Levels by Alex Chap


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (assisted by the builder for the secret locations and by the online video walkthrough by Cris_bamba that begins [url=]here[/url].  As each video segment ends, click on the "next" button (on the left, between the pause/play and the mute buttons) to be taken directly to the next segment.  Be warned, however, that he talks too much on the videos and starts leaving out important gameplay as the game wears on.




Begin by sliding down a slope.  Continue forward (left) and go up the stairs to some uzi ammo.  As you approach it a jackal is awakened.  Continue forward, jump over a deadly hole and up a slope to a river area.  Ignore the harpy (you can't target it, but it won't attack for a few seconds) and pick up a small medipack.  Walk forward, climb the block, jump over the spikes onto the taller block and keep jumping to the crossbow arrows on a ledge.  Hop back to the previous block, take a running jump to the ledge and another running jump to the far ledge.  Run forward onto the trigger tile and return to find that the spikes have disappeared. 


Get below the ledge where you picked up the arrows and pull up into the opening.  Crawl past the dark area and monkey swing over the spikes.  Drop down onto a stable slope and slide down into the next area.  Pick up the flares and open the chest for the EGYPTIAN KEY.  Go back the way you came as mummies converge.  Climb the blocks that have replaced the slide and monkey swing back over the spikes.  Continue all the way to the starting point and crawl beyond (eluding three harpies on the way back, or kill two of them if you like), and use the Egyptian Key to open the door to your right.


Go on in and shoot the crocodile.  Continue forward to the large medipack and enter a dark torch-lit area. Climb the wall at the end, run forward and jump the gap over flames for some Desert-7 ammo.  Safety drop from here.  Before picking up the item at your feet, turn around, light a flare and pull up into a crawl space in the darkness.  Turn around, climb down the ladder and go down the ramp.  Open the chest at the end for AK-47 ammo and SECRET #1.  A wraith is released at the same time, so pull back onto the ramp and go about halfway up.  The nearby ceiling light is a wraith killer, so wait there until it implodes.  Continue up the ladder, down the other side and pick up a TORCH that doesn't show up in your inventory. Turn to your left and light it with the convenient flame.  Go to your right to a second wall light and drop your torch momentarily to shoot a jackal.  Continue with your torch to a dark area.  Toss the torch under a crawl space and crawl after it.  Pick up the flares and come to a pitch-black area.  Hop up onto a block and down the other side.  Throw your torch under another crawl space and retrieve it.  Climb a block, toss the torch and continue in a similar fashion until you emerge in a well-lighted area. 


You can toss your torch now, as you no longer need it for light.  Pick up the UZIS, shoot a jackal and roll past the first blade trap and the next one (stand right in front of it and wait until the blades open).  As you move forward you trigger a cut scene of a demigod.  In the next area shoot two jackals and a harpy.  Pick up the uzi ammo and jump down onto a ledge.  Shoot the crocodile in the water ahead and wade forward underneath the demigod.  Slide down into some deeper water and evade the crocodile.  Turn around at the other end and pull out.  Back flip into a dark area, pick up the uzi ammo and jump back across the water.  Crawl a long distance to trigger a brief flyby.  Pick up the large medipack and climb the wall ladder into a noxious area that depletes your health.


Drop off left, continue up through a water veil (the air is clean again) and shoot a harpy.  Climb the wall ladder and drop off left again.  Back flip to the slope and jump off to the higher ledge.  Pick up the uzi ammo and climb up higher (more poisonous air).  Run down the steps and slide down to encounter that demigod.  He leaves behind an EGYPTIAN KEY.  Continue left and use the key to lift a couple of huge blocks.  Go on through to load the next level.




Hop down and shoot the cowboy.  Pick up his Desert-7 ammo and hop over to the next car.  Don't fall between the cars, or you'll die and your game will lock up.  Climb onto the green roof and run forward.  Shoot two cowboys ahead and continue for some uzi ammo (note the closed green gate).  Enter the cage area and pick up the SILVER KEY.  Kill the two condors that appear and return the way you came.  The green gate is now open, so run inside as a giant 1,000 ton weight falls and note the coincidental weight limit inside.  Insert the key in the lock, return to the cage area and shoot a cowboy.  Pick up the small medipack, note the warning inside and continue to your right.  For some reason you can't save here, so shoot the lion, jump across and climb the ladder.


Walk along the roof (actually, you can't help it) as a flyby is triggered to reveal a menace ahead.  You can now save again.  Shoot a cowboy, but don't jump over onto the next car.  Instead, take a standing jump and grab the edge.  Drop and grab the crack, and shimmy around the corner to the right.  Drop down in front of a keyhole, jump over to the next landing, jump up to grab the roof and shimmy right a bit.  Release to grab the crack, shimmy right around the corner and drop down for another SILVER KEY.  Don't be tempted to pull up onto the roof of this car and shoot the cowboy, or you'll die.  Instead, go back the way you came and use the key.


A ladder appears to your left, so get there, shift left around the corner, make sure Lara's feet are on the second rung from the bottom and back flip into the car behind you.  Turn around and go into the next area for explosive crossbow arrows and a ZOO CARD which is SECRET #2.  Return to the ladder and climb up to the roof (it's now safe).  Kill the cowboy on the next car and jump over to where he was.  Watch out, as you can run over the side and fall to your death.  Keep jumping to the decorated car and jump down the other side to kill two wart hogs.  Jump to the ladder and climb to the roof of the next car.  You're on a giant milk carton.  Wade through to the other end, hop down and deal with a decidedly out of place crocodile.    


