Level by Billy Jordan

Walkthrough by manarch2

Immediately roll to avoid the boulder coming down. Now push and pull the N statue onto the far SW tile to open the door, trying to avoid the four mummies best as possible. Enter the open door NW and repeat the tour with the next statue which is to be placed on a far W tile near the door, only this time the tour is even longer and takes you through several rooms. Get through the door and enter a maze. The exit is in the middle of the N wall you'll find it alone. Next maze the exit is NW, you'll notice a thin wall here. The next maze has its exit in the middle of the E wall, the next one far SE in the corner (note that there is an invisible opening in the crawlspace S of this exit, where you can have a special look), the next one, again far SE. Use the monkeyswing to get to the lever at the end, return and drop on the opening with the open door. In the next room climb the ladder on the backside of the central structure, backflip and enter the crawlspace. Drop into another dark maze; you might want to explore it but there is nothing to do anymore and you're doomed.



Map of the Maze (provided by DJ Full):