BtB 2015 - To Atlantis


Level by BtB 2015


Walkthrough G&D Productions.


7 secrets, tasks related to secrets are in dark blue


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Video Walkthrough by Killer Gameplayz


1: Cascade Caves


The Bluestone Key.


Watch the fly by and remember that key lock on the right (W).

Climb up the balcony on the left (E), to the left is a vase, shoot it and get Flares.

Get down and swim S and into a small hole in the floor, grab the Bluestone Key and get back to the shallow part N, left onto the balcony where that key lock was and use the Key.

Camera shot of a pillar going up. Get into the water, go left and swim to the first ledge in the next cave (N) and hoist up. Jump the ledges to the N room and left over the pillar you raised and twice a slide jump with a grab to the last ledge at the far wall W. Climb up and get some Shotgun ammo from the box left of that statue (SW)


Turn around and go to the waterfall and shoot the gorilla (poor animal).

Go to where the Gorilla came from (S) and take a running jump to the underwater block SE (the water has a nasty current). Keep taking running jumps to the far S blocks under that bridge.


To the Jump lever, raise a pillar for the Torch route.


Then a running jump straight down to the ledge on the right hand wall (SW), you could also use the slanted block at the edge of the waterfall to get there.

Jump S to the corner and grab the edge, shimmy to the left and hoist up. Jump around the corner to grab the rope and swing to the wall ahead (E), grab the crack and shimmy around two corners and pull up. Jump into the corner and turn around (face S) then jump and grab to hoist up on the ledge. Up the ladder on the left and use the monkey swing (Lara will transfer to the ceiling herself) to get over to the other side. Once there, use the jump lever and see a pillar go up in the lower S room.

We created a way to use the Torch here later (you may have noticed the platform retracting into the wall, that’s for an easier way back up here when we go for the last secret at the end of this part, using the cracks in the wall to get up here from the ledge below, skipping the rope/monkey swing part).


Turn right and jump to grab the crack over the block there, go right around two corners and back flip to the bridge. On this bridge are two statues, which have to switch position so they face each other.


Two Statues Puzzle.


Go up the cracks N, jump up once and shimmy right to the platforms above and go to the E side, drop down and push that statue over the disabled spikes onto that dark tile (raising block). Lara and the statue go up. Push the statue onto the last platform W. Get onto the balcony and use the lever in the middle, don’t touch the others. The spikes and fire below change side. Hop back and drop down, go push the W side statue onto the dark tile. We both go up again, push the statue onto the last platform E. Go onto the balcony and use both outside levers, first down (the statues drop) and then pull them up again.

Both statues are on the bridge, drop from the end of the W platform and move the statue into the alcove. Go up the cracks to the platform and use the middle lever on the balcony again to switch the spikes over. Get back down and move the E statue in position, a pillar goes down (Left of the E side statue are also some blocks with cracks in case you have to climb up to the balcony after making a mistake).


Blue Puzzle Tile.


A pillar went down, that one is in the cave up N, go to the E side of the bridge (if you weren’t there already, but you can also get there from the W side of the bridge), grab up left and shimmy left around. Jump up to the top of this rock and then jump left (N). Jump the ledges to that alcove W and use the Lion button; a pillar goes down behind you (E side of the cave). Be careful, those spikes are now active. Jump back and go to the ledge SE. Turn left and run jump with a right hand curve to land on the spike ledge when the spikes are going down, a right curved running and jump with Ctrl into the alcove. Grab the Blue Puzzle Tile  and you’ll get a screen of a receptacle in the cave N. Go stand on the edge of the alcove and when you look left you’ll see a crate, that is where a Secret can be had much later


Use the Blue Puzzle Tile.


Jump back to the spike ledge, curve left doing a running jump to the SE ledge. Jump the ledges to the block in the cascade N. Then jump a bit left to the ledge there and finally with a wide, left curved jump to the ledge in front of that alcove you saw. Place the Blue Puzzle Tile and see a gate open up. Face SW and just stand jump down to the bridge below, the gate is on the right (W). Use the lever inside to open the gate at the other side (E), Lions will come out of that one… Try to get as much distance as possible shoot and jump over them, run far and roll to shoot again. Close combat will push you off the bridge.


Go into the open gate and to the right is a lever.

Secret: Sidestep onto the corner of that flame tile and face N, grab up to a crawlspace above and get Secret #1, 2x Uzi clips. Drop down.


