Level by Gabriel Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


Enjoy Frank Sinatra while he croons an old Christmas favorite.  Start the game and begin in an enclosed alley.  As you move forward you get a message that Lara is lost and needs to find her way to Andrea's house.  Turn right into the alcove for a chocolate (medipack). Continue N up the stairs and turn the corner to find a closed gate and a closed door in the nearby alcove.  Turn around and look up to find a jump switch in the S wall.  Activate it to open the gate.  You'll find as you go along that in many cases, what appear to be doors that need to be opened are just static scenery


Go through the open gateway and down the stairs.  At the bottom go right around the central building and come to a wall switch in the N alley.  Save your game in front of the switch, as you're in for a fairly tight timed run.  The idea is to go all the way around the central building and through the timed gate NW before it closes.  You may wish to explore the route before beginning.  Pull down the switch, hit the look key to kill the cut scene showing the timed gate, side jump right and stand jump forward.  Hit the ground running and turn right with a running jump into the short alley.  Turn right again and hold down the sprint key until you near the W wall, then turn sharply to your right and hold down the sprint key again until you clear the timed gate N.  It may take you several tries, but if you find after numerous attempts that you just can't do it you can download this savegame.


You now find yourself in an enclosed courtyard.  Hop over the central railing and pick up some matches (flares).  Hop over the railing into the N alcove and push the button on your right to open a door nearby.  Go up the ramp against the E wall and take a running jump over the railing to the NW brick structure.  Turn left near the wall and take a running jump S to grab another brick structure.  Pull up and then vault up onto the higher ledge.  Turn left and take a running jump E over the railing to the gray ledge (grab and pull up if need be).  Climb the ladder and shift right near the top to drop down onto a brick ledge.  Go to the S wall and jump up to grab the roof line.  Shimmy right until you can drop down onto a balcony.  A flyby shows you an important nearby button.  Turn around and take a running jump N over the railing to a small balcony.   A message on your screen informs you that the window to your left can be shattered once you've found the pistols that you now lack.  Continue with a running jump to the NW ledge. 


Side jumps right will bring you to a ladder in the E wall at the corner.  Climb up to a higher roof line and follow it to an alcove with a closed door.  You're seemingly stuck, but just return to the roof line, jump up E to grab the still higher roof, and shimmy left around two corners until you're able to drop down SW onto a flat surface.  Turn around and run to the other side to press the SE button that opens the door you saw earlier.  The roof line is too high for you to shimmy back the way you came, so go to the W wall and slide down right onto the balcony.  Take jumps N and E as you did earlier to get back to that alcove.  The door is now open, so enter a dark room and find three moveable crates.


The nearest one left appears to serve no useful function, but the one on the right hides the BRONZE SECRET.  Push the crate aside and pick it up for SECRET #1.  The E crate obstructs a jump switch.  Move the crate aside and activate the W jump switch to open a door elsewhere.  Turn left and locate a floor trap door that you can open.  However, when you go down to explore you find a closed gate and a receptacle requiring a key you don't yet have.  Exit W and get back down to the cobblestone floor of the courtyard.  The SW door is now open, so enter to find the doorway you opened earlier in the first alcove left and a closed door N requiring a key.  Push open the doors in the second alcove left and return to the first alcove.  Push the crate W into the wall and turn right to pull back the second crate.  Run around to the second alcove and pick up the revealed CORRIDOR GATE KEY


The nearby key receptacle is the wrong color, so you need to return to the courtyard and make your way painstakingly up as you did earlier.  When you reach the E roof line via the climbable wall, re-enter the dark room and drop down through the opened trap door.  Your Corridor Gate Key will open the gate to your right.  Follow the passage around the corner and pick up the BACKYARD KEY.  You know where that goes, so return to the dark room and exit W.  Once outside, get back down to the courtyard floor and go through the SW doorway.  Use the Backyard Key at the end of the corridor to open the door beside you.


Pass a couple of closed openings and open the double doors at the end of the passage.  Step outside and note a sleeping dog and two floor openings.  Pick up the matches near the snowman and drop down into the hole near the W wall.  Crawl through and pull out into a small courtyard.  Move the crate twice to the N and the W gate opens.  Enter and pull back the trash bin once.  Go around to the other side and find a button to push.  Return to find that the E gate is now open.  Enter the next room and climb the ledge to your left.  Pull down the 1st, 3rd and 4th (counting from left to right) wall switches to shut off the flames in the E passage.  Go there and pull down the wall switch to open a gate elsewhere.


