BtB2015 - Khalepa Ta Kala


Level by BtB 2015


Walkthrough G&D Productions.


Saves Folder


There are 9 secrets and a Bonus Quest if you get them all. Tasks related to this Quest are in dark blue.


Go forwards and up the steps on the right for some Orange Juice (small medipack). Then go to the beach (E).


Ignots of Ancient Gold I.


Jump in the water and swim in an alcove to the left, use the underwater lever to open a door and turn around. Swim to the other side (S), climb out and jump up the broken street S, notice a ladder on the right hand wall and keep going left around until you are in the NE corner, there is the blue door from the camera shot. Get form the cabinet on the right an Orange Juice as well as Ignots of Ancient Gold (use Ctrl two times). Take notice of the opening up S, for a secret.


The Key to Excursions Shop.


Go out and left.

At the pool and the trees, go left; on the right of the tree E is a wall with a slanted top. Stand exactly in the middle and grab up to the top. Get Secret #1, a Bronze Seahorse and Ambrosia (Medipack).


Go back to the S side and climb that ladder almost to the top and jump/roll and grab the ledge. Down on the right is a jump lever, but first jump to the left (W) over the slope and at the end over the fence onto that balcony. Shoot the vases for the Key to Excursions Shop and Orange Juice, jump back to the arch. Jump to the end and turn around and hang from the edge to use the jump lever there. A series of columns go down below where you land.


Underwater Trapdoor, Timed Jumps, Ignots of Ancient Gold II.


Go to the right and stand on the sand and look down there (S). Step away from the edge and hop down (with Ctrl) to land in that opening where the columns went down. Use the lever and this opens a trapdoor in the water just outside of this opening.

Dive in and swim through, watch out for the spikes and climb out of the water. On the left (W) is Ambrosia and at the other side is a TIMED lever for the burners in the pool.


So after pulling roll and run then jump over the fence to the first low block, then to the second low one and then run jump to the high one. Turn around jump and grab the pillar that is hanging from the ceiling. Be sure Lara has her feet up the ladder then shimmy to the left and from there a backward jump with a roll to grab the next one. Go around the corner and backflip, grabbing the slope. Hoist up and back jump plus roll and grab the rope. Turn to the left and swing to the ledge with the pedestal (savegame.0). Get the Ignots of Ancient Gold and safety drop down from the slope. Hop backwards into the water (spikes), turn and swim out.


Ignots of Ancient Gold III.


Go up S, up the broken street S again to the upper plateau, left and passing the fountain pool to that hill near the trees. Walk left to the edge of this plateau (W) and spot that house over the water, look left of it and see a balcony with a guy above a table with a parasol. In the wall just right of that balcony you can see a wooden crate sticking out of the wall, jump up and shoot that with pistols and a rope will drop. Go back S and right around to that broken street. From the white wall on the right you can run jump and grab that balcony with the guy on it.


From the balcony a hop over the fence to grab the rope, turn left a bit and swing to that white ledge. Hop onto the roof next to it and look at that house above the water, in a window around the corner (W side) are vases, shoot all of them.


Secret Detour: Go all the way to the end of these roofs (W wall), down onto on the white ledge and look up over the window, use the jump lever hidden between the pink flowers to get platforms out of a wall. Look N and left around the corner for that platform left of the stone arch, jump there and over the top to the other side, side flip right onto the stone arch, jump to get onto the balcony and find Secret #2, Shotgun ammo, another Bronze Seahorse (#2), Arrows and Magnum ammo. You can make your way back to the roofs the same way you came here.


Get back to the white ledge, jump to the crack in the house and go left around. Up through the window where you shot the vases and get the Ignots of Ancient Gold from the cupboard, combine all three of them into the Twelve Gold Tablets. Shoot the box in this room to get Orange Juice and Flares, push the button to open the trapdoor and drop down into the water.


(Wasn’t able to do this myself, but here is where you’ll find it)

Secret: Remember that underwater lever N you opened the blue door with? It is TIMED if you want that secret. Go there again, pull and roll, swim out left and around that mount into the far NE corner, where you can wade up if you do it right. Now you have to jump up that hill and get into the open blue door and up on the Timed pillar to jump and grab the opening S, push the table to the back, turn left and push the ornament once. Push the table N to the alcove NE and move the ornament to the S wall. Now pull out the SE table once and move it to the W wall so you can get to Secret #3, Arrows and a Bronze Sea Horse (#3). After finding 3 of the same Seahorses, Bronze Silver and Gold, one of the 3 gates to an Ultimate secret Quest opens up. Get out and drop down into the water.


