Levels by Gabriel Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth. 


A video walkthrough by steven35175 is also available at YouTube.  The first section can be found here.

A French walkthrough by SlyRaider (pdf format) can be found here for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 respectively.





Begin by sliding down to a jungle area "somewhere in the island."  Look to your right for some flares, then head to the N wall and pull up into the opening.  As you slide down you trigger a flyby of a beautiful area featuring a steep waterfall.  Go left for those flares you saw in the flyby, then jump NW to the alcove in the central structure.  Grab the crack and shimmy left around two corners to the opposite alcove.  Pull up, run forward and pull up still higher through the plants.  Walk forward a few steps, turn right and pull up even higher.  Look left and note the closed gate and nearby keyhole.  Loop around right to find another crack.


Shimmy left around the corner and pull up in the far corner.  Turn right and pull up one last time.  Push the nearby floor lever for a cut scene showing an underwater gate opening.  Run W off the edge down into the water.  Pick up a small medipack and find the opened gate in the N wall.  Swim into the tunnel and follow to another outdoor area.  Pull out onto the small island and pick up the (formerly) LOST KEY.   Swim back through the tunnel and pull out NE for another small medipack.  A tiger is prowling about on the other side of the mound, so kill it from where you stand. 


Hop toward the carcass, go around the ledge, jump to the NW alcove and repeat the moves described earlier to reach the spot where you saw the closed gate.  Take a running jump S and use the Lost Key to open the gate.  Go inside, turn right toward another closed gate in the W wall and turn left there to find a wall switch.  Pull down the switch to open the gate, and step out onto a ledge overlooking a pool.  Use the protruding portion of the ledge to take a running jump W to the other side.  Pull up into the opening in the W wall and crawl forward for a large medipack and SECRET #1.


Get back down and jump into the pool below.  Swim N past the gap and pull out on the other side of the pool.  You disturb two tigers that were napping there, so deal with them.  Pull down the switch in the E wall to open the door behind you.  Go on through, loop around right to the NE and locate the pushblock there.  Pull it out from the wall two times and get around it using the triangular crevice in the wall to your right.  Enter the sun-splashed room, run past another pushblock in a crawl space to your left, loop around and pull it once E.  Go back around and crawl through to a wall switch.  Pull it down to open a gate in the area where you shot the tigers.  Return there via the triangular crack in the wall and find a minicanal.  Jump into the water and swim to the next area. 


Pull out and shoot the thug.  As you step forward to take the shotgun ammo he dropped, another thug appears.  This one drops a small medipack.  Keep your pistols out and run counterclockwise around the periphery of this room to draw out two tigers and a thug (shotgun ammo).  Locate the ladder near the NW corner and climb to the top.  Jump SE to the central structure and push the floor lever.  Shoot the oblivious thug patrolling higher up on the E ledge and go to the SW corner of the central structure.  Hang from the W side and locate the crawl space below you.  Release, quickly grab the crawl space and pull up inside for shotgun ammo and SECRET #2.  Drop and slide to the floor. 


Return to the ladder and climb back up.  Jump back to the central structure and go around left to an elephant mural.  Hang from the edge and release to grab a crack in the wall.  Shimmy right around one corner and pull up into an opened (floor lever) doorway.  Hop up into the alcove, pick up the SHOTGUN and pull down the wall switch to open a door down below.   Drop and slide to the jungle floor and locate the opened doorway near the SE corner.  Enter and approach a long slope.  Note the boulder poised overhead and save your game.  Standing on the far right side, start sliding and wait until the last instant before jumping off to grab the ledge ahead. 


Pull up and locate the long pole.  Climb up and back flip near the top into a small enclosed area.  Pick up the small medipack and hop down W into a short trench.  Vault up S, face the wall switch and save your game.  Pull the switch and quickly side flip right, back flip and stay still until the boulder comes to a complete stop in front of you (there are monkey bars overhead, but it's not necessary to use them).  Go S up the ramp, vault up onto a water-splashed block and slide down W into a pool.  Get into a wading position and kill the waiting tiger.  Climb the S ladder to the top, shift right around the corner and drop down onto a ledge.


Hop down N and stoop to get the flares nearly hidden in the plants near the N wall for SECRET #3.  Climb up into the W opening.  On the other side of the bridge is a closed gate, so hang-drop from the bridge and push the floor lever at the NW corner to open the door at the SE corner.  Two thugs emerge, so deal with them and pick up the large medipack dropped by one of them.  Enter the opened doorway and jump over the flames to the far slope.  Jump back and forth, using the right arrow key to bring you to the W ledge.  Push the floor lever there to open the gate at the end of the bridge.  Get back to the E side, using the slopes, return to the bridge room and use the raised mound near the NE corner to pull up onto the sloped ledge.  Jump to the bridge and enter the W gateway.  Slide down into the next level.




