BtB2015 - That was Then, this is Now


Level by BtB 2015


Walkthrough G&D Productions.


Saves Folder


2 secrets, tasks related to the secrets are in dark blue.


As the title suggests this level is played in two time zones, Then and Now.


Present Day – Scales Room, Perseus’ Sword.


Shoot the raven, take a right up the sloped passage and halfway up, open the small wooden door right. Enter the Scales Room, left around on a ledge are Flares, then open a small door E, shoot a wooden box right and get Perseus’ Sword (crowbar). The big button right of it seems to be broken. Go back out to the other room and take note of the wall behind the scales (E wall), there are three dolphins there (hint).


Throne Room, a Piece of Cronus.


Go out, back to the sloped passage and go right up to the Throne Room. To the right, right of that Huge Throne is Orange Juice (small medipack). Go to the opposite corner (SE) and use the blocks to ledge jump up to the balcony. Jump over to the balcony right and go open that crowbar door there to get a Piece of Cronus. Something happens on that Throne.


In the Past – Small Vase and Ignots of Ancient Gold.


Jump straight down onto the armrest of the Throne and step onto that blue ray, time will change and you’re back in the past. The rays shift position and you can go back and forth by stepping on them.

Hop down from the Throne, go back into that sloped tunnel NE, down to that same wooden door left and open it again, in the pool near the scale N is Orange Juice. Notice the painting on the wall at the scale now has only 1 dolphin. Open the door E again and shoot more boxes; the one next to the stairs has the Shotgun.

The big button can now be used and a block will retract into the wall, go out of the room, to the opposite right hand corner and grab the Small Vase. Fill the vase, but don’t use it. Go back up to the Throne room.


Present Day – Large Vase.


Hop onto that blue ray on the Throne to change the time and go back to that scales room and now put the 3 litres in the scale (face S). The block where you got the small vase opens again and now you can get the Large Vase. Go to the Throne Room to change time and return to the Scales room.


In the Past – Timed Run.


Look at the wall behind the scale and notice the one dolphin.

Get in the pool, fill the small vase and combine it with the large to get the 3 litres in the large. Fill the small again; combine with the Large again to leave 1 litre in the small vase. Put that in the scale and a pillar goes up under a lever NW. Use the lever to raise another (Timed) pillar next to the scale, but you’ll have to change time while the pillar is still up before you can get anywhere from that pillar.


So save at the lever, pull and get out of the room fast, right up the sloped passage, jump on the time switch ray and back flip/roll off.


Present Day- Upper Levels.


Sprint down to the scales room and grab up to it from the poolside and don’t pull up, but ledge jump up before it lowers (savegame.0). Shoot a lion up there, pull that big vase (on the right of the barrels W) out to get Orange Juice and grab Shotgun ammo SW, move that big vase S out of the way to use the lever behind it. Gates open up left.

For a Secret: Pull the S vase straight onto a different looking tile in the middle of the room, between the two carpets. Move that NW vase onto a similar tile at the N wall and a grey door opens up in the opposite corner (SE), inside is the Snake Goddess Statue. We can use this later in this same room when we access in the Past.


The Bridge Square, open the Gates.


Step out onto a huge bridge, Jump down on the right to the path next to it, shoot a harpy and grab the Ignots of Ancient Gold. Go to the end of the path and just drop down, first go down the slope and close to that pink tree (SE) on the right is the Pythagorean Puzzle Piece I in the tall grass (you may have to duck to get it). Go back up the slope and to the left to use a lever to open all the entrance gates to this yard.


The Drained Fountain, Lava Pools.


In the middle is a drained fountain pool, go down there and crawl to the right, face a bit right at the end and use Alt and forward to jump out of the crawlspace landing on a ledge with Ambrosia (Medipack). Get back in the crawlspace and go to the right down the slope to the end. Turn around and drop grab down to the lower crawlspace, crawl down to the right and then go left, crawl again and end up near the burner ledges. Hop from corner to corner to get to the second and go to the left corner. Jump and grab that wooden block (W) and climb up to the monkey climb. Follow through timing a burner and drop grab the crack (hot feet). Go to the right, climb up in the opening in the middle and kick down that wall (Ctrl).