Use the Key to Excursions Shop, pay the Shop Owner.


Swim to the N side and climb out, use the Yellow Key at the gate N. Get in and follow through around a corner and open the glass door on the left. Get Flares from the shelves then push/pull the table under the trapdoor in the ceiling. Go to the E wall and shoot the vases in the windowsill, Jump in there and use the TIMED lever. Run against the lever and while turning left jump on the table, turn to the wall (N). Grab the crack in the wall and jump up (only Alt) and hoist up.


Jump E to the roof over the balustrade and shimmy to the left. Hoist up and jump over to the ledge at the E wall. Then a hop to the balcony and do a running jump to the other balcony. Use the floor lever to open trapdoors W of you and jump back so you can safety drop down.


Go back through the door and do the Timed lever again as you have to get back through the trapdoor again.

Jump over the fence straight ahead (N), trapdoors opened there and in the left corner is a slope you can jump on to slide down. Use the lever to open the gate so you can get back.


Open the blue door and the shop owner (left of the woman) will start to shoot at Lara if you come here without the 12 tablets. But now he won’t, so stand in front of him and offer him the tablets (combine all of them first). The woman will provide the Key to Lara’s Suite, the Key to Ruins, the Laser Sight and a Bow.


To the Ruins, an Old Rusty Key.


Go out to the lake, up via the S route (broken street) to the plateau again and look up on the house over the water, there’s a cross, aim just under one of the right or left gems and shoot. Gates open behind you, look in the E wall, behind the fountain for a now open triangular opening, get in there and use the Key to Ruins opposite the door in the hole where the door is.

Climb up right twice and shoot a Gorilla in the next room. In the far right corner (NE) in a plant on the floor is an Old Rusty Key.


Go over the ledges along the far N side to the other side of the cave, crawl through and go down behind the wall. To the right is a pillar you can lower by using the Old Rusty key next to it. Use the floor lever and see a flame go out at a lever. Roll and go to the other end, up left onto the wall and move those ornaments out of the way to enter a small passage S, pick up the Ambrosia that was hidden under the last thing you pulled away. Use the lever to raise a pillar in the cave below. Go back; push that ornament one more time and side flip to the right over the fence.


Hop into the water below, swim to the SE corner, you can wade up left of the waterfall and get on the ledge with the gate, shoot the shark if you see it. Run jump to grab that raise pillar. Jump to the flat corner in the cave opening straight ahead (W) and hop to the next corner stand right and stand jump to grab the monkey climb, swing to an alcove straight ahead with a big button. That one will open the gate E. Dive in swim to the right (S) to another section and grab some Shotgun ammo. In an alcove under the monkey climb is a ceiling lever bringing out platforms in the cave where you just got the ammo. This could be to jump out of this cave when you have to go back.


Swim to the gate E, climb out in the corner with the waterfall and enter. Go left into a room with blue light and back flip on the slope, jump and grab the ladder, climb off left and follow through carefully. Use the lever and make your way back. In the passage go left to the gate you opened and arrive in the Pink tree courtyard.


Pink Tree Courtyard, 2 Lyres, open the Gates.


Go to the white wall N, to the right hand side, and grab the crack, jump up once more to grab the top of the wall, go just right around the corner and pull up, back flip with twist and land on the ledge. Use the floor lever to open the gate below. There’s another lever S, jump onto the same white wall; grab the edge to shimmy to the other side. Go just around the last the corner and pull up, back flip with twist and land on the ledge. Get to the lever (best shimmy around the low corner to it) and open the second gate with it. Drop down and now pick a gate, both are a quest for a Lyre.


E Side- Blades, Balls and Spikes, Lyre #I.


Get through the blades in the passage; stay close to the walls as in the end a Sword will fall too. Climb up and get to the Balls Room.

Drop down. Possibly there is another route, but this is how we did it.

Climb up S and immediately hop back into the pit, face SE, hop back and stand jump up left of the ball (only when it stopped moving). Quickly take a few steps forward as another ball falls left. Walk onto the right hand (low corner) side of the square with the Shotgun ammo and hop back to let the ball pass then pick up the ammo. Walk left onto the grey square and turn left. Again onto the left side of that inactive spike trap and back, wait till the ball stops moving before you get close. Pick up the Shotgun ammo NE.


