The Bloody Sun.

Level by BigFoot.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

The saves and video are in this Folder.

A video walkthrough by KillerGameplayz is available here.


After the flyby Lara is wondering where she is, “Where am I.”

Through the Icy Caves.

Be careful while running around, because there are icicles that can fall down from the ceiling. Go to the opposite corner (SE) and climb up, better hang on the slope, pull up and slide, then jump over spikes to get in the opening in the wall.

Go through and jump to the right onto that pillar and from there into the opening in the wall N.

Follow through and stand at the left side of the slope. Slide and jump to the ledge and from there to the other side. At the next slide stand again at the left side and jump down to the ledges. At the end of the safe ledge, look to other side (N) and jump up there. From there a left curved running jump to the block left (W). Then go to the opening in the wall there. Keep jumping to the S and then enter the tunnel on the right. Follow through and jump onto a block on the right. Turn and jump onto the pillar there. Then jump to grab the sloped block S shimmy to the right, pull up and backflip/roll to grab the ledge. Pull up.

“It’s not Earth’s Sun. This one looks like a … red giant. 

Go to the far right corner (NE) for a small mushroom medipack, return to the pit and stand on the higher right or left side and take a running jump to grab the opposite edge and pull up. Shoot two wolves.

Then jump up the rock in front of the frozen waterfall and jump up the fall. Go further and take a right and go to the end, then jump to the left. Jump from corner to corner towards the opening S. Follow through and grab the edge of that sloped pillar, shimmy to the left, pull up, slide far and jump with a slight left curve (and keep the forward cursor pressed), to get onto that triangle pillar. Watch out that you don’t run off the edge. Jump to the slope on the left and keep jumping back and forwards till you are safe. Go in…

“This ice looks dangerous, It might be safer to walk or crawl over it… I hope.”

Walk and or crawl over the ice straight and then to the right and when Lara is safe:

Glad I didn’t eat all those donuts…”

Shoot the wolf and pick up a small medipack at the right side of the opening.

Go through the opening and it doesn’t really matter just run in and you’ll fall through the ice sheets and land in a cave. Just follow through (NW) and at the huge ice window take a left and slide down. Better save the game.

Then stand jump forward to grab the monkey swing, swing around a corner to the left and then go to the right. Best I found is to let go the second you are in the opening and immediately jump forwards.

Let the boulder get a bit closer and then back flip to get behind the boulder. Follow the boulder down, take a running jump straight ahead and grab the edge and drop down. Turn to the right and you can either jump to the island on the right or slide down and jump up the island. Now jump from island to island to get up the other side, follow through and come to a teleporter (that bright light).

Hammer Fell, the Cottage.

Go into the tunnel (N), up the ridge and a Map of Hammer fell appears. Use Esc to continue.

You’ll get to the valley with the Cottage; two Vikings with crossbows will come for you. There are two doors you can enter the Cottage we took the door nearby (N, when looking at the Cottage).

“What a Mess…”

Cleaning up the Mess.

There are books everywhere, loop around to the right and pick up the Books there (watch out for the bludgeons on the wall, those things will hurt you). Turn around and retrace your steps a bit then go right around the table and get more Books. Go to the window where you picked up the first Books and combine them and place the Books for the Bookcase 1 in the bookcase.  

Go back around the table and then straight. Jump over the fallen bookcase and on the right of it, at the window, is another pile of Books. Turn around and go straight (W) and keep a bit to the left. There is another table and behind it (S wall) is the last pile of Books. Combine then again and place the Books for Bookcase 2 in the bookcase at the N wall. Watch the flyby.

“35 minutes later”… (in the meantime Lara cleaned up the rest of the Mess as you can see)

Lara ends up near the stairs down to the basement.

The Basements, A Guide and the Old Key.

For now go down the stairs to the basement, go straight ahead (S) and take a right into that opened door. A mysterious figure (your guide) will show up, you may have to run ahead to get him moving. In the corner where those burning wall torches are and left of the closed door is a crate with Flares on it (green crystal). Finally your friend will open up a door opposite 4 Keyholes. Go in and left on a crate is a Medipack. To the right of it is a wooden box, shoot it to get the Old Key. You’ll get a screen of where to use it. That’s all we can do here for now, so go back to the cottage, up the stairs and straight out the front door (S). Hop straight over the low fence and again hop down to the lower ground and find a small medipack nearby

Icy Swim.

