BtB 2015-15- The Greek Files.


Level by BtB 2015


Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Saves Folder.


Somewhere in Greece 2015.


Pick up the Note to Players and see a gate to the crypt open up

Read the Notes!! Notice that wooden door in this room; we’ll be back for it.


The Crypt, the Sacred Cross.


Go SE and through to an abyss, jump diagonally from side to side to get to the other end and go right up the stairs to a large courtyard. Drop down to the lower section, head to the E side and find that gate to the Crypt. In the back, left is a trapdoor, open that and climb down. Get down through that low tunnel (crawlspace roll) and loop left around the corner into a room with wine barrels, shoot one left (N) for the Ingots of Ancient Gold I and one right for Orange Juice (small medipack). Go out, to the right and into a passage NW, follow through to a chapel. On the blocks with the crosses are levers, only some work (E block-E side/Middle block-N side/W block-W side). Something appeared on the pedestal in the middle of the chapel, it’s the Sacred Cross. Some pillars lowers so you can get out, back to the crypt (S).

Left around the corner is another gate that opened; get in for Secret #1, an Olympic Laurel.


Use the Sacred Cross.


Leave the Crypt through the low tunnel (E) and climb up to the upper room. Climb out E and go left around to find a small mound and a block right. Get on that and pull up to the right (N), go into the passage straight ahead and take a left as well as a right for 2x Orange Juice. Jump back to that central area (roof of the Crypt) and get on the high part where you can grab up to a crack in the pillar (SW). Ledge jump up to the top, jump over the platforms to the other pillar and then up to the highest one.


Jump and grab the rope to swing to a balcony straight in front and a bit to the right. Walk to the end and jump grab up to the left window, get inside. Follow around right and climb up right at the end. Stand jump out left onto a gap in a pillar and jump to grab the next one S, go left inside and find the receptacle for the Sacred Cross. That wooden door opened where you got the Scroll.


Through the Wooden Door, the Village.


Go out, hop left off the pillar onto the roof and slide down. Go to where you entered (S side middle), down the stairs, jump the abyss room again to get back to the wooden door.


Step into the street and follow it left around and down to a small square. In the other end of the square, on the right is a small blue door, open it and go in. To the right is a box with Shotgun ammo, the owner doesn’t seem to mind you shooting up his stuff. Around that wooden wall is a table, pull it out and move it into the alcove with the blue window S, climb up to the window, shoot it and go out and right for some Orange Juice. Drop down to the square and go into the alley to the right of the blue door (N).


Goodies on the Streets.


Follow down and around the corner on the left shoot the wooden box on a crate for some Shotgun ammo. Follow through to another village square.

Against the S wall behind crates with apples, is a wooden box and under it Shotgun ammo and Orange Juice. On top of the crate (E), that box holds 2x Shotgun ammo.

Jump down and find another wooden box in front of the crate, this one hides the Shotgun and Shotgun ammo.


Catacombs, the Sea Crystal.


Go down the street N, take a left, left again and behind that wooden crate is a trapdoor you can open. Down a ladder and go through two flooded rooms to get to a guy, shoot the box to get to the lever and go in, shoot the lions and all the boxes too. Get 2x Orange Juice, 7x Shotgun ammo, Flares and a Sea Crystal (picking up this Crystal also opens a security gate to the Excavation, so you can’t go there without this item). Get back through the water to the ladder and go up to the square.


The Tavern, Trojan Horse Puzzle, a Small Amphora, the Excavation Key.


Back to the street right (E) and go straight and take a left into the next square, through the arch N and left over the next square. NW into the alley and follow up some narrow steps, filled with boxes, to a larger square. Go to and open the small blue door S, go into the Tavern and watch the flyby. Pierre will leave a room, walks around and a door opens somewhere. Don’t shoot him. Go straight through to the next square with the swimming pool, get in the pool and pick up some Shotgun ammo and a Small Amphora (waterskin). A gate opens somewhere. Get out of the pool and into the door Pierre opened (S).