Secret; trigger the ball S, get on the tile left of it and climb down a ladder at the side of the floor, almost in the lava a back flip into the passage, get Secret #4, Uzis, Ambrosia, Arrows, Kaboom arrows and a Silver Seahorse (1). Climb back up, hop NW through the balls.


Turn N and trigger the next ball as the others. Hop left (NW) through the two balls and trigger the one N, hop NE and pick up Uzi clips. Trigger the next ball N and pick up the Uzi clips. Hop SE, and then to the Lyre, in the back, on both sides of that statue are Uzi clips. Pick up the Lyre while standing between the statue and the pedestal, as spikes will pop up everywhere. Run SW from safe tile to safe tile; turn right and hop diagonally (or side flip) to the NW ending up near the hole in the floor. Run jump over the spike trap and grab the crawlspace, follow back to the Pink Tree Square.


W Side – Pillar and Statue Puzzle.


Watch out for the sword in the entrance, take out the lion and find a pit with 8 levers surrounded by pillars. The two statues E have to go into the alcoves W.

A Secret first; Before you do anything, hop onto the low pillar in front of the entrance (W). Turn around and jump to the high one, walk to the N side, look up (NW), there is something there and that is the place you have to go. Hop back once for a run jump up onto the right hand side of the ledge where the bright light is. Grab Secret #5, another Silver Seahorse (2) on the wall left and duck to pick up the Shotgun from the edge. Getting down has to be done carefully as that pit is below you and the drop is rather high. Stand back, facing SE and hop onto the slanted rock, hold Ctrl down to land on the higher floor.


Levers N side

Don’t touch that statue at the N side yet, but go into the pit and use the most left lever at the N side. Now the path is free to push the statue straight into the alcove (W).


Levers S side.

This side is a bit more complicated. From left to right pull lever # 1 and # 2 down. Hop up and move the statue two times (you can push it when you stand between wall and statue) to the first lowered pillar (W).

Then push it to the left (S) once.

Push lever #1 and # 2 up and pull lever #3. Push the statue to the W side as far as possible (3 times).

Pull lever # 2 again and get over the pillars so you can finally push the statue into the alcove (W).

Get back to the trench and get Lyre #2 from the sarcophagus. Leave SE to the Pink Tree Square.


Use the Two Lyres.


In the two S corners are statues where you can place the two Lyres. A big trapdoor opens up.

Grab up to the left crack in the white wall again, jump up to grab the top and just left around the corner, pull up and back flip with twist to get on the higher ledge, go right into the corner. Drop down through the now open trapdoors.


Before you get into the water, pick up Magnum ammo left, swim in, use the lever left and swim to the next lever to open the next block. Swim up in that corner and climb out. Go N into the cave (there are more openings, but those are for later). At the end go left and crawl through, push the statue onto the square with the big black diamond symbol in the opposite corner (NW). Another trapdoor slides open.

Go out and into the water hole, swim E and up just before the spike trap (Secret on the bottom there, later), use the ceiling lever and swim down through the trapdoor you just opened (E). Follow through, climb up and watch the flyby. Pick up the Ambrosia and go down E into the water.


Main pool, the Magnum.


When you get into the pool, someone’s shooting you, best swim straight into the tunnel, down and grab the Magnum. Swim back and climb out at the opposite side (only possible spot), roll and take out the two Centaurs way up E (5 rounds Magnum each). If you need ammo, you could also first run into the opening NE, otherwise do it after shooting the Centaurs. Go through to an area with cages, take on the Gladiator there and pick up Perseus’ Sword. In between the cages E is Ambrosia and in the grass NW is Magnum ammo. Notice ONE cage has a Lion and the other TWO gorillas (for the puzzle later). Go back to the Main pool (SW).


The Golden Key.


Go to stand in the E side, turn around and look up W, there’s a cross with gems. Aim for the left or right hand gem and a bit under the gem and shoot it. A rope appears over the pool. Stand jump to grab the rope, swing up to the W side, to the pedestal for Ambrosia, drop down, back on the rope and swing up to the E side pedestal for the Golden Key and Arrows. Drop down.


The Ancient Scroll.


Head NW up the slope and straight down into the cave where you can pick up the Ancient Scroll in the back.


Aha! A series of Rhymes!

“A lion requires 1 litre while a gorilla requires 2.