Enter the next car, kill the cowboy and grab his large medipack, and push the button in the wall.  Go back the other way, jump to the ladder and wade through the milk, shoot the cowboy down below, hop down and pick up his uzi ammo, enter the decorated car and push the button.  Go back through the milk once more, hop down and use the ladder to reach the roof of the next car.  Kill two condors and hop down after triggering a dizzying flyby.  Kill the cowboy (you're now going in the opposite direction), jump to the ladder and climb up.  Quickly draw weapons as you draw up to kill a crocodile, then wade through the quicksand and hop down.


Press the button to turn off a flame and go back the way you came, into the car with the police vehicle and push the button on the right.  Go back the other way, through the quicksand again and jump to the sloped crate.  Hop down over the flame and push the button.  Turn around, sidestep right or left to avoid the flame, and jump to grab the sloped crate.  Pull up, hop down and run past the caged animals to the exit.




Run along the bridge to the next frame, hop down to a lower level and turn around.  Walk forward and kill the gladiator hiding behind the water flow.  Pick up his crossbow arrows and engage a second gladiator coming at you from the other direction.  Grab his crossbow arrows as well.  Go to the right side (N) and drop down to a still lower level.  Crawl S, drop down at the gap, run N and take a running jump over the gap.  Press the button in the wall and go back the other way.  Get all the way up to the top level and run N up the steps to engage another gladiator.  Go through the opening to find yet another gladiator who drops crossbow arrows.  Pick up the flares, climb the ladder and back flip to a ledge.  Turn around and monkey swing over to another ledge.  Release, grab and pull up.


Turn around and pull up onto a veranda.  Drop down through the gap into some water.  Swim N to the end for a large medipack.  Go back a bit, pull out onto the ledge and jump to the ladder.  Climb to the top, turn around and shoot a gladiator.  Jump over to where he was and run along the veranda to a block.  Climb up on it, jump to the slope, slide and grab, pull up and back flip onto a ledge.  Make your way S along the floating ledges to a ledge jutting out from the roof.  Climb the block and push the button. 


Return to the floating ledges and safety drop to the veranda.  Go N over the block and into the opening.  In the market area the gladiators milling about pose no threat -- that is, not until you encounter two gladiators in your lane of travel.  Exit the market area and run over a purple floor.  In the next area pick up a large medipack and climb the bamboo structure.  Jump to the next one and take a running jump over to the larger structure (the ladder appears to serve no useful purpose, other than to allow you a way back up in case the gladiator pushes you over the edge).  Kill the gladiator and continue N.  Take a running jump forward and put your nose against the bamboo wall as two boulders come tumbling down.  Pull up, run along the ramp and enter a new area.


Kill a gladiator and step into a dressing room of sorts where Lara emerges in full battle garb.  Continue into the next area where retreat is cut off.  Continue forward past a theater sign, drop down and pick up the CROSSBOW.  You're immediately transported to hell.  Kill the lion and continue N where the view expands to cover a wide area.  Kill another lion and move forward to engage a gladiator.  Here you're stopped by an invisible barrier of some kind, but you can jump over it.  Go to the N end, pull up to the second level and kill a gladiator there.  Crawl underneath the obstruction and kill two gladiators and a lion.  Climb the S ladder and backflip to the third level.  Deal with a gladiator and two lions, then make your way S.  Pull up past the hanging skeleton, slide down and engage a gladiator and a lion.  There's apparently nowhere to go now, but appearances are deceiving.  You can jump N into a new area, but first retrace your steps all the way back to the first level down below where another gladiator waits.  After killing him, step forward N so that Lara is just out of visual range.  Stoop down inside the alcove to pick up explosive crossbow ammo and a WEIRD SWORD for SECRET #3.  Go on back up to the top right corner and jump N into an area with a headache-inducing earthquake.  Grab the crack in the wall, which stops the earthquake, and shimmy right to the other side.  Pull up to end the level.




Slide down into a frigid wasteland.  Run forward, jump up two slopes and collect the small medipack.  Slide down and kill a condor.  Don't drop down from the end of the ledge, or you'll die and freeze the game.  Instead, face the ice wall and jump up to grab the crack.  Shimmy right and drop down into a no music zone that everyone seems to be ignoring.  Pick up the AK-47 ammo while snowballs fall around you.  Jump the slope, slide down and jump off at the bottom while more snowballs fall.  Grab the far edge and pull up. 


Jump forward and slide down an illegal slope, which actually helps you as another snowball falls in your path.  Repeat the same routine and shoot a leopard.  Pick up the uzi ammo and pass another no music zone sign.  Enter the ice cavern and turn to shoot two leopards that were following you.  You can also shoot the ice crystals for fun and to clear your path.  Continue forward and shoot two more leopards.  Crawl under the obstruction into an outdoor area and shoot two condors.  Pick up the flares, shoot another leopard and jump over a series of illegal slopes to a flat area.  Move forward, draw your favorite weapon and prepare for a shootfest.  I counted four leopards and four condors before reaching the large medipack, but I may have missed one or more.  Anyway, it appears you must kill them all before the far door will open. 


Go in, collect the grenade gun ammo and climb the ice wall.  Light a flare inside the alcove, turn left and grab the crack.  Shimmy left and drop down onto a higher ledge.  Turn left, go to the wall and pull up.  Grab the flares, turn around and jump over to push the wall button.  Get back down and go up the stairs past a keyhole.  At the top step pull up to the higher ledge, go inside and pick up the COLD KEY.  Go back down and use the key to open the door at the top of the steps.  Enter a watery area, jump over the gap and stoop down to collect some AK-47 ammo.  Jump into the water and grab the explosive crossbow arrows from the left shelf.  Swim even lower, pull the underwater lever on the left and flip turn to swim to another underwater lever (cut scene).


