BtB 2014 - From Cambodia with Love!

Level by Jesus C.Croft

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

4 Secrets

Camp Site.

Shoot the crate next to you for the Old Carvings and Magnum ammo, and then examine the Carvings.

In the far left corner SE is another crate with the Magnum and 2x Magnum ammo. Back to the tent and shoot the barrel for a Medipack. A bit further in the grass just before the hill are some mushrooms.

Main Hall, Lion Key.

Jump up the rocks there and then go to the right wall. There is a block (Face E) and hoist up. Take a running jump to the other side (W). Go down the staircase and when you enter the building three tigers attack. Go left and around the central lower part and find a skeleton on the floor on the right hidden between some grasses. Pull it away and get the Lion Key that was under it. In the far right corner (NW) are some mushrooms in the grass. Go to the lower central part of the room and down the hole in the floor.

Down the Hole, Statue Puzzle.

Climb down, as the walls are climbable where the trapdoors are. Go up the staircase S and be careful as some rubbish falls down. At the end the camera angle changes, check your health and just sprint through the spikes and open the double door.

Use the lever; you hear doors opening somewhere. Go back through the spikes and down the stairs and 2 of the doors have opened.

Push/pull the statue that is inside the door in the N onto the dark stone next to the block, under the trapdoors. Now use the pulley wheel in the E room and then push the statue on the block. Then use the pulley wheel in the N room to get it even higher. Climb out of the pit at S side and go to the lattice door N, open it with the Key you have, go in and to the right to use the wheel and close the trapdoor in the pit.

Push the statue to the grates in the NW and SE corners. You’ll get a screenshot of a door opening up.

Secret: Looking down the trapdoors you can see the S side door is now open. Go use the wheel in the N room again to open the trapdoors, go down and into the door S to get Secret #1, the Wheel of the Law Artefact. Go back out of the pit.

The S Door, Dark Cave, Spikes!

That door is at the S wall (middle of the room). Climb down, and into a dark cave. Follow through and the camera shows you popping up spikes. Jump up to the wall S, close to the spike ledge and time the spikes to hop up and run to the right, curve left to jump over to the next one and grab it where the spikes are down. Pull up when the spikes are just gone up and then jump to the ledge. Use the two levers and watch the flyby of doors opening up in the Main hall.

Safety drop down N or S landing on a slope, go back E and left to the ladder and climb up to the Main Hall.

Main Hall, Supplies.

To the right the door is open now, inside hidden in the grass are 2x Poison Arrows, in two corners. Go out and right then to the left and through another door (left). In the grass on the right are more Poison Arrows, next to it some mushrooms.  More Poison Arrows are opposite corner (these will come in handy on soldiers later).

W Side Doors, the Temple.

Go out and to the left (W) side through the double doors. Shoot the tiger and follow through. More tigers are there; go further to the far away right corner (NW) and into that passage.

Shoot another tiger and a bit further two more. You’ll end up at a Temple.

The Temple.

Go up the stairs and to the left around the corner and on the small balcony are mushrooms in the grass. Back and right to the end of the terrace, jump up a small triangle in the far right corner and use the crack. Shimmy to the right around one corner and back flip (down key). Turn around to the W and jump to the crack there. Shimmy left around one corner and jump up twice to a small balcony. Hoist up another floor and take the swing poles on the right (the one on the left might kill you). Once on the other side go down and climb up and climb the ladder (SW).

The Boulder Slope.

Go into the entrance on other side (N). Stay on the left or right hand side of the slope to go down and avoid the boulders. Wait till they are down, drop down from the end and slide into a misty cave. Follow through and hug the right wall or else get smashed by another boulder.

Waterfall Cave.

Get in the water and swim straight and climb out on the left side of a pool. Climb in an alcove (N) and turn to the right, walk to the end, turn around and climb the ladder there. Follow through avoiding the moving blades and spike traps.

Save before the last blade, try to jump though in a way that the blade will stop in the alcove so you can turn around and grab a Medipack (you may also be able to crawl to it and get it). Go up the steps and watch the flyby.

Temple Grounds, Down the Canyon.

Go right and jump over, in the grass on the right are mushrooms.

Look to the N and make your way to the other side by using that wooden ledge. There are two tigers there. Go the building and in the far left corner (NW) is a skeleton, pull it away from the Medipack and get it. Go back out and to the wooden ledge and safety drop down looking N. Go down even further and then jump the rock ledges to the pillar near the waterfall and climb down the ladder on that pillar.

Go the NE corner, descend the stairs and you see some not so play full monkeys triggering traps. Better shoot those, as they are a real threat. Make your way through the traps and pick up mushrooms before going up the stairs (left in between grass).

The Pool with the Doors, the Ornate Lion Key.

You come onto a pool; at the other side are some mushrooms as well. Dive in the pool and use the chain in the alcove NE (none of the doors is timed), this opens a door all the way down at the E wall. Time the spikes, stay well clear of the door and use the chain there. Swim out and take a right another chain (N) to pull, this opens another door on the S side and a bit up. Swim out and take a right, use the chain (E) and then another one at the N wall. Finally the last door on the right (W) opens so you can get your hand on the Ornate Lion Key.

