BtB 2015-23- Eurybia’s Gift.


Level by BtB 2015


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Saves Folder.



3 secrets, tasks related to secrets are in dark blue.


The Shotgun, the Amethyste Jewel.


Turn to the right (N, a bit further there is a deep opening into the sea floor. Swim straight and then down into the hole. Swim left into the opening and get the Shotgun from that wooden box. Make you way out fast as no less than four sharks are chasing you. Swim up and then to the SW to get on land in the W.

Go find and shoot the sharks, as you have to go back to the water, swim NW and find a cave in the right hand wall (N), in there is the Amethyst Jewel.

Swim back to where you came from (the SW shore) and get out of the sea again.


Go to the left (S) and find Shotgun ammo on a block near the tree. When you go up the dunes S, there are Uzi Clips to the right.

Get back to the pool area and stay on this side; a bit to the left and up on the dunes left are Flares.

Get down again and go through the arch on the left (S). Climb the block and take a running jump and grab the arch. Pull up and pull the lever you see on the left, lowers a pillar in the sea.

Then go to the S side of the arch, Look around the corner on the right (W) and a running jump gets you to a ledge sticking out of the rocks. Here is Secret #1, a Gold Seahorse.


Jump back to the where the block is, go left through the arch and make your way to the NE corner, over that sandy rock bridge. First go straight to the dead end (E) to get the Arrows. Turn around and go to the right and take a running jump to the block in the water where the pillar lowered and then to the white one. Turn left and jump with a curve around the spikes to the sandy area behind the spikes. Take a running jump straight W and back flip on the safe block. Make your way NW around the corner to a shallow pool. There are two platforms with vases there; shoot them and under the left one grab the Ambrosia (Medipack). Noticed the gate?


Timed Run for the Gate.


Go back towards the sea and now jump the platforms on the left side, First one jump the slope and jump to the platform, next one I took a running jump to the slope next to the platform and shimmied to it. Last one is a running jump with grab. Use the TIMED lever on the block. While the gate is showing you have to run against the lever turning left and jump (by now the view is back) so you land on the platform or on the hill and slide to the platform, a right curved running jump to grab the next, do a quick release of Ctrl and grab again to pull up faster, run jump again to get to the ledge at the pool and sprint into the gate (savegame.0 / video-eurybia.wmv).


The Abyss, the First Lyre.


Take running jumps to get to the second island straight ahead, turn left and hop to grab the sloped block, pull up over and slide, jump to grab the rope and swing to the roof.

Go left and drop at the end you slide down to the balcony under it. Get the Ambrosia from the pedestal and go to the end of the balcony. Grab up left, shimmy a bit to the right, pull up and get to the roof again. Jump to the rope again and this time swing to that island a bit to the right, near the waterfall. Climb up for Flares and turn left. Grab up left and shimmy left before pulling up.

Jump N and a bit right onto the sloped rock and jump to the one in front, turn left and now jump to that dark block and grab the edge. Pull up, slide and jump, slide and jump to a flat block. Turn right a bit and run jump up to the one on the right and turn around so you can jump to that ledge on the floating island (N).

Get the Uzi clips on the left and in the tomb is the Lyre #1. You’ll see a bright light at the roof.

Stand on the SW corner and take a running jump onto the sloped grey rock to slide down to the roof. Run into the bright light and get transported back to the beach area.

To the right of the door straight ahead is some Shotgun ammo. You can also place the first Lyre on the statue if you wish.


6 Levers and Fire, Lyre #2.


Go back E a bit and left to put the Amethyst Jewel into the receptacle on the wall on the left under the trapdoor (N). Take a running jump from that hill with grass and yellow flowers and grab the trapdoor. Get up and climb higher and get to a square with lots of levers. To the right (E) is Magnum ammo.

Pull the one on the W side, then the one right of it (NW); then go to the NE corner and pull that one. Last one is at the S wall; the trapdoor will open in a bit, drop in and in a room full of cats open the sarcophagus and find Lyre #2.

Go back and step into the light. Go straight and place the Lyres in the hands of the statues and enter.


Pythagorean Puzzles.


Go down a few steps and jump over the balustrade on the left. Under the vase are the Uzis. Now you can descend the stairs and when you run around two lions and two Gladiators appear. You have to shoot both Gladiators as they both have something you need. After they are gone you can pick up 2x Pythagorean Puzzle pieces.

