The Great Egyptian Wall

Level by 911

Walkthrough by manarch2

After dropping in the water swim through the N tunnel and climb out on the W side. Make jumps to the E ledge and pick up the Flares. A jackal appears behind you so kill it. Jump back W and climb up the ledges until you arrive in the tower. Watch the flyby, afterwards use the SW lever to open the NE trapdoor and drop down into the water.

Climb out and run-jump to the SE ledge where you can use another lever. This one opens the W door so head out there and shoot the jackal. Jump into the lake and swim down to the lowest point, spot an E passage where you can find the first Ankh in. Return to the bridge and head W, kill two jackals appearing behind you and place the Ankh on the right receptacle (the left one is deadly, even if you can pull the skeleton away and place the Ankh there).

Enter the room and kill a jackal, avoid the mummy and either climb the ladder or run upstairs and jump to the ledge where you can pick up the next Ankh. Drop down and place it near the door to open it. Get through the passage and kill the "flying" jackal, pick up a Large Medipack and 2x Uzi Ammo and push the block aside to get into the next passage.

Slide down and use the left crevice to shimmy over the spike pool. Drop on the last square and carefully jump into the tunnel. Use the monkeyswing to get to the other side, quickly dash to the right and jump on the top of the ledge to avoid the boulders. Slide down the slope and quickly jump into the doorway to avoid the spike walls coming from both sides, then get through the next passage avoiding some spikes and jumping over the gaps. Sprint further at the end into an area with even more spike walls, jump over the holes and stay close to the right wall to get out without being spiked.

Slide into the hole at the end, pick up Uzi Ammo and drop down one ledge timing the teeth door. Pick up the Uzis and head on, watch the flyby and afterwards kill five jackals in the cave. Following the SE ledge you can find a Small Medipack. Now drop into the water, find a SW passage and climb out at its end. Follow the corridor to a lever, use it and return to the large water area. Swim to the middle of the E wall, spot the open door and pick up the Ankh. Swim back out and climb out up E, kill four jackals and follow the cave to place the Ankh, which opens the next door. Kill two jackals and climb the W blocks. Approach the portal to finish this level.