To the Hall with Bridges.


Throw the lever, go back out, from the lower part in the bridge a hop down left onto the ledge in the water below. A running jump to the ledge along the W wall, left to the SE ledge and a bit left again to the higher one NE. Jump to get to the ledge under the alcove (no Ctrl) and jump over to the vase S for Uzi clips. Jump back and get into the opening where the pillar lowered.


Hall with Bridges, Minotaur Eye.


-Route down with a Secret: Hop over the gap to the bridge, turn left and jump to the last bridge, look down left and spot a niche with ammo (NW), jump with Ctrl to land there and get Secret #2, 2x Uzi clips. Hop out, let the current take you to the S side of the lower cave, walk to a ledge in the water and climb up, jump to the ledge with the tree.


-Or with a pickup:  Hop over the gap to the bridge, turn left and jump to the second bridge, look down SE and jump into the niche down there with Ctrl to pick up Shotgun ammo. Hop out and let the current take you to the S side of the lower cave, walk to a ledge in the water and climb up, jump to the ledge with the tree.


-Face W and jump into the alcove left of the pillar for the Flares, jump back to the tree.

Run and jump to grab the crack in the pillar N (middle), go right or left around to the back and back flip onto the submerged ledge. Turn right (W) and hop to the ledge there, time the spikes and get through to get the Minotaur Eye.


Use the Eye.


Get out, swim S and get out on the ledge with the 2 columns. Walk to the ledge in the water and jump to the tree, from there run jump to grab the ledge right of the pillar (NW). Go climb up that path behind the pillar, grab up S and shimmy left around two corners before pulling up. Jump SW onto the ledge around the corner and jump up to the bridge via the entrance. Go to the ledge S where you’ll find the Minotaur head, place that Eye there, dramatic music and a screen of the bridges…


A Shotgun and a Torch.


On those bridges the tiles changed from circles to a couple of X’s, jump to the other end only using the X tiles and spikes de-activate in the openings N. Jump inside, go right and shoot the vases, pick up Shotgun ammo, roll and look up S to spot the jump lever there. The gate opens up in this room. Go get the Shotgun and arm yourself with it. Leave the Torches on the right for now, jump out to the bridge and shoot the 3 skeletons off the bridge. Best shoot when they are in mid-air. Jump back inside; shoot the left vase W for Ambrosia. Go get a Torch from where you got the Shotgun and take it out (you got a screen of a door in the cave with the rope, first caves lower level S).


Ignite the Torch.


Jump the bridges to the S, go right and hop into the exit, run out right onto the ledge and jump to the one W, then a bit left to the W and then to the wider ledge at the wall. Turn right and hop NE, then onto the submerged ledge N, hop to the tree. Take a run jump to the ledge NE. Then jump to the ledges up to the right (E) to get onto that broken bridge. Go in left and follow through to the flame behind the lever and ignite it carefully.


Use the Torch for the Door.


Take the burning Torch out, jump left down onto that ledge you used before and make your way S to the higher block under the bridge (SW). Run jump down to that ledge SW again.


Route with health loss: From there run jump down S to the ledge on the far wall where the potted plant is.


Route without health loss: Face S and throw the Torch so it will end up on the ledge below where you see a wall torch. Drop into the water below and climb out on the grassy ledge NE, use the pillar you raised before to jump to the S and get the Torch. Go ignite the two wall torches W and E and the door will open S.




Inside is a ledge with a tile on top, stand on it and the next-door opens up. Save, go in and fight a couple of Gorillas. In the side room E are two vases, one of them has Shotgun ammo. There is a barred door there we need to open. Go back to the Poseidon room; we need a Gem for under the statue.


Open the Barred Door.


Go behind that Poseidon statue and find a lever (1) there to pull back one of those bars.

Hop into an alcove NE of the cave, climb the ledges to the upper one N, shimmy left along the edge to a balcony with another lever (2). Drop down, find a block right of the cave opening W, grab up to the crack, jump up to the next and shimmy left. Pull up, shimmy around a block and use the lever (3) there to pull back another one of those bars. Drop down, head into the cave W and go left at those doors, crawl through an opening and use the lever (4) for the last bar and the door opens up (E and left).


Spikes and the Ornate Key.