Feed the imprisoned animals and Pegasus will gallop to you”

“ Apples don’t fall far from the their trees, but we all know that’s just an expression. Examine the Golden trees and see if an apple could be in your possession” These Rhymes are abysmal…


Go back to the other side and climb up left in the SE corner, turn right and go down to the Main pool.


The Large Vase (Waterskin).


Hop down into the pool, swim straight (S) through to a large pool, as you come in, in the red plant on the bottom is Ambrosia. Turn a bit left to the red plant SE and find a Length of Yarn. Swim to that pillar in the SE corner and climb up to a Timed lever. Pull, back flip with twist and get into the water fast, swim left to a pillar that went up there and get on it, run jump and grab to the alcove on the left (SW). Crawl through to get the Large Vase. Get back to the water, just run out of the opening, as you cannot climb out backwards. Swim N to the Main pool.


Using the Golden Key, Torch Puzzle for the Apple.


Swim left into the W tunnel, over the block, down at the end, follow through, swim down a slope and around the corner swim immediately up, passing a ceiling lever you already used and down at the end. Go straight and up in the corner, you’ve been here before. Hop onto the mound in the SE corner, grab up to the ledge above (very short screen hint of the Golden Key we have) and find a door you can open with the Golden Key. But we need a Torch there, so first jump to the other side (W) and pick up a Torch. You can ignite it there too, how convenient! Jump to the door you opened and go through. Drop the Torch for a bit and shoot the lion, More Yarn will drop on the ground. Pick it up and combine it with the Length of Yarn to get a Ball of Yarn (works as Clockwork Beetle).


Check out the first tree, where you entered and get some Orange Juice from it. The second one has Flares. Behind that third tree NE (more Orange Juice in the tree), in the dark corner is Magnum ammo.


Now we have to get to the top of this cave with the Torch, go into the cave behind that lever (W and find a lowered raising block. Drop the Torch in the middle of it and go to the TIMED lever, use it and hop back, now jump straight over the lever and jump from the end of the slanted side. Hop on the block, grab the Torch and back flip to land on a ledge above (you can also get the Torch up there with that well known trick). Stand facing the slanted block, jump on the left corner of it and jump again to back flip onto the ledge above. Pick up Ambrosia (N) then jump over to the other side (S) and ignite the wall torch at the gate. Leave the Torch unless you want some extra light.


Make your way through the moving blocks and to the right at the second, drop down and pick up Magnum ammo, proceed to the upper level of the tree cave and turn left as you come in (tree has Uzi clips). Jump over to the ledge N and get more Magnum ammo, find the spot to jump over to the lonely tree up a ledge (NE) and that’s the one that has the Apple of the Gods. Drop down to the lower cave, leave SW and drop from the door to the water hole.


Secret; Go to that small opening W, use the Ball of Yarn left or right (the big black diamond symbol on the floor). It will roll through and the spikes start to pop, duck in the middle and roll twice with the sprint key, go right and use the button there to open a trapdoor in a familiar place. Go back; pick up the Yarn and duck to roll back through the spikes. Get down into the water hole, swim E and up at the spike trap, down through the trapdoor and pick up Secret #6, a Silver Seahorse (3) (see a second gate open up for the Ultimate Secret), Arrows and Kaboom arrows. The other stack has Uzi clips, Orange juice and Shotgun ammo.


Swim up and down E to go back to the Main pool.


Timed Staircase Door.


Go back up the slope NW, climb up right onto the white ledge and find a lever there, it will open a Timed door behind you, around that pillar behind you. So pull, roll and just run, no sprint needed, left around the pillar, then right to that door (NE). Follow the staircase up.

Without the secrets, scroll down..


For a Secret later:

DON’T slide down at the top, turn around instead and crawl backwards through the narrow gap, hang and find the jump lever below after using the look key maybe once or twice. Drop and grab the lever, which will open a gate close by. That gate is on the left (W wall), go in and shoot the barrel, wine will flow and the Ornate Bronze Key will drop out of the barrel. Go SW and get back to the Main pool. Go back to that lever for the Timed staircase door.

Use the lever again to go back up the staircase, to the top.


Slide down the right hand slope on top and turn your back to the room, slide backwards from the slope and grab the edge, pull up and back flip with twist to grab the top of the cages OR slide, jump and grab the roof. Go to the gorilla cage (to the right) and jump to grab the corner of the wall over the exit. Shimmy right around the corner and use the jump lever there to open a trapdoor. Loop around the right to get to the Main pool.


The Small Vase (Waterskin).


