Level by Coco Gamer


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



You begin by sliding down a slope, so be prepared to jump off quickly and grab the slope ahead.  Pull up, start sliding and jump five times off the slopes to land on a stable surface.  Run forward, pull up higher two times, turn right and save your game.  According to the posted video walk, you are now to take a long running jump S to land on top of a pillar far below, but I couldn't get there without using the flycheat.


However you manage to get there, proceed with a standjump S to the next pillar, and then another standjump around the corner into an alcove. Pull up W, then pull up S, then pull up E.  Back Lara into the crawl space, release and jump immediately upon landing below, else you'll be stuck in an illegal slope.   Pull up S for the GRENADE GUN. Face SE and take a running jump to the slope, jump off and land inside an alcove. Face SE and do the same thing, but this time jump off two slopes and slide to land on what looks like (but isn't) a deadly lava surface.  Presumably the builder intended that you slide and jump four times over lava traps, then grab a wider slope a shimmy right.  Pull up and back flip onto the slope behind you, then jump off with a right curve to land on a stable surface.


Take a long running jump NW (a right curve helps) to land on the right edge of the slope, slide and jump off  onto a block.  Pull up for grenade gun ammo and a large medipack.  Standjump W with the action key depressed to glide into the opening below.  Standjump SW to the next pillar, runjump W to grab the next slope, pull up, slide and jump with a left curve to land on the next pillar.  Walk forward, turn a bit left and standjump to the slope, slide and jump to a flat pillar.  Standjump up SW and run off W through the opening to land on a ledge below.  Pull up ahead and jump to the pillar against the S wall.  Runjump NW to the slope and jump off immediately to land on the triangular surface below.  Runjump SW to the next block, turn right and stand jump to the corner block. 


Pull up right, jump to the higher block and walk forward to the N edge.  Save your game.  After numerous failed attempts, the guy who did the video walk was somehow able to jump to the N slope and pull up onto the block ahead.  If you're unable to duplicate the move, simply fly over there.  Stand jump to grab the corner pillar and pull up.  Runjump and grab the next pillar E and pull up for grenade gun ammo.  Hop to the adjacent pillar for more grenade gun ammo. Hop to the next adjacent pillar, turn left and stand jump E down to the first of three slopes.  Take three jumps in succession, and a hard left curve on the last jump will bring you onto a pillar next to a N opening.


Runjump N and grab the slope ahead.  Pull up and jump to land on the triangular ledge below.  Face the wall and side flip left onto a tile.  Jump W to the next tile and from there a jump W onto a slope.  Slide down and jump to a tile with grenade gun ammo.  Run forward as far as you can and standjump SW to grab the edge of an opening.  Pull up several blocks and meet up with a ninja.  Pick up 2 x uzi ammo and before continuing S follow the blocks N and around the corner until you reach the CROSSBOW and extra arrows.  Go back S and climb the blocks along the W wall.  Jump down to the next block and pull up to the higher block.  Runjump S with a right curve to land inside the opening.


Runjump NW to a slope and jump off to land on a block.  Jump N and follow to a corner block where a ninja waits below to your left.  Watch out for a series of illegal slopes around the next corner.  Don't jump to the first one (the one in the corner), but jump SW to the second one so that you can reach the slope in the next corner as you make the turn.  Jump off this one onto a safe block.  The next grouping of illegal slopes is a bit more difficult.  Stand in the corner and jump NW to land on the first slope.  Continue jumping until you near the corner.  The last jump has to be done with a right curve so you'll land on the facing slope and slide down safely.  Face S with your back against the wall and take the next series of jumps.  Don't jump off the last slope into the open area ahead, but allow Lara to slide down to a flat surface.


Turn left and stand jump E down to the first of many triangular ledges in this area.   Gingerly make your way E with a series of carefully positioned stand jumps until you reach a ledge with revolver ammo.  Pick up it while facing the long edge (SW), or you're likely to slide down and get stuck.  Stand jump SE to a higher ledge and jump S to grab the slope.  Pull up and jump to the next ledge.  Hop carefully to the adjacent ledge and then hop S to the last one.  Take a long stand jump down S, and jump SW around the corner to the next ledge.  A curved running jump and a grab will bring you to the new row of ledges.  Jump W from ledge to ledge until you can grab and pull up onto a higher ledge. 


Hop down and jump from ledge to ledge.  Turn right at the corner and jump to a safe ledge with revolver ammo.  Turn two corners and jump to grab a higher ledge.  Pull up and with your shoulder against the E wall stand jump down to a safe ledge.  You can now elect to take two parallel E paths.  The one on the far right brings you to revolver ammo, the one to the left of that will bring you to side alcoves with 3 x revolver ammo and the REVOLVER itself.  At the end of the right-hand path is a long gap.  You can see flares on a higher ledge on the other side of the gap.  This is where the video guy decided to call it quits.  After innumerable failed tries the video ends at this point.  You can use the flycheat to get across for those flares if you'd like to continue with the game.


Jump down to a lower ledge for more flares and revolver ammo on the adjacent ledge.  Face a series of illegal slopes to the S.  You need to jump SW as far right as possible, then begin your series of jumps until you're able to jump off the last slope and grab the SW ledge.  Pull up, run forward and pull up right.  Runjump W across the gap and grab the ledge.  Pull up, turn right and hop down onto the slope.  Jump off onto a block and follow W, jumping as necessary until you reach a ledge in the W wall.  Turn right and shoot a ninja.  Pull up into a passage and follow, jumping over holes as necessary.  Pause for another COMPASS and flares at the corner.  Jump over the lava and pull up for more flares.  Jump over more lava and come to a tree.  Run up the stairs past it and several more trees.


Fly over the lion statue that's in your way (I couldn't find any other way to get past it) [comment by MichaelP: keep jumping against the side of it and you will eventually slip through] and take a look at the strange armored concoction of limbs next to it.  Shoot vases as you climb blocks, together with another ninja.  Climb up right, shoot another ninja ahead and follow S to a corner block.  Climb up, jump over more lava and vault up, walk forward, jump to grab a slope, pull up, slide down and guess what, you're right back to where you started.  Shades of Sisyphus.