Follow through to a pole, go up and turn around, check the health, time the spikes (Key there) and back flip with twist onto the trap, stand jump forward grabbing the pole there (possibly taking damage from the spikes). Go up fast and back flip to the top. Go down where the wall torch is to find a lever disabling the spikes on the Key, so go back down, quite a bit into the spikes and back flip off. Grab the Ornate Key, jump back to the pole up and back flip off, now climb up the next pole and come to a small room where you can use the Ornate Key. You’ll enter a familiar room.


Hall with Bridges, jumping Platforms.


Turn right, hop down to a lower ledge and turn left to jump and grab the crack next to the pillar. Get through and follow that passage on the right, crawl through to a lever (operates the platforms in the Hall with Bridges). Go back as you came, jump to grab the rock left of the balcony and shimmy right. Face the hall and spot a niche right behind the second platform on the left. That’s our target.


Stand back into that small room (two hops from edge) and run jump onto the first as it goes up, a running jump to the left side of the next. Curving hard right a running jump to #3 and turn left to stand jump and grab the crack in the pillar (savegame.0). Go all the way left around and jump up to grab the top. Shimmy to the right hand side, back flip and just keep Ctrl down to grab the corner of the ledge. Walk along the edge to the SW corner and turn slightly left. Hop (with Ctrl) to land in a niche on the right of the pillar. Crawl through and jump to the lever S. Pull it to raise a platform on the bridge level and open the wall on the upper ledge N.


Jump out right, down to the bridge, go into the opening where the platform went up and move the table onto the platform, climb up and now grab up N, again up, back onto the upper ledge.


Traps Galore.


Easier than it looks, navigate your way through and hang into that pit, drop grab the alcove and drop again.


The Eye of Atlantis.


Follow the passage and a pillar goes up behind you, pick up the Eye of Atlantis. Shoot that mutant animal and go in where it came from (N), grab the Ambrosia and push the Lion button. Back to the other room, take a right into where a pillar lowered and follow through to get back to where you shot your first Gorilla. Without the Secret (for secret look below), just get down into water; let the current take you to the lower S cave. Climb onto the grassy ledge left and jump to the door S.


Last Secret of this section: Go S into the passage to the middle level of the caves, we have to get to the upper level, jump S onto the submerged ledge, then to the next one S. Keep going to the S to that high ledge just past the bridge with the statue puzzle.


Jump down to the ledge SW again and now face the wall, stand right and grab up to a crack, up once more and shimmy right to get to the ledge under the jump lever and hop N to grab the crack. Right around and back flip to the bridge with the statues. Go to the E statue and climb up left using the cracks to the top of that rock.

Hop N, from that ledge look into the alcove E and shoot the crate in the right hand corner (shotgun, aim by looking down).


Run jump to the pickup and swim against the current for Secret #3, 2x Shotgun ammo.

Just get down into water, let the current take you to the lower S cave. Climb onto the grassy ledge left and jump to the door S.


Go in, over the colour tile to open the next door and place the Eye of Atlantis under the statue. Turn around and step into the blue rays to be teleported to another place.


Part 2: Palace of the Gods


Atlantis, 9600 before Christ…


Use the Skeleton, the Gate Key.


Go into the opening on the right (E), shoot the vases behind that skeleton left (notice the gate right) and run out, a bit right to the opposite wall going for the crawlspace W, through to a room where Lara looks at some boxes. Throw the lever on the wall to open the gate and let the skeleton in. Duck next to the boxes and let the skeleton hack the boxes to pieces. Run away a bit, return and pick up the Gate Key where the boxes were. In an alcove W is a crate with Shotgun ammo. With the skeleton inside, pull the lever to close the gate and climb out through the crawlspace, leaving you with one locked up skeleton. Go into the E room and open the gate with the Gate Key, because you have to pull that ornament out and move it into the central room onto that grey tile in front of the trench.


The Sunken Temple.


Water will flow, run into that passage (N), to the left and just run down into the pool. Swim towards the doors straight ahead and look behind the right hand pillar for an underwater lever opening the door. You’ll get to a Sunken Temple, up above are some air pockets. You’ll have to watch your air supply from here on. We only give the directions.


Swim back S and on top of the entrance arch is Ambrosia, on the bottom E, close to that bright coral is Shotgun ammo.

The red cave W appears to be deadly, into the lower cave E you can find Flares on the bottom.


The Ornate Key.


Back to the Main cave, swim up behind the roof N and use the underwater lever, a gate opens below. Swim in there and follow through to a room with a statue, there’s air up. Go down to the window E and find the Ornate Key.