Here you’ll find Trojan Horses on ledges; go to the other end of the room and throw the lever on the front of a ledge. Pull the horse out and move it all the way to the horse food at the end of the ledge.

Now use the other lever and push the other horse. Screenshot of a door opening.

So go back along the pool to the Tavern and into the open door right, shoot all boxes for Shotgun ammo, Orange Juice and the Excavation Key.


Go back out and take a right to the entrance of this Tavern.

Look in the right hand corner behind the counter, the door Pierre came from is now open, go in and get Secret #2, an Olympic Laurel.

Leave the Tavern N, straight across the next square, through the narrow alley and diagonally SE into the street, take a left and follow through to the Excavation Site.


The Excavation.


Jump over to the ledge with the plants and then turn right, hop onto the slanted pillar and make your way down to that area you saw in the flyby before. Use the key on the left of the gate and enter the site (if the second gate is closed, you are missing a Sea Crystal from this paragraph “Catacombs, the Sea Crystal”).

Best run-jump as far as possible to the right hand wall and slide down, immediately side flip left as a Ball comes down.


The Fiery Room.


Hop onto the pillar in the Fiery Room. We have to go up (if you want Ambrosia, you’ll have to get down to the pillar you can see way down and that’s up to you as an expert).

I thought the route up was hard enough as it is…

Stand back on the pillar, stand jump and grab the stone base under the stacked burners. Hang left and when the burner goes off, ledge jump up (only Alt). Quickly go right a bit because you can only take a ledge jump up from close to the middle. Pull up to the top. Jump to the pillar NW, because you can only approach the next stack from that side. This one was a bit tricky because I had to find the correct spot to jump to the top from the platform under it. Then jump with Ctrl into the opening S (savegame.0).


To the Ancient World.


Follow up to a courtyard where 2 Scorpions attack, one of them was nibbling on a key, the Key to the Ancient World. Open the door S with it and watch the flyby. Go in and left, more Scorpions emerge from the street right.


Go into the street (S) and around the corner and jump up the rocky slope. On the right you see those three lion switches you saw in the flyby, pull all three, a new area opens up (right hand side), a door opens up (middle) and another door opens (left).

Head left of the levers into the pottery and shoot the vases, under one of the turntables are the Ingots of Ancient Gold II.

Go back down the rocks to the lower street (E), straight into the door and from the sarcophagus you can get the Queen Gorgon. Shoot the vase on the right for Ambrosia, the vase in the corner left hides 2x Shotgun ammo.  Go out and right, to the next open door right and get a Red Stick in between the rubble near that shrine right (you have to duck to get it).


The Arena, the Minotaur Head.


Go back to the street and left through where those pillars lowered, follow through, shoot two lions and end up on the yard where that flyby ended before.

To the right on a pedestal between those columns is Ambrosia, then go to the other end of the yard and the camera goes into a fixed view. Grab up to that white pillar (face N). You can see a wooden platform nearby; a curved run jump without Ctrl will get you on it. Take a run jump to the next, a hop to the stone block on Atlas, run jump to the next stone block and a hop down to the platform. Another running jump a bit around the corner to the last platform and hop to the pillar with the lion button. The gate opens, so safety drop down and shoot the lions and their Gladiator before entering.


Go right follow down to another room where a lion and a Gladiator attack, the Gladiator drops the Minotaur Head. We’ll be back here with a Crowbar because there’s a lever on a low column. So head back (left and straight, follow through), return to the rockslide and go a bit straight (N) into the street you can use the combined Red stick and Minotaur Head, the Minotaur Head on a Stick.


Torch and Labyrinth.