Go right (W) and down into a cave entrance (SW), looking up a steep slope you can see a building but we can’t get up there. Instead, save in front of that opening in the wall left of the slope and hop over, get in the icy water swim to the right through an opening (W) and when through swim up to the right onto higher part of the bottom, quickly jump straight up to grab the monkey climb. Turn around (S) and follow around the corner to the left where you can drop and grab an opening. Go through and hop over to the corner block, then climb up to the right into a tunnel. Follow to where a Knight will attack you, shoot him or just quickly get into the opening on the right (N). Follow through and jump down to a square where you can see that slope to the right and a door N is the one that will open by that using a timed lever in the cottage.

But more about that later.

Getting into the Castle.

We are going to concentrate on the Castle doors left (W) first. Get on the crate right of the doors and jump to grab the flagpole. Swing with Ctrl and let the load bar fill to about 75%, release Ctrl and hit Alt to jump and grab the next pole, do the same again to grab the ice ridge. Shimmy right to get on the platform and go into the room. Use the Old key in the lock straight ahead and a door opens left of you. Go in there and get some Flares from a crate, the crate next to it is a pushable crate.

Pull it out and then move it straight out of the room and leave it next to the balcony in the entrance room. Use the crate to hop onto the balcony and go through the room, hop over the crate straight ahead and get ready to fight some Vikings. Go to a balustrade in the next room and hop over to land on a stack of crates below.

The Knight, a Push Crate.

Hop into the opening N, take a left over a small pit and meet a Knight, take him further into the passage W and let him break the wooden barrier for you (stand or duck next to it and wait for him to hit it with his sword). When it is done, the path to a Timed door in that passage is free. Go back to the room with the stack of crates and find the wheel at the S wall. Turn it about 6-7 times and get into the passage N again, left over the pit. Run into the passage where you broke the barrier and run against the door, then roll to get through (Savegame.0).

Go into the next room and over a crate to a room E, hidden in a small bush is a small medipack. In the right hand wall is a push crate, push it till it falls into the pit with the crates. Jump down and move it around to the left (E) side so you can move the similar push crate (on top) into the corridor there. Then move it to the S  and all the way against a stack of crates in the last room. Climb up into the room above, grab a Medipack from the crate right and look for a jump lever on the pillar W, close to where you came up here. This will open the doors to the Courtyard. Notice the door S and climb back down to the room below.

Go outside (S) and a Viking will show up, there’s a Knight on the loose too, shoot both. From the doors where you entered, go straight along the wall and find a small medipack in the third alcove left. Go over to the big doors W and find another small medipack between the flowers. Head to the N and in the middle of the yard is a cage with a chest.

In the grass at the N wall is the last small medipack of this yard.

Gaining Access, Timed Platform Run.

Go to a crate in the SW corner of the yard and back flip onto the roof, then jump to grab the pole. Swing and jump to the balcony, go left inside and left around the corner is a lever. Pull and run out of the room, sharp left at the balcony to jump over the railing to a roof, just slide off, sprint or run to a crate NW and hop on, landing on the right hand corner (SE). You should be able to jump onto the crate next to the roof in front and jump from that onto the platform  and a running jump will get you to the next. Stand jump right to the next one and a running jump to get to the pole. Swing (not too long) to the last platform and turn around left. Run jump to grab that jump lever and open doors with it (Savegame.1- video castlerun.wmv). Some doors open up and enemies appear, best is to go for those Vikings first and then taken on the Knight on the horse by hopping back and shooting at him. Once he’s dead you can pick up the Juicy Apple.

Secret Preparation: If you want to go for a Secret later, do part of the platform run again, but when you are on the second platform (NE), turn around and face SW, back flip onto a roof and jump with Ctrl to land in an alcove with a lever. It will open a door to a Secret. Drop out onto a crate and grab the Flares.

A Horsie, the Bow and Sight.

Head for the big doors on the right you opened (NW) and to the right is a Horse. First get a small medipack on the right of the horse, then give him the Apple (standing on its left side) and ride out to the yard, to the right and into the next open doors. To the left and in that room is a yellow tile, put the horse on it and a platform will rise on the S wall. Alt and left arrow will get you down from the horse.

First the Secret: Get on the platform and jump onto the crates W, then over the railing and into the door you opened in the second platform run (see above). Get a Medipack and Flares and Secret #1, a Golden Cross from the pedestal. Get back to the platform. 

Use the lever and hop back off the platform before the boulder gets you. Take the horse off that yellow tile and the boulder drops. Hop over the crates and push the boulder onto a trigger tile to open a door (in the room with the timed platform lever). Take the horse out to the yard and leave it there for now. Get back onto the crate (SW) and use the pole to get back on the balcony, go in and into the next room, shoot the Viking and get a Medipack from a crate, behind the crates S is the Bow. Now go onto the balcony of this room and use the lever to open the door to the Laser Sight.