Your slide ends at a ledge facing a roaring river. Turn left and follow the passage to a clearing where two thugs await.  One of them drops a small medipack.  Jump into the water and search the floor for some flares.  You can wade up to the E bank with some effort and hop into the waterfall, but if you do so you'll die.  Instead, swim W to the motorized raft and get in it.  Drive it E over the waterfall, bear right around the rock and continue E through another waterfall.  Continue forward and loop around right in a wide arc (dropping down a short distance a few times along the way) until you reach a dead end protected by a thug.  Dismount (shift + right arrow key) and dispatch him.  Pick up the SACRED STATUE he drops.  Unfortunately, it won't fit in the nearby keyhole, so get back in the raft and drive it back to the waterfall area and loop around left in a wide arc until you arrive at another dead end.


Dismount and place the Sacred Statue in the candle holder to open the door to your left.  Crawl through the triangular passage and loop around right to engage another thug.  Pause for his small medipack and continue along the passage to a spike room.  The spikes are timed in several areas and are easy to avoid.  Bear slightly right and time the spikes into a clear area near the middle of the room.  Take a TORCH from the pile and go to the E wall.  Drop the torch, pull down the wall switch and retrieve the torch. Your next destination is the flame you can see S.  Go back E and loop around left past the spike traps until you reach the SE corner.  Light the torch carefully and go clockwise around the room until you reach the W opening. 


Enter and apply the torch to the flammable skeleton.  The cage to your left lowers, so toss the torch (you no longer need it) and go inside to pull down the wall switch.  Exit and turn left in the spike room.  Navigate your way to the deformed crate near the N wall.  Get on it and take a standing jump E from the corner to grab the top of the cage.  Pull up and jump into the N opening.  Don't waste any ammo on the tiger, as it's busy trying to dig into the wall and is impervious to your gunfire in any event.  Pick up the NARROW PASSAGE KEY, pull back the skeleton to reveal a spare SHOTGUN and some shotgun ammo, and locate the hidden crawl space in the NW corner.  Crawl inside for SECRET #4 and a large medipack.  Get out and jump back S to the cage. 


Hop down to the deformed crate and make your way past the spike traps to the S opening.  Return through the passage to the raft.  Get in and drive out of this area (you need to work up a good head of steam).  Go around in a wide loop to the right to the dead end you visited earlier.  Dismount and dive into the water.  Locate the nearby flares and swim back S.  Turn right through the waterfall and loop around to the right for SECRET #5 and a large medipack.  Return to the dead end, pull out and use the Narrow Passage Key to open the gate.  Get back in the raft and drive it around to the right into a rainy outdoor area.  If you like, you can dismount just before entering this area and swim down past the lily pads for a small medipack


Turn right after entering the rapids and drive to the E wall.  Dismount onto the ledge there and pull up into the E crawl space.  When you can stand, quickly pull up higher and deal with two thugs who are waiting in the upper area.  Run S along the ledge to find another SACRED STATUE on a stone slab.  Get back down through the crawl space and hop into the raft.  Drive it back W and dismount on the next-to-last block opposite an opening in the S wall.  Jump W to the higher block and take a running jump to the greenish block suspended over the waterfall.  Pick up another SACRED STATUTE while someone starts firing at you.  Jump back E to the previous block, hop down to the shorter block and take out the thug waiting for you inside the S opening.


Get into the raft, drive into the S opening, dismount and place the Sacred Statues in the candle holders on either side of the closed gate.  The gate opens, so drive the raft on through a couple of feet and dismount to your left.  Grab the shotgun ammo in the NE corner.  Instead of getting back into the raft, take a running jump to the SW block, then standing jumps NW and SW, and finally a running jump S to the short block. Turn right and take a running jump W toward the flat spot in the waterfall.  You'll slide down a bit, but you'll stop safely.  Take a standing jump forward, a running jump N to the next flat spot, a standing jump NW and a standing jump SW for the DIKE COG.


Simply slide down from here to the lower bank, then make your way S (jumping over the brown barrier along the way) until you reach another set of flat spots beginning at a second brown barrier.  Jump N to a ladder and start climbing.  Shift left around the corner and drop into an alcove.  Insert the Dike Cog in the receptacle, drop and slide to the base of the ladder, slide down further E and make your way to the N end.  Turn right and take a running jump to grab the block in the water, jump NE and SE and hop into the raft.  Drive it through the opened gateway, follow around and arrive at another closed gate for which you need a Sacred Statute. 