Through the door and sharp left first, into a side passage, back flip onto the slope, jump again and grab the jump lever to open trapdoors. Go back, straight across behind the open door into the other side passage and to those trapdoors. Go down into that basement and grab a Torch from the pedestal. Go into the other room and around that white block in the middle. Ignite the Torch and now go to the white block in the middle. Walk up from the low end and you’ll get to the Labyrinth. A big Minotaur is running around, don’t wait too long or he will come close and starts to hammer away.

Follow the passages, it’s the loooong way around and at the first crossing (S) take a right, there are no more crossings, it is just one winding passage.


When you meet the Minotaur, save first!! Shoot it while jumping up and down and minding the health. Now you can continue till you reach an area in the middle with a trapdoor. You can leave the Torch here.

Climb down, follow the passage and find Ambrosia to the right where you can see a room left.


Conquer Medusa, the Engraved Disc, Hade’s Eye.


Run behind the block near the entrance, there are two vases in the N side rooms, there’s Shotgun ammo in it if you want to go for it. 2 vases in the side room S also have Shotgun ammo (but you better wait till you conquered Medusa). The first goal is to get up the wooded platforms behind Medusa, you are safe from her here as she cannot turn around. You have to time the burner, jump and grab the lower platform, then hit the left or right key to get Lara to hang still and then immediately ledge jump up (savegame.1).


Turn around and jump to grab the ladder, go up, go left and right to operate two floor levers and Medusa will be history. Jump to that alcove E and use the Queen Gorgon. A pillar lowers on ground floor, get back down visit the two side rooms to get all the ammo from the vases and then go get the Engraved Disc from the white block E. The lava pit changes shape, get back there and hop to the safe tile to get Hade’s Eye, you’ll be transported back to the room before the labyrinth.


Use the Disc.


Go back to the room with the Torches and up the ladder right (NW), back to the street. Take a right to the rock slide and go up, turn right and jump from the wall to the roof N. Go to the far right hand corner (NE) and jump into an alcove NE, use the crack to shimmy around and jump SE to a flat corner of the roof there, place the Engraved Disc and a door opens nearby. Safety drop down turn around and go into the opening N, that’s where that door opened.


Fiery Room, Perseus’ Sword.


Jump onto that tile at the end of that long slope; turn left or right and hop back grabbing the side to let the ball pass. Now pick a side and jump from safe corner to safe corner over the fire pillars, after the second turn to the middle and hop over to use the lever. This will lower a pillar in the back of the room. Jump there to get Perseus’ Sword. Jump back to the other end and go through the street.


The Arena, Sea Crystal (2), open a Gate.


Go all the way into that section S where you shot the lions, follow through all the way into the Arena and right to where you went before because you can now use that crowbar lever on the short column right (face N). A gate opens in a room we haven’t seen yet and also one the back (NE). Go there first (NE) and inside you’ll find a Sea Crystal (2). Another gate opens close to the crowbar lever (SE) and two gorillas come out, shoot them and go get 3x Shotgun ammo and Ambrosia from that cage. Make your way back to the street, left up the rock slide and up again. Take a left and then right to come to a crowbar door, open that. In the other end of this room is that gate you opened with the crowbar lever.


Push Puzzle for the Apple of the Gods.


Follow the passage up to a room with Pierre in a cage. NE is a vase with 2x Shotgun ammo, NW Ambrosia. On the block N is a TIMED lever that will turn the burners off for a while, turn around and look up on the high stack of blocks, there’s a jump lever opening a cage with a pushable statue. That statue has to go to the top of the stack onto the tile with the leaf motif.


-On a ledge W is a crowbar lever operating raising blocks. Go use that lever now to lower a block in the front near Pierre’s cage.

 -Now use the lever N to stop the burners and roll, hop onto the ledge and use the jump lever before the burner starts again.

-Go to the cage SW and pull out the statue, move it onto the lowered pillar next to the cage.

-Use the crowbar lever again to raise the statue.

-Use the Burner lever N, run back to the front, onto the ledge and pull the statue to the E.