Shoot the Ball, the Ziriel Key.

Go down to the yard, take the horse over to the E side and into the open door on the left. Immediately take a right and leave the animal in front of the closed doors there (E).

Go back through the open doors and to the right onto the high stack of crates and through the hole to the room above. Go out to the balcony and grab the Laser Sight and Arrows. Get back down and to the yard and look up N, shoot the swinging ball in the Tower. Go to the chest in the middle of the yard where the cage now lowered and grab the Ziriel Key from it. We’re done here.

Timed Run with the Horse, the Kyrrdis Key.

Go to the Horse, because we can use him at the Cottage. If you didn’t yet, take it into the open doors to the Gate Hall (NE) and put it in front of the doors immediately on the right (E). Get off the horse, turn N and climb over the crates in that room. Get onto the balcony on the right use the lever there to switch the Castle Gates.  

Go back to the horse and ride it through the open doors.

You are now in the yard (spot the Timed Door on the left) and ride straight, down the slope into the cave and just out in front of the Cottage. Turn the horse around facing the cave (W) again and get into the front door (the one you see when you look N look to the cottage). Get in and go left around the balustrade to the cooking area. First pick up a Medipack on the right in the corner and then turn around, climb over the crate and go to the right and make a save at the lever in the end (W).

Pull and back flip roll, sprint straight and hop left onto the crate, turn right to the balustrade and jump SE over the corner of the balustrade to the front door (S). Get out and on the horse, go into the cave and straight up the slope to the yard, right to the door and get off the horse. Hop up to the open timed door (Savegame.2). Getting off the horse might be a problem when the ground isn’t flat.

To the right is a crate with a Medipack, behind the crate you’ll find Flares. Now go to the other end of the passage and go around the corner to use a lever. The lever opens a door in the Cottage basement.

Getting back on the Horse.

Turn around, go back a bit and take a left, open those double lattice doors and end up in the cottage next to the timed lever you just used (loop left). Use it again and get back in, left and out the timed door, as we need that horse again. On the ground just outside the timed door is a small medipack.

Take the horse down the slope to the Cottage, go inside, down to the basement and follow to the door where all the wall torches are (W wall). Inside is a chest with the Kyrrdis Key. You could go use the two you have or wait till we have all of them.

Get back outside and on the horse, ride E and left all the way around the Cottage and at the corner (NE) of the higher ground around the Cottage is a small medipack. Go to a sloped cave entrance NW. Go up and leave the horse there in a way that you can get back out again. Climb into the opening and find another portal light. Step in and in the next cave, head straight a bit and then take a left into the passage.

Smog Valley, to the Tower.

Climb up to a valley with trees; proceed to where you get a flyby of Smog Valley and the Tower. A Map of Hali appears (Esc to exit).

“This Lake is strange, it’s not water but something else… like … some kind of …. Mist?”

On an island in the middle of the lake is the chest with the next Key. You cannot breathe in that mist, so go left along the rocks and at the purple flowers face the island with the chest. Run down and stay on the right side of the island and run straight to the other side (W).

Get out near the Tower and get your breath back.

The Tower Key.

Turn around facing E and run back into the fog, climb up on the rocks on the left. Climb up again into a hidden passage; follow through and down to more heavy smog. Go in and find a crate blocking the passage at the end, pull it once to free the passage behind it and go back out. Go back down to the ground, and now run to the left (E) down the slope through the valley into the large area, go left and jump onto the rock ridge, down the other side (N) and keep going N and then left around the corner is a hidden passage behind some vegetation. Follow in and keep to the right into the next passage. You are running out of air by now, in the last room save, grab up to the W floor to catch your breath. On a crate NW is the Tower Key. Notice some machinery in this room, we’ll be back.

When you drop back down into the lower room, you’ll see a campfire’ that’s where we ignite the Torch later. Get out E, run back to the valley and loop around to the right around the wall to a place where you can get back to the valley W and up to the area with the Tower.

The Large Water Skin.

Go left and there are three crates here, left of the first one is a small medipack, the next one you can push away (face S) to find the Large Waterskin.

The Poem, the Small Water Skin. 

Head over to the Tower (N) and use The Key on the door. Inside go straight to a shallow pool, take a right and in the next room with the Scales a right again. On a pedestal is a Poem; it is a clue to the scale puzzle, you cannot pick it up.