Turn around, fight the current to get back, swim up and to the right (N) and fight the current again.  In the next area swim up for air and pull out for flares, a large medipack and AK-47 ammo.  Jump back into the water and swim down into the trench.  When you reach the intersection, swim S and pull the underwater lever.  Flip turn and swim N past the intersection for a small medipack.  Flip turn and swim back up for air.  Swim back down, and this time go all the way to the bottom.  Swim S into a noxious area and quickly pick up two large medipacks, grenade gun ammo and a DIAMOND at the wall for SECRET #4.  The current will grab you and carry you to near the intersection.  Swim up for air once more, then swim N near the surface to exit.


Pull out onto a ledge and pick up the AK-47.  Continue forward and enter a cave.  First pick up the grenade gun ammo, then hop back and pick up the TORCH.  Continue forward and find a wall torch that provides a convenient flame.  The only apparent use for the torch is to provide some extra light. Pick up the nearby crossbow arrows and go back a ways.  Hop up S with your torch and jump N over the gap.  Continue forward along the ledge and slide down into an area guarded by a couple of yetis.  Pick up the COLD KEY, then pull up onto a higher ledge with a no music zone sign.  Pick up the uzi ammo and the small medipack, then use the key in the lock.  Hop down, retrieve your torch and jump N up the slope.  Run forward past some signs to end the level.




Run forward in the ice cavern, crawl through to an outdoor area and trigger a flyby.  Afterwards, pick up the large medipack.  You should have time to avoid all the snowballs.  Climb the left side of the ice wall and shift left as far as you can go.  Drop down onto the slope so that Lara slides down facing forward.  Jump off at the last instant and grab the edge of a crawl space.  Pull up as a normal camera view prevails for a brief second.  Crawl forward and stand up facing a slope.  Get ready for a platforming exercise that takes more time to read about than to accomplish.  You may wish to save as you progress.  Slide down the first slope backwards, grab the edge, pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab what I'll call ledge #1.  Pull up, slide forward and jump to ledge #2.  Jump to ledge #3, slide back and grab.  Pull up and back flip to ledge #4.  Jump off immediately and grab ledge #5, which is stable.  Pull up and catch your breath.  If you wish to go for a difficult secret, refer to the paragraph below.  If not, hop down and enter the next area.


Turn around and jump back S to the slope.  Slide down and grab.  Pull up and allow Lara to fall back and clear the edge before hitting the action key.  Lara should glide down and strike the slope directly underneath.  Grab and hang from the edge of this lower slope.  Release and immediately grab the edge of the slope underneath this one.  As you're pulling up, save your game.  Slide off the other side and try to jump off S so that you can grab the edge of the next slope (instead of landing on it).  If you're successful, save again while you're pulling up.  Slide down the other side, and at the last instant jump off to grab the edge of the spike ledge.  It may take a number of tries before you make the grab, but it can be done. Start pulling up while the spikes are up, so you can run forward to safety before they cycle again.  Pick up the crossbow arrows, the small medipack and a bottle of ALCOOL for SECRET #5.  The spike ledge is now spike-free, so climb the ice ladder, shift left to drop onto the beginning slope, jump immediately N and repeat the sequence described in the preceding paragraph.  Move on to the next area.


You'll quickly be attacked by a quartet of horned hippies.  A fifth hippie soon joins the fun.  One of them drops a SKULL KEY.  Continue past a row of tents and use the key in the lock.  In the new area climb up onto the slab near the fireplace, turn around and take a running jump S.  Grab, pull up, turn around and monkey swing N to the far ledge.  Drop down, pick up the small medipack and push the wall button.  Safety drop to the floor (the dog won't attack) and exit the Viking Inn. Run through an ice cavern and come to the first of several frigid swims.  Jump into the ice-cold water and swim quickly forward to pull out.  Jump in the next pool and simply wade across.  Crawl through, jump over the water hole for a small medipack and then jump into the water.


Swim S for two large medipacks, then pull out nearby before you freeze.  Jump back in and swim N through the gap and pull out at the far end.  In the next area wait for two members of the Ice Patrol to arrive and take the AK-47 ammo dropped by one of them.  Continue into a dark room where another Ice Patrolman fires at you (but you can't target him).  Run through as two more Ice Patrolmen come to the attack.  Get up on the block near the closed door at the end, turn around and take a running jump S to grab an upper ledge.  Pull up, run forward and take another running jump to grab a suspended crate.  Pull up, climb the next crate, turn around and jump to a third crate where you're still not safe from the withering fire.  Take a running jump N to grab another crate, pull up and take a running jump to a ledge where you'll find a button to push.  Pick up the small medipack and safety drop to the floor, taking some damage.


Climb over the block, run into the next area and stop before the tracks as a train lumbers by.  Run across the tracks, pick up the grenade gun ammo and large medipack, and run quickly across the next set of tracks before the train arrives.  In the ice cavern shoot the dog, go through the ice-cold water and use the monkey bars to restore your health.  Crawl under the obstruction and wade through the water, followed by more crawling.  The next area has random lighting flashes (which won't hurt you) and as many as eight horned hippies (who will definitely hurt you) who seem to be impervious to your bullets.  Keep running N past them and the occasional snowball and slide down to safety.


