Hardcore Project 3

Level by Coco Gamer

Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE: You can also use the speedrun by AtlasRaider for help in this level.

Head to the marked tile N which is a timed trigger for the door far W. Climb the W block, run-jump over to the W platform, then stand-jump on the slope, make a last jump down and roll as you must not stand on the tile behind the door when it closes (an invisible block appears). In the next room pick up Grenades and Shotgun Ammo NE, then head to the marked tile SW, the N door opens for a short time so dash through. Kill or ignore four ninjas, use the floor lever at the end (not timed), then jump over the gaps to the other side, there are four scorpions inside you don't have to kill. Climb the unmarked ladder below the door.

Run-jump over the deadly ledge, losing some health, and kill another four ninjas; one loses a Large Medipack so be sure that the ninja doesn't fall on the deadly part. Climb the block near the pit and jump from pillar to pillar, grab the ledge of the slope NW, shimmy close to the right wall, then once left, hoist up, slide down and jump with a right curve into the opening. Drop down S and run on the marked timed tile, run and jump on the N ledge, run-jump to the far platform, over to the boulder ledge and avoid the boulders best as possible (there's a safe tile in the middle of the boulder alley) while trying to quickly reach the door. To the right you can find Explosive Crossbow Ammo and a Large Medipack.

Head to the other side, there's another marked tile you can practice the timed run with the next quest, but you can also leave it for now if you're going for the Grenade Launcher: Climb the blocks at the end of the N passage, run-jump as far on the monkeyswing as you can, get to the other side, drop down and go around the left corner to pick it up (together with Grenades and Flash Grenades). Now dive into the water, climb out E and do the timed run to the door the same way as before. In the next room drop into the pit, head to the timed trigger tile W, return, climb out, jump on the slope, shimmy to the far left point, climb up, backflip with a midair turn and a right curve and run through the open door. To the right is a Small Medipack; in the next room run on the three marked tiles to let three boulders fall. Climb on the blocks nearby, then drop into the hole (timed trigger); climb out, run-jump over the boulders and directly into the open doorway.

Kill another ninja, step on the next timed trigger tile and jump over all the illegal slopes (trying to slide as little as possible), then dash into the open door. Kill two ninjas in the next room (there are also two mummies in the passage where they came from); find the Shotgun, Uzis and 2x Uzi Ammo in the NW corner. Push the statue on the marked tile, then head int onto the marked trigger tile in the SE corner, dash into the open door (the second door is only open after pushing the statue, otherwise you have to reload an earlier save). Kill four ninjas in this room, pick up a Small Medipack in the NE corner. Climb the blocks to the high timed trigger in the middle, hop down the steps diagonally SE and in the next room kill another four ninjas. Drop down the steps and the level ends.