Catacombs, Treasure Key.


Go straight into the next opening and a Gorilla shows up, he ran away before I could get a good shot at him, so I followed into the next opening (take a left and then a right (N)) of this one and he was trying to knick the Uzi clips, but I prevented that…. Pick up the Treasure Key the Gorilla drops and Uzi clips. Nothing to do in the rest of the N side yet, so go back left (S) and take a right to a lever. It will open the blue door in the pit where the level started. Go in and back up the slopes to the Throne Room and change time.


In the Past – Use the Treasure Key, Table Puzzle for the Prison Key.


Go back to the Scales room to the left (N side) and into the wooden door, right to the room where you got the Sword. Go up the stairs and use the Treasure Key to lower the pillar around the corner. Go up to the room and shoot the Scorpions.

We’ll have to get to a reach-in hole left of the wooden crate (W) and we need that table right of the wooden crate for that.


-Move the two tables that are standing on the floor next to each other in the NW corner so you can pull a table from that corner onto these lower tables.

-Then move one lower table to get the upper one onto the wooden crate E. Leave it there for now.

-Go move the second table from the NW corner and put it in front of the high one we need (W) (you’ll have to use a low table to get it out of that corner first).

-Now push the table you left on the crate against the other table so you can pull out the high table once.

-Pull the last first layer table back onto the wooden crate.

-Move the lower one around to the left of the high table.

-Move both tables S against the one with the high table to move that to the S and under the reach-in hole so you can get the Prison Key from it.

Climb down the S side, grab some Shotgun ammo and find the receptacle S, use the Snake Goddess there and the same door where you got the statue will open again (SE), this time you’ll find Secret #1, 2x Magnum ammo and the Magnum around the corner. Go out.


The Fountain, Pythagorean Puzzle Piece II.


Use the lever on the right of the S ramp to open the gate to the bridge. Go out, to the right down to the lower path and jump down into the fountain; which is now working. Dive in; pick up the Pythagorean Puzzle Piece from the part where you can stand.

For a Secret, go down the deep end, to use the underwater lever to open a trapdoor in a room we visit later.


Present Day- The Prison, Piece of Cronus.


Use the lever S to open the gates here and go up W to the Throne room and change time, go down to the lower E passage where the level started and down in the pit through the blue door to the Catacombs. Go left and all the way to the blue door left in the N end. Open it with the Prison Key and enter and crawl to get another Piece of Cronus. Go out and right, right again into the next cell, there’s a blue ray now that will change time too. Step in to change time.


In the Past – Further into the Catacombs.


Go out of the room, left to the opposite corner cell on the right (NE) and find some Ignots of Ancient Gold. Go out and loop left to the next cell and get some Uzi clips. Back to the corridor and in the next cell on the right is Orange Juice.  

Then go to the S end and left to that pit, there’s an opening now. Stand right where you see the blue rays and slide, jump and the time changes once again. Be ready to grab the edge of the slope.


Drop and grab the crack. There seems to be no way S, so back flip (down key) to where another blue ray is, step in. You’ll get to a room with 3 levers and corkscrews up above. Quickly use the levers to open the door and get into the other room to shoot the Cerberus. Pick up the Minotaur Eye he drops and place it in that big head. Step into the blue ray in the other corner and you’ll get to the S side of the catacombs (where you just came from and couldn’t find a way S).


Turn around and back flip onto the sloped block, jump and grab to go up the climb wall, on top turn around and use the monkey climb to drop onto a ledge with a blue ray. End up in a place with two scorpions; they are easier to kill than the lions… Now you can see N where you entered these catacombs, but that doesn’t matter. It’s the Skull Doors S we’re here for. Use the lever there and go down the opened trapdoor to a place with two lions. After they’re gone, push a button on the W wall to open those Skull doors. N is another button, but that one doesn’t work.


A Cog.