-Move the statue all the way around to the other side using the burner lever twice in between to stop the burners when needed and place the statue on the raising block.

-Use the Crowbar lever to raise the statue (now it gets harder).

-Burner lever to push it from the raising block.

-Crowbar lever to lower the blocks.

-Burner lever to push it onto the next block

-Crowbar lever to raise the statue and push it onto the tile.

Jump to the ledge with the pedestal E and grab the Apple of the Gods, you’ll end up in water, swim down and get through the axes. I just swam along the bottom as fast as possible and came through almost unharmed. Swim up to a room with a bunch of fish statues. Grab up to the pillar NW, jump and grab the one S and then grab the ladder. Go up to the ledge above and you’ll see Pierre has escaped. The floor lever in the middle of the room will open the way to the lever one level up.


The ladder to climb up is behind Lara on the right side of the pillar (N), once up there jump to the walkway left of the cage and shoot the vase behind the statue for Ambrosia and Shotgun ammo. Get back to the cage and throw the lever to open the door W, side flip over (through) the cage and go in.


Use the Sea Crystals.


Move those large vases to the balconies; one goes to the right (S) and one to the left (N) on a different looking tile in the corner.

Go up to the top pillar, run jump and grab to one of the side ledges and place the Sea Crystal, stand jump back to the tall pillar and jump to the other side to do the same, get back down and go through to that door you opened W.


Realm of Zeus, Twelve Ingots of Ancient Gold.


Loop around to the right, there is a ladder, go up and use the jump lever to open a door, that one is in the S wall, we’ll get to that later.


The Large Amphora.


Back up the ladder and this time go left, get to the crack in the block and shimmy left to drop on the balcony. Go to the other end.

The cage there holds a Secret, later.


Standing left at the edge of the floor, do a curved run jump around the corner to grab that coral ledge W (savegame.2). Turn left and run jump onto the ledge in front of Zeus to get the Large Amphora there (if you missed you can use the crack to climb up). Skeletons wake up. Don’t go down, but jump to the coral ledge S and left onto the other balcony, to the other end and spot a jump lever left. Jump to use that and now you have a choice, take the skeletons with you and try to shoot them into the large pit in front of Zeus, which can be problematic as they can climb back out, or just let them run around and avoid them. You’ll need that ammo later.


Scale Puzzle 1.


The last lever opened a door in the N wall, get in there, they cannot follow.


Down left you can see Ambrosia, we have to go down anyway, so jump over the beam with the in-active spike traps. Turn around and look up E over the entrance, 3 circles, only 1 with a light in it (Clue). Go left and drop onto the column with the Ambrosia. Drop to the ground and go to the back (W) and pull the ring from the lion face. Spikes will now pop up on the beam, but a gate to the scale on the top floor also opened. Go back to the other end of the room, into the fountain and get one litre of water.

Fill the small amphora. Combine it with the empty large, fill the small amphora again and combine again with the large, you’ll now have 1 litre in the small amphora.


Hop onto the small column, then to the one next to it and last to the one N (save before this jump as it is tricky). Grab the high one as far away from the beam as possible. Now grab up to the beam with the spikes, go through two or three spike traps and jump to the beam on the right (W) next to the short column. Hop on and jump up to the next on the right, then to the one in the middle of the room and turn around.

There is a spike trap up there, stand jump up there and a running jump onwards before the spikes go back up.

Put the 1 litre in the scale behind the gate you opened there and get a screen of the pit in the realm, a pillar went down in a passage down there.


Now get down to that column in the middle of the room, just hop twice when the spikes are up and then just run down onto the spike beam and jump over to get back to the entrance, go up to the Realm. Watch out for the skeletons.


Ingots of Gold and Scale Puzzle 2.


Go into the door in the wall opposite (S) you opened before and up to a room with many alcoves. Go to the last one in the right hand wall (N) and ledge jump up to a pedestal with Ingots of Ancient Gold, combine all three of those to get Twelve Ingots of Ancient Gold.