Put them in their receptacle under that statue W to open a door N. Then go down the steps N and follow through, jump down and slide down some slopes.


N Door, Two Cogs.


Go straight and take a right (N) and watch the fly by, then pull up on the right. Between the rows of spikes are some safe tiles in the floor and under the wall torches are two Cogs you need. It looks much harder than it is and as long as you don’t dilly-dally…. I took the Cog on the left (N) first, a run jump from the entrance ledge at the right moment and run onto the tile with the First Cog. Then stand jump E and a running jump onto the ledge with the mechanisms NE. Pick up some Uzi clips. Then do the same jump to get to the second Cog S (easy one). Jump back as you did on the other side and use the two Cogs on the wall and watch the show. Then make your way back (which is much harder, best take the route through the SE corner, the broken tile W is a nice safe intermediate spot) (savegame.1).

Back into the room where you came in get some Flares SE and then slide down to the hole in the pit.

Next room has moving blocks, pass the first and at the second one, look to the left and see Secret #2, a Silver Seahorse.

Continue the through the moving blocks and pull the ring from the lions mouth.


Turn left and go into the opening there (N), turn around at the end and climb higher. The same goes for the next passage.


At the pool use the crack on the right and pull up around the corner. Jump over to the block there and pick up the Uzi clips.

Take a running jump with Ctrl to the block in the corner, getting to the monkey swing is a bit tricky, best stand on the outer corner, turn right a bit and stand jump forward to grab it. Shimmy to the other side and drop down.


The Bow and the Symbols Key.


Crawl through and drop down into a cave. Get the Bow from that block, and jump to the next cave (N). Then jump over to the next cave, in the middle look up left and spot a jump lever. Back flip onto the rock and jump to get to the lever, spikes go down. Climb on the block with a locked door and take a running jump into the cave S. Three Gladiators are in here, kill them then go to the end. Up left is where the spikes went down, use the reach-in hole to get the Symbols Key and turn around.


Shoot the vase on the corner on the right and you’ll hear a block (in the plant are some Flares).

Go back to the previous cave using the block that went up and use the Symbols Key on the door on the right.


A Very Ancient Scroll, the Old Rusty Key.


Go to the waterfall and shoot the vase; which gives a big explosion. Swim to the pole, climb it and back flip. To the left (W) is the Very Ancient Scroll on the ground in front of a gate. Pick it up and examine it:


Do NOT enter my Domain for none have lived to tell that tale…

Step inside my Domain to never see light again. I promise a quick and painless death for thee who enters my Domain.


The gate opened. Save and try that gate…

Better go into the other cave (E) and swim into the hole in the water, get the Old Rusty Key from the bottom. Do not swim into the opening (that’s back to the waterfall, but surface and climb the ladder S.


The Tool Handle.


First go right and pick up the Magnum and Uzi clips. Go up the steps and right around that flowerbed to find a button, it will raise a pillar E. Go there and climb up to the roof, jump to the ledge with the statue (N) and get to the lever that will bring out a rope. Climb up left behind the lever and hold duck to crawl to some Uzi clips. Turn around, crawl against the edge, use Alt to jump off to the ledge and jump to grab the rope to swing to the other side ledge and go right along a crack to a terrace NW where you’ll find the Tool Handle. Safety drop down.


Push Puzzle and a Battle, a Minotaur Head.


Go to the far corner (SW) and use the Old Rusty Key on lock, the pillar on the left lowers. Pull the statue 3 times and push it left onto the different looking tile and then go to the other side and move that statue onto a similar tile.

Four Centauri wake up and take care as one drops a Minotaur Head. Tip: immediately after the last push, run as far away as possible (N) and they will most likely freeze on the spot, shoot them from the distance.

Go behind the statue S and use the Minotaur Head Tool (combine the parts).


Go into the passage and drop down, when you reach into the mouth of the red face switch, a three-headed Cerberus and a Giant awaken. Kill them and get Sauron’s Eye.

In the far SE corner is a crawlspace up in the wall, get in for Secret #3, a Bronze Seahorse. Get out again.


You can use the Sauron’s Eye in the NE corner and drop into a lava lake. Go to the pedestal and when you pick up Eurybia’s Gift, the level ends.


G&D – Oct. 2015.