Out of the Canyon into the Temple.

Go out of the pool and down the stairs, follow through avoiding all the traps again, climb the ladder on the pillar in the canyon all the way up.

Once up go straight E and then left. Jump the ledge and climb up on the left. Once all the way up go straight (E) and then jump up the stone blocks on the left and down. At the spike trap look down and see some mushrooms. Get them and jump to the block E to avoid the spikes popping up.

Next trap holds nothing so just jump over to come to a room with 2 gates.

The Serpent Gem.

First go through the opening in the back (N), left around the corner onto a block and do a curved run jump to grab that pillar in the middle of the room. Curved running and grab the staircase N and go up, down the other side and into the window for mushrooms. Back up the stairs and into the opening W, carefully follow through and climb up twice. Jump over the top of the columns to the opening across the room and get down in the room with the statue. There are 2x Poison Arrows and some mushrooms at both sides of the giant statue. In front of the statue is a stone statue of a Monkey warrior, shoot it and then shoot the life one to get his Serpent Gem.

Back to the room with the columns and drop to the ground floor, go left between the 2 structures and use the two jump levers there to lower some barriers. Go up a ladder left (E) and leave the room, down the staircase and drop down. Go out S to the room with the 2 gates.

Use the Key, Jungle Sword, the Bow.

Use the key on the door on the right (W), go in and find that lowered barrier left, sprint through the spikes to the pedestal and grab the Jungle Sword. Diagonally back through the spikes to the next clear patch and watch your health. Pull the skellie away and hold back flip while Lara pulls it because there’s still danger from the spikes. Then walk in and grab the Bow.

Use the Sword, Bell puzzle and a Golden Buddha.

Use the two crowbar levers in this room, left and right of the spikes trap and see a block go down somewhere. Turn left and go to the other end and on the left is an opening. Look up right and jump to grab the rock ledge there, shimmy right and pull up on the terrace where that block went down. Push the Bell to the other end and a block goes down revealing the prize; grab mushrooms and the Golden Buddha. Go back where you came up, safety drop down and (if you didn’t yet, go under the building and left to get a Medipack from a skeleton).

Use the Gem, Hall with the Bells.

Go over the wooden scaffold to the SE and back over those spike pits (left) to the room with the two gates. Open the one on the right with the Gem and go down the stairs to a large Hall, shoot the two tigers.

Several tasks to Push two Bells.

Go left from the entrance and into the corner, climb up the broken stairs (face E). Look just right and down of the next part and jump to that rock ledge to get the mushrooms. Jump back and now to the next part of the broken stairs. From that rock ledge, shoot the two Bells on the rock in the middle of the Hall and two gates open up. Jump from here to the rock with the Bells and go slide down the left end (E) backwards, safety drop into the pool below and watch out as you swim down, darts everywhere!

Swim into the opening right (N) and over those spike walls to pull a chain that will bring out some poles in the Hall. Don’t forget to pick up some mushrooms between some grass and two of the spike walls. Get out of the pool, back up to the rock with the Bells and left to the SE corner. Run jump straight to the ledge of the lion statue (E) stay on the left (no Ctrl); go forward and then to the right to get to those poles. They can be a bit buggy, if so, better take a running jump to the first one then swing to the next and finally to the balcony. Grab the Nivritti Key from the grass on the right.

Two wraiths appear, quickly jump over the fence onto the sloped rocks below (NE), slide down and get into the pool. Go back up to the upper balconies and to the W side. Use the key on the lock on one of the pillars on the balcony. Blocks go down under the bells (S side), go to the open gates S and first shoot the two statues on that balcony to get Secret #2, no reward though (might be one statue might already broke when you shot the Bells).

Move both bells, one into each gate onto the tile in the back and a gate opens up on top of the waterfall E. Jump to the rock with the Bells and again to the lion statue ledge E, go jump over to the rocks N and make your way to that gate on top of the waterfall.

Gazebo Hall, Use the Buddha.

Follow through to reach a hall with a Gazebo, go right to the W side walkway and find a hole in the floor, hang in the hole, right or left and safety drop down, immediately jump and grab the pole and when you jump off, curve either right or left (depends on which side you dropped) to land on a platform held up by statues. Get onto the right hand platform and stand back a bit, and also left a bit, turn so you face an alcove in the wall ahead to hop and grab the pole there in the middle, swing and jump to that alcove.

Run jump out to the right to get to an alcove S and instead of doing banana jumps you can jump to the alcove in the corner (E) and from there do a run jump with a left curve to the second one in the S wall (behind the statue).

Stand jump out to grab the rope and swing straight ahead into a lower alcove. Check the health and stand one step from the edge, hop backwards off the ledge, hit Ctrl as soon as you passed the edge and land on the ledge below. Go into the lower part of the floor and grab some mushrooms near the receptacle for the Buddha (E). When you use the Golden Buddha, a gate will open behind you. Go in there and slide down to where a flyby takes over.