Leave this area and jump down into the hole outside.  Crawl through, pull out into the previous courtyard and hop down into the SE hole next to the sleeping dog.  This is where you opened the gate, so run through and pull out into a fountain square in a downtown area.  There are four exits, but before leaving go to the blue SE corner and fall through the phantom floor for SECRET #2.  Pick up the SILVER SECRET and pull back out. 


There are lots of areas to explore in this quaint little village, and I'm not sure your tasks need to be performed in any particular order.  If you go out the E opening and look left, you'll see a button in the N wall.  This is as good a place as any to start.  Pushing the button opens a door directly opposite the SE opening in the fountain square.  However, you need a weapon before you can complete your duties there, so we'll save that area for later.


Reverse roll, get the matches at the top of the ramp to your left and run toward the S gate.  You can see there's a section missing on the right side, enabling you to squeeze through.  Move the SE waste bin to the NE corner (pausing for the chocolate it was covering), where you can climb up and pull down a wall switch.  This opens the E door just on the other side of the gate, so enter the house and go up the ramp.  At the top, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the jump switch in the NW corner.  Release to activate it and go down the ramp to the opened S doorway.  Push the button at the end of the corridor to open the door to your right.  In the next room, grab the matches and jump W to grab the top of the bookshelves.  Pull up into a crawl space and find those much-needed PISTOLS.  Get back down and exit to the snow-covered street.  Go across through the W opening and turn left. 


Go to the end and through the doors you opened earlier into what looks like a railway station.  There are buttons in the NW and SW corners.  Pushing the SW button opens the W door between the turnstiles.  Go around to the NW button, passing a red tile near the SE corner.  Pushing the NW button raises a timed block on that red tile.  Back flip with a twist and sprint around the corner to the raised block.  Hop up onto it, reverse roll and take a running jump N to grab the top of the turnstile.  Pull up and go to the other end for a chocolate.  Turn to your left and note the crawl space high up in the S wall.  You can see through it into the other room, so draw your pistols, stoop down and fire to shatter the picture in the far wall. 


Drop down and go through the turnstiles into the next room W.  There's a jump switch at the NE corner, which when activated opens the door to the S bedroom.  Step up onto the platform and jump up to grab the high opening in the S wall.  Pull up and follow the corridor to what appears to be a closed door.  However, you can shoot it, so drop down into a living room and pick up the GIFT PAPER at the SE corner of the rug.  Go all the way back to the turnstile room and outside.  Run N down the alley, and when you near the fountain square you get a fixed camera that reveals a candy cane out of reach on top of a column.


Enter the fountain square and turn left to exit W into a new area.  In the square with the three-columned central monument, move the waste bin E all the way into the corner.  Climb up on it and pull up E.  Turn left and take a running jump N to a flat section.  From here take a running jump slightly NE so that you land on the column in the adjacent alley.  From here you can jump over to the column with the candy cane, which is actually a CROWBAR


Return to the square with the three-columned monument and go down the narrow alley NW.  Activate the N jump switch at the end to lower a block nearby.  Exit the alley and turn left.  Go past an archway with two closed wooden doors at the end, and enter a N courtyard.  At the E end is a poor chap who needs a little money (just a few coins).  There are matches close by, but he has no use for those.  Push the nearby waste bin aside to reveal a GIFT BOX


You suddenly realize in the midst of all this fun that you have some unfinished business back in the area where you began this level.  Return to the fountain square E and drop down into the NE hole.  Follow the underground tunnel to the other end and pull out near the sleeping dog.  Exit S and follow the winding passage to the outdoor courtyard.  Go up the NE ramp and repeat your jumps to the E ladder and up to the ledge, where you shimmy to the SW balcony.  Jump to the next balcony N and shoot the window.  Step down into a living room and pick up the red BED SHEET lying on the floor next to the lamp.  You can see something in the fireplace, but it's protected by flames.  However, the red curtain in the S wall is phantom, so grit your teeth, step into the flames and pick up the GOLD SECRET.  Reverse roll, run forward and jump over the sofa to pass through the curtain and land in a pool of water for SECRET #3.  However, it's ice cold water, so you may want to make several trips for the three chocolates.   


