Un Luogo Solitario (Teaser)


Levels by tombraiderxii


Walkthrough by manarch2



Level 1 – Searching for Clues...


Derelict Plaza


After the starting cutscene turn around and backflip over the fence. You'll land in a small pool; climb out and head to the courtyard, noticing a keyhole and a door to your left. In the courtyard turn left, follow the passage and kill a mafioso and his dog. The former leaves a Small Medipack. Drop into the water, search for an underwater lever NW and pull it. Climb out of the water, return through the passage and spot the open the door to your left. Enter the mansion, head upstairs and go right behind the flowerpot to pull a hidden jumpswitch. Turn around and head to the end of the hallway to spot the open door. If you want you might shoot the window and do some platforming in order to find Shotgun Ammo in front of a closed door, but there's no key to open it so you have to return to the tunnel. In the next chamber kill the dog and head past the harmless fire (no need to deactivate it with the wheelswitch). Inside the fireplace use the switch to open the door in the last room, head there and shatter the window here.


Jump to the other side (the swingpole is not necessary) and then hop over the platforms to the other side. Stand-jump over the spike tiles and at the end jump to the slanted roof, grab and shimmy left as far as possible. Climb up, backflip onto the safe tile, turn, jump up to the ledge of the next slanted roof, shimmy left around the corner, drop over the jumpswitch and pull it down to open a picture door inside the mansion. After a drop in the water, return all the way there, climb in and pick up the Mask Piece. Drop down and kill a dog and a white mafioso who leaves a Large Medipack. Get out of the mansion, head right around the corner and then left into the open door. Head upstairs, at the top stand-jump to the chandelier, climb up and jump to the jumpswitch. Drop down (you'll lose some health) and get up again through the open picture door. Use the floor lever to open a door at the start of the level, jump up the slope ahead, then to the right ledge with a Small Medipack to pick up. Now jump into the water, climb into the boat and drive through the open door.




Climb out inside the chamber, swim NE, then SE into a passage for an underwater lever and return into the boat. Follow the path through the open door, soon you drop down into a lower room. Place the boat NE next to the low ledge so you can climb out on it later. For now, drop out, swim NW under the ledge where you came from and use the timed underwater lever which opens a high door in this area. Quickly swim back to the boat, climb in, then out on the tile. Use the slope as a boost to get to the upper ledge, jump over the slope to the walkway and at the end to the middle of the next slope, then hop to the swingpole (might take a few tries to be able to grab it). Swing and jump to the  triangular ledge, then stand-jump right to the high ledge, climb up and dash through the timed door. Get through the crawlspace, drop out and dive into the next pool, past the closed door and climb out on a ledge at the end. Jump up to the higher walkway, drop in the water on the other side and climb out on the pillar to find the Golden Key.


Now return all the way back into the chamber where you left the boat. Return to the timed lever, this time climb the ledge and the ladder above and return all the way to the starting area where you can use the Golden Key. Enter the room and kill a mafioso who leaves the Yellow Key. Head upstairs, kill another mafioso and take his Large Medipack with you. Use the monkeyswing above you to reach another jumpswitch, use it and load up full health as the drop is near-deadly. Now you can spot the opened picture door and pick up the next Mask Piece, which you can combine with the other one to the first Carneval Mask. You can get out now, the table downstairs is of no use. Return all the way to the area where you parked your boat. First swim S and pick up Shotgun Ammo on the shore. Now get back into the water, swim E into the tunnel, search for a small space to swim through and use the underwater lever to open the trapdoor above you.


Get out E, use the lever to open the door and ignore the next lever. Keep pressing the straight button and don't get irritated by the camera or the nasty flipmap, just run straight without any turn and you'll land at another lever. Use it to enter the next room, kill a mafioso and a dog and take the Uzis with you. Use the jumpswitch far E (ignoring the hole in the floor for now) and enter the open doorway. The tunnel leads you into another area with fire pillars. Use the lever to your right, then turn, run-jump to the first, now safe tile (as all, it's of course timed), then to the left block, then to the far NE platform. Finally, run forwards and use the lever to change the water level in the previous area. Before dropping down, carefully walk out to the corner of the fire ledge, jump to the slope to your left (you can get there from the water too) and from here into another alcove with a lever, use it to open a timed door far W in the water.


Jump into the wet, quickly swim W, into the passage and through the open door. At the end swim up, use the underwater lever near the trapdoor to open it and swim up for air. Now dive into the S area, pick up 2x Uzi Ammo and a Small Medipack, then use the SW underwater lever to open a gate somewhere else in this pool. Swim up for air, then into the N area, up to an air hole where you can climb out. Drop into another pool at the end of the passage, pick up 2x Uzi Ammo and a Large Medipack, then return all the way to the main area. After a trip back up for air swim down where you first entered this area, then through the gate you opened a bit ago and use the next underwater lever to open a door for a short time. Swim up in the main shaft, then climb out either N or S. Backflip on the W ledge, at about halfway jump to grab the swingpole, turn with the Roll button and jump to the upper ledge. Now dive into the upper pool and quickly swim through the timed door.