Run through the next area (the rumblings signal an approaching snowball, but you can easily avoid it) and engage a viking.  Continue through the long ice cavern, climb over a block and enter a room with windows.  Pick up the DESERT-7 and you get a remote shot showing the danger beyond those windows.  Pick up the small medipack and Desert-7 ammo and start shooting through the windows.  By my count there were at least seven Ice Patrolmen to kill.  When you've done that, run back S to trigger two flames and open the exit door. 


Run past a vessel and along an ice ledge.  When you reach an upper ledge, jump up to grab it.  Pull up and run forward as a snowball topples down.  Climb the ice ladder past the crack, shift right and drop down onto the ledge.  Go N, drop down the other side and pick up the Desert-7 ammo.  Go down the ramp a bit, grab the crack and shimmy left past the ladder.  Drop down on the ledge on the right side of the sloped ledge.  Stand near the vertex, hop S to the other side of the ledge and immediately jump back to avoid a falling snowball.  Pull up into the crack for a large medipack.  Get back down and take a running jump S to grab the next ledge.


Pull up and mount the ice ladder.  Immediately release, turn left and hop back to grab the edge of the ledge as another snowball falls.  Get back onto the ladder, climb up, shift right, drop onto the higher ledge, go N and climb the ladder there to the top.  Go left for the large medipack and go carefully back N, veering slightly left toward the trees so you won't fall to your death.   Walk onto the purple square to end the level.




You're in what appears to be a graveyard.  There are skeletons milling about, but they don't bother you until you disturb two of them in your path.  You've got the crossbow with explosive ammo, so put them to good use.  Continue N and the gate opens upon your approach.  In the next area climb a skull block and take a running jump to grab a higher ledge.  Pull up, turn around and pull up to a higher ledge.  Run forward for the Desert-7 ammo and continue with a running jump S to the next ledge.


Run forward into a green-tinted area.  You can turn neither right nor left, so continue S and emerge briefly on the ledge.  Continue S into a hellish area and return once more to the ledge.  Run forward and find yourself transported to a room with an alien.  As you approach, it is surrounded by a helix.  Emerge once more onto the ledge.  Step forward and pick up the HORROR KEYYour arrow keys freeze up when you try to check your inventory in this area, so don't bother pushing the escape key until you leave.  Safety drop to the ground and go N to the skull block.  Take a running jump to the higher ledge, turn around, pull up higher, turn around once more and jump N to a ledge where you can insert your key.  Get down to the ground and enter a dark house.


Pick up the large medipack and continue outdoors.  Climb the skull block for the SADNESS KEY.  Turn around and pull up to a series of platforms.  Make your way up, blowing up an aroused skeleton at each stage (be careful not to fall off the second stage).  On the highest platform pick up the flares and take a running jump and grab N to a ledge where you can insert your key.  Jump back to the previous ledge, safety drop to the skull ledge and exit to a dark, surreal area where you can read a little story about Lara's impending doom.


Jump over the balcony into a noxious area and blast away a number of skeletons.  Quickly jump N onto another balcony, continue and jump over the obstructions to arouse a sprite.  The door ahead opens, so run into the bathroom to replenish your health.  A skeleton may follow.  Run past the painting and follow to the red arrow.  Pause there until the sprite destroys itself (assuming it follows you this far).  Go back S if you'd like to meet up with a couple of villainous characters from well-known slasher movies. When you continue N you are plunged into water, so swim forward and up and pull out into a living room.  At the other end is a closed door requiring a key, so return to where you pulled out of the water.  Locate the hole in the ceiling and pull up inside.  Go N and take standing jumps up two slopes.  Pick up the HOUSE KEY there and return to the living room.  Open the door with the key (cut scene of a monster) and enter another living room where the monster scuttles about but does not attack.


When you leave the living room, you're in a dark noxious area where the way back is blocked.  If you keep running forward you'll simply repeat in a perpetual loop, so take a running jump at the up arrow and come to an area with diverging paths.  Stoop to pick up the flares near the clock and come to a fork in the road.  You don't want to go to hell (the door granting entry is closed now anyway), so jump toward the arrow pointing N (if you miss and drop into hell, simply turn around and pull back up -- too bad that's not an option in real life).  You'll now enter the haunted library, where your task is to find a single book out of the many volumes jammed into the shelves.


The cats in here are not friendly, so shoot two of them as you enter.  You can see books jutting out from the shelves at various points as you walk along, but refrain from pulling them.  As you near the N end of the library you're attacked by a flying book.  Step on the purple tile to be transported to a higher shelf.  Go to the N end and shoot two flying books.  You can pull the middle book at this end and take one step back to pick up the grenade gun ammo that magically appears.  Go back S and jump over the purple tile.  Pull the far left book at the S end.  A cut scene tells you that hell is now open for business.  Go back to the purple tile that takes you back to the library floor, run S and exit (shooting another cat on your way).  The shelves here are climbable, so if you like you can climb the long shelf next to the purple tile, shift to drop down onto the wooden platform and pull a book switch to make a small medipack appear.  Do the same at the other wooden platform.  Run past the signs and fall down into hell.  Walk carefully through the opened doorway and step at an unseen edge.


Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing across.  When you reach the ceiling gap, stop just before the end, turn left and get against the wall, and release to grab the crack.  Shimmy right and pull up into the alcove.  Grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the end of the ceiling track.  Drop down, light a flare, walk forward and turn left into the dark alcove.  Emerge on the other side and don't push the nearby button quite yet.  Go past it N and enter a new area.  Go to the plinth at the end and take the crossbow arrows and a BLANK DAGGER for SECRET #6.  Return to the button, light a flare and push the button.  As you slide down into the darkness, prepare yourself for an extended timerun.  Run forward as a spike ceiling descends.  Ignore the three baby spiders (try not to pause long enough for them to bite you), pull up onto three small slopes in succession, ignore another baby spider and slide down a long slope into some green skull goo as another spike ceiling descends.  Wade quickly across and pull up onto a wooden platform.


Wade through the noxious liquid in front of the piano and pull up onto another wooden platform.  Take a running jump, wade and pull up onto a wooden block.  Take a running jump past the flashing lightning onto another wooden platform.  In the next area there's a hidden barrier behind the toy chest, so go back S and

wade through the deep goo.  Pull up onto the ledge and push the button.  Wade back N and past the toy chest.  This time the way is clear.  In the red-tinted area take a running jump over the gap.  At the other end of the platform turn left, jump to grab the crack and shimmy right to a small platform.  Drop down and take a running jump N into a noxious area.  Wade to safety and walk up a sloped wooden structure.


Slide down the other side into another library area.  Note the now-dormant boss to your left.  Save your game here (you won't be able to save later) in case you experience crash issues.  Run forward to the purple tile (or first jump over it to the N end and pull down the book switch on the right to make a large medipack appear) and you'll be transported to the top of the shelf next to the now-awakened boss.  There's also a monster up there waiting for you.  Run quickly N past the boss, hop over the monster and go all the way to the N end.  Reverse roll and kill the monster.  The green rays and the lightning won't reach you here.  When the coast is clear, run back S and, just before you reach the central wooden panel, turn right and pull the book switch.  Here's where my game crashed more than once.  In about one second (which seems like an eternity) you'll be transported out of here to a safer area.


Walk to the edge of the skull tile, which is actually a pit.  Jump over it and vault up onto the skull ledge.  There's nothing on the wooden platform, so grab the crack in the wall and shimmy right and around the corner onto a wooden platform where the camera angle becomes normal.  Push the button and safety drop to the ground.  Pick up the small medipack and walk S.  Take a running jump over the skull gap and grab the other side.  Pull up onto the skull ledge and walk forward to pull up onto the wooden platform.  At the S end pull up onto the skull block.  Pull up to the higher ledge, walk forward and jump to the ledge next to the skull block.  Turn around and jump N onto the skull roof.  Run N into the purple tile to end the level.




Run forward in the red-tinted area to a door that opens slowly upon your approach.  Continue forward to another door that spirals open as you approach.  You now face a gauntlet of jumps over lava.  The first few are easy: a running jump, a standing jump, a running jump and grab, a standing jump...and then you come to a tightrope.  Save your game before starting.  I suggest you save in a different slot as you make progress, as you'll never be able to make it in one go.  When you get across, save again and continue to a slope-jumping exercise.  Back flip onto the first slope, jump to the second slope and back flip to a stable surface.  Take a running jump S and back flip off the slope to grab the ladder.  Climb to the top of the slope (where you lose sight of Lara).  Jump off as you begin your slide down the other side so you'll grab the edge of a second slope.  Pull up, jump off as soon as you start sliding down the other side and you should grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing N past the next slope and the water below. 


When you reach a dark alcove, release and light a flare.  Run forward and pick up grenade gun ammo, flares and an ONYX for SECRET #7.  Go back S, hang from the edge and drop down into the health-draining water.  Swim forward into the next area where you find yourself upside down and very confused indeed.


Down is up and up is down, so the trick is to stay high and get to the N end (not S as would normally be the case), swim down to the "water" and treat the edge as a platform you can pull up onto while hanging upside down.  It works, but it may take a number of tries.  When you finally pull up and sanity (and your health) is restored, proceed N quickly as a series of boulders fall from above.  Jump over the lava sections and keep running until you reach a safe area beyond a steep slope.  Continue to engage three female ninjas.  You have to kill all three before the exit door opens.  The last one kind of floats upward.  Pick up the large medipack, uzi ammo and crossbow arrows they dropped and go N through the opened doorway.  After the flyby, save your game and push the button for a timed run.  Run N and take a running jump, another running jump to the near edge of a block, and a running jump and grab to the next ledge.  It will likely take you several tries to get that far, so save your game again while you're pulling up.  Take a standing jump forward and go through the timed door.  Save your game again.


You're now faced with a timed tightrope walk.  Push the button and try to make your way across the tightrope before the timed door closes.  Again, you would be wise to save your game several times along the way.  It's hard, but it can be done with perseverance.  In the next area is another button.  Yes, another timed run.  Save your game, push the button and run N.  Jump forward onto the slope, back flip and jump off the second slope onto a block.  Reverse roll and take a running jump to the ledge. Back flip onto the slope and jump to grab the higher ledge.  Pull up, step forward and jump to a slope, slide and jump to a second slope.  Immediately jump off and grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing to the ledge, drop down and run through the timed door. 


You're now in another upside-down area with health-draining water.  While upside down, pull up onto the nearby ledge in the same manner as before.  Save your game and push the timed button.  Hop back and allow the current to get you started.  Swim over the ledge, where there's seemingly no water to swim through (avoid hugging the ceiling, which will slow you down), and when you reach the far end your orientation will change once again.  Simply pull out and run through the timed door before it closes.  Keep sprinting forward as a number of boulders start falling from above.  You're not safe until you turn a corner.  Take a running jump across the lava and crawl through into a new area.  Save your game before stepping forward (as you cannot save during the timed sequence).


