The Lake of Stars by GMac

Walkthrough by G&D Productions

To the Stone Room

From the 'start' island, go straight (S) to the next island and take a right (W) over a wooden bridge to the next. Go to the opening left and use the ladder outside to get down in a small opening and use the lever there. A trap under an Arch explodes. Climb back up and go to the right over the wooden bridge (E). On the middle island go to the right and straight to that arch. Walk slowly onto the de-activated spikes and stop as another explosion occurs (this way you won't get hurt too much (you can also save and reload just before going through to avoid that explosion all together). Remember for the next arches). Go straight into the Skribblerz Stone room.

Skribblerz Stone room, a Lake Gem

You need to get 4 skulls to open all the gates on the ground floor.

But for now take a right to go to the back and pick up Flares in the alcove and then a small medipack on the floor in the back.

Go to the alcove on the right (E) and jump up to grab a crack. Back jump (Ctrl + down arrow), pull up and shoot the coyote. Then go to the back (S) and jump up to a ledge with a green gate. Walk to the other side and jump down and go to the end (N). Jump a bit to the right to get to the crack (N), shimmy right around the corner and back jump to the crack in the wall. Jump up (Ctrl + Alt + Up arrow) and then shimmy to the right as far as possible and climb up. Turn around and jump to the pillars (SW) to the other side. From there a jump down to the slope, shimmy to the end and climb up. Then take a jump to the pedestal to grab the Lake Gem (#1).

Use the Gem, get Skull #1

Nothing more to do here for now so do safety drops to the ground floor and leave (N). Go over the bridge over to the island and take the second bridge on the left. Place the Gem in its receptacle on the left. Another arch is safe.

Now we go to the N and down over the bridge. Be careful at the arch, there will be another explosion. Go straight to the next island and walk to the end and safety drop down and crawl in for Secret Dragon #1. Get back up the island and go to the slopes (W) and jump them till you can grab a ladder and climb up (You best grab the #6 and #8 blocks to hang left and time the burners before moving on). In the structure, loop around the left and use the lever, a gate opens up. Turn around and shoot that first cat statue, a Skull (#1) appears on the pedestal, grab that.

Pick up Flares W and a small medipack S.

Go to the 3 cats and jump between them onto an island with a tree, jump to the island with the arch. Go back to the right (S) to where you use the first Gem. Don't climb up, but go right over the rocks to that tree. Safety drop down and go into the tunnel under the building. At the end where that gate opened, jump to an island and then on the moving platform to get to the next Lake Gem (#2), watch the flyby (I did two stand jumps as the platform was moving away).

Use the Second Gem, Arch E

Jump back and go back through the tunnel W and up the building. Go over the bridge straight ahead (E) and to the left to the next island ('start' island). Go to the left side next to the tree, safety drop down and get into the tunnel. Shoot the coyote and at the end climb up on the left (there were spikes here before). Turn around and hop over the ladder hole to the receptacle for the Gem and place it. Next arch is safe.

It's NOT the one you see in the distance, but the one E of this structure.

Lake Gem #3

First go out right (S), look for a hole in the ground near the Lake. Follow through to get another Lake Gem (#3). Spikes retract at the structure SW.

Fiery Platforms, Skull #2

Go back and get out, go left and over the bridge leading to the arch E. To the right of the bridge you can see platforms in the lake, that's for a Secret later. Get through the arch; follow to a familiar looking room. Jump to the safe floor and use some tactics to get over the platforms to the other end. First platform, run jump as the platform almost reaches the far side, but it should still be moving away from you and hop to the island. Next one I stood far to the side so I could jump avoiding the active burner and a running jump to the island with the Skull (#2). Jump back and to the tunnel, go back out to the Lake. If you want, you can go for that Secret now (SE), I went for it later as you will be back here.

* Save and from the bridge jump to the first breakable platform, a stand jump to the next, then a combination of running jumps and stand jumps to get to the island with Secret Dragon #2. Another series of jumps will get you to a new and elevated platform (the last) from which you can jump right to the island. Go to the SW structure.