Mansion Foyer


Use another underwater lever in the next room in case the door closed, otherwise or afterwards ignore it, climb out N and head up the stairs. Use the lever to open a door, you'll arrive in an outside area. Kill a mafioso and a dog and dive into the pool, use the underwater lever on the W wall and climb out of the water again as the double doors have opened. Enter and watch the cutscene. In the upper area of the foyer you can shoot at two bells which opens two doors on the lower floor which hide 2x Uzi Ammo. Head upstairs again and climb the ladder in the middle of the W wall. Backflip onto the platform behind, then use the chandeliers to get to either the left or the right balcony on the E side. Use the Yellow Key here (it really doesn't matter which keyhole you use) and arrive on a larger outside balcony. Move the table underneath the SE zipline and use it to get to the far E balcony. Open the doors and pick up the Golden Key in front of the rubble. Now jump over the left side of the rubble and pick up the Code Card. Return out by jumping over the slope, dive into the water and climb out E next to the keyhole.


Place the Golden Key and inside the destroyed mansion run up the left stairs, jump over the gap and make your way to the top floor. Here you can grab the Crowbar in an alcove (the other side of the rubble pile you saw earlier). Now you have to backtrack into the cistern (get out, dive into the canal, climb out on the other side, run down the S stairway, dive into the water, climb out in the other room, dive into the lower pool). Swim down into the hole in the lattice and return to the room with the fire pillars. Climb out W on the slope, backflip onto the other slope and make continuous jumps with a curve towards the ledge with the timed lever. Use it again to deactivate the fires, then return to the lever you used before and use it (might be needed to use it twice) which also deactivates the fire on another ledge with a lever in this room. Return all the way to the timed lever, use it and once again jump over the first two platforms. At the second stand-jump to the swingpole, jump to the next platform and from here onto the ledge with the lever. The water level in the previous room has lowered again after using it. Dive into the water, swim through the W passage, swim up and climb out on the E side.


Return to the entrance door and jump on the near (either left or right) slope, then up to a higher ledge where you can pull up. From here jump to the platform above the entrance and use the Code Card to open the door. Pry the Wires off the wall after breaking the box. Now you have two options to return to the foyer – either redo all the things to flood the area again (might be quite tedious the second time), or you can choose the route over the ledges around this area – you can get up here with several, partly fairly tricky, jumps, which might be something for experts. Anyway, return all the way into the foyer, then up to the balcony where you once used the zipline. Here you can find a passage where you can place the Wires. A cutscene shows some lowering blocks one stage below. Go either N or S of the balcony, jump down to the red platform, shatter the window and jump into the chamber. Pick up the Large Medipack and the second Carneval Mask. Now you can drop down, re-enter the foyer and place the two Carneval Masks on the receptacles below the stairs which is the stated end of this level.



Level 2 - Labyrinth


Lara wakes up on the shore of a small lake. Wade out of the water NW, then jump to the NE shore and spot a passage with a pushable box. Push it in twice to reveal a passage, then head on, use the lever to open the door and you'll arrive in a larger room full of spikes, slopes and some swingpoles. Jump to the near NE slope and then over a series of slopes until you reach a swingpole. If you like you can turn around on the pole and jump into a right alcove where you can load up your health, but it's not needed to go there. Anyway, while on the pole, jump to the next slope ahead, from here you have to slide down facing in the direction where you slide, then jump and grab the upper slope. Climb up, backflip with a midair turn and take continuous jumps curving towards the right (W) side, until you can jump onto a higher slope, backflip on a yet even higher one and then jump with a left curve to an edge you can grab. Climb up, ignore the ladder for now and jump onto a higher NE slope you couldn't reach from below. From here jump over the next slopes and you eventually can jump up to a safe ledge.


Enter the alcove with a self-opening door, follow into the next room and use the lever to both lower a block and also, unfortunately, close the exit door. Return and spot a pushable to the left of the door. Push it in to find and use another lever which reveals a passage below the previous lever. Get in there, slide down the slope and jump to the ladder at the end before dropping into the spikes. Climb up, slide and jump to the swingpole, swing to the right and jump with a right curve to one of the last slopes. From here you can get up to the top stage with the method you used before. This time climb up the ladder, enter the crawlspace and at its end slide down. Don't go to the right yet but head into the corner, turn around and jump up to grab a jumpswitch. This opens the door further in the cave, you are above the starting area now. Before doing anything else, jump to the NW ledge and from here to the far W one. Go to its S end and pick up the Uzis for Secret #1. Return to the starting ledge, pick up the Torch now and light it on either wall torch. Jump down and head W to the large gates. Light the two wall torches and they open; head through and approach the small door to the S to finish this incomplete level.