So climb back up through the trapdoor and find the open Skull doors, go through to get to a lever (SW) lowering the spikes in the pit in the room below. So through the Skull doors down you go again, into the pit where the spikes were and again change place. Grab up S to the ledge above, jump over to the block S and drop/grab to the crack, shimmy left around all the way to the wall and then one shimmy to the right to line up over the jump lever (a trapdoor opens). You’ll end back up in a room with that spike pit. Up through the trapdoor and through the Skull doors. Immediately right over the block and go to a mound of sand with a small pillar next to it. A huge Hammer is hanging over the pillar. Climb the pillar, look over the sloped white block (E) and spot a crowbar lever. Do a curved run jump over the sloped block to grab the one with the lever and use it (savegame.1). The hammer starts to pound that small pillar, throw the crowbar lever again from the other side to stop the Hammer and get down there to grab the Cog.


Now go to the far back of this place where you’ll find Uzi clips up in the NW corner and that other trapdoor in the floor (opened with the jump lever), drop down.


There are two balls hanging from the ceiling, from under the hole face the NE passage, turn around, hop backwards in and immediately jump forwards. Now go after the ball and jump along the left wall over the ball to grab the higher floor. Go right into that passage and push a button to lower a pillar at the other ball back there. Return to that ball, run into the passage (no need to hurry as the ball won’t get past the lowered pillar) and hop onto the blue ray tile to get back to the catacombs section.


Turn around and jump onto the spike block (W), then a running jump to the crack ahead (use Ctrl at the last moment). Ledge jump up and climb up to a Mechanism where you can use the Cog. Turn around and look up, a trapdoor opened up (E), do a curved run over the tile in front of the Cogs and jump to grab the block E. Turn right and grab the wooden wall to climb up, grab Shotgun ammo and go up the slope.


The Altar Key.


In the room above are two Centaurs, shoot them while watching the health. The Uzis are in the sarcophagus W if you want to go for them first… E has Uzi clips and S has the Altar Key, this also opens the gate. Go up the ramp to the bridge, down to the path on the side and drop down into the square. Go up W to the Throne room to change time again.


In the Past – Use the Altar Key.


Go down the sloped passage on the right (SE) and use the Altar Key on the blue door on the right. Quickly get in and start shooting the Minotaur from the lower part of the floor.

Open the wooden door on the left (E) and shoot the Amphora’s to the right to get more Ingots of Ancient Gold. Combine all of them into the 12 Gold Tablets.


Secret: In the same room is the opening you came op from before, (if the trapdoor is closed, go up again, out to the fountain and use that underwater lever… only possible in the Past). Down that trapdoor you’ll find Secret #2, Uzi clips next to where you come down, 2x Shotgun ammo and Ambrosia. Climb back to the room where you shot the Minotaur.


Use the combined Pythagorean Puzzle Pieces in the lower part of the floor opposite the Atlas statue. A new time changer appears S, step in.


Present Day – Use the 12 Gold Tablets.


Shoot the scorpion and use the 12 Gold Tablets on the hands in front of the big statue, another time changer appears, this time in the corner SW. The other one is still there, so don’t get confused.


In the Past - The Serpent.


Quickly use the two levers in the cave with Medusa and take cover behind a block, because by this time she will get furious. But you can do the two levers and get into the new blue rays NW before she gets mad if you start with the lever in front and right (S)…


You’ll end up swimming with Sharks… swim up in the SE corner, try shoot the sharks, get Ambrosia in the NW corner and go to the time changer (SW) to end up on the first floor with that Serpent Woman…


Go use the two levers there (N and S), you can take cover behind the block if needed (savegame.2). The danger is gone now. Go to the SE side and run down onto the block below to soften the fall. Go to the blue ray E wall (more blue lightning) where the Serpent was and end up in that room with the bright light. Open the sarcophagus under the light W and get another Piece of Cronus. The doors at the start of the level open up. Behind you on the floor an Olympic Laurel appear as reward for the effort you put into this quest. Open the gates N, go down towards the fountain and up to the Throne room (W) to change time to the Present day obviously, go back towards the fountain, down through the gate E and through the doors to make your way home…


G&D - Sept 2015.