Or without the Secret: Go over the bridge to the structure, go inside and down the ladder, follow the tunnel and climb back onto the start island. Go to the Structure SW.

Use the Gem, Arch SW

Two coyotes attack, grab the small medipack and find the receptacle where the spikes have now retracted. Place the Gem there and the trap under the arch explodes.

Go out W, jump over to the bridge and standing on the right hand corner, light a flare to spot a transparent ledge. Jump on it and off to the island to get Secret Dragon #3. Jump to grab that ledge and hop down to the bridge.

The Deep Pit, Skull #3, Lake Gem #4

Go through the arch SW and enter the building. Shoot two coyotes and jump to the pillar. Get the small medipack and go to the SW corner. Turn around facing E and grab the edge and make use of all the cracks on the pillar and the wall to get to the bottom. The water is NOT dangerous. Pick up the Skull (#3) and make your way all the way to the top again.

Get Lake Gem (#4) from the pedestal and look down at the S side of the pillar for an opening in the wall. Stand facing E again and drop down to the crack, lower twice and around the corner back jump and grab the opening OR stand at the edge over the burner and take one step back, time the burner and stand jump. Use Ctrl to get into the opening. Place the Gem and make you way again back up (jump to the lower crack right of the burner).

To the Last Arch N, Skull #4

Go out over the bridge to the building on the right (E) and go over the other bridges all the way to the 'start' island (N). At the tree on the left, safety drop down again and follow the tunnel, up the ladder and cross over to the building (N). Get Flares on the left and a small medipack on the right. Then jump over to the island (N) and jump to the rocks straight ahead. Go up and jump over to the pedestal and then to the ledge where the spikes are. They are out of place, let's correct that. Pull the spikes onto the holes you see on the floor. A wall goes down. Go into the opening W and at the pit take a running jump to the left and head up the slope.

Turn around at the end, slide down backwards and safety drop to the ground. Run forward into the passage and slide down a steep slope.

Spike Puzzle, Skull #4

At the bottom at the lava cave, shoot the Cat statue and hear a rumble (another wall lowers high above). Go through the opening E and take a running jump over the lava to the pedestal with a dragon statue. You'll get transported way up again.

Shoot the coyote; jump to the pillar and from there to the left (W). Then use the ledges and slopes on the right to get to the lever (W) and use it to lower another wall.

Now make your way all the way back to the E over the pillar with the pedestal as the wall came down there.

Jump to the right (S) up the slope and turn around to slide backwards. Go in and slide down another steep slope again.

Stand on the one tile without the spikes (NW) and watch where spikes pop up, stand there as well and watch for the next one. Stand on that as well and so on until you can finally stand on the one in the corner after the spikes disappear. Then go to the W into the opening, the wall goes down and jump back to the island with the dragon statue. You'll be transported again and a Skull (#4) appeared on the pedestal on the pillar.

Using the Skulls, the Skribblerz Stone

For another secret, go E to the next pit and jump left around to get to the ledge where a block lowered, grab Secret Dragon #4. Go back W to the pillar with the pedestal, leave S. Up the slope, down the rocks and jump back to the island and then to the building S.

(* Here I went to the left over the bridge and jumped the breakable tiles to get the secret. You end up where you have to go).

Go down the ladder, through the cave and up to the start island. Head S over the bridges through the S arch we visited before, shoot the coyotes.

Now you can start placing the skulls.


Jump the moving platform and another running jump to get to the lever, jump back from standing in a corner next to the lever and a running jump from the platform.


Same story, almost identical, only the platform only moves at one side.


Same story, bit more difficult (possible to run jump and grab the ledge with the lever from the vertical moving platform, jumping back also skip the horizontal platform).


Same story (run jump straight onto the second platform when it is down, skipping the one near the entrance).

Climb via the crack in the SE alcove up to the ledges again and now get the Skribblerz Stone. The green gate behind the cat statue opens (S), so go there...

G&D - August 2015