Dismount and swim back W, where you'll find a hole in the floor at the SW corner.  Swim down and along the W passage to the end for a small medipack and SECRET #6.  Swim back and up, and pull out S at two twin waterfalls.  Pull up higher and jump up to the opening on the left.  The water in here is deadly, so save your game along the way as necessary.  Hop forward to the triangular ledge, and a running jump (low ceiling) to the one in the corner.  Turn right and take a curved running jump to the next ledge, and running jumps NW and SW, followed by a running jump SE to a floating ledge in the middle of the river.  Running jumps NW and SW will bring you to a triangular island where you can shoot two thugs waiting for you in the S warehouse. 


Jump to the warehouse and climb the ladder.  Shift right or left (or back flip), drop down and kill another thug.  Pick up his SACRED STATUE and look in a windowsill for a small medipack.  Pull up onto the cabinet against the W wall for some flares.  Get down, retrace your jumps and steps along the blocks and ledges (again being mindful of the low ceilings), and return to where you left the raft.  Insert the Sacred Statue in the receptacle to open the gate, drive on through and allow the raft to drop down into a hole, dismount and enter the W opening.  Run along the passage to end the level.




You slide down and land in front of a closed gate.  Turn left and follow the passage to a room (we'll call it the main room) occupied by three tigers. Note the closed gate in the W wall, for which you need four artifacts.  Turn left at the entrance and follow the NE passage around to a blade gauntlet.  Time your way past them (crawling underneath them does not afford protection) to a room with molten gold.  Hop forward to the ledge, side flip left and immediately jump forward to the stable tree root.  Make your way with standing jumps along the tree roots until you can hop into the W alcove.  Pull down both wall switches to lower a cage on a pillar in the NE corner.


Go there and climb the ivy-covered wall.  Back flip near the top onto an irregular but stable surface.  Make your way, using other stable surfaces up here, to the ladder in the SW corner.  Climb to near the top and back flip onto a tree branch.  Jump over to the NW tree and pick up the RITUAL MASK (1 of 4).  Get back to the ladder, jump to grab it and climb down.  Go to the NE corner, jump to grab the ivy-covered wall and climb down to the room with molten gold.  Get back to the SW passage and go through the blade gauntlet again.


Back in the main room, go straight across into the NE passage and prepare to engage two mutants in the next room.  Locate a SHOTGUN near the S wall and activate the jump switch on the NW pillar.  Enter the opened SW gateway and kill the tiger that charges at you from your right.  Go N and pull down the wall switch you see on the pillar (cut scene of an area behind you).  The ivy in the NW corner disguises a fake wall.  Go inside the short dark passage for SECRET #7 and a small medipack


Return to the mutant room and find that the gate in the middle of the N wall is open.  Go in with weapons drawn and kill the waiting tiger.  Go NW and follow the winding passage to find some shotgun ammo.  Get into the crawl space in the N wall (just past the drop-down) and crawl to a lower passage where a T-Rex lurks just beyond.  Get out your shotgun and shoot it in the belly at close range.  Locate the NE water trench and jump in.  Swim N through the tunnel and pull out onto a ledge.  The pots strewn about are empty, so pull up onto the SE block while the annoying action music continues to play.  Face W, get in the corner, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the higher block in the SW corner.   Drop down, face slightly NW and jump to grab the edge and pull up into the ceiling.


Kill two tigers and go around to an opening that overlooks the T-Rex area.  Take a running jump W to the ledge and another running jump S to the rock formation.  Pick up the COG resting on the slab and go back the way you came.  Pull out of the water in the T-Rex area and run across to the SE corner for a small medipack.  Locate the crawl space in the E wall and follow to a room where you meet up with another mutant with a skin condition.  After dealing with it, find some shotgun ammo at the end of a short passage and monkey swing S over the molten gold trench.  Drop down and place the Cog in the receptacle to open the door.


Go in and jump into the water.  Swim down and take a replacement COG from the central slab.  Pull out NE and place the Cog to accomplish several things: the giant wheel starts turning, a nearby gate opens and the water turns to molten gold.  Turn left and use the ledges to jump counterclockwise around the room to the other side of the giant wheel.  Locate the ladder in the SE corner and pull up to the opened gateway. Follow to another room with molten gold where you see an artifact ahead.  Jump to the ledge, pick up the RITUAL MASK (2 of 4) and jump back (with grab). 


Return to the previous room and jump around to the block in the NW corner.  Pull up into the opening, monkey swing over the molten gold trench and turn left.  Use the crawl space to get back to the T-Rex area.  Run across and exit where you lose camera control between the two walls.  Pull up S into the crawl space and drop down at the other end.  Pull up E and follow the passage back to the mutant room.  Exit SE to the main room and loop around right into another room with a cage, a flame blower and a mutant.  Push the cage W past the flame blower as far as it will go.  When the flames subside jump up onto it and monkey swing N past two more flame blowers over a stream of molten gold. Every third cycle the flame blower gives you a bit more time, so watch, be patient and save your game in a different slot after each successful crossing (thanks, vimmers). 