You're through with this area, so get down to the courtyard floor and return via the passage to the courtyard with the sleeping dog.  Hop down into the SE hole and return to the village.  Pull up into the fountain square and go across S into the square with the three-columned monument.  There's double door in the W wall you can open by giving it a push.  Go Inside and follow the passage to the lowered block.  Run over the lowered block and turn right.  Turn left at the wall and shoot the window in the alcove.  Pull up and shoot another window to your right.  Continue and pull down a wall switch at the end.  Retrace your steps to the lowered block and pull up W there.   Go around and through the opened doorway W to find yourself on a balcony overlooking a deep courtyard.


Jump to the nearby red awning and from there down to the SW ledge.  The roof to your left and below is stable, so you can hop down to it.  Drop to a jutting ledge and safety drop to the ground.  Open the NE trap door near the snowman and drop down into the hole.  Back out of the crawl space and go around for some matches.  Pull up right into the crawl space and stand up in the enclosed area.  Activate the N jump switch and get back down.  Pull up out of the trap door hole and find that the W gate is now open. 


Go around to the SE alcove and pull down the wall switch.  You hear the sound of a nearby door opening.  Return to the entrance to this room, walk forward W a few steps, and pull up left.  Back flip off the slope onto another slope, jump off this one immediately to a third slope, slide a bit and jump to a fourth slope, slide a bit and jump to a flat ledge.  Enter the opened doorway and Lara's attention is drawn to the gate ahead.  Actually, it's a crowbar door, as the on-screen message explains, so open it with your candy cane and enter a snow-covered area.  Turn left and enter the SW passage. 


In the next room go around right and pull back the waste bin once.  Climb on it, hop down W and pull it twice into the alley.  Climb on it again, take a standing jump angled slightly NW and grab the higher ledge.  Pull up and walk to the far edge.  Take a curved running jump to the right to land on the E roof.  Hop up higher to your right, turn around and pull up to a still higher ledge.  Go to the other end and hop S.  Take a running jump S over the railing and shoot out the windows.  Enter a cozy den and Lara's attention will be drawn to the fireplace.  Go around to the left side of the fireplace and activate the jump switch to turn off the flames.  Enter the fireplace and pick up the COINS.


Now that this mission has been accomplished, you need to get back out of here.  Return to the balcony and from the left side take a running jump over the railing with the control key held down.  You should glide down onto the ledge below.  From here you can safety drop to the floor.  Exit via the NE passage and return through the snowy area to the room with sloped pillars.  Safety drop to the floor and exit E.  Use the short platform to access the taller pillar.  Climb up higher to the roof and turn right.  This is the tricky part.  You can't pull up onto the higher roof (because it's sloped), but you can execute a standing jump onto the low right corner.  Take a running jump and grab from there to the higher red awning and side jump right over the railing.  Exit E to the outdoor square and turn left.


Run to the N wall, turn right and approach the guy propped up against the E wall.  Place the Coins in the tin can at his feet and get a screen shot of the large wooden doors you saw earlier.   Reverse roll and run to the W end of this square.  Go to the end of the SW alley for a chocolate in case you missed it earlier.  As you emerge from the alley, look left at the N wall and see what appears to be a shootable window in the upper left corner.  Your first instinct will be to move the waste bin under the window, climb up and shoot the window, but that won't work.  Instead, turn around and run all the way to the S wall.  See that waste bin you moved earlier to the SE corner?  Get up on it, pull up E and back flip to the sloped roof behind you.  Turn around and take a standing jump to the first balcony, then running jumps to the second and third balconies.  Pick up a chocolate and take a running jump N to the roof.  That shootable window is right in front of you, but a long way off, so get as close as you can before drawing your pistols and shooting it (you shouldn't have to jump up and down).


Safety drop to the ground and move the waste bin directly under the window if it isn't already there.  Climb up and jump to grab the open window.  Pull up inside and enter a bedroom.  Push the button in the N wall to open a door to your right.  Follow to a sitting room, and as you run about you'll trigger an on-screen message to locate a missing gift and place it with the others in the corner.  Combine your Gift Box and Gift Paper to form that MISSING GIFT.  Go to the corner facing NW and place it there.  A cut scene shows one of those large wooden doors opening.


