BtB 2014 - Paradise Gained .

by Marksdad  

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

1 secret

While the flyby is still going on, roll Lara and when you have her on the screen start running and jump over the boulder pit. Shoot the two soldiers and the tiger. One soldier leaves some Magnum ammo.

The Jungle Sword.

In the SE corner grab the Flares and notice the trapdoor. Then go to the pond and find the Lion Key between the lilies at the E side of the pond. Go to the NW corner and get the Jungle Sword. Then make your way towards the tent and behind it is an opening in the ground, get in and open the door with the Sword.

The Revolver.

In the next room on the left is a Bell; you have to push it onto two tiles. The clue is on the ceiling. One is on the E wall and the other in the NW corner. Some bats might be pestering Lara. Go into the passage and climb up in a huge hall. Watch the flyby.

The Hall of Ledges.

Go to the right (E) and jump into the water to fetch the Revolver.

Timed Blocks.

Get out at the entrance and here are three Timed Levers. You have to pull all three of them. Start with the one on the right (N wall) then pull the one in the middle and as last the one on the wall (S).

Immediately roll and take a few steps, then jump to the first block, hop to the next on the right, take a running jump to the one on the left and for last a hop and grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy to the right and hoist up.

First Floor, Open the Gold Gate.

Climb the wall left and climb off to the left. Another couple of bats greet you. Jump over to the ledge on the left and proceed to the end (W). Jump over to the S wall and get the Flares. Look at the top of the previous pillar and see that the texture is different. There is another one in the NW corner, jump to towards the E wall and insert the Lion Key into the keyhole there; a block goes up on the ground floor (shortcut to get back up). Then go to the last pillar against the E wall near the place you entered this hall and jump on it.

The gold gate W opens (one floor down), kill the tigers and go to that gate.

The Nasty Burner. 

Save the game, stand all the way to the right, slide down and run forward into the far corner. Immediately flatten Lara against the right wall (N).

Side step slowly right till you are under the jump lever and a little while before the flame stops, jump up to pull that thing (the flame should stop just before you land back on the floor so you have time to go against the wall again). Flatten Lara again against the wall and make your way to the open door and climb out. Careful as a soldier is patrolling here. Get the mushrooms he drops and get out and drop down into the next challenge.

Fire Pillars.

Down in the corner left (SW) is a timed lever. Your goal is to get a key and open a door at the other side of the water (I had to take this trip three times but one could do it in two takes).

Flip the switch turn and hop on the block, take a running jump to the first pillar. Take a hop to the pillar with the Torch Room Key, hop to the third one and then take a running jump to grab the ledge opposite. Kill the soldier and get the mushrooms he drops. Use the jump lever on the wall over the water and swim back to use the timed lever again. Do the same to get to the other side and go through the open door.

Bell Puzzle.

A soldier is patrolling this room as well. Next push the Bell Statue behind that row of blocks on the lowered tile at the N wall. Go back to that passage and now use the lever to raise the Bell Statue. A skeleton awakes, now run back and start pushing the Bell and around the corner let it rest on the different looking tile there. This opens the barrier. Push the Bell two times more onto another raising block then go to the open barrier and get the Bow and some Explosive Arrows. You can now shoot the skeleton. Push the lever next to that alcove and the Bell rises even higher. Push it again to the end and get out by the open gate.

Use the Lion Key to raise a Block.

Climb the ladder and back flip. Use the lever and go through the door to end up in the hall of ledges again.

Safety drop down once and go to the NE corner and take a left into the passage. Drop down in the small room, shooting some bats. Near that green bush is the Elephant Key on the floor (duck).

Back to the Camp Site, a Torch.

Go to the far left (NW) of the room and use the jump lever on the pillar. Now get out and go to the S wall and use the Lion Key you have in your backpack. Another block appears down below. Drop down to the ground floor of the hall. Leave through the opening in the floor (S) and shoot the Tiger.

Keep going straight to the outdoor area. Once back in the open immediately shoot two soldiers (on the right), one leaves some mushrooms behind (might end up under a tree). Go to the SE corner and find that the trapdoor opened. Inside is Secret #1, a Golden Buddha. Get out and go to the tent, to the right is a keyhole for the Torch Room Key. Use the lever inside and pick up a Torch.

Back to the Hall, get the Torch up.

Go back to the passage behind the tent (N) and throw the Torch through and pick it up again. Go straight and you can see you can now jump up into the huge hall (you raised this block with the lever where the Torch was).

Jump up the two other block you raised by using the keys and leave it so you can find it again.


Now we have to make some fire. Stand behind the jumping pad (near the raising blocks) facing NWW, take two steps back and hop back once, then jump with the forward key

Face W, stand back and hop onto the far side of the pad, only hold down the forward key and grab (if needed) the highest walkway.

Go to the NW corner and after the flyby use the ladder to get to the monkey climb. Use it to get to a jump lever and after pulling it you fall down into a small pool. Pick up the mushrooms at the bottom and climb out. Use the blocks to get one floor up; get the Torch go into the small room you have been before (NE) and now you can ignite it on the wall torch. Go out and ignite the two wall torches on the E wall.

Khmer Key. 

You can drop the Torch and enter, go up the staircase careful and some of the ceiling will fall down. Behind the first pillar on the right you can find some mushrooms and behind the second one on the left the Khmer Key. Make your way to the top and kill the soldiers (remember the explosive arrows), then use the key near the door. Enter and you have to battle even more.

At the top of the steps, take a running jump and grab the crack, shimmy to the right till you see a platform behind Lara. Use the down cursor to land safely there. Go to the corner near the wall and jump on the slope and jump again and grab that pole. Swing to the other side and kill the soldier.  

Final Battle.

Go up the steps and the door opens, more fighting to do, best is to kill the soldiers first (who leaves some Mushrooms) and then the Shiva. The door E opens so go there and watch the fly by. Try to pick up the Medipack and enjoy the ride.

G&D- July 27-2014.