Drop down on the other side and slide down into a room occupied by a tiger and a mutant.  Move the short gray block on the E ledge to the other side, get up on it and climb the pillar to a wall switch that releases a rope behind you.  Get down, mount the rope, swing W and release to grab a pillar.  Pull up for a RITUAL MASK (3 of 4).  Jump up, grab the ceiling and monkey swing around the room until you reach the opening in the S wall.  Drop down and go forward to another room with molten gold.  Take a running jump SE to the ledge below, then turn and shoot a mutant perched NW on a high pillar. 


Jump W to grab the crack and shimmy right around the corner and drop down onto a ledge.  Jump up to activate the jump switch, pause for the small medipack on the higher perch and shimmy back left all the way.  Drop down and enter the opened SE doorway. Pull up left and start climbing until you reach a floor hole.  Hang drop into the main room and go through the S doorway.  Pull up into a higher area and shoot the tiger.  Locate the hole in the ceiling, next to the E wall right underneath a clump of weeds, and pull up into a pitch-black crawl area.  Locate (fittingly enough) 2 x flares in the far corner for SECRET #8 and get back down.  


Exit S and shoot a mutant running back and forth along a ledge.  Pull out the cage from the S wall and push it aside to the left to reveal a small medipack.  Pull the cage from the E wall (next to a wall switch) and push it right onto a lowered block.  Pull down the wall switch to raise the block, get up onto the ledge where the mutant was and move the raised cage to the other side, onto another lowered block.  Get down and pull the wall switch back up to raise the cage still higher.  Use the first cage to climb up onto a golden face tile.  Pull the second cage onto this tile to lower another nearby block, get up on the block in the SW corner and jump onto the pillar against the W wall.  Walk to the far edge and jump up to grab the higher ledge.  Pull up and face a wall switch with bars in front of it.  Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing E past the lowered block.


Pull down the wall switch to lift the bars and monkey swing back across.  Drop down, enter the alcove and pull down the wall switch.  A door opens down below, but before going down jump E to the central tree limb for some shotgun ammo.  Make your way down to the jungle floor and locate the opened NW doorway.  Hop down and locate two pushblocks.  Pull out the corner block and pull it in front of the other block.  Go where the first block was and get past the first set of spikes.  Jump up when the second set of spikes is down and follow the passage past a third set of spikes.  Continue to a funnel-shaped room with a deep shaft at the bottom.  


Slide down and jump off at the last instant to grab the central pole.  Wait until the shaft spikes retract before sliding down to the floor.  Easily outrun a couple of mummies through the N passage.  Pick up the RITUAL MASK (4 of 4) in the next room and evade a third mummy by taking a running jump and grab E to the rock formation.  Pull up and side flip twice right to avoid the boulders rolling down toward you.  Run forward, pull up onto the ledge and climb the ladder through a hole in the ceiling.  Back flip into an alcove.  Pull up twice to find a wall switch that opens the door above you.  Pull up into a room you visited earlier and kill the waiting mutant.  Return N to the main room and place the four Ritual Masks to open the W gate.


Enter and run along the passage (no boulders).  Slide down two slopes and land on a patio.  The pots are empty, so hop down and engage two mutants in the rain.  Locate the floor lever hidden in the SW weeds.  Push it and go around to enter the opened W doorway.  Kill the tiger inside and find the sloped block.  Back flip onto it, jump off and grab the NE pillar.  Instead of pulling up, simply shimmy left around two corners and pull up into an alcove.  Turn around, grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the next pillar.  Jump SW to the next pillar and W to a pillar with the SECRET KEY.


Drop down, exit this room E and drop down through the hole in the floor outside.  Follow the passage and use the Secret Key to open the door.  Crawl through and pull up in an outside area.  Kill two tigers and pull up onto the taller block against the N wall.  Jump twice to ledges in the central structure and use the monkey bars to get around to the S ledge.  Take a running jump to the W pillar, turn around and stand jump NW with grab to land inside the opening.  Drop down through the shaft into the water below.  Swim W, and at the fourth depression, which is deeper than the others, swim down and into the E crawl space.  Follow to a small medipack and SECRET #9.


Return, continue swimming W and pull out of the water.  Turn right and pull up.  Slide down into a room where you meet up with a stomping shiva.  For some reason, instead of doing battle this one went straight to the SE corner and froze up there, refusing to move.  If this should happen to you, squeeze between it and the corner and send a few shotgun blasts into its midsection.  There's extra shotgun ammo in the NW corner if you need it.  When the shiva explodes, pick up the SHEVA'S [sic] STATUE and small medipack that it drops.    


Go to the closed N gate.  Someone has already placed an artifact in one of the candle holders, so insert Sheva's Statue in the other one to open the gate.  Enter the treasure room.  As you pull up onto the block on which a blue gem rests, the level ends.