You need to move quickly when the flyby ends, as the ledges and platforms ahead will soon turn to deadly lava in stages.  Take a step forward, then a running jump to the block, a running jump to the slope, turn around and stand jump to grab the ledge, pull up and take a running jump to the next ledge, a running jump and grab to the last ledge, pull up and climb the ladder.  Back flip at the top and slide jump from four slopes in succession to land on a ledge where you can jump into some more health-draining water. 


No upside-down this time.  Swim across, pull out and kill a female ninja as an earthquake rumbles.  You can just barely get over the lava with a running jump (don't launch your jump too close to the lava's edge).  Kill another female ninja and enter a dark surreal area.  Here's another timed run, but it's a fairly simple one.  Pick up the flares, push the button, go right a bit and pull up between the vertical lines.  Go right a bit and pull up again.  Side flip twice and pull up twice in the same spot.  Turn left and runjump to the lone vertical lines.  Pull up, turn right and sprint to the timed door.  Ignore the button, which only takes you back down to try again in case you fail.


Slide down into a new area.  As you run forward you experience a slight earthquake.  This timed run is a bit easier than the previous one.  Push the button, run right (S) off the edge to the ledge below.  Keep running right off the second ledge, reverse roll and sprint N to run off the third ledge, continue N to run off the fourth ledge, reverse roll and sprint S to run off the fifth ledge, reverse roll and sprint N to run off the sixth ledge, reverse roll and sprint S to get past the timed gate.  The button is down there to get you back up in case you didn't get to the gate in time.


In the next area you have to move upward, using the horizontal bars as well as the vertical bars, to beat the timed run.  Push the button and side flip right.  Jump up with the vertical bars and let the horizontal bars carry you left.  Jump up twice with the vertical bars and let the horizontal bars carry you right.  Jump up to the next ledge, side step left and jump up to let the horizontal bars carry you left.  Jump straight up, side flip right, turn right and run through the timed gate.  Slide down into a new area.


At the S wall jump up to activate the jump switch.  Go through the opened doorway, crawl under the obstruction, run forward and turn the corner, and crawl again until you reach the grenade gun ammo and the GRENADE GUN.  Go back the other way and pull up W.  Turn around and jump E to grab the higher ledge.  Pull up, turn around and jump across to grab the W ledge.  Pull up, crawl forward and activate the jump switch to open the exit door down below.  Get down to the first ledge, crawl W and lower Lara down at the end.  Grab the crack in the wall and shimmy right over the spikes.  Drop down, pick up the small medipack, run forward into the next area, slide down and jump to a ledge as a dragon rears its ugly head.


Don't bother trying to kill it.  Avoid the flame balls and locusts while taking running jumps past the dragon.  When you reach the last ledge, turn left and run toward the closed gate.  Turn left there and take a long running jump and grab to the next ledge.  Pull up, quickly grab the AK-47 ammo and jump to the next ledge.  Pick up the large medipack, walk to the far corner and take a running jump to the block against the E wall.  Activate the jump switch there and reverse your jumps back to the ledge with the gate (which remains closed, by the way), where at least a half dozen female ninjas are waiting for you.  Two of them cannot be killed by explosive ammo, so your best strategy is to use your grenade gun or crossbow at first to clear the field and then use your Desert-7 to polish off the last two ninjas (one of which leaves crossbow arrows).  You can then run to the other end of the ledge and jump W to the exit door (an invisible barrier kept you from it earlier until the last ninja was dead).  The door opens upon your approach, so crawl through and step on the purple tile to end the level.




You land on the stage of a theater.  Climb over the ladder block and step out onto a beach.  Hop onto a wooden platform and cross over to a village.  Climb the ladder and tightrope walk across to the other building while a couple of the harmless ninjas start going nuts below you.  Jump across to the brown building and climb over the blocks.  Pull up to your right for a large medipack.  You can't grab the higher platform, so hop back down and use the lower tightrope to get across N.  Climb the ladder and tightrope walk S to the highest platform.  Pick up the RUSTY KEY and safety drop to the ledge.  Hop to the ground and run S to find a keyhole.  Insert the Rusty Key to open the door. 


You're transported inside a bar.  The occupants pay no attention to you, so run to the far end and climb over the blocks.  You'll come to a pool, so go across and pick up the flares in the next room.  Crawl through to a large room seen from above.  Your task is to move the blocks around so you can place one on each of the four yellow squares.  But first, turn to your left and pull the block back once toward the entrance.  Go around it (you have to vault over a raised area, and there are several of those in this room) into the corner for Desert-7 ammo and a COCONUT for SECRET #8.   Now, for the nearest SW yellow square, there are four blocks arranged in a square in front of it.  Pull the lower left one to the side and push the upper left one onto the yellow square.  Simple so far.  For the yellow square in the SE corner, pull the middle block away from the row, get on the other side and push it once more away from the row.  Reverse roll and pull back the middle block in the row.  Go to the top (W) of the row and pull that block back once.  You're now trapped, so turn left and push that block away.  Now the path is free for you to push the last block in the row (E) into the corner. 


For the yellow squares on the right side of the map, it might be helpful to number the blocks.  Note the row of five blocks (with spaces between some).  Starting at the bottom of the map, number them 1 through 5.  Push block #3 E, toward the bottom of the map.  Pull block #4 E once, then get around it and pull it N to get it out of the way.  Push block #5 onto the NW yellow square.  Now, reverse roll and move the three blocks in this row W to get them out of the way, and finally push the remaining block onto the yellow square in the NE corner.  The exit N is now open.