The Wine Cellar, an Old Rusty Key.


Swim back W to the Main cave, take a left into the E cave and go up, climb out NW and in the right hand corner is a passage to the lock for the Ornate Key, a trapdoor opens up. Climb down to a room with an old wooden door, shoot the crate left for Uzi clips and kick down the door. Shoot the left hand barrel in the E alcove and watch the wine flow. In the wine and under the barrel on the floor is the Old Rusty Key. Get out, back up the ladder and go around the pool to the gate SW.


Over the Main Cave, a Torch.


Use the Old Rusty Key there and the gate opens to the area above the Main cave, the pools are those air pockets. Jump over to the ledge at the wall torch. At the second pool, backflip over the ramp right so you’ll slide backwards off the other side, grab the edge and shimmy right to pull up on the corner ledge. Hop into the opening to the pool over the deadly W cave. Jump over to the W ledge and run off left into the water, ending up in an alcove with an underwater lever. Pull and surface to climb back on that ledge. Jump back to the cave and go left to get a Torch where the gate opened, you’ll get a screen of where to use it, the wine cellar.


Use of the Torch.


Go E, jump over to the ledge right, stand SE a little bit away from the corner and stand jump with a right curve around the wall over the ridge, slide and jump with a hard right curve to get onto the ledge (savegame.1). Take a curved run jump to the other side and ignite the Torch there (S).

Jump NE to the gate and go towards the open trapdoor NE, hop onto the corner ledge left and again to get to the other side of the last pool. Throw the Torch down and climb down after it. Go to the wine cellar and ignite the flow of wine. The fence crumbles, the wine is deadly, so jump over to the safe floor N. You can leave the Torch.


The Courtyard, looking for a “Crowbar”, Perseus’ Sword.


Go over a small bridge and at the Fish fountain go left and come to a courtyard, there’s a nice little pussycat roaming around. To the left at the window are the Uzis on a pedestal. W is a crowbar lever.

Go back to the Fish fountain, into the water and walk to the back of it to push the button (secret trapdoor in bottom of this fountain). A trapdoor opens up in the water at the small bridge, so get out, go to the small bridge and hop left over the bridge railing. Under the trapdoor is a Metal Key, go stand on the higher floor NE and side flip over the fence, where you land are some Uzi clips in the grass. Go back towards the Crowbar lever but first take a right up the steps into the Fountain Hall, under the balcony on the right hand wall is the lock for the Metal Key. A pillar goes up under a receptacle N, climb it and grab up to the floor above. Go either right or left and side flip over the corners of the balconies to get to the S end and grab Perseus’ Sword from the pedestal.


The Amethyste Jewel.


Go to one of the corners and just jump down into the fountain. Go to the crowbar lever outside and use the Sword (face S). Turn right, go to that striped wall and grab up, back flip onto the platform with the Amethyste Jewel. Drop down.


Walk out onto the balcony and look up E over the tree, shoot that cross on the roof and see it turn. Drop down and go back to the Fish fountain where a trapdoor opened in the bottom, get Secret #4, 3x Uzi clips. Go back to the crowbar lever.


Into the Fountain Hall on the right (N) again and up on the pillar to use the Jewel, the doors open up.


For the Arena Key.


Go through, shoot a Lion and a Gladiator and there are two ways to go from here.


The Minotaur, a Cog wheel.


Through the passage N, come to a vase puzzle yard. On the right behind the tree is Uzi clips. Go pull that big vase onto the brown tile in the middle of the yard under that huge hammer and enter the gate that will open up (W). Go in and duck in front of the trap, hit “sprint” when it goes up and roll through, do that twice more to get through.

Next courtyard a Minotaur shows up, you can kill him, but watch the health! He will drop the Cog. Go into the archway S, loop around left and shoot a crate for Shotgun ammo. Place the Cog in the contraption on the wall and it will start events by raising a pillar under the lever to the right, next to you. Climb it, pull the lever and the vase gets smashed and reveals a Key. Go out of the archway, take a right through that passage to end up where the vase was, pick up the Arena Key.


The Arena.


Now go back up to the yard S and left into that tunnel where the Lion and Gladiator came from, that must be the way to the Arena.

Proceed with care because a Ball will come down. Just run up the slope a bit turning to the left wall, so you trigger the ball and can immediately back flip onto that higher ledge right. Now go up the ramp, follow through to where a Gorilla attacks, shoot him.