Exit both rooms and drop down into the square outside.  Go S a short distance and turn right to find that opened wooden door in the archway.  There's a small pool on either side of the foyer.  On the right side is a trap door you can pull up.  The water is ice-cold, however, so quickly swim to the other side and pull out.  Go around the central pillar into the N passage.  Pass a closed door on your left and climb the ladder to an upper floor.  Shoot the SW window and keep the pistols out as you jump forward while shooting the slightly higher S window.  Follow the passage to a wall switch and pull it down.


Go back the other way, jump the gap with the control key pressed down and then jump the E gap.  Go around and shoot the window partially blocked by the vase (so you can say you shot everything) and drop down to find the open W door.  Push the button to close the door and open the passage leading up.  Climb the ladder to an upper story.  You can pull the block on the right side from under the other block, but there's an invisible force field there that you cannot pass.  Therefore, go N into the chapel, turn left and approach the altar.  Turn right there and enter the NW anteroom.  Push the crate two times W, get up on it and jump to grab the hole in the ceiling. 


Pull up to a still higher level and go the E end.  Face S at the opening, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the other side, following the wooden planks.  Drop down beyond the railing, go to the W end and shoot the window to your left.  Pull the crate out of the N alcove and move it under the hole in the ceiling.  Climb up into the attic, go upstairs and push the button in the N wall to lower a block elsewhere.  Go back downstairs, drop down onto the crate and hop down to the floor.  Go down S into a small outdoor courtyard to find another homeless fellow and a dog.  They're cold, so spread your Bed Sheet over them.  A block lowers in the nearby corner, so drop down and follow the passage past the block you lowered earlier. 


Slide down and pull out in another section of the village.  Go N through the alley to a small courtyard and take the second left to find a door you can open by pushing the nearby button.  Go around left to a tall library.  Climb the shelf directly ahead and back flip into an alcove.  Pull down the wall switch and climb back down.  Go around to the rear of the bookshelf and climb that side.  Back flip near the top over the railing and pick up the GIFT BOX.  Jump to the bookshelf and climb back down.  Exit the library and return to the courtyard.  Turn left, go up the ramp and find a closed door for which you need a key.  From the top of the ramp, take a curved running jump SW over the railing to a balcony.  Push the button to open a nearby gate.


Get down to the ground and enter the SW opening to find a small pool.  Jump into the opening and go past the opened gate into a small room.  Move the crate through the opening you just came through and push it into the water.  Get down and move the crate between the two blocks to form a bridge.  Move the pushpiece W onto the other block and hop back into the opening.  The second gate inside is now open, so go there and pick up the GIFT PAPER.  Return to the courtyard, turn left and go down the short N ramp.  Pull up the trap door at the bottom and drop down.    


There's a closed gate at the end of the underground passage, but you can squeeze past it on the right.  Pull up into a small room, and Lara's attention is drawn to the packages in the NE corner.  Another missing gift.  Combine your Gift Box and Gift Paper to form the MISSING GIFT and fill the gap.  The nearby door opens, so follow the passage to a series of closed gates.  However, you can squeeze past the one on the left, so do that and jump into the ice-cold water.  Quickly swim E, pull the underwater lever and pull out through the ceiling hole to your right.  When you've thawed out, jump back into the water and swim W.  Turn right, then left, pull the second underwater lever and pull out through the ceiling hole on your right.  Once rejuvenated, jump back in and swim E, turn left past the lowered block and grab the LOST KEY OF ANDREA'S HOUSE.  


Reverse roll and swim S, turn right and pull out through the ceiling hole.  Squeeze past the gate, then squeeze past the adjacent gate for a chocolate you might need.  Exit this area and drop down through the hole in the next room.  Squeeze past the gate and go up the ramp to the courtyard.  Loop around left up the facing ramp and use the Lost Key of Andrea's House to gain entrance thereto.  In the corridor place the secret orbs in the proffered hands for the privilege of replaying the level, this time with Lara decked out in her fancy but weather-inappropriate Christmas outfit.