Go on through and meet up with a viking, who drops uzi ammo.  He's followed by four ninjas, topped off with another viking who drops the RUSTY KEY.  Enter the next area and use your key. After the flyby in the next area, run through the pink-tinted area to the pirate vessel.  Don't fall into the water, or a shark will gobble you.  Climb the crate to your left, vault up higher into the darkness, turn left and slide down unexpectedly into a new area.  Go over some steps and arrive at a parked motorboat.  Pick up the grenade gun ammo, the AK-47 ammo, and note the nearby keyhole.  Go back S to the steps, go up a few steps and veer right to continue up.  Loop around left and come to a rope ladder.  Climb up, shift left and drop onto a wooden floor.  Go S and roll past a scissor trap.  Pick up a small medipack, and when you come to the end, monkey swing over the flames.  Drop down, push the button and monkey swing back across.  Get past the scissor trap, jump over the gap just past the rope ladder, and find another rope ladder at the N end.


Climb the ladder and back flip near the top onto the deck of the pirate vessel after night has fallen.  Run S and engage a viking.  Continue on to meet three ninjas (one of them drops a small medipack).  Climb the long ladder, turn around and shoot the unseen ninja waiting for you (and firing at you) on the other side of the tightrope.  Use the tightrope to walk across to a platform where the ninja was.  Step forward and pick up the RUSTY KEY. Sorry, but you're going to have to tightrope walk back across and climb down the ladder.  If you fall from the rope you won't die, but you'll lose a lot of health.  Climb down the N ladder and meet a viking and a ninja


Jump the gap, get on the rope ladder, shift right and climb down.  Four vikings are waiting for you.  Get down the steps and go N to use your Rusty Key.  Walk toward the motorboat for a nice flyby.  After it's over, drive the motorboat ahead into the purple tile to end the level.  




Begin by sliding down a series of slopes.  Grab the second one, pull up and back flip into a deep alcove.  Crawl in for a small medipack and grenade gun ammo.  Jump back to the slope, slide to the bottom and crawl and run and crawl until you emerge near a fence.  Turn around, pull up to the ramp, go to the top and pull up higher.  Crawl forward underneath a laser.  When you can stand up, jump over the gap and find that your way is blocked by a gate.  Drop down and crawl S.  Lower Lara into a room on the other side of the fence you saw earlier.  Note the receptacle near the fence, then push the button to open the gate above and get back up there.  Crawl under the first laser, side flip over the second (stand in the middle of the dotted lines) and drop down into the room below.


Crawl up S for the flares, continue S and lower Lara down the other side.  Pick up the SPECIAL CARD and return to the other side.  Shoot the waiting MP, climb back up and get past the lasers down to the room with the fenced wall.  Insert the card in the receptacle to open the door.  Enter a room viewed from above.  If you wish, you can just walk forward and exit without alerting anyone.  However, you're not confined here, so if you have an adventurous spirit veer to your left and pick up the AK-47 ammo.  When you pass the MP to your left, he wakes up.  When you pull your guns and start shooting, two more MPs come to assist (one drops a small medipack).  The fourth MP doesn't enter the fray until you confront him with drawn weapons.  When all four are dead the room takes on a red-tinted hue.  In the dark SW corner you'll find some Desert-7 ammo, and a large medipack in the NW corner.  There's nothing of interest in the pool.


Exit W and Lara involuntarily drops to her knees.  There's a reason for this, as an enemy lurks in the dark corner to her left.  So take the hint, don't stand up and crawl past the row of crates.  Pull up into the crawl space at the far wall and crawl until you can stand up.  Hop over the hole for some uzi ammo, then drop down into a console room and save your game for a tight timed run.  You've got 50 seconds, and even 51 would have tipped the scales in favor of fairness toward the player.  Push the button in the wall, back flip with a turn and sprint to the far wall.  Pull up and crawl forward.  Stand up, hop over the laser gap and crawl some more.  Turn around and lower Lara down (you can't jump out here).  This is where you lose the most time, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.  Reverse roll and sprint to the hole in the floor.  Reverse roll and sprint to the other end.  Drop down, reverse roll and run to the gap.  Crawl through and jump out (jump key and up arrow).  Roll twice in rapid succession, jump forward and sprint to the timed door.  Save your game again when you finally make it.


Stroll past a quartet of oblivious MPs, and in the next room pick up the grenade gun ammo and the large medipack (the cabinets contain nothing).  Crawl through to the next room and pick up the flares in front of the fan.  Keep crawling until you emerge in an area with blocks and ledges.  Jump and grab the ladder.  Don't pull up to the button, however (or any other tile where you see a target drawn as if by a magic marker), or you'll fry.  Instead, get to the floor and push the button to disable the nearest target.  Run to the N wall, turn around and jump up, climb the block (where the camera angle changes), push the next button hop up left.  You can see that the first target is now disabled, so get back to the floor and push that button again.


Get back up, climb the ladder and push the button.  Get down to the ledge immediately below, go N and push the button there.  Turn right, climb the block and see that the way to the N exit is now open.  First, however, go S and crawl to the uzi ammo and the PHONE for SECRET #9.  Now you can exit the room.