Go up on the ledge behind the statue right, crawl in right and find Secret #5, Ambrosia. Get out again.


Open the gate N with the Arena Key. Have a look around first to get an idea of the layout and pits in the arena floor. Then save before picking up the Ambrosia in the middle.

Two Gladiators appear, shoot them, go first into the gate E. Inside left and shoot the vase right for Shotgun ammo.

Shoot the crate in the other side (SW) and use the lever.


Run across the Arena into the open gate (W) and go left, shoot a box right of the pillar in the wall (remember) and get 2x Uzi clips.

Into the Arena again and left, go down the steps NE (gate opened with lever in E room), shoot a crate left and get Ambrosia. In the right hand alcove is Shotgun ammo and to the right of it a lever, opens another gate on the stairs up (left opening N wall Arena). Up over the door N are symbols. Make a note of those!


The Ancient Scroll and the “Lyre of Peace” Quest.


When you get back out, two Lions and a Minotaur attack, I just ran to the right up the stairs and let them be for now. Upstairs on the balcony you’ll find an Ancient Scroll, examine it:


This Scroll is written in a very ancient language. It says something about a “Lyre of Peace”, which is used to call Pegasus, and that evil will come down when it is taken from its place.

To get to the Lyre, 5 symbols have to be touched in a specific order…

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Those 5 Symbols above the door probably, but some have no colour. Maybe I can find some hints in the upper area.


The Hints.


When you took the scroll, you saw that pillar go down in the W room, so go back down, run into the W room and left into the new passage (you could use this opening to shoot the enemies from safety). Follow the passage, up the ladder and upstairs we are going to look for the hints: Go straight to the NW corner into the small room and spot the blue diamond. Back to the ladder room and out E, passing the puzzle field into the passage SE to spot the green circle. Go N from there to spot the red triangle NE.


Go out W, grab up to the crack in the white pillar in front and pull up on the corner, hop onto the roof and grab Secret #6, Shotgun ammo and 2x Uzi clips. Hop down either side.


The Puzzle.


From the upper floor you can also happily shoot the Minotaur if you didn’t yet…

Go back to the puzzle floor S and step on the red triangle (front middle), then the yellow diamond (left middle), the green circle (right hand back corner), the blue diamond (front right hand corner) and finally the light blue circle (in the middle of the floor). Don’t touch other squares. The door opens in the N lower room of the Arena.


Go back to the ladder SW and down, up to the Arena and into the opening NE, through the wooden door and right to a room with a tomb, open the tomb (face E) and get the Lyre of Peace.


Go back up the stairs and the whole place turns evil as suspected: evil will come down when it is taken from its place...


3: Downfall


Downfall of Atlantis.


Shoot the Huge Scorpions, leave S (only option) and down the stairs more Huge Scorpions show up, go back to the stairs as they have trouble going up and that makes it easier to take care of them. Go left and mind the lava pits under the collapsed floor, ignore that lever for now and jump to that door to get the Shotgun ammo, jump back to the Timed lever and use it to open the door, get in fast.


The Amphora.


In the courtyard with the gate, go left and follow to where a Centaur attacks. Then place that Lyre on the statue. Go back to that gate and find it opened. Enter; go right to Pegasus the horse and shoot the grated window right to get the Empty Amphora (Waterskin) (you’ll get a hint where to use it). The window on the other side of the horse has Ambrosia.


Apple of the Gods.


Go back to the statue where you used the Lyre and fill the Amphora, go back to the square with the gate and straight into the garden with the tree, give the water to the tree (stand close) and it will produce fruits. One Apple of the Gods falls far from the tree, get that and take it to that horse.

The horse will break the fence E for you, next are some ramps and mounts you have to jump with the horse, go through the middle first and around the corner from the middle of the mound keep right to reach a cave where you cannot go further. Dismount and climb up.


The Final Battle.


Walk towards that caged Giant. When you are close to the gate he comes out.


Where the floor goes up a step, walk left to the corner with the broken column and look down E, run off and hit Ctrl to land on the ledge below, pick up Secret #7, Ambrosia. Face the N wall and use the cracks to get back up.


Go pick up the Eye of Atlantis, roll and sprint to the other end of the floor to place it, get to the teleporter; which appeared near the cage and step in.


“What an adventure, let’s get out of here…”….


You are back in the room with Poseidon, go into the cave on the right (W), the doors are open now, run up the slope and get out…


G&D, 26-08-2015