Me and my sisters, we are the daughters of our dear mother.

The world you call Darkover.

You can count us with your eyes and follow us through the skies.

In front of the bookshelf at the wall (E) is the Small Water Skin.

Scale Puzzle for the Mormallor Key.

Return outside and look to the skies to count the planets you can see, except for Dear Mother the Planet Darkover, there are 4 Moons.

Go stand in the shallow pool in the hall and get 4 Litres (fill the large skin, combine with the empty small skin and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small skin and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large skin).

Go to the scale in the N room and put the water in the bowl left. A block will come out from the wall at the shallow pool, return there and use the lever over the block on the right. A door opens up, go up to the entrance hall (E) and then take a left through that door.

Raising a block for the Top of the Tower, the Mormallor Key. 

Climb the ladder around the corner; go through the doorway and in the next room you’ll find a Medipack near the window on the left. Have a look up at the ceiling and spot the 4 lower different looking tiles, make a note of their position as they form a clue. Go into the next room W and climb up through the ceiling using the crate. Find a lowered floor in the room E, take out the note of the tiles in the room below and only jump on those 4 tiles, do not touch another. You can however use the floor around the lower part






So from the entrance facing the floor (face E): in the first row, the second from the left, second row 4th one from the left, third row 3rd one from the left and the last row the first. If you did it right, the door in the corner opens up (NW).

Go in (behind the open door is a hidden passage) and use the lever left to open a door left. Turn right and now hop over the barrels there and use the lever to raise a block. Go out through the new door. Go back to the room with the tile puzzle and step on a wrong tile so that door in the corner closes up. Get back in there through the other door and find a passage left of the door that just closed. Get Secret #2, a Golden Cross and a Medipack on top of the crate.

Get back out to the room and to the right (W) is the block you raised, climb up to the top of the Tower, go to the back and open the chest to get the Mormallor Key. Make your way back down the holes and down the ladder you came up from and in the hall go to the shallow pool. Shoot the two Archers.

Torch Puzzle, the Idriel Key.

Go into the room left (S), it has a moulded wooden floor and in the back on the right is a passage down to the basement. Grab a Torch there and get back to the ground floor to the entrance doors of the tower (E).

Igniting a Torch. 

We have to get back to the place where we got the Tower Key. But there is a convenient shortcut. When you are near the entrance doors of the Tower, look left to spot a room (NE). Get in there, drop the Torch and open the doors at the end (E) with the lever left of the doors. Go in with the Torch and down to the lower part where you can carefully ignite the Torch. You can go back up where you came down, stand on the right facing the W higher floor, jump up and hit a weapons key (#1) to drop the Torch on the higher floor. Climb up too and get back into the Entrance hall.

OR; If you are unable to do that trick with the Torch, after igniting the Torch on the campfire, go out E to the valley and right around, follow the wall till you can get up and get back into the Tower (W).

A Sack of Rocks, Empty Sack

Go to the room left (S) of the shallow pool and throw the Torch on the wooden floor. Drop onto a stack of crates, jump to the other stack and get the Empty Sack there. You can grab back up or leave through the passage N.


Go to the Tower entrance, left into the shortcut room and E through the passages to the valley. Go run into the far NE corner to find the Rocks. Sprint W into the hidden passage to get to where the campfire is and climb back up to the room above. Turn around and jump over to the ledge (E) and put the Rocks in the Sack to place the Heavy Sack in that contraption on the right. A platform goes up in the valley. Get out through the front door of the Tower and go E through the valley and climb up on the right at the corner, near that lonely spruce (for some fresh air). From here you are close enough to get to that platform. Jump over and get the Idriel Key from the chest

That’s all here, head to the SE corner and get down into the opening at the end and run to the teleporter, go through it.  

Get on the horse and up the slope to the Cottage. Into the Cottage, down to the basement and take a right through the door. Go to where the guide is and go use the keys. Finally your friend can move on. If he is hesitating, show him the way. Go in and…

The Chieris StoneFinally!!!”

Loop around left and drop down onto a stack of crates, get to the ground floor. Go to a room S and use the floor lever a cage will lower. Use the 2 Golden Crosses you have on the wall ahead (S), this will open a door upstairs.  Make your way back up via the stack of crates in the far corner.

Go to the door you opened with the Crosses (S) and collect Secret #3, the Sword of Dom Esteban. Go out and get the Chieris Stone from the pedestal in the middle of the room.

Your friend starts moving again, follow him and go through the door he opens up and go up the slope…

The End, thanks for Playing.