From the Main pool, swim into the N tunnel, a trapdoor there should have opened by using the previous jump lever.

Swim in and down, turn right and there’s a strong current down here. Best save here and swim left around a corner, what I did was: stay close to the ceiling, turn right in the next corner and let Lara be slowly pulled backwards while swimming forward now and then, when you get close to the opening to your right (when facing S), turn right and down while swimming in there. Pick up the Small Vase (Waterskin). Swim out and left till you can go right into the exit to the Main pool, climb out (W) (savegame.1).


Scales Puzzle, the Lion (1 lion one litre).


Up the slope NW again, straight down into the cave where you got the Scroll and fill the small vase, combine with the large to get the 3 litres in the large. Fill the small again, combine with the Large again to leave 1 litre in the small vase. Climb up E in the SE corner and go right to use the lever to open the Timed staircase door again. Up the stairs, slide down once and turn around to slide backwards from the next slope. Grab the edge, pull up and back flip with a twist to grab the top of the cages. Left scale, 1 litre so put that in the bowl.


Scales Puzzle, the Gorillas (2 gorillas x 2litres=4 litres).


Safety drop down, leave SW, right around through the Main pool to the Scroll cave and with an empty small vase, fill the large vase (if it isn’t still full from last time), combine with the small vase and there will be 2 litres in the large one. Empty the small one and combine the large again to get that into the small vase and refill the large, combine again so one litre goes into the small and leaves the 4 litres in the large vase. Back up to the Timed wooden door, up the stairs and to the top of the cages. Put the 4 litres in the bowl over the Gorilla cage.

Pegasus’ stable will open up as you can see.




Drop down, go give that Apple to Pegasus and mount, ride out left to the Main pool, straight through that fence S and while keeping up speed, up the middle of the hill S to jump over the gap and dismount in the next courtyard (savegame.2).


Right of the big entrance S is a ledge with Arrows (you might have to duck to get them), left of the gates Arrows and Orange Juice.


For the last Secret Quests…

Go up the steps and look up N and see some vases way up on the ledge near those bells, shoot them (#1/3), the next ones to shoot are a bit to the left next to the waterfall (#2/3).

Behind that big tree, in the E wall is an opening.

Jump and grab in there. The crowbar lever here will lower the small pillar in the pool below.


Use the crowbar lever and roll and enter that passage on the right (N). Running jump over the pit with lava and jump down at the end. The lever here opens the gate (so you can get back). Go out turn around and spot some vases on the arch inside (E) shoot them (#3/3). A gate opens up at the Main pool.

Turn around and spot the lever on the right, it closes that gate so leave it be. Go straight to the wall (W) and get the Ambrosia. Go to the main Pool and jump in and swim S and in the far left corner get Secret #7, a Gold Seahorse (1), Kaboom arrows, Shotgun ammo, Arrows and Uzi clips.


Swim through the opening behind you (N) and up and you are back at the Main Pool. Get back through the broken fence S and take a left. Jump up and stand at the edge of the lava pit, take one step back, hop back once as well and then take a running jump with Ctrl to land on a safe tile in the lava pit. Climb up and use your Ornate Bronze Key. Turn around and hop on the pillar, hang from the other side and jump up to grab the trapdoor. Go straight to the wall and use the crack to get higher, backflip into the open gate.

Go through to the upper rock ledges over the Temple yard.


Walk right to the end of the ledge and look around the corner to the N, stand jump to that ledge with Secret #8, Ambrosia, Kaboom arrows, Arrows and a Gold Seahorse (2).


Fast route: Run jump to the NW onto the sloped grey rock to the courtyard with the gate, go N through the fence to the Main pool.

Safe route: Just run down from the tip of the ledge, landing in the lower pool and swim back N, through to the Main pool, climb out and jump to grab the rope over the pool. Swing up to the ledge with the pedestal E, the gate opened by shooting the 3 sets of vases.


Save and pick up Secret #9, Thunderbolt ammo, Magnum ammo, Ambrosia, 2 kinds of Arrows and a Gold Seahorse (3). (see the last gate open up for the Ultimate Secret). The grey door in front of you also hides something…? We’ll find out later.


Drop down to the Main pool area, climb out and go through the broken fence and take a left to the bypass passage, over the trapdoors to the right at the crossing, back to the Temple yard.


Hidden Jump Lever, open a Gate.


Walk to stand on the far most tip of the rock ledge (N), turn around and look up on the Temple S, two crosses, shoot them to open a trapdoor.