There are 3 levers too in other alcoves (2 S and 1 N), just go down and find them, gates open up in the W wall on the right side. That is the scales room, so ledge-jump up there, but first look at the ceiling, there are 4 bright lights as a clue.

In the fountain of the scales room you can use the Amphora’s.


Empty the small amphora and fill the large amphora, combine the 2 amphora ‘s and there will be 2 litres in the large one, empty the small one and combine again to get that into the small amphora and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large amphora.

Put that in the scale and get another screen of the pit where that passage is now open.


Down the Pit, Crowbar levers.


Go back down to the Realm, to the E side of the pit and climb down the ladder to the passage you opened. In the room at the end is a lever, which will transport you to another place, high up in the Realm (If you happen to step in the bright light and get transported back, just use the lever again).


There are 6 crowbar levers, there’s a clue on the wall above the statues, use the second on the right when facing W, a gate opens behind the statue N. Then use the first and third left (when facing W) and the gate behind the S statue opens.


The Bonus Hall.


First visit the S side, a white light and you’ll be transported.

Go through one of the openings and shoot the 2 Centaurs, did you find all the Gold and combine it into the Twelve Ingots of Ancient Gold? Place that on the hands in front of the big statue and Zeus’ Thunderbolt appears. When you grab that, all gates open up to the bonus rooms. Collect all the Thunderbolt ammo and Ambrosia from the Tombs. Go through E and step into the light (you’ll get a short view of a gate opening up).

You’re back in the room above the Realm.


Detour for the last Secret; the gate you just saw is on a balcony in the Realm below, go out and around the corner, step into the bright light to get back and go through W to the pit, climb up to the Realm. Go up the ladder NE and left onto the balcony where Secret #3, an Olympic Laurel is now available in the open cage at the other end. Get back to the pit, down and through the passage to the lever and use it again to get back up.




Now go into the N side gate, a red light and you’ll be transported.

Nothing than good stuff when you get in there. You’ll end up in a supply room, grab 4x Ambrosia and 6x Shotgun ammo.


Let the Games Begin.


Go into the passage W, save and jump onto the battlefield. Shoot the huge Mutant Beasts, shoot the vases and get Ambrosia at a lever S, the other lever right has 3x Shotgun ammo, both levers open the gate SW, get in there and battle 2 hell hounds (thunderbolt doesn’t work on these guys). Shoot a vase for Ambrosia and get 3x Shotgun ammo from a corner.


Now use the Hade’s Eye left of the Skull doors, go up and meet Kronos… On his shoulder you can see Pierre, in his mouth Pegasus. On his chest is the clue for an upcoming lever puzzle. Go straight over the bridge and shoot the two hellhounds. Go into the Devils crotch and find a bunch of crowbar levers, the vases hide 6x Shotgun ammo and 2x Ambrosia. Did you make a note of the clue?

X  X X  X

X  X X  0

0  X X  X

But in here things are different, so this time only use the two levers NOT marked by a light (0), and see Skull doors open up.


Now we need to get up the Devil, go out and left around the corner is a wooden platform, jump and grab it, move left or right and immediately ledge jump up (only Alt). Pull up, turn around and jump up to grab the next, climb up into the alcove with the clue and go onto the block on the right, grab the next platform (W). Turn around and jump up to grab the next, climb up right into the opening and go to where those Skull doors opened.


Of course a whole bunch of enemies will attack, keep an eye on your health! (savegame.3).


On the 4 corners of the battlefield are pillars with ring switches. Crawl to them, stand up when the burner goes down and hit Ctrl. After the fourth the gate in the central cage opens up. Go get Kronos’ Megalos Soul (the Devils Soul). You’ll end up where Pierre just opened the gate to Pegasus for you.

Get on the horse by giving him the Apple and the adventure ends…


G&D – Oct. 2015.