In the next area, distant enemies that you can't target fire at you from afar.  What's worse, there are three MPs on the bridge trying to prevent you from crossing over.  Finally, you can fall off the bridge to your death if you're not careful.  One of the MPs drops AK-47 ammo, if that's any consolation.  In the next area, crawl through and slide down to an area patrolled by numerous MPs.  Explosive ammo works very nicely on them.  For some reason you can't jump in this area, but you can vault up on the many blocks for whatever that's worth.  Go back S to encounter four more MPs.  One of them drops the SPECIAL CARD you need to exit this area.  Use the card in the receptacle, but save your game before leaving.


When you go through the exit portal you'll slide down a long slope.  When you see a ledge ahead, jump off the slope and grab it.  If you slide to the floor you'll be dragged by a strong wind into a lethal target.  Pull up and you'll be sucked to a crawl space.  Here's where you discover that you can't save during this sequence.  Duck down into the crawl space and you'll be dragged further.  Jump just before the gap, jump again and ignore the MP firing at you.  Allow yourself to be dragged past the MP, jump two long gaps and grab the ladder after the second one.  Climb up and see the exit door open as you pull up.


Enter a deep platformed room where a flyby shows you it has no ceiling and that it's snowing outside.  First target and kill the MP roaming around on a higher ledge.  Run forward and pick up the large medipack, then go back to climb the lowest ledge where the air is noxious and someone unseen is firing at you.  Run forward for the small medipack (not noxious here).  Turn around and take a running jump N and pick up the flares, then run into the alcove to restore your health.  The higher ledge S is unreachable, so take a blind running jump S to a ledge (that someone is still firing at you) where you can now see the falling snow.  Pull up to the higher ledge and enter the crawl space to restore your health.  Jump N to grab the ledge, pull up and hop forward to the next ledge.  That pesky MP is ahead, although you can't see him, so take him out quickly with an explosive arrow.  Turn around, pull up to the higher ledge and take a running jump S to grab the wall.


Climb to the top and take a rolling back flip to grab the ladder.  Climb, pull up to the highest ledge and enter the crawl space to replenish your health.  Grab the large medipack and take a running jump N to grab the sharp-edged ledge.  Pull up onto the roof of the structure and run forward to slide down into a snow-covered yard.  Jump into the shallow hole to replenish your health.  At the N end of the hole someone off-screen starts shooting at you, so draw a weapon and fire N to eliminate the threat.  The unseen MP has left behind a small medipack, but there's another MP firing at you from the other side of the block. 


Continue N past two blocks, and the camera angle shifts.  Turn left and and run W to another pair of blocks.  Climb over them and run into the hole beyond to replenish your health.  Climb over another pair of blocks and come to a helicopter being guarded by two MPs.  There are several health-giving holes here. 

To open the exit door you need to "kill" the helicopter, strangely enough, so keep firing at it (I used the Desert-7 here) until it catches fire and blows up.  Exit W, pick up the AK47 ammo, the large medipack and the grenade gun ammo, then step on the purple tile to end the level.




Drop down onto a snowy ledge where it seems an outdoor concert is in progress.  Go on by and the golden gate opens as you approach.  After the flyby, when two rows of flying horses spring into existence, continue and shoot three condors.  Pick up the large medipack, move forward to engage a viking and climb up on the crate.  Jump to the wall, turn around and jump to the ice ledge and pick up the small medipack.  Pull up to the higher ice ledge and take a running jump to the crate.  Drop down the other side and run along the grassy plain until you trigger a flyby and three cowboys come running. 


Enter a stark black and white area after the gate opens.  Slide down a slope and change directions.  Jump over two gaps, hop the cake blocks and come to an outdoor area where you're distracted by an earthquake.  Make a note of the colored notes to your left: yellow, orange, red, etc.  The earthquake stops as you run up a short hill.  Slide down the steep slope of the hill and note the jackals in the distance.  As you continue N you're attacked by four jackals.  Enter another black and white area and stop at the entrance of a colorful room seen from above.  It's trapped, of course, so save your game.  The clues were in the note signs you passed to get here, but don't ask me what they were.  And you can't jump over the deadly notes, so don't bother trying.  Here's the route that worked for me:  go forward six notes (yellow), left two (pink), down two (pink),  left two (green), up the left row to the corner (green), turn right and follow to the exit. 


Continue through an outdoor area with a light rain.  Shoot the crocodile, then a viking, and the exit gate will open.  Before you enter the next area you're admonished to save your game.  That's because you're about to embark upon a three-minute timed run.  And you can't save along the way (but you can pause from time to time to catch your breath if you like).  This one is not that bad, however.


When you enter the timed area, turn 90 degrees to the right and start sprinting.  You'll run up and down two humps.  When you come down the second one, be looking for a gap so you can take a running jump over it.  Shortly thereafter you'll come to a wider gap where you need to make a precise running jump and grab.  I suggest stopping here first.  You'll have enough time.  When you get across, you need to shoot three cowboys so the nearby gate will open.  Hop over into a platformed area.  Take the obvious route up, and shoot a pesky condor along the way if you think you have enough time.  When you reach the hall, you need to shoot four jackals so that the exit door will open.  You should get through with plenty of time to spare.


In the art gallery pull down the wall switch next to the exit door.  You'll be transported to a room with a button.  When you push it you'll be taken back to the art gallery.  Pull down the next wall switch, with the same result, different room.  Continue working your way counterclockwise around the art gallery.  When you've pulled down all the wall switches and pushed all the buttons, guess what -- the exit gate opens.   Run toward the purple wall tile for a concluding flying and your cumulative statistics.