Go into the Temple entrance, up the rock (S) and find the opened trapdoor up there.

Turn around and back flip into the sloped alcove under the trapdoor to jump and grab a climb wall, go up and find a jump lever way up S. There’s a crack under it, stand in the corner on the right, grab up and shimmy left to the middle. Then jump up and grab the jump lever.  

Get down to the ground floor, down straight (N) to that tree in the entrance and look up left for cracks you can use to get to the gate that opened up there (W).


For the Ultimate Secret Quest:

First jump over to the E where all gates should be open if you collected all Secrets.

Go through to the Ultimate Secret Room with a Snake Goddess statue on a pedestal. It is blocked however; push a button on the left (N), now you can push the statue opposite (S) to the corner left. You see that the statue left is also now pushable, so to the corner it goes.

The Snake Goddess statue is now available; DO save before picking it up though.

Lara is transported to a magic place with a huge Centaur and a Serpent shooting you. The Centaur is gone after a few Kaboom arrows, but the big Serpent is tougher. Run jump SW onto the ledge, drop down on the right and pry the Sad Mask from the wall. Climb back up, hop up to the structure S and find a crowbar lever right of it, use it (face NW). More enemies appear, the Kaboom arrows work great as long as you have a clear shot. Take out the scorpions on the S plateau too. There’s Ambrosia near the tree.


Go to the E side of the plateau, spot the slanted block below and from standing at the edge, hop backwards off the plateau, slide and jump with Ctrl to grab the block with the Happy Mask (crawl to it). Climb backwards off the block, shimmy around to the backside and hang left, drop and back flip, jump from the next slope and grab the next. Pull up and don’t slide too far, jump a bit left to land as high as possible on the last one and jump with a twist to grab a ladder up to the plateau.


Jump to that island with the lonely tree (SE), do a curved run jump to grab the plateau (S) where the scorpions were. Combine the two masks to a Happy/Sad mask and place it on the block with the Ambrosia on top. Two more harpies appear…

The fire on top of the pillar on the right (W) is now gone, jump up there, turn left and now we have to get to the last plateau. Jump to grab the slope, hang left and slide over, jump from the end and grab the ladder on the next, shimmy right around and up over the top. Slide far and jump to grab the ladder, go up to the columns. Carefully go to the other side and shimmy to the SE corner, pull up and shoot that Centaur below through the hole in the middle.


Not sure about this route, but I pumped up Lara’s health and safety dropped down from the S inner side onto the island with the tree below. Run jump over to the structure where you can place the Snake Goddess. You’ll end up in a passage with loads of goodies. Grab it all (too much to mention) and drop down. Around in the area is more to pick up, then pick up the Thunderbolt, turn right and shoot the Centaur. Leave through that grey door to the secret passage to get back to the Main pool, drop down, shoot another Centaur and head S, more Centaurs, so that’s what all that ammo was about… Go through the bypass E over the trapdoors to the Temple yard and three more Centaurs make life miserable. In the entrance up the wall W and this time enter the W passage.


More Blades, Minotaur’s, the Golden Fleece.


Run straight in through the middle, side step left or right and walk along the pillar to the back; get the Holy Key and Ambrosia there and go open the gate NW. Go up the cracks N and get ready to rumble…

Three huge Minotaur’s, keep jumping from side to side so you’ll be in the air most of the time when the hammers hit the ground and shoot them with all you got (with the Thunderbolt Super ammo they were done for pretty fast). Pick up the Minotaur Head and Tool Handle and combine both to place the Minotaur Head Tool on the stand and pick up the Golden Fleece (a door opened in the SW corner).


Leave through the door opened when you picked up the Fleece (SW), go straight and grab up the crack left, up again and use a lever left around the corner. The flyby will show you where to go..

Drop down, go right around the corner and drop down into the opened trapdoor. Drop down into the Pink Tree courtyard E and leave S, watch out for swords. Go straight and around the corner. Back in the cave near the lake a flyby will show you how to get out. Shoot the shark if there is one and dive in, swim straight W and right around the corner to an alcove under the monkey climb. Use the ceiling lever if you didn’t already when you were here before and swim S to the platforms. You could pick up the Shotgun ammo if it is there again, but not much use for it anymore…


From the platform jump to the ledge right of the fence and hop into the lake. Swim straight to the beach and get out, go straight to the opened gate SW of the beach and use the Key to Lara’s Suite…


The End…


G&D Sept 2015.