raise a trapdoor over the dark statue (N).

-Use the new trapdoor to jump to the other side walkway and use the lever there to lower the next block.

-Get the statue up by using the same lever again (W walkway) and move it onto the tile on the far side and this will re-open the Face doors to the village. Go back to the courtyard (S) and left to where the Quad is, just leave it there. Go out to the Trench and left at the wall is a trapdoor you can use to get to the other side and to the Village.

To the Buddha to make an Offering.

Turn right, go left into the alley with the gold gate and go through the gate. Right along the wall and up some rocks. Jump to that grey wall S and from there jump to the sandy ledge left of the rock and head into jungle. Follow straight and a bit to the left to find a big Buddha, use the Offering there and see that pool being drained.

Drained Pool, Open the Face Doors.

Go back to the spot where you jumped into the jungle and from the sandy corner ledge a safety drop into the Gorge, head right (W) and left at the red rocks. Carefully find your way down into that drained pool and go to the other side. Just past the Face doors is a block to the right and above it is a crawlspace, get in and use the lever to open the doors. Go out and through the doors, go slide down and end up in a spooky place where Nung woke some Shiva’s for you, thank you very much!

Deep Dark Basement, the Ancient Tablet.

Watch out for the burning floor parts and take care of the Shiva’s. A barrier will open N, go through and climb down the ladder to the lowest point, drop when you hear the spikes go up and hold the forward key down to get away from the spikes. Turn right in the next room and hop onto the slope when the flame is about to go down, jump with onto the ledge and use the monkey climb timing a burner. Next block a hop onto the sloped block and a jump with Ctrl to get to the safe ledge.

Save before entering the next room, the guide will have another surprise for you. I ran right into the room where the guide came from and waited out the explosions around the corner. Then shoot a two-faced tiger and his two little friends and go into the room E. In the back is the Ancient Tablet.

The Chain.

Go out and to the left (S) side, hang from the floor facing into the room and spot a crack in the pillar in front (under the floor). Drop and immediately jump left or right to grab that crack and go around. Back jump to the block with the Chain and use it. Get back to the crack, around the pillar and back jump to a flat ledge.

Back flip onto the sloped side and jump to grab back up to the floor above, go to the blue rays in the middle and watch the end.

G&D – August 15-2014.