Flaming Lion Hall.

First go to the other end of the hall, watch out for that jump pad and grab Secret #3, the Bodhi Tree Artefact. Go back and stay on this side of the jump pad. Walk underneath the left hand lion and face the right hand corner of the jump pad, when you look up you can spot a windowsill just right of the flames. Run onto the pad and hold the forward key to get into that windowsill (you should just go up right of the flames). Now a banana jump around the pillar S to the next window Save and a stand jump to a pole around the next corner into the opening S (or grab the crack and shimmy to the right).

Go up the ladder, turn around and jump to grab the next ladder, pull up and back flip to a ledge, run jump back to go up the last ladder and look out left. Spot some grates in the white wall, run jump with a curve to grab the corner of that ledge and shimmy to the grates, shoot them to get Secret #4, the Reliquary Tower Artefact.

Get back to the same corner and stand on the tip, face the slanted ledge right of the entrance and step back against the sloped floor. Hold down “Shift” and walk, then immediately release shift and hit Alt and Lara will jump so you can grab the edge and shimmy to the entrance. Jump to the swing pole W and swing (curve a bit) into an alcove in the rocks. Turn around and use the higher poles to get to the other side and grab the roof, shimmy left till Lara refuses to go further.

Pull up and when you slide off hit Ctrl as soon as you passed the edge of the roof to land in the windowsill below. From there grab a ladder left and climb to the top, jump to the balcony N and up to that gate. Look left of the balcony to spot an opening in the rock wall, jump over the fence into that opening and go up to the passage behind the closed gate.

The Samsara Stone.

Slowly go around the corner and hit that soldier with some poison arrows, retreat into the passage and let the poison set in, then shoot him with pistols as he comes around the corner. Do this some more times for the next soldiers.

There are two ways to disable the Minefield.

Go out and onto a crate near a minefield, from the crate you can shoot some crates in the far back and the whole mine field sets off OR go into the next area and right into a small room with a laptop on a crate, get the Samsara Stone there (N wall). This will also deactivate the minefield but also opens the door there. In the opposite side of this room is a crate you have to shoot for some Magnum ammo.

The Buddhist Key.

In the garage on the left side, behind a crate in the corner are mushrooms and Arrows. In a shed to the right of the garage are a Medipack and 2 x Magnum ammo.

Go out of the door and slide down and at the other end jump up to get out the pit. When you come up to a courtyard right in front of you are some Mushrooms. Go down the steps and you’ll meet more soldiers. Don’t stop moving, so the grenades they launch can be avoided.

Now go look for the Buddhist Key dropped by one of them. You can also find a Medipack and Magnum ammo. There are mushrooms right and left of the W side stairs, go to the small door E and open it with the Key, step in.

Guidance, the Naga Key, the Crypt.

The guide comes out and ignites the Torch, when you get control back, shoot the crate in the passage he came from and grab a Medipack. Turn left and go get the Naga Key from the pedestal. Go out and left to the passage where the guide is waiting, go into the opened gate and pull away the first skellie you see to get some mushrooms. The big doors open by the guide, go down and run to the end of the Crypt. To the right of the trapdoor is a skeleton, pull it away from the Medipack and use the Naga Key. Two wraiths show up, slide down and when Lara starts to slide backwards, jump with a roll and slide down the middle of the last slope, jump out to a rope.

Hall of the Faces.

The wraiths will go kill themselves and the boulder goes underneath. Swing to the next rope and then to the ledge where the wraiths went. Stand behind the statue and turn right, run-jump and grab the rock ledge S and pull up. Maybe you can find a better way down… but I went to the right and ran off SW towards the wall landing on a slope below, grab the edge as you slide off and do that one more time, shimmy to the right and pull up, run right everywhere and get to a Gong, there will be an explosion (deadly for Lara if too close). Turn around and battle two Stone Monkey Warriors.

Gong Hammer, Sound the Gong.

After they’re gone, go to the wooden beam with the skulls (opposite the Gong) and drop through the hole in the floor into a pool. Climb out, go to the pedestal on the Sacred Floor (E) and get the Gong Hammer and some mushrooms too. Go up a ladder NW, back to the floor above to sound the Gong to open the gate in the pool below as you can see.

Summon the Spirits.

Drop down through that hole in the floor again, swim through the gate, take a right in the back and climb out to use the Samsara Stone to summon all kinds of evil spirits. Swim back and get out of the pool and run E and left to that Golden Buddha statue where you will have a safe haven (in front of it), use some tactics to shoot all the enemies and if you still have some Poison Arrows and Magnum ammo with you, use them all to help you defeat the onslaught. When all the enemies are destroyed, use the Jungle Sword to operate the four crowbar levers on the Sacred Field so the teeth spikes are disabled. Beware of the flames coming from the head’s mouth. Crawl there and stand up and grab the Shaktí when it’s not active…

You’ll be teleported in an orange flash to the entrance of the building, where the guide opened the doors for you. Now with the rain as your new friend, you just to head to the new opened door W. Go up the slope and you’re done with this adventure!

G&D June 16-2014.